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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive: spacial armor - a percentage of weapon attack damage is converted to energy.

1. Dark Matter beam - the warframe shoots a beam of dark matter at an enemy doing damage and irradiating the enemy.

2. Gravity Well - the warframe creates an area of slowed movement for enemies while doing massive radiation damage.

3. Gravity crash - the warframe sends out a ball of energy which causes enemies to crash together in a heap and holds the there for a time. 

4. Black hole - the warframe creates a black hole in front of it which sucks nearby enemies in and converts them into energy, health, or shields for the sqaud.

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The Broken Warframe

For It who bears no name...



Whenever "It" kills an enemy with an ability, his maximum health is temporarily increased.


Ability #1 - Sever

"It" reaches out, producing 2/3/4/5 tendrils of luminescent Void energy, enemies hit by these tendrils are stunned briefly. If enemies are killed, they drop Health Orbs or restore small amounts of Energy to "It".

Ability #2 - Separate

"It" releases its bonds, letting its parts reign freely. "It" gains increased X% movement speed and X% attack speed for as long as the ability is active but will rapidly drain its energy, forcing "It" to either let the bonds become unstable and bring him back to original form or activate the ability early to conserve Energy.

Ability #3 - Silence

"It" violently shakes the ground with Void energy around it. enemies take damage equal to X% of their current health and are frozen in place for 2/4/6/8 seconds.

Ability #4 - Seize

"It" seizes the mind of all his enemies around him, polluting their minds with lies and deceit. For each enemy taken over, "It" increases his health by X% and X% armor. Enemies killed release a dangerous Void explosion capable of killing anybody close enough.

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Could be focused around Blast Damage
Passive: Weapon attacks cause enemies to be charged with particles. When struck by an ability, the particles detonate for 25% of the abilities max power (particles can only stack 3-4 times on an enemy).

Ability 1. Blast. Enemies in a straight line take blast damage. This ability detonates any blast particles from the passive.

Ability 2. Booster Jump. Allows you to blast forward, left, right, or back based on your movement up to 10 meters. This ability can be used while in the air to move further.

Ability 3. Stun Grenade. Lobs a projectile in an arc similar to a grenade. Enemies within its 5 meter radius upon impact are stunned for 2 seconds (can be less or more time). This ability applies the maximum number of particles on an enemy.

Ability 4. Napalm. This ability is focused on you and has a slight build up time. Detonate on yourself for maximum damage and detonating particles for 50% of this abilities max power. Can knock down enemies. This ability is more powerful based on your shields and removes all shields on you for 3 seconds (my idea of a balance).

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So I had some ideas but they might be a little hard to code but here they are anyway:


Passive : Loot Pickups heal this frame and if he’s full health, Over-shields are given if he is max health or any metal pickups grant extra armor that slowly decreases as you stop picking up loot, which promotes agressive gameplay.


Dismember : This Frame strips the armor of any enemy that you aim at, damaging the enemy and taking their armor and giving it to your frame.

Entangled : This frame rips some wires from his body and throws them in an area, which takes a hold of any enemies that walk on to the wires and for every enemy trapped, over shields are given.

Disconnect : this frame can choose one, of its limbs to disconnect and place on the floor below, you can place all four in different areas at once, when you place a part on the floor, It will act as a minion hitting any enemy that goes near the part. Also for every part place you get a speed buff, but if you have 3 or 4 parts out you lose some reload speed.

Reconnect : this lets this frame see out of any of the placed parts which Is useful for interceptions, but if you want to go to wherever this part is, you hold down this ability which drags your frames body and all placed parts to whichever part you want to go to, and after you go to a part depending on which part you go to you get a buff. Etc : First part grants damage buff or armor buff.

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When Warframe takes fatal damage, it crumbles to the floor. If an enemy steps on top of the Warframe, the enemy assimilates with the Warframe, reviving the Warframe and giving the Warframe’s ability a proc based on the enemy that combined with the Warframe


Ability 1- All For One

Enemy corpses in range will fuse with the Warframe, increasing armour and health but at the cost of reducing mobility and increasing energy cost per second for each enemy assimilated. 

