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Ps4: Ring Of Fire (U18.3.1) [+Hotfixes]

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Nezha - A petite and playful facade conceals this Warframe's immense power.

  • Fire Walker - Blaze a trail of flames, scorching enemies and cleansing allies.
  • Blazing Chakram - Hurl a flaming ring that burns enemies and causes them to emit a healing blast on death.  Reactivate to instantly travel to the ring's location.
  • Warding Halo - Create a protective ring of fire that also stuns and damage enemies who get too close.
  • Divine Spears - Impale nearby enemies on spears that erupt from the ground.


Please Note: Nezha parts obtained from Sorties are tradeable, and will be a permanent reward from Sorties in the future.


  • Loki Knave Skin + Knave Helmet - A new guise for an old trickster.
  • Hulta Leg Guards - Loki Knave's looted armor.  Only available in the Loki Deluxe Skin bundle.
  • Hulta Chest Guard - Loki Knave's looted armor.  Only available in the Loki Deluxe Skin bundle.
  • Hulta Arm Guard - Loki Knave's looted armor.  Only available in the Loki Deluxe Skin bundle.
  • Dual Kamas Nari & Vali Skin - Turn the Dual Kamas into a stylish sword and dagger combo with this skin.  Only available in the Loki Deluxe Skin bundle.
  • Loki Knave Profile Icon - A profile icon depicting Loki Knave.
  • Scimitar Magus Skin - A unique skin for the Scimitar landing craft.  Only available in the Loki Deluxe Skin bundle.
  • Loki Deluxe Skin Bundle - Strike from the shadows with this collection of ill-gotten garb.
  • Loxley Helmet - A uniquely-styled helmet for Ivara.
  • Foxglove Syandana - Envelope a Warframe in this silky nature inspired Syandana.
  • Bombyx Syandana - Envelope a Warframe in this silky nature inspired Syandana.
  • Samia Syandana - Envelope a Warframe in this silky nature inspired Syandana.
  • Moth Syandana Pack - Three colorful silken capes inspired by nature.

The Sydon has arrived!  A deadly weapon designed for piercing the hearts of enemies, inflict maximum devastation with this massive Grineer trident.

Add the Sydon to your Arsenal today by visiting the Warframe Market or Clan Research! 

  • Shaku - With these blazing fast nunchaku, the enemy will never know what hit them.

The Destreza has arrived!  Elevate martial combat into an art form with this Tenno rapier!



Add the Destreza to your Arsenal today by visiting the Warframe Market.



Vulpine Mask: Swift cuts, lancing strikes.




  • Sentient enemies will now be granted immunity to physical damage types separately (i.e. Puncture, Slash, Impact).
  • Shadow Stalker will now be granted immunity to physical damage types separately (i.e. Puncture, Slash, Impact).
  • Sentients now have a unique visual FX for a short period after becoming immune to a damage type.
  • Made various visual / audio FX adjustments to Sentient enemies.
  • Adjusted the spawn points of Sentient Oculysts.





