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Update 15.11


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mini game: MEH


Ember Changes:


  • Base Stamina increased to 150.
  • Base armour increased to 100 (125 for Ember Prime)
  • Movement Speed increase.
  • Fire Blast has had a mechanic added. In addition to placing a ring of fire on casting location, it will now also generate a growing wall of fire (like the Arson Eximus ability).
  • World On Fire is now a toggle ability with a 50 Energy cost on cast. It will drain 5 energy over time as well as consider your power duration (affected by mods).
  • World on Fire has had its casting time reduced.

YEAAAAAAAAAAH Ember players! will burn everything! (Ember is my third fav char)

actually no they won't WoF is now even more expensive and has worse targeting mechanics than any other ult in the game :(

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I'm confused about the new World on Fire. With Power Duration, am I just buring more energy for the extra duration that I added or is the energy consumed slower throughout the duration? Cause as of right now, it feels like I burn more energy because of my extra duration.


crap, you're right, with the way they set up energy cost if you actually mod for duration the skill was effectively nerfed. XD

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Come on DE, I'm a tenno, I want to parkour all over the relay and the only official spot I can get to is the high ground at the center. Not only you are not adding alternatives, but you are also removing everything else! There is also invisible roof over the hallways that prevents us from getting on top of the floaty things, what harm cot cause? Also one would think the ceiling in the area in front of Darvo and the mission control would be solid...

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I've gotten to the roofs and unfinished levels of two relays in the past hour.  Not fixed.


Edit:  Pretty sure they were talking about getting on top of the glass ceiling by running through a wall in the back hallway and dropping down then climbing up the sealed elevator tubes in the relay to get to lower/higher levels and even get on the outside top of the main hall, which is, coincidentally, where I just was.


Getting up in the middle of the main hall is still super easy via multiple routes.

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1) Are there any plans to add--or make available for purchase--a weapon Config D? Currently there are 4 factions but only 3 weapon configuration presets. Many players who mod to factions are swapping mods several times per game.


2) Some chat 2.0 suggestions: More variety in font size; make it so that chat tabs can be made into separate windows; graded opacity of the chat window(s) so that players can see gameplay through the chat window allowing the chat box to remain full size without interfering with gameplay; when loading new maps or returning to the Liset, set the open chat tab to default as the last used rather than the last personal message received; give the option to close Alliance, Region, Recruiting, and Trading tabs along with the option to reopen them.


3) When will the new Mastery Rank tests be made available? The achievements have already been added to list.


4) Obligatory plug for more Archwing content (weapons, maps, missions, etc.).


5) I want to know: Who is this lone tenno operative? Maybe include cameos of him or her during missions--something along the likes of G Man's appearances in Half-Life. Or perhaps, at very least, include the operative in the Codex.


6) Thank you for making such a fun and enjoyable game!

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I'm Sure this Thread is filled to the brim with this But I mush add my 2 cents

Love the Buffs for Ember .... Except this crap that was done to World on Fire
Unmodded it cost the same With the option to cut it short ~ with duration Mods it costs more than the original 100 Even with Streamline on

There is also a bug with it that While it's active you Still pick up Energy orbs BUT you get 0 energy. So Wasted orbs.
Either make it a toggle like Sound quake , or a normal ability like it was before ~ this Timer and toggle doesn't work like it does for limbo

This change to World on Fire Made .. It frankly just bent it over the coffee table and made it insecure in doing the job it was already doing well

-There is STILL a big issue with " Disconnected from Host " Crap that I never had happen until the cryotic front update. Going to the void is always a gamble on weather or not Everyone will load in or if some or all will be disconnected. Also Some times it takes FOREVER to load into mission ... once I got kicked from a squad because I wasn't fully loaded in when Everyone rushed to fight vay hek ..


-Sometimes while in a syndicate mission , more often in corpus tilesets , I'll deactivate the alarms but rather than return my view to it's normal over the shoulder ... It moves Inside my frame Making it IMPOSSIBLE to see anything ~ forcing me to have to abort

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If your post in a Hotfix/Update thread includes 'Still no fix for...."


1) Include a link to a relevant bug report/screenshot that has details on reproducibility and the nature of the issue.


Without these details it is increasingly difficult to troubleshoot the specifics involved in resolving a bug. 

Please fix the Mesa melee bug already, it's been ignored for far too long. And I've no idea why would you even ask this in every patch note, giving the impression that you don't bother with reading the bug forums anymore. But I'll bite, here's the thread, a reply or even just a nod would be grand: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/384193-mesa-melee-bug/

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Come on DE.

You can't introduce a weapon and leave it killing players.

Panthera is killing Mesa after shooting gallery is activated.

This should have been an immediate fix.

We even did the science to see how it works.



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so... is WoF supposed to still have a timer which automatically deactivates the ability or is that a bug? 


because everything else regarding the WoF changes seems to work:


Toggle; check, energy drain while WoF is active; check, countdown so the ability "ends" like how it was origionally? .... wut


I thought toggable means something like Mirage, Nyx, Banshee and Mesa's ults... why does WoF still have a time limmit?  

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Still no fix for the weapon sheathing animation removing control of your character until it's done in certain situations?

Still no fix for the total credit income display on clans being a DWORD instead of QWORD, causing incorrect display due to multiple rollovers?
Still no fix for Nyx's Mind Control targets not taking the proper damage amount at the end?
Still no fix for Warframe causing corruption of the Windows clipboard?
Still no fix for foundry sparks rendering over the chat interface?
Still no fix for the item rank-up numerical display lagging behind by one number if the level up is due to bonus affinity and not base?
Still no fix for wall sliding down onto a slope detaching you from the wall but keeping the slide mechanics?
Still no fix for the item pickup animation not playing for clients?
Still no fix for the Corpus Grey and Gallium Grey Kubrow colors being almost exactly the same?



so... is WoF supposed to still have a timer which automatically deactivates the ability or is that a bug? 


because everything else regarding the WoF changes seems to work:


Toggle; check, energy drain while WoF is active; check, countdown so the ability "ends" like how it was origionally? .... wut


I thought toggable means something like Mirage, Nyx, Banshee and Mesa's ults... why does WoF still have a time limmit?  

Like Mirage's ult.  Can be canceled early but duration sets the max cap on... duration.

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