Ability 2- One For All

The assimilated corpses are converted to an armour buff for allies in range, with higher amounts of corpses resulting in a more powerful buff. 

Ability 3- Watch Your Six

Warframe can latch onto allies, forgoing control of movement. This Warframe can continue to shoot at enemies and use abilities. Health, armour and energy pool is halved and the added to the Warframe this one is attached to, and both Warframes share one health and energy pool. 

Ability 4- All In

The void energy holding the Warframe together disperses within a large range, binding all enemies. The Warframe crumbles and cannot move. The Void energy does continuos damage over time. The enemies bound are forced to shoot at enemies not bound by the energy. Increased energy cost over time. 

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These abilities are centered on battle support and mobility since we already have a lot of zone-killing frames. (Also, can be built as a juggernaut depending on if these pass. Rhino and Revenant need a new member of the male tank family)


Passive: Fragmented Systems

-The broken warframe is unable to move in perfect sync but is able to manipulate its body in more ways than the average warframe; + 30% parkour speed

-(and maybe unique movement and/or parkour animations, can be the unique thing about it that makes it have a different immersion/gameplay, kinda like Wisp's floatie hehe)


1st Ability: Stitches

-Enters a mend state and gains a boost to movement speed and a small AoE damage that grows over time.

-Creates an AoE of CC that "stitches" enemies to him (like Nidus's 2nd but into the WF itself, in a radial shell to not obstruct attacks and what not), drawing them towards him as they enter the stitch zone - heals the team in a certain radius for a certain amount per enemy CC'd

-Energy consumed over time increases, as well as healing values.


2nd Ability: Breakpoint

-Can only be activated after a certain damage threshold is attained, builds up like Baruuk's rage meter but based on damage taken/absorbed.

-Enters a trance where only melee attacks are allowed, and gains defensive buffs (armor, health, damage reduction, idk) for as long as the mode is active based on the meter's value upon activation.

-Every melee attack gets "broken", gaining a passive effect:

-Swords: additional slash procs

-Sword and Shield: additional stagger

-Heavy Blades: Disarm (sever body parts?)

-Hammers: Instant ragdoll

-Polearms: Gains more attack speed with combo counter

-Bladed Polearms: Extra range

-Glaive: extra bounce or bigger hitbox

-Fists/Claws: increased base status chance and attack speed

-Sparring: increased attack speed (%)

-Warfans: Heavy attacks create a gust of wind that ragdolls enemies in front

-Gunblade: Turns pellets into one projectile that deals 15% less damage but has decreased falloff and higher accuracy

-Other weapons: idk you decide haha I'm out of ideas


3rd Ability: Persona

-The Broken WF doesn't have a self-identity which lets it grab an ability from the nearest warframe and allows it to use that ability for a time.

-My idea is that it takes other frames' 3rd ability too but it can also just take certain abilities depending on the frame. Some 3rd abilities are too OP to take haha


4th Ability: Martyr

-TBWF sacrifices itself to help its team, exploding in a very large base radius (like a nuke) that bypasses shields, buffs, etc. and causes a down time where TBWF can't move, attack, or anything literally just broken and on the floor, limbs scattered all over the place.

-Very high elemelon damage. Can nuke.

-Very large base radius to make up for the also pretty long down time.

-Parts gradually gravitate back towards where you exploded, and when they reach you you get "revived". Can use revive animations tbh.

-The parts constitute a % of your health. Enemies will aggro these parts during your down time. if you revive witj incomplete parts, you will get a debuff and your health will be depending on how much damage was dealt to the parts. High risk, high reward.

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Passive: You are magnetic so materials, drones, and guns are attracted 5 meters or faced toward you.

Repair: The ability makes you invincible for 5 seconds as you are repairing yourself. After the 5 seconds, you have 50% more health and 50% overshield.

Energy Grenade: The ability makes you a life sized grenade. When used, your limbs are launched in all kinds of directions with an explosion. The ability also cancels all buffs on you.(Including Repair Buffs)

Proximity Mine: The ability throws a small part of your body and blows up an enemy if they are 5 meters away. The ability drains 2% of your health but in return, you strip 75% armor and deal 2,500 blast damage.

