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Hotfix 16.4.4 +


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Several Liset Radio Chatter contest winners have been included into the Liset’s audio rotation. Blazingcobalt, jprocks67 and Kalimando all now have their voices featured in game!  Keep an ear out for new transmissions coming straight from community members.


Conclave Changes


  • Added a stagger to Nyx’s Mind Control and Chaos ability in PvP.
  • Excalibur’s Radial Blind now gets half its duration on targets that are looking away.
  • Added vertical force to players killed by Rhino’s Charge.
  • Players have 6 seconds respawn invulnerability with 3 seconds or time left invulnerability when moving.

  • Invulnerability is now removed if you fire a weapon, melee or use a power.


Nova Antimatter Drop Changes and Fixes


Quite a few adjustments have been made to Nova’s Antimatter Drop that deserve special mention beyond our normal ‘fixes’.


  • Fixed projectiles level 1-3 having double shimmer visual effects..
  • Fixed Antimatter Drop’s collision detection being affected by projectile scale on Host. Increased the collision detection radius for Clients to help compensate.
  • Fixed Client projectiles doing 2x damage on contact (not related to Antimatter Drop’s explosion damage).
  • Fixed base explosion damage to match the Ability’s scaling explosion damage (was 100, now 100/125/150/200).
  • Fixed sometimes doing minimal damage when used by Clients, regardless of how much players pumped into it.
  • Fixed low damage as Host or Client if the projectile hits where you are aiming (as opposed to hitting something while trying to get to your aim position).
  • Fixed aiming at the projectile not causing it to slow down.
  • Explosions from Antimatter Drop will no longer fuel the damage of other nearby AMD projectiles.
  • Projectiles from Antimatter Drop will now get brighter as you do damage to it.
  • Various changes have been made to improve the visual and audio fx of Antimatter drop.
  • Nova now shows a proper animation during multiple casts of Antimatter Drop.




  • Slightly increased the Isolation Bursa’s ability cooldowns.




  • Fixed damage from Rhino’s Charge lagging slightly behind Rhino, causing him to slide past enemies in Conclave without hurting them.
  • Fixed an issue in Conclave where players would never lose their damage immunity on respawn when joining a match.
  • Fixed energy respawners in Conclave not creating energy orbs after a Host migration.
  • Fixed teams in Cephalon Capture occasionally grouping players into 5v3 matches.
  • Fixed a Mission Node on Mars reading as “Deimos” instead of “Hellas”
  • Fixed the positioning of the wings on Shield Ospreys to ensure that they can now be properly shot at.
  • Fixed Host migrations on Corpus Sabotage missions preventing all other clients from completing the missions.
  • Fixed maxed out negative reputation with Syndicates showing as 0 reputation lost or gained when handing in Syndicate Tokens.
  • Fixed locations on MOA enemies that were previously difficult to hit, including a small location between the ‘head’ and gun, and a spot on their MOA-butt that was tough to shoot.
  • Fixed Syndicate Assassins dropping blueprints that give more Spectres than intended.
  • Fixed Volt’s Electric Shield giving improper damage multipliers as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/446810-volt-shield-quanta-vandel-absurd-damage/
  • Fixed the distance that loot crates would visually appear being too short on Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed a potential issue causing a rare deadlock on launch.
  • Fixed visual issue with muzzle flashes on weapons not properly following weapon barrels.




  • Fixed a crash that would occur on AMD CPUs on boot (caused by 16.4.4, fixed right now).
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Thanks for fixing PVP invulnerability, holy S#&$


Curious why no one on PVP task force commented on PVP feedback telling us that it was being worked on. Left us in the dark, queue hysteria and outrage. 

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Can AMD at least absorb 100% instead of 400% of the damage dealt by the previous one? This would make nova player less angry about the nerf and it would still reward you for skillful use of an ability since not many players can actually successfully accomplish a chain (Me included). This way, if you want more damage, just shoot the AMD more!


If this is not possible then too bad!

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Explosions from Antimatter Drop will no longer fuel the damage of other nearby AMD projectiles.







Massive nerf



the days of 20 million damage Nova are over...

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Conclave Changes

  • Excalibur’s Radial Blind now gets half its duration on targets that are looking away.

For a second there I didn't see the "Conclave Changes" part. Oh, the rage threads I almost made xD

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On a side note: Do you ever plan on making gram not one hit in PvP with channeling? Hell, channeling is so broken in PvP it should just be removed... charge attacks would go well here!

Some has been reading some Phillip K $&*^.



Apparently I can't say the name of an author on the forums. LAME.

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Ah no - it's not, sorry to disappoint but rather you'd know!

my my


thx good to know, hope something with puncture will come...


throwable or just arms like doesnt matter

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