  • The following Warframes can no longer gain energy while certain Abilities are active:
    • Chroma - Vex Armor and Effigy
    • Ember - World on Fire
    • Excalibur - Exalted Blade
    • Ivara - Artemis Bow
    • Limbo - Rift Walk
    • Rhino - Iron Skin
    • Valkyr - Hysteria
    • Wukong - Defy and Primal Fury
    • Nova - Null Star
  • All Warframes now have Conclave specific Health, Shield and Armour values.
  • Warframe Conclave Mobility stats and Mods have been adjusted adjusted to match new Effective Hit Point values.
  • Primary and Secondary weapon damage has been adjusted to match new Conclave EHP values.
  • Warframe Ability damage has been adjusted to match new Conclave EHP values.
  • Elemental Mobility Mods no longer work with Mirage’s clones until she is at full Energy.
  • Automatic weapons and shotguns now have a 1.2x damage modifier for headshots in Conclave.
  • Burst and semi-automatic weapons now have a 1.5x damage modifier for headshots in Conclave.
  • Kill X with Primary/Secondary weapon Challenges have been removed from the Capture the Cephalon game type.
  • Despair, the Hikou series and the AkStiletto are now available for use in Conclave.
  • Increased damage and ammo pool of Penta series in Conclave.
  • Increased damage and ammo pool of Tonkor in Conclave.
  • Decreased ammo pool of Miter in Conclave.
  • Adjusted the match countdown number’s positioning on the screen.
  • Reduced the health restored by Wukong’s Defy Ability in Conclave.
  • The following Mods have been added to Teshin’s offerings for purchase at the Whirlwind Rank:
  • Armored Evade: +20% Damage Resistance while dodging, -20% Slide
  • Armored Acrobatics:  +20% Damage Resistance during Bullet Jump, -0.1 Mobility
  • Reduced the requirements of most Conclave Daily Challenges.
  • Argon Crystals have been removed from the Conclave Weekly Mission completion rewards.
  • The Conclave Mod Enguard has been combined with the Anticipation Mod and renamed Armored Recovery.
  • Armored Recovery: 50% Damage Resistance while knocked down, -20% slide.
  • The Fast Deflection Mod has been removed from Conclave, and its effects have been applied to all Conclave players by default.
  • The Quick Charge Conclave Mod now has a trade-off of -20 Shield Capacity.
  • Health Orb respawn rate has been increased from 40 seconds to 120 in Conclave.
  • Nezha’s Warding Halo damage has been reduced in Conclave.
  • Damage resistance while airborne has been removed from the Tactical Retreat Mod.
  • The knockdown effect has been removed from Blind Justice’s Guiding Light combo in Conclave.
  • Effective Hit Points have been adjusted for all Warframes in Conclave.
  • The Mobility stat has been set to 1 for all Warframes in Conclave.
  • Temporarily removed chance to restore health/shield Mods from Conclave.  These Mods will make a return with some adjustments before the end of the month.
  • Increased the damage of most Primary weapons in Conclave.
  • Increased the damage of most Secondary weapons in Conclave.
  • Made slight adjustments to overall Warframe Effective Hit Points in Conclave.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Mirage’s passive in Conclave.
  • Dread is now available for use in Conclave.
  • All Polearm weapons and Polearm Stances are now available in Conclave.
  • Opticor damage has been adjusted to one hit kill against the highest base EHP without +EHP mods in Conclave.
  • Daikyu damage has been adjusted to one hit kill against the highest base EHP without +EHP mods in Conclave. (Requires Spring-Loaded Broadhead mod)
  • Paris, Paris Prime and Cernos damage has been adjusted to two charged shot kill against the highest base EHP with +EHP mods in Conclave.
  • Mk1 Paris damage has been adjusted to two charged and one quick shot kill against the highest base EHP with +EHP mods in Conclave.
  • Rakta Cernos damage has been adjusted to three charged shot kill against the highest base EHP with +EHP mods in Conclave.
  • Sniper Rifle damage has been adjusted to two-hit kill against the highest base EHP with +EHP mods in Conclave (Requires Lie in Wait Mod)
  • The following Warframe Abilities no longer require a target to activate in Conclave, encouraging greater accuracy and less button spam:
  • Ash - Bladestorm
  • Equinox - Rest and Rage
  • Limbo - Banish
  • Mag - Bullet Attractor
  • Nekros - Soul Punch
  • Nyx - Mind Control
  • Oberon - Smite
  • Saryn - Spores
  • Trinity - Well of Life and Energy Vampire
  • Increased range of the following Abilities to compensate for their new soft targeting mechanics and ability to miss:  Smite, Banish, Mind Control, Spores, Soul Punch, and Well of Life.
  • Ash's Bladestorm range has been increased from 8m to 10m in Conclave.
  • Elemental Bullet Jump Mods now consume 15 Energy per target when their elemental effect hits.
  • Mobility buffs have been removed from Elemental Bullet Jump Mods in Conclave.
  • Staggers/Knockdowns and radial damage removed from quick melee slam attacks in Conclave.
  • The Scindo series, Gram, Galatine, Magistar, Fragor and Jat Kittag have had their damage and Stance damage increased in Conclave.
  • Twin Gremlins damage has been decreased in Conclave.
  • Increased the +/- EHP values of the +/- Mobility Conclave Mods.
  • A minimum of 3 players in Annihilation and 4 players in Team Annihilation/Capture the Cephalon is now required for Conclave Matches to begin.
  • Changing Loadout in the pre-match Lobby screen will now update to your chosen Frame.
  • Increased the overall EHP curve from light to heavy Warframes in Conclave.
  • Reintroduced tiered base Mobility stats for all Warframes in Conclave.
  • The Mortal Conduct Conclave Mod has been changed to: At Low Health, +60% Channeled Damage Reflection for 8 seconds.
  • The Impenetrable Offense Conclave Mod has been changed to: At Max Energy, +50% Damage Block.
  • The Secondary Wind Conclave Mod has been changed to: On Kill, +5 Health Regen for 10 Seconds.
  • Reduced the damage of explosive weapons in Conclave.
  • Reduced the overall damage of polearm weapons in Conclave.
  • Reduced the duration of Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors in Conclave.
  • You can no longer gain energy while Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors is active in Conclave.
  • Removed the knockdown from the Destreza’s quick melee slam in Conclave.
  • Fixed friendly Rumblers attacking each other.






