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Update 18.10.0: Operation Rathuum!


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Update 18.10.0: Operation Rathuum.



The latest event is live! With it comes new Mods, a Wraith event weapon and more! Check our full Operation post in the forums for details:https://forums.warframe.com/topic/642880-operation-rathuum/

TWIN KOHMAK - Doubling their volley on each successive shot, the Twin Kohmaks decimate foes in seconds. Find them in the Market today, or on Kela de Thaym!

PBR Conversion - we've added PBR Upgrades on Nyx Prime, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime, and Excalibur Prime!

Rathuum Noggle Collection: A collection of Noggle Statues representing the Executioners of Rathuum.

·         Added a UI message letting players know when they've hit their daily Cephalon Simaris Standing limit.

·         Corrupted Orokin Grineer/Corpus now have new voices and commands!

·         You can now claim all Extractors at once that are ready!

·         The Hieroglyphics that Baro mentions in the Sands of Inaros quest have been added. I guess they do exist!


·         Improved Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion missing enemies that were very close to you.

·         Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion range has been re-scaled as you upgrade it. Previously the range maxed out at 10m at rank 3, now it scales from 6, 6.8, 7.6, 8.4, 9.2,10 meters

·         Tweaked Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion physics to make the knock-back more realistic.

·         Improved the FX and performance of the Thunderbolt mod.

·         Removed exterior tileset Survival missions from Alerts. These were intended to be replaced by Excavation missions since they are always located in an exterior tileset.

·         Reduced the FX of the Thunderbolt mod on Mirage’s clones to improve performance.

·         Reduced disorienting amount of screen shake that occurs in Archwing when you're slowing down from just drifting.

·         Credit pickups will no longer be shared to dead or AFK players in a mission.

·         Cryotic will no longer be rewarded to AFK players in Excavation missions.

·         Carrier's Vacuum now behaves in coorelation to the owning player's movement. It will not continuously vacuum the same spot for too long - your movement will trigger Vacuums.

·         Removed Beacons from the Drop tables of Prosecutors as they no longer have a use.

·         Players can now open the Pause menu (to Abort, etc) while in Spectator Mode or pre-death.


·         Fixed Cephalon Simaris Standing daily limit not being properly tracked during missions.

·         Fixed Cephalon Simaris Standing not showing up in 'view mission progress' screen like the rest of the Syndicates do during missions.

·         Fixed issues with clumped spawning in Orokin Defense modes, enemies now spawn more equally distributed instead of skewed clumps.

·         Fixed Clients not receiving the Simaris Standing bonus shown in missions.

·         Fixed Convergence spawning on/underneath friendly objects. (Excavators, etc.)

·         Fixed the Tomb Protector Codex entry showing a quiver penetrating his chest as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/620855-bow-and-arrow-bug-with-inaros/

·         Fixed the confirm text for installing a Lens implying the selected weapon has a currently installed Lens even when said weapon does not have a Lens equipped.

·         Fixed various localization issues.

·         Fixed mission progress screen potentially showing a Cephalon Simaris Standing gain greater than the player's daily limit.

·         Fixed Extraction becoming available after collecting 300 Cryotic in Sortie/Alert Excavation missions.

·         Fixed Torid not applying energy color correctly on certain FX.

·         Fixed various flickering glass textures in the Void.

·         Fixed abilities casted from Clients not being canceled by Corpus Nullifiers.

·         Fixed missing objective markers in the Recovery mission.

·         Fixed Crypods in Uranus Defense missions moving mid-wave.

·         Fixed certain PhysX particle effects not working on higher end graphics cards and possibly crashing.

·         Fixed Sigils looking stretched in the World State Window.

·         Fixed the Ripkas displaying it’s elemental effect on your Warframe’s neck.

·         Fixed incorrect lighting and water textures in the Uranus tileset.

·         Fixed the TennoGen Maltzur Liset displaying incorrect energy color as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/629322-maltzur-liset-skin-energy-color-bug/

·         Fixed an incorrect visual on the TennoGen Zephyr Hagoromo skin.

·         Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow resulting in enemies striking a T-pose after death.

·         Fixed a very rare case of returning to your Landing Craft and crashing.

·         Fixed Operators appearance resetting to default after a Host Migration.

·         Fixed certain Arrow trail FX not being removed after time.

·         Fixed Saryn’s Spores disappearing when casted on Molt.

·         Fixed the Kohmak muzzle flash always being default white.

·         Fixed incorrect teleport bounds on Ceres Defense maps.

·         Fixed an issue where Excavators can stall with 0.0 time remaining.

·         Fixed an issue with Landing Craft tower placement interfering with levels.





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Nice kudos as always to all at DE, however i don't seem to see the twin kohmak bp in the market nor a bundle for the new noggles etc..

Also the PBR on Excaliber and Ember changed the way previous colour areas were assigned to the warframe was this intended i assume so? they just looked really off as to what they were prior to the update in my case is all.

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