Reflection: The ability makes you form a mirror with your arms and reflect a large amount of light towards enemies. The large amount of light blinds targets aiming at you while you target the light towards enemies. The light deals 5,000 fire damage per second but, your damage can increase in brighter rooms or decrease in dimly lit rooms. 

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1. Symbiotic - can latch onto the enemy and control them(in the 3rd level you can control 5 enemy)
2. Consume - eat an enemy to give buff onto itself and squad in a radius. Aerial enemy gives energy/sec. Land enemy(human like) gives damage buff. Land enemy(robotic ) gives defence buff.
3. Metamorphosis - engulf the equipped weapon melee/primary/secondary and combine it with the part of its own body to give itself a damage buff and any random type (radiation/corrosive/gas/blast)of damage for 30sec.
4. Knull - covered with symbiotic ball,when enemy is near the ball no matter how many,the ball piercing heart of all the enemy and make them your ally for 30sec and then die,but you can't move in this state
Passive - has the ability to melee damage 10%

I didn't include any energy requirements... The team can work that out.. 

Thank you for this opportunity.

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Passive - Attractive mend: attracts broken containers within x meters to regenerate health

1 - Head Toss: Frame throws his head, attaching to a nearby enemy as a helmet, allowing the player to control them while dealing damage over time while the body of the frame encases itself in its parts for protection. Controlled enemy is recognised as an ally by other enemies. Ability can be recast to return to normal form.

2 - Void Roots: Frame focuses void energy to ensnare enemies in roots, decreasing their movement and attack speed as well as making them more vulnerable to status effects.

3 - Mending Bond: Frame uses nearby broken containers to increase armour of nearby allies instead of replenish health. Ability can be recast to reform and break containers to drop extra loot. Reformed containers which have been destroyed will not drop broken container parts.

4 - Broken Burst: Frame discharges all parts to send out as a high-strength burst. Parts attach to enemies dealing heavy damage over time, and re-attach to other enemies once their host is killed. The base void roots that had been keeping the frame together are then controlled as a pure but low health skeleton, allowing the player to use weapons with higher attack speed and status chance. Ability ends when the skeleton takes too much damage, and frame returns to normal form. Skeleton cannot in any way regenerate health.

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1. Dissolve: Warframe keeps "crumbling"/breaking into parts. More particles fall to the ground the more the warframe moves. Those parts damage enemies/break the shields of enemies who step on them.

2. Exchange: Since it's broken its defense is wack; the warfarme can dissolve/liquify its shield in a radius depending on how much shield it has. Now it's defensless but it's dissolved shield corrupts enemies taking their health. Once the shield goes back onto the warframe the warframe has more additional health.

3. The warframe can break itself completely and completely surround an enemy, acting as the enemies second skin. By doing this you can control an enemy for a short amount of time. Other enemies will be suspicious but won't attack their comrade.(The enemy still looks like before. It just has parts of you all over itself, it doesnt look like the warfarme completely)


4. The warframe can explode and deal massive damage to all enemies nearby. During this process you can't move but you're also invincible, since you're just some kind of core to which all the parts will return later.


Passive: The core thing holding u together is also the thing breaking u/making u corrupt. It's energy has a high chance of corrupting the systems of alarms/making enemies weapons malfunction.

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Passive: GLITCH: upon using an ability the frame has chance to glitch and get an unwanted statues or can get a buff; the statues can be from various benefits like speed, extra damage to dangerous debuffs like no shields for 15secs

1ST ability: HACK: upon using this ability a radius of enemies start to glitch and are immobilize for a period of time

2ND ability: DNA REPLICATOR: frame assembles variety of enemy parts to make Monstrous looking thing similar to itself as an ally

3rd ability:  BROKEN: upon activating the frame gradually starts leaving parts behind slowing his speed and limping but causing weapon to glitch and give random statues

4Th ability: DISSEMBLE/REASSEMBLE : Upon using this ability the Warframe/DNA replicator break apart causing aoe damage within a large radius and then reassembling from the enemies killed if not enough enemies ARE killed the frame will be in state to Broken limping and with slow movement 


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Passive: Salvages parts from downed enemies to build a drone. Drone will follow and attack until killed, and then must be rebuilt from downed enemies.

