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A PSA: for the kuva lich system



Dont just dont trust me I know it took 1 year to take the basterd down kinda it took 3 months the other 9 months I was just ignoring him and that's how i lost over 4k plastids if you gonna go for I would recommend buying requim mod pack and no the relic one thats just a ripoff if have the plat to do that buy a used one from trade chat

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9 hours ago, (PS4)amazing021throne said:

Dont just dont trust me I know it took 1 year to take the basterd down kinda it took 3 months the other 9 months I was just ignoring him and that's how i lost over 4k plastids if you gonna go for I would recommend buying requim mod pack and no the relic one thats just a ripoff if have the plat to do that buy a used one from trade chat

its not that hard to take down a lich, sure it was tough when they first came out but now there not so back breaking to do ;D heheh
getting the requiem mods is abit of a pain but thats why you should do them with friends or clan mates that way you know who your playing with an not constantly feeling like someone gonna try an get a free rid on the requiem mod gain.
the only time you will not get back what your lich stole is if you gotten say 6 riven mods stolen by it an you only have riven slots left when you beat the lich, game wont give you a prompt to buy more slots an so will only give you 2 rivens back as thats all you had.
While there isn't a thing in the lich system to tell what your lich has taken in total, making it if you were to take ages to beat it. There no real way to remember what it has taken entirely.

its always good to run lich missions with other players as you each can take turns picking the missions.
if its not on the same planet your lich has control over you still get murmur but lichs rage meter doesnt go up.
if the mission is on planet your lich does have control over, you will get both murmur an rage meter progress.
this is good as your able to keep the lichs spawn rate in check, but also are able to have back up so you cant have the lich tossing you around.
If you or anyone else in the squad has there lich spawn an does a failed stab EVERYONE in squad gets that big murmur progress :D.
a tip not everyone notices is if you lich spawns an you don't stab every thrall you see on the mission an rather leave them be till after you wait for its convert enemies into its own thralls cap is reach.
Then take out the lich an stab them your rage bar will be reset after lich is stabbed an failed BUT stabbing the thralls after its left the map helps boost up the rage meter up some. This is good for when your trying to still get murmur progress but you want to do a stab check on the lich to see if the order is right or not

when im doing lich hunts i bring my wisp as i get source of healing, both atk an movement speed boost, an a enemy CC.
makes it easyier for myself an any other players with me as got passive support while we gang up on the poor lich.

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Ok, ok, let's calm down.

I'll do my best to address your points as best I can for you.

First off, it's correct that Liches haven't even been out for a full year, but I'll take that for a tiny bit of exaggeration.

Second of all, you will never actually lose anything out of a Lich. If anything, you will gain either their trust as an ally that you can then betray and trade (convert) or their weapon and ephemera if they have one (kill). However, in both of these situations, the Lich will return all mods, relics, and resources taken from you in this time.

Third, I think that truthfully, you should have taken a day to grind. That's what the game is about, after all; grinding. If you did that, I believe you'd find that by the time you found your 3 Requiem murmurs, you would have likely picked up one or two of each Requiem Relic. Radshares are infrequent, but you will find people wanting to do them, especially if you've taken the initiative and joined a Murmur hunting party. Even if you haven't, what's the problem? People trade one unwanted Requiem mod for another all the time. Fass for Lohk, Ris for Jahu, Vome for Xata, it happens all of the time. There's also the fact that all rewards in Requiem mods are quite good no matter the situation.

If you haven't got all the relics by the time your murmur hunting is over, do the ones you have. See what mods you get, if you get one you don't want (say you need Fass, Ris and Khra, and you get a Khra, Jahu and Vome) spend a little while trying to swap out the Jahu or Vome for the Fass and the Ris. If you realise you're getting nowhere, do a Kuva Siphon, or if you're up for it, a Kuva Flood. You have a 50% chance of getting a relic off of KS and 100% off of KF. Not to mention they add a little bit of gameplay diversity with the Kuva cloud mini-game, that I personally enjoy.

If you find yourself using a planet your Lich has control of a lot, kick them out of the planet. Clear all of the infected nodes, and they'll be out of your hair to a different planet or two. If you are willing to take the gamble that they don't occupy a different crucial planet, just do this. You'll also get murmur progression and relics along the way.


TL;DR: If you're OK with the planet they're on, just do some murmurs with friends or pubs occasionally until you get your murmurs. Crack open relics, trade unwanted mods for wanted mods, kill/convert Lich, donezo. If you're not OK with the planet they're on, drive them out of it, get murmur progression, the process is the same.

I hope I was able to help!
Have a good day,


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This PSA is more of a rant imo. Are there issues with it? Yeah. Did you name any of them? Not really. And honestly the issues in it aren't as bad as some of the issues in newer systems. Lich farming is meant to be long right now. It's meant to be hard to get into, and it does get easier the more you do it. So what does complaing here have to do with anything? I could just complain about the issues of the system, or I can offer my opinion on how to change them. Besides the lich only steals resources from planets they have a node on. Either just avoid those planets or just clear them out. And yes I know you can't clear all the nodes out without killing the lich, but narrow it down to 1 so the lich only takes a few resources. Simple

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34 minutes ago, (PS4)amazing021throne said:

I get your point but it sucks when you have S#&$ luck

Considering it took you a -year- to take down your first lich I would not attribute the irregularity of your finding requiem relics/mods to bad luck. It does not seem like you were actively pursuing your lich...


If you know what you're doing liches can be taken down in a few hours. The relic bottleneck is easily overcome, as was already stated in the topic, by doing basic kuva siphon/flood missions. 

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And you lost plastids to what exactly? Any resources the Lich steals are given back to you when you kill it.

Radsharing requiem relics is a thing, trading one requiem for another also is, public murmur games, and so on.

You must have really ignored the whole mechanic HARD if you took 12 months to take one down, and that's on you.

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PSA to this "PSA" don't buy the Requiem mods, they aren't hard to obtain. You have a 100%chance at a relic every kuva flood and a 50% chance at every siphon.

AND once you start doing more lich missions the thralls have a chance to drop a relic.

I have over 150 of each relic at this point without ever farming for them after the initial set of mods

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