  • Enemy Elemental/Physical Damage and Enemy Elemental/Physical Resistance have been combined into a single Sortie when selected. Enemies will have both increased Elemental Damage plus Resistances or Physical increased Damage plus Resistance when this Sortie Modifier is applied.
  • The Energy Reduction Sortie Buff has been increased limit one-quarter of max Energy instead of one-half, in addition to a slower energy recharge rate.
  • Sortie Mission length has been adjusted for the following mission types:
  • Defense - 10 waves instead of 15.
  • Survival - 15 minutes instead of 20.
  • Excavation - 1000 Cryotic instead of 1200.
  • Interception - 3 rounds instead of 4.
  • Sortie Defense Missions will now have players defending an able-bodied Tenno Operative instead of a single Cryopod.
  • Sortie Defense Missions will now increase in difficulty starting on Wave 5. We've essentially compressed the difficulty and scaling from 15 waves into 10 waves. This change will also be present for any Defense Mission with a ‘fixed duration’







Please note, these are some of the major in-progress fixes that are ready for deployment. We will continue to audit the issue with your constructive help and reports. Ultimately it is unlikely that mass-clump spawns will be restored, but we're working on making Exterminate Missions have a challenging pace. 

  • Fixed an issue causing enemies to be teleported into terrain as players progressed mid-Mission.
  • Fixed some enemy spawn points causing enemies to appear into terrain or above the level floor.
  • Fixed NPCs taking cover behind inaccessible rooms or closed doors, becoming impossible to hit or aid.
  • Enemies lagging too far behind in a Mission when a Mission Objective Change to Exterminate will automatically be removed to eliminate mandatory backtracking.