1. Lashes out with pure void energy, stripping armor and removing immunities on sentients.

2. Short press to select a warframe part,  long press to throw it to a location. Causes radial danage and procs with type based on the part chosen. Can use multiples, but not the same part twice.

3. Pulse void energy out to allies, adding void damage to thier attacks and boosting abilities.

4. Overcharge warframe with void energy, doubling fire rate, reload, and melee attack speed, with a chance of void energy leaping off enemies attacked into their allies. Parts will drop hot spots where frame has walked, dealing random damage types.

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I feel like the theme of it being incomplete rather than broken would be more fitting. All the abilities around completing itself with the corpses of what it kills sound really fun. especially if the faction you consume is what gets buffed (corpus - shields, infested - health/regen, grineer armour, sentient - damage reduction)

for the abilities they should consume the parts you collect instead of energy and the damage type will match the weakness of the current faction (consume grineer for armour then thrown for puncture).

I feel the frame also shouldn't have shields but pure health with an ability to consume parts for health/regen

Im not good at designing abilities so I wont bother but I still like the concept of an incomplete warframe

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A vengeful Warframe able to use other Warframe abilities to match its needs.

Passive: Increased chance for enemies to miss when shooting at you.

Abilities: (The idea is to mishmash abilities from different Warframes into three skills, and have the last remain a toggle. Match skills that allow for different playstyles ie. mob clearing or supporting. Abilities that require exhalted weapons or would see out of place should be avoided. I’m not knowledgeable enough about the game to give and example so if anyone wants to have a crack at it be my guest.)

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Passive(Becoming Whole)- Killing enemies generates armor 

1- Lesion- Fire a lesion at you enemy that decays them from with in. Enemies killed while effect by Lesion drop a larval sack providing a small amount of health and energy. Enemies effect by Deaths Grip provide added health and energy

2- Deaths Grip- Slam the ground rooting and debuffing enemies effected. Charge for greater range. Enemies that are effected by Lesion have a Small chance to drop double. 

3- Drag Them Down- Summon a claw that strikes enemies knocking them down. If rooted by Deaths Grip, enemies killed by this ability generate a well that replenishes health for you and allies

4- Relinquish Flesh- disperse shards or armor in all directions damaging enemies and blinding them. The more armor shedded the larger the radius and higher the damage

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1st ability : switch the moddings between your primary and your melee weapons for a amount of seconds (all equipped mod are temporary counted on the other weapon, riven included)

affect ability duration / efficiency 

2nd ability : place a void that vacuum dead enemies, each enemy took by the void heal the warframe and give a little bonus resistance while the void is active   

affect ability : duration & efficiency (for the drain of energy of the void) range (for the vacuum rangepower for the health and armor bonus

3rd ability : the warframe exploses a part of him self to make huge damage in a small area, losing some hp but hurting the enemies. 

affect ability : no energy cost, you pay in hp, but efficiency still affect the cost, power & range 

4th ability : summon an amalgam (in same style of the warframe) not as tanky as atlas golem, but more aggressive. 

affect ability : warframe hp, armor & speed, spell power / efficiency for the energy cost

passive : each mod with low health in a certain radius give a little spell power bonus (with a spell power bonus cap) 


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first, sorry my language is portuguese, i used the translator


Being able to use two melee one in each hand, including: heavy sword, nikana, scythe, staff and rod weapon (using its own posture, already embedded in the frame)


Skill 1 Brain Break:

  • Broken
    • mind-breaking, enemy, leaving confused, and dealing a damage buff
  • Full Form
    • Breaks the minds of enemies in an area, causing them to attack allies and giving them damage buffs and resistance buffs.

Skill 2 sacrifice:

  • Broken
    • if used on an ally, a connection is made that grants him an additional damage and health buff, but generates a health and damage debuff on the broken warframe.
    • can be used on more than one ally, but the debuff is proportional.
  • Full Form
    • is similar to the broken version, but does not generate debuff, but a health and damage buff proportional to the amount of allies affected by the skill.

