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Hotfix 12.1.2



Earth enemy balancing and tweaks including removing Eviscerators from regular Earth missions; they now only appear after 5 minutes in Survival or 5 Waves in Defense.

- Skana Prime is now tintable.

- Reverted to the old holster position for Jat Kittag.

- Tweaked enemy strategies in invasions for factions that are on the ropes in the Star Chart.



- Removed hitches when enemy leader units would spawn.

- Removed hitches caused by resources being inadvertently unloaded after Lotus transmissions.



- Fixed enemies spawning behind locked exit doors in survival missions.

- Various crash fixes.


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so no eviscerators in interception? where's the fun in that? :P


and happy valentine's day, DE. you've made us so happy


edit: turns out they still spawn on interception. so no harm, no foul on this one. I think that's a reasonable fix for eviscerators on survival and defense, though. on other planets the tougher units don't start spawning until the 5 min mark, and those slash procs can be devastating, unless your name is trinity or rhino. saryn's molt should remove negative status effects. that would be incredible

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