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Not dead, turned off all things internet for a week, except the devstreams. LOT of catching up to do, come back to the 80's with me, when everything was awesome, southern california a Utopia, and music was waaaaaaaaayyyyy better, for the most part.


and because it was the dumbest video ever played on MTV---Garbage bag dresses FTW!


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Killed half of my dojo today, which was a major tribute to Peter Steele and Type O Negative. My first dojo (feel like losing one of my kids honestly). Was a valiant first try, won 2nd place with it, solo run. Have to build myself back up with some Pete. 

Then, happier stuff here....

Jerry always cheers me up, both of them. Thanks guys!

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Just found Tom Macdonald's "Fake Woke". Would post it, but we all know how DE handles challenges to their narrative.

Going more meta, I'm also enjoying some of the vocal coaches and professional singers discovering and analyzing "our" music.

Also cool to see Peter Steele still having an effect on the women from beyond the grave.

And, of course, people reacting to Jinjer is always good for a laugh.


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