Skill 3 shatter:

  • Broken
    • hold to sacrifice your health and release to damage the area
    • the damage done is: sacrificed health * multiplier.
    • the multiplier escalating with the strength
  • Full Form
    • similar, but consumes energy and not health, and heals the warframe according to the damage done

Skill 4 Repair:

  • temporarily returns the warframe to its full form

  • having changes in skills, and armor buff.

  • when it returns to its original form, it suffers from temporary debuff of health, armor and damage





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1 missile barrage: shoots a barrage of missiles [like the jackal]


2 void rifle: shoots a void energy laser rifle


3 void buff: buff your teammates that are in 50m range with void energy


4 cloak: go invisible for 50 secs


passive: personal void buff: buff your self with void energy every 20 secs

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Passive: Deconstruct, Eornheit body will disassemble whenever he does any evasive (dodgeroll, bullet jump, etc.) this renders him invulnerable until he lands

Ability 1: Spelunker’s Dream , Eornheit will lunge at a targeted enemy, Eornheit will disassemble on the enemy and will be able to play as the enemy, after the duration is over or you deactivate is yourself, the enemy will die and you will strip this enemy for armor, the skill costs 25 (No rank: 15 sec 25 armor, rank 1: 25 sec 50 armor, rank 2: 35 sec 75 armor, max rank: 45 sec, 100 armor)

Ability 2: Salvaged Defense: Eornheit can “salvage” corpses around him, each corpse will grant Eornheit a temporary boost to armor/shields, this ability will cost 50 (no rank: 25 armor per corpse, 5% shields, 5 m. rank 1: 50 armor per corpse, 10% shield, 7 m. Rank 2: 75 armor per corpse, 15% shield, 9 m. Max rank: 100 armor per corpse, 20% shield, 11 m)

Ability 3: Reforge, (This ability can only activate if Eornheit’s shields deplete) Eornheit will rapidly overheat his frame, turning it molten, then rapidly cooling down, this will temporarily increase armor and speed for a short duration, this costs 75 to use (no rank: 10% armor/speed 7 sec, Rank 1: 20% armor/speed 9 sec, Rank 2: 30% armor/speed 11 sec, Max rank: 40% armor/speed 14 sec)

Ability 4: Scavenger’s Nightmare, Eornheit’s right arm will form into a exalted weapon, The Scavenger’s Nightmare, this weapon closely resembles as makeshift minigun, this minigun allows you to pick up any ammunition around the map and use it for this gun, this cost 100 energy and cost 3 energy drain, with the damage of 600/per second, this gun uses primary weapon mods (no rank: 3 energy/s 600 damage, Rank 1: 2.5 energy/s 1200 damage, Rank 2: 2 energy/s 1600 damage, Rank 3: 1.5 energy/s 2000 damage)

I hope you guys enjoy my concept, thinking of the last ability was difficult for me since I wanted him to sort of work like a tank that can be able to use useless stuff on the map, and be able to profit off of it, besides the enemy part, I though it would be that he could properly take control of an enemy, and could profit off them after they die, I hope you guys are staying safe right now!

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(Based on the British TV show called primeval) and US tv (Primeval New world) 

Ability 1. (Space) 

The warframe pushes an enemy into an anomaly sending him into deep space. 

Ability 2. (Anonymous) 

The Warframe will open a locked anomaly (unable to enter from our side) yet someone, something on the other side assisting with a fire weapon 

Ability 3. (Heist)

For a short time the warframe opens an anomaly to a different map on random planet (just a small room) constantly spammed with enemies, dropping a large quantity of health orbs and rare items and resources, the perfect place to quickly travel to with your friends when in need of health. 

Ability 4 - (Anomaly) 

The fourth ability will enable the warframe to open a large anomaly that will suck enemies into it never to be seen again

Passive Ability (Link) : When an ally falls and is in need of a revive an anomaly will automatically open linked with the ally in need of help. 

