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Update 15.6.0


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thank you, great =)


but why do i have now my/the new syndicate missions without the 26000 avaliable


normally they come in around 2 hours, i dont wanna risk a bug or loss of points because im leveling to get the syndicate-marelok, means, i play first away the 26000 and then the syndicate missions for more points (just my personal logic) ... just for letting you know







=))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) SUP (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((=

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Innate Vacuum for Loot pickup


  • All players in Archwing game modes will now have a default radial ‘vacuum’ effect for loot, making pick-ups easier to grab.  This should also improve the general flow of movement in Archwing Missions.


Meaningless change.


If we can see the mods, in those giant space tiles sets, and even in those giant tunel tilesets, making an vacuum effect is almost as nothing.

Mods and other drops can be 360º in all directions from the players view, and over a background that is so detailed it makes them imperceptible. Plus, some tileset like interception have such a huge size it can be time consuming to travel to a place so far just to catch that little mod that went far far away.


Drops mechanic in archwing wasn't a smart decision for this game type.

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Cool. Very cool.

I am ultimately pleased but DE. For the love of God. Augments. Stop. Think. You gave us 8 mod slots from 10 BECAUSE you wanted us to enjoy and use ALL our abilities. We will not use your nor enjoy your augments in the game's current state because we are preferential of other mods. Augments are clutter to the majority of us despite that we do want to use them. Seperate slots for augments. Please. It's not that hard to fathom the sense in this. It's backtracking making us want to use these but not having the room for it.

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Well big update. Some interesting additions.


Oh come on! A Plasma Shotgun and you give it to the Grineer? We have been waiting for a Corpus shotgun for a while now and you give the Grineer another one and an energy one at that?


Also would have fit better with a general shotgun upgrade.

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Well, is it a quality weapon this time? Got too many of these so called "Mastery Junk" weapons.


On Forum Netcode:

Why are you guys scripting your forum html css javascript into one layer?

The youtube links are getting blocked by this situation.

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Holy crap, this is an exciting update.

- I'm not too keen on the void trader guy being limited, but him being there at all is nice, finally.  If only I could actually access the hubs without being logged out.

- I'll have to try out the medallion stuff for myself before I can comment on it.

- Some of those augments mods I'm "meh" about, but a good number of them I want!  That's surprising, I wasn't expecting that many I find interesting to show up.

- I wonder how the clan I'm in is going to decorate stuff with the paint now...

- I hope I like the new Void and Derelict music.

- Hnnng market bulk purchasing.  After like a year, finally.  Just bought 1000 charges (x40) at once BECAUSE I CAN DO THAT NOW.

- I like the icon changes to Warframe parts in the foundry and such.

- Changing Tar Moa damage to a type players aren't weak to and reducing the damage over time is a good start.  Hopefully this translates to less "get crippled on the first hit and then DoT kills you before you can move" cases.

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  • Reduced the number of shots required to shrink the Nullifier Crewman’s protective shield.


So... that mean i've to get another primary weapon other than a bow/sniper just because a single shot that does up to 100k dmg that can't destroy their protective shield but a level 1 pistol that does 10 dmg per shot can destroy it. (now that's awful).
¿Why can't their shield detect actual damage?
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