  • Adjusted audio FX on the Grineer Toxin Injector.
  • Adjusted Landing Craft docking audio FX on Corpus Archwing Trench Run Tilesets.
  • Reduced the visual FX on Corrosive / Radiation proc’s green glow.
  • Adjusted the audio FX of Rhino’s Roar.
  • Made adjustments to the visual FX in Operator Transmissions.
  • Improved audio FX on Void Portals.
  • Made some terrain adjustments to the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Made slight adjustments to the trials within the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Reduced the number of large group spawns occurring in Exterminate Missions.
  • Reaper Prime has been given a PBR update!
  • Wukong’s Iron Jab will now increase the melee combo counter on hit.
  • Self-damage will no longer increase Rhino’s Iron Skin damage buffer.
  • Made slight adjustments to NPC audio FX on death.
  • NPCs no longer alert all teammates when fighting a player.  Their proximity alert now has a limited range and will not go beyond closed doors.
  • Tweaked the visual FX on Wukong’s Defy ability.
  • Interception’s end-of-round timer has now been reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Interception’s end-of-round timer will not appear until there are 5 enemies left alive in the Mission.
  • Players will no longer be able to join a mid-mission Excavation Mission after 300 Cryotic has been obtained in Sorties or Alerts.
  • Djinn’s Fatal Attraction will now ignore security cameras.
  • The Intruder Mod will now work on Grineer hacking puzzles by slowing the hacking spinner.
  • Improvements have been made help players rejoin a squad in Mission after a crash.
  • The Onorix’s Handle has now been added to Archwing Mobile Defense Mission drop tables.
  • Made several optimizations to in-game Voice Chat volume output.
  • Adjusted the minimap markers in Exterminate Missions to more accurately track slow NPCs.
  • Adjusted an objective marker navigation through Corpus ventilation shafts that was difficult to follow.
  • Kubrow Egg drop rate has been increased overall.
  • Kubrow Egg drop rate increased significantly when playing the Howl of the Kubrow Quest during the Egg hunting Mission.
  • Reduced the charge time of the Redeemer and Glaive charge attack animation.
  • Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment Mod now affects ally NPCs.
  • Clicking an Alert or Syndicate / Sortie Mission through the World State Window will no longer require you to redundantly reconfirm the selection when it brings you to the node on which the Mission is assigned.
  • Players will no longer receive login reward blueprints for weapons they've maxed. 
  • Avalanche now has diminishing returns on Vay Hek
  • Increased the maximum number of enemies in low level intercept missions while playing solo