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Passive:Has a new random passive every game from another random warframe

Abilty 1:Cycle between 3 1st abilities that belong to warframes played by your teammates.If you have less than 3 teammate then the other 1st abilities are chosen random from random warframes

Ability 2:When activated it creates a 15m radius aura.Each enemy killed in that radius is combined with the warframe giving him 5% damage reduction for every enemy(stacks up to 90%).Also that aura doubles his armor and his teammate's armor within it's range.It has a default duration of 30s.

Ability 3:Cast on an ally to disable a random ability of his or his passive(at random).That ally will get 100% ability strength and 50% damage reduction.

Ability 4:Split in 2(like wukong's clone).Each part will have it's health and shields cut in half.One half will have 150% damage multiplier and 50% speed boost and fire rate.The other half will have 1000 bonus armor and will be imune to staggers and knockdowns.(You can chose which part you want to control and the other part will be an AI like wukong's 1 and will have your equipment.Cast again to reasamble)

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Passive: Reconstruction

> Converts excess ammo and all energy into health, casts abilities from his health pool. In addition, his appearance changes depending on his health status.


1st ability: Shrapenel burst (25 hp cost)

> Launches several small parts of himself at enemies. Tap to spray a cone of fragments. Hold to charge up a narrow burst with longer range and higher damage.


2nd ability: Riposte (50 hp cost)

> Uses parts of his body to construct a small barrier that lasts until its health runs out, at which point it explodes and deals damage to enemies nearby. Hold the cast button to prematurely detonate all barriers, with range increasing proportional to the hp the barriers have left.


3rd ability: Rubble Cloud (75 hp cost)

> Creates a cloud of rubble around the warframe and its allies. The cloud reduces damage and deals a small amount of damage to enemies on contact and inflicts moderate knockback.


4th ability: Blitzkrieg (75% of current hp as cost)

> Explodes large parts of himself to heavily damage enemies nearby, scaling off the hp consumed to cast.

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Passive: walking over enemy bodies/weapons increases armour to a certain capacity (400 more armour)
1 - Reinforce: Sacrifice collected armour to increase armour of team by half the amount collected. increases with strength
2 - Disassemble: split into parts to make a quick escape. short immunity period after reassembling
3 - Sea of Circuits: wires spread within a radius that entangle enemies and drain their health, transferring it to anyone standing within the AoE
4 - Ghostly Goliath: Limbs and torso break into segments, and wires come out from the fragments, acting as muscles to create a slow moving golem that crushes anything within its path

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1st ability : break some of his part and attach them to enemy to become his follwers

2nd ability : throw his legs at enemy , stagger them and have a 25% chance to open them to parazon finisher , also when he loose one of his legs he losse 25% of his speed so without legs he has only 50% of his normal speed

3rd ability : sacrifice 1 of his arms to use it as melee weapon ( sword ) 

4th ability : break himself and reattach to an enemy to gain 50%more ( health , shield , energy ) based on the type of enemy

passive : for each part he loose he loose 50 of his health pool and gain 25 energy pool

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Passive: Same text as adaptation mod but with lower values (probably couldn't put that mod on to avoid being too tanky)

1 (toggle ab.): Target an ally to cover him with your body, granting a ton of armor and extra health / Target an enemy to cover that enemy with your void/roots veins, stunning him and draining his health. (while you are covering an ally or an enemy you cannot move by yourself, but can be carried by the ally you are covering.)

2: You abandon your body and travel in void mode freely (pretty much like wukong's cloud). If you pass through an ally, he gains extra mov speed and health regen for a duration. If you pass through an enemy, he gets extra damage from all sources for a duration (cannot stack).

3(toggle ab.): Moves parts of your body to your arm, creating a big (BIG) cannon. Your movement speed is reduced while this ability is active and cannot use other weapons, but the damage and range of the shoots are quite enough 😄

4(hold to cast): Tap to cycle between 3 options. Each options is each one of your allies, when you cast this ability, you transform into the ally that you cycled to, becoming a copy of that player (mods, weapons, abilities, etc) but with a shader to distinguish from the original. If you are killed while transformed, you don't die, instead the ability gets a cooldown and become the Broken Warframe again (you can always turn it down by your own before you die to avoid that cooldown).


PS: sorry couldn't get cool names in that time...

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