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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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NOTE: I wrote down 2 abilities on the same number 3  slot as i feel like both abilities compliment the  theme im trying to push although in the final build  i can only see 1 of those abilities making it  through. Just felt like i should include them who  knows it may give and idea to the devs that could  help them with deciding what to design. (These  abilities have /OR next to their name)

Passive trait: Warframe uses its own Blood to fuel  its abilities.
 Twin Passive: 
- Upon taking lethal damage the warframe turns into  a maelstorm of fury. Turning into an energy like a  specter that alows it to runthrough enemies like a  ghost would, doing so gives the warframe HP%. This  mode also increases all actions and movement by 80%.  This mode lasts 15 seconds and if warframe is able  to run through enough enemies to increase its hp  value to 50% it then is alowed to revive with 50% of  its HP. This mode is on cooldown for 3 minutes after  its activation whether revive was a success or not.  If unsuccesfull the warframe falls into a state of  bleedout that lasts for 15 seconds instead of 20  which is the norm.

- If this mode is on cooldown warframe gains HP per  casting abilities for the first 1 minute of the  cooldown. If first passive is on cooldown warframe  will enter normal bleedout state

1. Bone edge

Warframe creates a spike/spear from its "bones".  They can carry until it reactivates the first  ability again to throw the spear.(While carying the  spear warframe can use secondary weapons only). Any  enemies hit by the spear are impaled and thrown into  the wall and held in place by the spear slowly  bleeding % damage of their hp per second (ignores  armor)

2. Scream of apathy

Warframe releases powerfull scream. Causes large AoE  around warframe. Enemies affected by scream lose all  will to live on and have a 50-50 chance for an  effect on enemies.
Enemies either fall to their knees let go of their  weapons and await the warframe or its alies to end  them. OR Take their own guns to their heads and  shoot themselves causing themselves to lose 50% of  their hp

3. Bone Canon /OR

Warframe anchors itself to the ground (completely  unable to move even immune to knockdown). It merges  both of its arms into a canon. It then fires a bone  shell(created by its own blood and bone). Said Bone  shell causes heavy damage to shields and armor  shreding HP values as well. Per shell that hits  enemies armor or shield it lowers their values by  30% capping at 90%. Also lowers HP values by 25% per  shell at 70% capped. Bone Canon costs 40% of max hp  on warframe.(Officialy can fire canon 2 times  without healing help from alies)

3. Agony /OR

Warframe grows spikes made out of its own bones that  grow around its body. After a 3 seconds the spikes  fly out of warframes body and impale enemies pulling  their blood from them in towards the warframes body  essentialy having them gain extra %HP. Ability is  not channeled. After stealing HP from enemies spikes  go back into the warframe's body and ability can be  recast but bonus is lost.
If warframe hp is 1000hp before activation of  ability. 
After activating the ability the warframe's max HP  is 1850hp.

4. Vengeance/Misery

Warframe walks at 50% movement speed. While in this  mode it also gains 95% damage reduction and starts  to loose its HP rapidly. The longer warframe stays  in this mode the more HP it starts loosing. Every 2  shots the warframe takes it releases a bone spike  from its body that hits the enemy that took the shot  essentialy acting as revenge. The spike that hits  the enemy causes it to drop its weapon temporarily  and increase its damage taken by 30% (Effect lasts  for 3-5 seconds).
While in this mode all abilities are also improved.
Abilities are changed in this manner ->
1- Spear lasts longer and has a bigger hitbox,  impaled enemies also bleed hp % faster.
2- Every 5 seconds it activates warframe uses Scream  of Apathy that has longer range and increased chance  to cause enemies to shoot themselves
3- Agony gives more HP from enemies blood and has  higher range for spikes also has more spikes. 
More = Better

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My idea for this warframe would be a scrapper that pulls from the battlefield that's more or less a hybrid of Tank, Support, and DPS with a twist

Passive Chaotic: When you cast your abilities you have a chance to have an unintended outcome

Power Surge: Exhert an explosion of void energy that harms enemies and heals you. When this ability becomes chaotic it drains your energy to heal teammates.

Disassemble: On cast you disassemble dead enemy armor and convert it into your own to bolster your defense and gain a charge per enemy. When chaotic turn into a cloud of energy and shrapnel. When you pass through enemies you harm them and drain a disassemble charge.

Recycle: Cast on teammates to give them a disassemble charge. When chaotic your teammates become a bomb of shrapnel thats harms enemies

Mechanize: Mass Disassemble to create a body armor for you that heightens your defense and offense (basically a warframe mech). When chaotic you lose control of the parts and they fly around you causing harm to nearby enemies.

