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Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0

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On 2020-09-18 at 9:51 PM, SvarrOS said:

Two things:

  • First, you should check your hard drive for errors (if it's corrupt there is no fix for your problem apart from buying a new HDD/SSD)
  • Then, assuming your drive is OK, uninstall and then download Warframe again. Make sure that the whole folder is deleted before downloading. On a new installation, nothing has to be 'optimised'.

Also, there might be logs somewhere that could reveal the cause for your problem. You might want to get in touch with support.

And since there are still people on here, who are unable to read the patch notes properly and then ask stupid questions (obviously, this doesn't apply to the post I quoted), like "Why is this update so biggg?" or "Why does it take soo longgg?", I'd like to shed some light on this (a.k.a repeat what has already been said elsewhere). The size of the update comes from the fact, that most (if not all) of the textures, normal maps, etc. have to be downloaded again, as they switched the compression algorithm for these. The extensive time it takes to update is most likely caused by the mandatory optimisation cycle, which I assume just removes the assets that are to be replaced and reorganises the remaining data to make room for the download. So if my assumption is correct, DE were clever by 'optimising' before downloading because they greatly reduced (if not completely eliminated) disc space overhead.

As it turns out, even with a fresh install, the full update needs to be downloaded (including the optimisation of the download cache). Obviously, I was too rash to credit DE with not putting new players through the process of downloading ~40GB through Steam only to watch the launcher "Optimizing the Download Cache" for several minutes (depending on the harddrive) before downloading another ~6GB. Smh.

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