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Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0


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Why not?:

В 19.06.2020 в 13:22, Aeon94 сказал:

I have been playing with Garuda Hinsa skin and noticed that she is missing Dread Mirror skin. Not only colouring is hard with different textures and materials of Deluxe Skin and base Dread Mirror, she also feels incomplete without matching Dread Mirror. Hope it gets added into the game.

ArtStation - Garuda, deluxe skin. Warframe., Arsen Asyrankulov



В 19.09.2020 в 02:23, -Potato-13 сказал:

All these hot fixes and you still don't fix garuda not being able to use blood rush and weeping wounds..


Garuda's Blood Altar bad contact with Rollers and Bursa:






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I hope to get actual hotfix for a change not hotbug :clem:




Fixes towards poor Extraction waypoint pathing in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.

How about fixing Deimos hunt starting points aka FIX YOUR 💩?

Poop pathfinding is out of whack! Marking specific animal hunt start point on the map most of the time leads me through caves only to discover the actual poop is far outside of the cave.

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