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Passive:  Adapts buff based on enemy faced (Armor if fighting Grineer, Shields if fighting Corpus, etc.) an indication of it's unfinished nature, looking to it's environment for "completeness"

Ability 1:  Accidental Discharge:  Produces a magnetic burst that knocks down enemies/reduces shields

Ability 2:  Feedback:  Emits an unbearable screech that disoriented nearby enemies for a time (open to finishers)

Ability 3:  Repair Protocol:  For duration ammo pickups become health/armor/energy pickups (toggle)

Ability 4:  Assimilate:  Meld with an enemy target and take over control of it (forced parasitic takeover, boosting damage; operator not available during duration)

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Can we have a proper summoner for once? If all the abilities have to be related to his theme, that would be problematic, but even then he could like break off a hand and give it his primary for it to float around killing enemies, that would be cool

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Passive-  Ground Zero - Start with no Armor/Shields. For every enemy hit/(killed?) with the 1 ability gain (x) armor/shields permanently capped at (x) stacks 

1- Consumer - Degrade (in a cone) enemy armor and neutralize enemy firing weapons for (x) seconds, and the degrade armor should be (x) %

2- Radial Destruction - Consume (x) nearby corpses to build an arsenal of weapons. On activation:

  • For every grineer corpse metal rods fall from rain from the sky.
  • For every corpus corpse a Lighting strikes the ground.
  • For every Infested corpse a slow pasta (like that yellow stuff the infested spill on the ground that slows) spawns slowing and giving toxin damage.
  • For every Sentient corpse a beam calls down to the ground for (x)secs

3- Shattering Curse - Spawn in (x) meter radius a curse wich sticks to enemies slowing them, after (x)secs the curse explodes. (Like getting spikes comming out of the enemies. gruesome kinda stuff)

4- Defender - For (x) secs, build a magnet beakon that allows you to drag all incoming fire (bullets) that are builds into stacks for the 3rd ability. More stacks more enemies get cursed.

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I am thinking that  because he is formed by combining other parts, all hus abilities should be around that direction, wich is reassembling and dismantling. For that i was thinking at something with a "spore" like mechanic like saryn's. These should be named scraps. They slowly dissapear, depending on how many the player has. 

1st ability : Absorb

25 energy per ability

It disarms nearby enemies and turns their weapons into scraps.

2nd ability : Scrap armor

50 energy per ability

Turns the scrap he collected into armor, gaining a temporary armor boost(affected by duration), after wich the scraps used dissapear, and it's only a temporary armor, so if the player takes damage, it's slowly torn apart.

3rd ability : Frag explosion

25 energy per second

The player holds the ability button and uses scraps for the duration of the gold, building charge, and after releasing the action button, the scraps explodes and is sent in random directions. Scraps have explosion damage.

4th ability : Reconstruct

100 energy per ability

While the ability is toggled, the player cannot attack or do actions, but nearby enemies's armor is corroded, and their flesh is torn apart. This ability gives scrap, but reduces player's speed greatly, and stuns only small enemies. Corpus are less affected. 


Passive : Collection

bullets shot at the player that hit him are turned into scraps(1 per bullet)

I am really looking forward for this warframe(he looks dope)and i hope that this set of abilities is used 

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Since we have hildryn who uses shields, why not make him use armor for various ability casting?

My idea is, he starts out with x points of armor, which can change and his ability are as follows: 

Ability 1 Salvage - Lashes out with white tendril which connects to enemy and drains their armor, adding to his

Ability 2 Assemble - Costs armor. Builds a protective barrier out of sharp parts. 

Ability 3 Break out - Costs armor. Some of his parts break out and act like three sentinels which shot nearby targets  

Ability 4 Repurpose - Costs armor. Grabs enemies in vicinity and rebuilds them into amalgams that fight for him

Passive: The least armor he has, the faster he moves.

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Passive: Each "manual" revive spent (not revived by other players) boosts speed, damage, armor, and maybe even enemy drop chances (or whatever stats are appropriate!)

This creates an opportunity to:

a) Help players in missions that they're struggling with
b) Create a high risk/reward playstyle (even more so than Garuda's passive) for veteran players who want to live on the edge. If you get yourself killed a bunch at the start of a mission, you're stronger for it, but you better not die that one last time!

I think it should be considered how this operates with Arbitrations: do you skip right to the maximum buff, since you only have one life left anyway?

I think it plays well with the theme of the frame: the more broken it is, the stronger it gets. (it would be kind of lame if the "broken" frame got weaker...)