  • Fixed environmental lasers hitting players that are inside of Limbo’s Rift.
  • Fixed an error causing the Capture target to die instantly when entering water in the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed Clients not properly seeing visual FX created by Ivara’s Sleep Arrow.
  • Fixed Sentient immunity visual FX not showing a proper color change.
  • Fixed Ember’s World on Fire explosive impacts not properly displaying.
  • Fixed a piece of pipe players could get caught on in the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Fixed Rank 3 Fusion Cores being represented in the UI of Sortie Rewards instead of Rank 5 Fusion Cores. This was a UI bug only.
  • Fixed the player’s Warframe blocking the Mod UI in a Relay when the Mod UI is accessed directly, instead of through the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Mesa Specters being able to use Peacemaker while moving, allowing them to indefinitely shoot everything.
  • Fixed Conclave Challenges not showing they are complete when they have been completed.
  • Fixed an error causing a black screen when players enter the Arsenal after using the Conclave Console.
  • Fixed Clients seeing duplicate visual FX trails from the Elytron’s exhaust.
  • Fixed innate punchthrough not functioning properly for the Drakgoon.
  • Fixed the Daily Reward not properly showing a ‘unlock’ animation.
  • Fixed the Arsenal not properly displaying a Warframe when previewing a selection.
  • Fixed enemies Banished by Limbo still being able to affect other non-Banished enemies with their auras. For example, Ancient Healer Auras still affected other Infested even if the Ancient Healer was Banished.
  • Fixed Atlas’ Rumblers repeating their spawn animation when being shot at while being created.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when notifying players that their gift has been received.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Agile idle animation using her Artemis Bow as a prop, causing other Warframes using the animation to look a bit unusual.
  • Fixed the HUD not showing up for Hosts when playing a Mission with a pre-assembled Squad.
  • Fixed overlapping text that would occur when a Spy Mission becomes an Exterminate.
  • Fixed an error in the Jordas Verdict Trial causing players using a Vaporizers to lose the ability to reload when used with no Antiserum.
  • Fixed objects on conveyor belts moving in the wrong direction on the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed some Warframe skins not being properly viewable after previewing a Deluxe skin in the Market.
  • Fixed the Natah Quest not being flagged as completed even after the player receives their reward.
  • Fixed players being able to unintentionally create multiple trade windows while in vendor mode in Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed a rare error that would cause players to experience a menu that would freeze on screen after a respawn.
  • Fixed sword whip melee weapons having a slightly off center camera when viewed in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an error caused by the in-game VOIP that would cause hangups when trying to test a microphone or when switching an audio device.
  • Fixed buffs in the player’s HUD being removed prematurely.
  • Fixed a loss of mobility players would experience when using the Pause Menu while kneeling in a Relay.
  • Fixed Conclave ‘Player Slain’ messages sometimes providing incorrect information.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow HUD appearing while Ivara is carrying the Operator in the Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed enemy markers not appearing in Archwing Defense Missions, making it difficult to locate surviving enemies.
  • Fixed a crash when joining a mission in progress
  • Fixed a crash that would occur with the Combustion Beam Mod’s explosion visual FX.
  • Fixed an error preventing players from being able to rebind their Abilities
  • Fixed Clients not properly seeing Grineer security drone lasers in Spy Missions.
  • Fixed Excavation alerts not indicating the amount of Cryotic required to complete the mission.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Iron Jab not properly knocking down enemies.
  • Fixed Ability Augments being unranked for Clients.
  • Fixed the minimap not always updating properly for downed players and extraction locations.
  • Fixed an error allowing players to purchase the seasonal Landing Craft decorations more than once.
  • Fixed Conclave weapon stats not properly displaying in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed some weapons not properly dealing damage as per new EHP changes in Conclave.
  • Fixed a large number of Corpus Capture Targets spawning in V Prime Rescue missions
  • Fixed Clients seeing incorrect Operator spawn FX.
  • Fixed enemies being trapped behind locked doors when Spy mission objective changes to Exterminate.
  • Fixed some overlapping text on Interception Missions.
  • Fixed Sapping Osprey’s bombs not being hittable while rising/falling.
  • Fixed some weapon audio FX not properly playing when fired.
  • Fixed a commonly occurring general crash related to Warframe’s audio.
  • Fixed the ‘dense fog’ FX on Sorties not properly applying to the Earth’s skybox.
  • Fixed the Detect Vulnerability Sentinel Precept targeting invulnerable enemies.
  • Fixed Infested Excavation Alert Missions not properly spawning Power Cell carrying enemies.
  • Fixed some script crashes related to traps in the Orokin Void.
  • Fixed an error preventing players from using their weapons or abilities after using Ivara, Valkyr or Excalibur’s 4th Ability Power.
  • Fixed an error that would prevent Clients from being able to use their powers as Valkyr, Wukong, Ivara or Excalibur if meleeing while their 4th Ability Power was ending, or being deactivated due to a Nullifier bubble.
  • Fixed a Client-side memory leak caused by items left behind by the player during Missions.
  • Fixed the Strun Wraith being unable to equip the Strun Conclave Skin.
  • Fixed Void Interception Missions ending while Captain Vor or the Stalker is still alive.
  • Fixed Trinity’s Noggle missing her skirt.
  • Fixed improper images that would appear on Landing Craft components.
  • Fixed modular Corpus enemies spawning in Infested Missions.
  • Fixed the J-3 Jordas Golem’s being vulnerable to attack from clients when perched in the third stage of the Jordas Verdict.
  • Fixed an error causing players to become stuck in a forced dense fog after playing a special dense fog Mission on Earth.
  • Fixed an error causing markers placed on Mods to display resource information instead.
  • Fixed Operators saying Archwing related VO at inappropriate locations.
  • Fixed Equinox’s Conclave Mobility not being properly normalized, and Equinox’s Movement Speed being adjusted by mistake.
