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The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2


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The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2


*Note from your Developers: It’s been 3 years of Carrier dominating the Vacuum business, and only recently we've even started a dialog on a topic you've brought up frequently. Experiments (such as The Vacuum Within) typically have 2 sides- you either fail or you succeed. Our previous idea to have universal Vacuum be a 3 Mod makeup was proposed on Devstream #80, to which we then scrapped after acknowledging the copious amounts of “please don’t do that” feedback.

From that, our new idea was to have Vacuum built into every Sentinel with a reduced range. Upon reading the constructive feedback from our Community about The Vacuum Within, it was clear we needed to make some tweaks- and here we have experimental Mutation X! Vacuum is now an equippable Mod (Precept) for all Sentinels. We have also increased the range from 6m to 12m at max rank. All current Sentinel owners will receive this Mod instantly, as well as retroactively with every Sentinel crafted or purchased- much like other default Precepts.

With that being said, we appreciate those that kept the feedback valuable and refrained from death threats. We changed something precious to you, and we will continue to change where needed as we listen to the Community.

  • Changed the Mod image for Ammo Case to better reflect its role. 
  • Compacted large numbers for some ability notifications on the HUD (eg: Equinox’s Maim).


  • Fixed the Wukong Noggle missing his tail.
  • Fixed the Gazal Chest Plate not being centered on Hydroid.
  • Fixed the Halikar doing 10 throw damage. Increased base throw damage to 150.
  • Fixed Sentinels attacking enemies while you’re performing a stealth finisher. 
  • Fixed Oxium Ospreys suicide charging immediately.
  • Fixed being able to place decorations in the Operator room in areas you should not be able to.
  • Fixed Ammo Case still applying its buffs after Carrier has died.
  • Fixed Ammo Case refilling ammo on respawn.
  • Fixed Ammo Case refilling ammo on Host Migration. 
  • Fixed Emblems placed on the right Gazal Shoulder Guard floating away.
  • Fixed numerous translation errors.
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That was a one swift reaction to the players' feedback. I wonder how many other companies listen to their players in the same fashion. Can't tell if it's good or bad. DE, you lack patience and persistence. Why revert a change you made almost instantly due to majority of the playerbase being so loud about it? It is your game not theirs. I don't say the previous solution was perfect but I say that we should've let it be for a little longer and seen the results.



Still no fix for:

• Orokin moon tileset puzzles showing correct order for the host only sine... ever

• arcane rewards being different for reconnecting players since SotR

• Grineer invasion launch pods not appearing or being non-functional


Also. Polar Glaxion skin PBR when? :S

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Specifically, the 6m  range was even something I could live with IF>>> the pull action was quick, effective and w/out delay. it was very sluggish at best. Thanks for hearing us, DE.

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better said
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Thank you^^

Here Redtext:


and here the basic reaction of 90% of the Tenno in the region chat:



you can't make everyone happy, this is not a perfect solution, but it is a good one atm in my opinion^^


Again, thank you ^-^

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pictures ^-^
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Thank you, Guys. c: I liked it when i didn't have to like, put a precept slot to it, but I certainly like 12 better than 6, and customizing the range is nice too, I will admit. '3' I still wanna put it on mah Kavats and Kubrows, but hey.

You could make it an Exilus mod too, like have another version that's exilus, in case someone wants to use it with cat/dog and doesn't want to waste a sentinel mod slot. Just an idea.

Or have it be in the options menu? '3'

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