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I like the idea that it may be mentally broken too, like the connection to the operator isn't as complete as it is to other warframes. With that in mind I propose the following ability:

1) Delusion: a void specter(s) rush out from him dealing damage and spreading insanity to its foes

2) Madness: he stopped being able to perceive whats an enemy and what's his imagination and let's out a laughter that stuns nearby enemies

3) An ability where he shrugs off the pain/doesnt notice it and used to make him more insane and provide damage reduction

4) Insanity: hes passes the breakpoint and he curls up, then from that balled position he expands (spreading his arms and legs) and lashes out to every enemy around him with void tendrils

Passive: an insanity resource. As he grows more insane he becomes more violent and deals more damage


Pick and choose what you like, I only really wanted to pitch the idea of a mentally unstable frame, I'm not that creative when it comes to abilities, and I haven't read other ideas yet.

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Passive-the armor buffs would be 50% better on hím,and depending on nearby allys armor his own armor would increase too 

1.st ability-fall apart-the frame would fall apart and would turn into a pile of "junk" that would deal dmg depending ön how much enemy are nearby,ön reactivation or when the duration is down hé would reassemble.

2.st ability-depending ön his Mode,in assembled Mode he would force nearby enemy to attack him and comsume the incoming dmg to turn it into armor,when he is desmanted hé would form a shild around a ally of choice.

3.rd ability-separation-this ability would make the frame form a  metal ball around himself that would block bullets whit a 50% chance and it would be in áll direction.

4..th ability-metal storm-this would be dependant ön the mode too.When Falken apart hé would attach to nearby enemys to creat a high dmg shild that would deal continues dmg and would reduce the enemys outgoing attack spead and attack dmg.while being assembled he would depending on his armor amount make a wall of steel,but the allys behinnd it would be resiliant to corrosive dmg since the wall would become smaller and smaller depending on how much times it was used


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Passive - Ammo pickup when ammo is full are used to rebuild your body, providing minor healing

Ability 1 - Lose a small amount of health, to chip off a piece of you, and throw it on the ground, enemies around it will be staggered from how ugly it is. Deactivate to do blast damage with a stagger in a wide radius.

Ability 2 - Dismantle an enemy, hold to reattach the parts to you and heal, or tap to make multiple miniature versions of your first ability.

Ability 3 - ??? Choose someone else's ability

Ability 4 - Rip off a large chunk of your self, taking substantial damage, and create a shield, giving damage reduction. While the shield is active, you heal, and then when the duration ends, the shield breaks and bits of it run off and attack enemies for chip damage with a small chance of a random proc.

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Ok, first, by its design, could be interesting if its parts drop from the direlict vaults.

Passive, this warframe uses health as energy but its a fixed percentage of the current hp. [a little extra: any extra level above 30 (the amount of affinity to go from 29 to 30) will generate 5 void traces for you and teammates].

1.(25% current health cost) Capture a corrupted enemies(see 3rd power) to consume it, giving part of its HP as shields.

2.(25% current health cost) Works like adaptation on the shields, gives scaling DR and will store the non received(mitigated) damage into a poll.

3.(50% current health cost) charge to use a value of the pool to create a Void fissure on the selected area, the more pool used on the charge, larger the area of the fissure. transforming its enemies into corrupted ones to fight alongside you. Corrupted enemies killed will drop void parts that will heal you.

4.(75% current health cost) overcharge you, allies and fellow corrupted with the pool, the poll will be divided for each allie with (each party member will count by 5, so prayers get more buffes than the corrupetd npcs), giving damage buff, damage reduction and moviment speed, or hold its 4 to release all of its pool as a void explosion (something between nyx 4 and day equinox 4) the explosion also kill your fellow corrupted.

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Passive: when warframe loses all his HP, his parts are scattered around.You start playing as rolling head and you need to collect 2 arms, 2 legs and body, to resurrect, before timer runs out. Teammates can help, by collecting parts.

1. Extending arm - if his right arm hits an enemy, warframe pulls enemy closer and holds him. On button release, warframe throws enemy. While used in air, throwing enemy at the floor, will create AOE shockwave
2. Connections - connect to targeted enemy, to start stealing his health. You can use this ability on multiple enemies. Connect to teammate, to start transfering part of enemy health
3. Three as one - use powers of warframes of past to cast ice,fire and lightning as beam, which explodes on impact with wall or enemy, to deal  random status procs. Hold ability button, to charge this ability for bigger aoe.
4. Sacrifice - warframe explodes dealing aoe damage and is scattered around.Flying parts may hit enemies and deal damage.Every part is connected by void vines and enemies touching them, recieve damage. Use this ability again to reassemble warframe.