  • Fixed players not receiving a Death Mark if their Sentinel or Kubrow is responsible for the death of a boss.
  • Fixed Mirage’s clones dealing damage from Bullet Jumps in Conclave.
  • Fixed several small performance problems that could build up during long missions.
  • Fixed volume not changing if you move the slider before testing.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Quiver getting stuck on a single arrow type if the player activated the ability using their ‘Use Selected Power’ hotkey while Navigator was active.
  • Fixed the Hyena Pack, Tyl Regor, Vay Hek and Infested Alad V not properly giving Death Marks to players.
  • Fixed the Ignis model not looking properly when the weapon is stolen from the Drahk Master and placed on the ground.
  • Fixed enemies being alerted by the Talon’s throwing animation.
  • Fixed an error allowing Valkyr to pull player out of the extraction area
  • Fixed an issue where ranking up some melee weapons could cause all challenge progress to become reset.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from seeing each other when zoning into a Relay.
  • Fixed an error preventing players from trading Syndicate weapons due to a non-existent XP lock.
  • Fixed NPCs taking cover behind hidden or locked rooms.
  • Fixed an error allowing players to clip through walls when in Archwing Missions.
  • Fixed Nova’s abilities being able to kill Alad V during his intro cinematic.
  • Fixed some contact-delay issues that would occur when some projectiles.
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by improper audio FX settings.
  • Fixed an error causing modular Corpus enemies to spawn in Infested Sortie Missions.
  • Fixed an issue with extreme game freezes for large friends list when trying to send gifts.
  • Fixed a memory leak for Clients that would cause the game to become progressively slower the longer you remained in a Mission.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Grineer walking animations from playing audio FX.
  • Fixed Mantis Landing Craft blueprints and parts not properly dropping from rare Grineer, Corpus or Orokin loot crates.
  • Fixed an issue causing slow performance on Missions due to excessive visual FX replication of the Tar-Mutalist MOA’s goo.
  • Fixed an error preventing Clients from seeing the visual FX on Infested Ancients healing.
  • Fixed a memory leak that would occur with Excalibur’s Radial Javelin’s projectile FX.
  • Fixed an issue causing doors to flicker on Orokin Derelict tilesets, in addition to incorrect door spawning.
  • Fixed the Quanta Aufeis Skin skin not being applicable to the Quanta or Quanta Vandal.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when returning to a Relay after aborting a Mission, causing the player to hang on a blank screen.
  • Fixed Primed Bane of Infested and Primed Bane of Corpus not appearing in the Codex.
  • Fixed Greatsword weapons sitting strangely on Trinity and Trinity Prime when holstered.
  • Fixed an issue in visual FX when pinning an enemy to a wall with a projectile.
  • Fixed an issue where Volt’s Shock Ability would shoot into the sky when not targeting an enemy.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Contagion Cloud Augment Mod not properly displaying its duration on proc.
  • Fixed an error causing no enemies to spawn in Wyrmius.
  • Fixed Warframe Abilities that allow teleportation causing players to exit the terrain.
  • Fixed players being unable to sell Mods that had been fused over their max rank. This was a very rare issue, but an issue nonetheless.
  • Fixed Vectis skins not properly coloring the clip on the Vectis Prime.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when Inbox rewards would provide Standing to a player that had not yet selected a Syndicate.
  • Fixed some Sigil textures displaying as being extra-pixelated.
  • Fixed projectile weapons being unable to kill Disruptor Drones when inside Nullifier bubbles.
  • Fixed an error in the Friends List that would improperly display the last login time of a friend that’s logged in and out of the game quickly.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mag’s Bullet Attractor Ability from pulling in projectiles
  • Fixed kills using Bullet Jump causing ‘Kill Messages’ to not function properly in Conclave.  Kills from Bullet Jump will now count as ‘Bullet Jump’ damage in the kill feed.
  • Fixed the Kill Streak Stopper Conclave Challenge not properly matching the required Kill Streak number of 3.
  • Fixed Conclave teams becoming stuck waiting for a match to start if there were more than 4 players in an Annihilation.
  • Fixed Conclave End of Mission menus displaying longer than necessary.
  • Fixed an issue after a Host Migration to cause all players joining a match in progress to be defaulted to one team.
  • Fixed ‘On Kill’ conditions on Conclave Mods triggering from destroying Loki’s Decoy.
  • Fixed an issue causing melee, explosions and Ability damage to deal half damage when hitting a head in Conclave.
  • Fixed the Conclave Mods Blind Shot and Lucky Shot being able to be slotted into weapons that do not fire projectiles.
  • Fixed Sortie Defense NPCs wandering across the map instead of staying close to their original position at the start of Wave 1.
  • Fixed visual FX from lasers created by Laser Defense Consoles in Orokin Void Defense Missions not properly appearing for Clients.
  • Fixed an improper fire visual FX that would appear on the Ignis in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Dread’s Conclave stats not reading properly in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an error caused by activating Focus Abilities after a roll, providing a Warframe with damage resistance.
  • Fixed Toxic Eximus Aura’s affecting players in Limbo’s Rift.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Sleep Arrow timer not properly displaying for Clients.
  • Fixed weapons not properly becoming invisible when holstered when the ‘switch weapon’ button is spammed.
  • Fixed Eximus units having unusual damage resistance
  • Fixed blank inbox message when receiving Kuria Oddities reward.
  • Fixed self-destructing maggot in Codex.
  • Fixed Drahk Master not disarming players
  • Fixed Kubrow still appearing as "recovering" in arsenal after being rushed
  • Fixed multiple raid bugs
  • Fixed Wall Cling not removing momentum when playing as client
  • Fixed limbo using Simulor from within Rift Walk
  • Fixed some boss abilities ignoring Limbo's Rift Walk
  • Fixed issue with items not showing "owned" immediately after purchase
  • Fixed issue in mod fusion screen causing Warframe to freeze after a fusion
  • Fixed Market Coupons not appearing immediately
  • Fixed extraction timer overlapping other UI elements



