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Your Preferred Faction: Corpus Or Grineer


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Which faction would you choose if you had a chance to join?


The clonetastic empire of Emperor Palpatines feasting on glorious ham?




Raving Illuminati Bank of America and their robotic lackeys with beautiful thighs?





I choose Grineer, for Grineer is stronk.




Here's hoping DE would add some form of faction joining to get cheaper access to faction specific weapons, components, color, and cosmetic armor.



Poll added by [DE]Drew.

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Added Poll for some Friday Fun!
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Their guiltless, money-driven, obsessive engineers. And they make pretty things.



Kinda remind me of myself. 


Oh and as for your tidbit at the end, colors and cosmetics will always be paid since Warframe's a free to play game and devs need money. Also ClanTech needs to stay hard to get so that it promotes the "higher tier" and "earned" feeling of them.

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I think my good friend, Leonard L. Church from Blue Team, said it best in regards to my feelings about the Grineer and Corpus.


"Look, I thought we'd established by now- I don’t like either of you, okay? So competing for my attention is not gonna do you any good."


Seriously, one faction spawned an idiot who was WAY too obsessed with me, put things in my brain that I did NOT appreciate, and now he's some kind of void-spawned demon or something?


and wow is he a talker....


And the other faction turned a blind eye to the biggest meglomaniac since Dr. Evil until things got to the point where their official action towards him was met with A ZERG RUSH.


Alad V's Infested: kekekekekekekeeke.... *steamrolls another Corpus ship*


Personally, I like killing both of them. They make some decent enemies, and it's always great to point and laugh when another of their ships gets taken over by a nueral sentry for straying too close to the void.


What a bunch of losers. XD

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Totally corpus. they know how to make a profit. besides I always wanted a pet moa or 3. and the best part is if they do something we don't like such as making more zanuka's we just pay them enough and they stop.

also they have the factory's to mass produce just about anything. so the moment we give them the blue prints for a single prime weapon its primes for everyone!


and if they ever did turn on us then we always could wire in detonators into everything they got out of the deal first. and if worst came to worst I could always go out with a detonator my self.


then again the more I think about it the more glad I am that im a teno. the corpus seem a lot like a slightly better choice out of 2 really bad choices.

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