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Subjugate / Weapon steal. Steals all the enemy weapons in range, using them as floating auto-targeting weapons or focus fire when targeting. The ability has time limit, however if the player doesn't bring any pri or sec, the ability is endless and has no power cost. So this could be the first frame without weapons.

Melee enemies will provide secondary weapons.

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My idea is to have the warframe break the game without actually breaking it, and create something both fun and funny.

Ability 1: Unstuck: Warframe teleports to a random location within X meters (could snap it to a random point along AI pathing to avoid teleporting into geometry). Enemies around the warframe when ability was used are stunned for X seconds. Warframe and all allies nearby gain a random buff.

Ability 2: Disable AI: Causes all enemies in a certain radius around the warframe to become frozen in their most recent action for X seconds. For example, if an enemy was running, they continue running in that same direction (even if they hit a wall, they keep running on the spot) or if they were shooting, they continue shooting at the same spot, until the duration of the ability expires. Can't be recast until previous cast expires.

Ability 3: No Clipping: Duration based ability that lasts for X seconds. The warframe can pass through everything except the walls of the level (cause that would be too game breaking). For example, the warframe can pass through enemies, projectiles, grineer barricades, etc. The warframe can also run in the direction it is facing, including up / down / diagonally through the air. Damage taken from attacks is significantly reduced while ability is active. 

Ability 4: Wacky Wavy: The warframe's limbs warp and stretch in random directions, flailing and hitting all enemies around the players. Effects to enemies are random and include taking damage, being knocked over, random status proc, etc. This is a toggle ability that drains energy and remains in effect until out of energy. The warframe can still move / run /  jump but can't use it's weapons as it's limbs are flailing around. 

Passive: I'll Get It Right: Warframe receives a random buff every X seconds (There will be a buff pool available such as increased attack, increased evasion, increased armor, increased reload speed, etc).

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The Warframe is based around building up armor buffs (I'm thinking an extra bar or UI notice like Gauss's battery bar. Obvi not the same, but just as an example. For the purposes of this post I shall refer to it as the scrap gauge.) and then expending it to deal big damage with your four. It can be used as support by giving your allies armor buffs as well. 

Passive: Enemies now drop armor pieces that temporarily buff the armor of you and your allies. You have a scrap gauge this armor fills up that will increase your resistances. 

Ability 1: You send out a lash of spare parts that forces enemies to drop armor buffs/ gives armor buffs to yourself and nearby teammates which increases with the ability level and number of enemies killed. It could also give an armor strip effect to enemies that survive. This ability will use up a little bit of the armor buff you've acquired from other abilities so it incentivizes you to use it when opportune instead of spamming. This builds your scrap gauge. 

Ability 2: You exchange scrap to throw out a large armor buff to your teammates. The scrap to armor ratio gets better as it ranks up. This gives you a temporary armor buff as well that stacks with your gauge amount left over.

Ability 3: An AoE armor suck that draws their armor to you in mass. This doesn't benefit your team's armor, but fills your scrap gauge a lot.

Ability 4: You turn your scrap gauge into a weapon as you expend them all to create a mass AoE burst of shrapnel that bounces around the immediate vicinity damaging enemies nearby with slash/puncture damage. The shrapnel bounces around for a set amount of time which gets longer as the ability ranks up. The more scrap you expend, the more shrapnel bounces around. 

Bonus Visual Effect: If you all want you can make it have a Rhino skin visual effect that covers various parts of your Warframe the more your gauge fills up. When the gauge is full your body is completely covered. This "explodes" off when you use your four.

Edited by MemSev4
Organization of text improvements. Nothing important I just wanted the comment to stand out a bit more.
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I haven't read any of the other entries on this page, so I apologise if there are some similarities. It is not my intention to copy anyone else's ideas.

Passive: The lower your teammates health, the more Ferrite armour you will have.
(parts getting blown off them, you absorb to make yourself stronger)

1st Ability (single use directional attack)
Fortesque: (the name is open to suggestion)
Throw your arm as a Boomerang style weapon.
Does impact damage

2nd Ability (drain)
All parts on the Warframe start glowing and move apart slightly while still being tethered with void energy.
This allows up to 75% (at max rank/percentage) of weapons fired at the warframe to pass through without damaging the warframe.
Does not counter AoE damage or environmental damage.

3rd Ability
Void Collapse:
The void energy holding you together collapses leaving you to fall into pieces on the ground.
This will allow you to take the time to recharge your health, and energy.
If you do it in view of an enemy they may realise it is a ploy depending on alert status or mission type (Spy/Nightmare/Assassination).
If you are undetected when this ability is triggered then enemies will not detect you if they come across your parts, For all intents and purposes you will be invisible.
You will not be immune from ANY damage in this state - use carefully.