Hotfix January 28th:

- Removed duplicate Karak Wraith entries from the Sortie rewards

Hotfix February 2nd:

- Fixed script error when trading items haven't loaded quickly enough
- Fixed loc for Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean
- Fixed visual judder at lower FPS
Hotfix February 9th:
- Internal Prep for upcoming content (secret, secret)
Hotfix February 16th:
- Updated Drop Tables for Prime Access
Hotfix 2 February 16th:

- Fixed aspect ratio on new Prime Sigil

- Fixed visual glitch in Saryn Prime Diorama

- Fixed Saryn Prime animation sets

Hotfix February 22nd:

- Spira Prime now has Base 2.5x Critical Multiplier and 30% Critical Chance (this change is coming soon to all platforms)

Hotfix February 24th:

- Fixed 50 day login reward not being successfully rewarded

Hotfix 2 February 24th:

- Added message for Fomorian Attack

Hotfix March 1st:
- Coupon fix for login rewards

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Removed Orokin Catalyst and Orokin Reactor from Sortie rewards.

soooo where are they now?

edit: i understand we have alerts and invasions. i guess i should have said. will there be another source for potatoes implemented into the game? sorties gave a dailey chance for them. maybe events will pop up more often since they are being removed from sorties. ned mor poetaydoes

Edited by (PS4)LAWLr
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Is that update now that is happening? Cause there is an update size of 11.344 GB or this is just a hot fix update?There is an update happening now... Just wondering if this a hot fix update?

It's not a hot fix. It's the Ring of Fire update.

Edited by (PS4)T_man-X
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"Players will no longer receive login reward blueprints for weapons they've maxed." Oh no, does that mean I'll never get the Gorgon back that I stupidly sold for slot space when I was first starting out? D:

Everything else, A+ though. Can't wait to get home and download it... Just hope it'll go quick enough for me to play some tonight!

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