4th Ability
Sacrificial Blast:
Stab yourself with your Parazon to sacrifice yourself in a single massive blast damaging all enemies nearby (with radiation damage), and repairing shields of friendlies and giving over-shields.
The less energy/shield you have when you trigger this, the less effective it would be for both enemies and friendlies
Companion revive would still work

Fracturing Blast
Augment mod so that it only takes your energy and your shield but leaves you alive.

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Any of my idea can be tweaked just saying 

 Name -Morpheus 

Passive wild kavat and kurborws dknt attack they auto attack enemies 

1 ability- combined with your pet only kavat or kurborw and ability strength would give you a extra buff towards you and duration for how long you can stay as him but there is a timer 15 seconds at 100 percent duration 

2 ability- more of a stealth move you can transform in to the last enemy killed and walk right in to spy and or enemy and they cant tell you a part 

3 ability- gives buffs to speed and melee basically raw physical type buffs as if you were a animal 

4 ability- so the first ability you become your pet with buffs this ability you copy your pet and both of you double in physical abilities obviously can be changed by cards but this doesn't run on duration it runs on energy 


And for physical appearance not really my style more of ideas even though I'm not good at explaining but I would definitely go more of a werewolf style for appearance 

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Passive: Elasticity
The wires holding the Warframe together extends and upon using a melee weapon, rewarding it extra range. 

Ability 1: Burrow (25 energy)
The frame shoots a wire into the ground, which burrows under the surface of the tile and follows the player around attacking nearby enemies. 
Stats at R3: 2000 electric damage per attack, with 100% status chance. 60 second duration. 30 meter range of attack. Movement speed of 4x the warframes sprint speed.

Ability 2: Loosen (50 energy)
All the wires connecting the frame loosen up while still retaining his strength, giving him a further melee attack range boost, as well as a significant sprint speed boost.
Stats at R3: +3m melee attack range.+50% sprint speed. Increase incoming damage by 100%, due to being less compact.
Cannot be used while tighten is active.

Ability 3: Tighten (50 energy)
All the wires connecting the frame tightens, rewarding it high damage reduction at the loss of its passive, and a loss of sprint speed. 
Stats at R3: +50% damage reduction. -25% sprint speed. -Passive. 
Cannot be used while loosen is active.

Ability 4: Expand (25 energy cast, 5 energy/sec)
Wires shoot out from all sides of the frame and into the ground, leaving it immobile. The wires will have the same stats as Burrow. 
Stats at R3: 10 wires (Unchanged by mods). 2000 electric damage per attack, with 100% status chance. 60 second duration. 30 meter range of attack. Movement speed of 4x the warframes sprint speed.

Edited by (XB1)Danish Chief
I accidentally called ability 4, ability 3. So it said ability 3 twice. The name will still remain the same, i simply wrote the wrong number.
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Passive: slowly drains health and refills energy ("broken" nature). (Bonus: Players equipped with "Broken Warframe" hear extra dialogue from the Man in the Wall, when approaching the engine on a Railjack. Similar to Nidus and Infested room on orbiter.)

1) Void shot: launches a projectile orb that deals Void damage to enemies on impact.

2) Void Jump: warframe charges up energy, then teleports forward. This ability can be held down to charge, increasing the distance teleported.

3) Void Leak: aura effect: adds small portion of Void damage to attacks of player and allies. Strengthens Void Shot

4) Shatter the Wall: warframe locks onto a target enemy, engulfing them in energy from the void. The warframe's health steadily decreases at a fast rate, dealing twice as much damage to the target. This damage cannot be negated.




(Bonus idea: can one of the Broken warframe's signature weapons be a giant wrench? So that it can try to "fix" itself?)

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Electronic warframe


Passive: enies drop scrap that can be accumulated to increase ability strength


Ability 1 disengage: separates 10 robots to fight for him and it turns invisible for 10 sec, regenerating 5 life/p/ second


Ability 2. AMP: disables all enemy utilities and guns. When used in Corpus robots, makes them target eachother.


Ability 3 inmersive: launches a chip that allows you to control the enemy while the frame is inmune, can be stacked up to 5 times to control a crowd of five enemies


Ability 4 (choose name): generate 4 big robots, this variate in power depending on the amount of scrap collected. They have an aura that absorbs enemy armor and shield, dealing corrosive and radiation damage. These can be combined  to create a huge robot with increased stats.

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