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PS4 Oberon Prime: Update 20.6.4

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  • Oberon Prime: Update 20.6.4




  • The delicate form of this Tenno Rapier conceals its ferocious and resilient force.

Nidina Armor Set

  • Broad swooping curves are the essence of the Nidina armor set.


Broca Syandana

  • This flowing Tenno cape is supported by an intricately sculpted brooch.

Inaros Noggle is now available for your Landing Craft decorating pleasure!

Halftone Glyph Pack - A collection of Glyphs sure to give your profile the comic-book styling you’ve been searching for. The pack includes the following:

  • Nidus Halftone Glyph
  • Inaros Halftone Glyph
  • Octavia Halftone Glyph
  • Ivara Halftone Glyph
  • Maroo Halftone Glyph
  • Atlas Halftone Glyph



Machete Stance - Cyclone Kraken - Brutal strikes with deft movement

*Find this new Stance in Grineer Fortress Caches!



Machete is back for a limited time! Don’t miss your chance to grab the Machete or the Machete Blueprint in the Market before it’s gone on June 16th at 2 p.m. EST.



Clan Contributions are now tracked and viewable! Credit, Platinum, and Resource contributions can be viewed per individual by any Clan member.

*Please note that contribution tracking is not retroactive for things already completed, but is retroactive for Rooms/Decorations currently in the pending (yellow) state.


 General Additions:

  • Added a limit for the amount of host migrations that can occur in a single mission. 4 host migrations are now the maximum permitted consecutive 4 host migrations in a single session. It'll reject connection if reconnection count exceeded


Multiplayer Captura & More:

Multiplayer Captura is here! This feature supports up to 4 Tenno in a Captura single session. Whether you're bringing Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Rafael to life or up to something less reptilian we can't wait to see what you come up with.

So how does it work?

  • All members must be in a squad together.
  • The Host can select Captura from the Arsenal (same place it always is) and this will bring all squad members into the session.
  • When in a session, the Host controls time (pause/unpause), but everyone is able to enter freecam Captura mode when the Host initiates this.
  • Added a 'toggle Friendly Fire' button to photobooth.


Global Chat Filters are here!

Chat Filters are here for all public chats!

  • To use these filters, click the new magnifying glass icon and customize your filters!
  • Filters work per channel (region, trading, recruiting, etc) !
  • Filters work on an include/exclude basis - you can list what you want to see and what you don't want to see!


Oberon Changes


Hallowed Ground

  • Tweaked Hallowed Ground FX to reduce performance issues.
  • Range Mods now apply 75% to Range (distance from Oberon) and 75% to Arc Angle of Hallowed Ground (before was 25% to Range and 75% to Arc before).


  • Oberon’s Renewal now heals friendly summoned units (IE Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead) at 1/3 the rate but consumes 1/3 the Energy drain for doing so. The change to have Renewal not affect friendly summons was met with varying opinions, and is now further tweaked to meet a happy middle ground.
  • Oberon’s Renewal Armor buff will be applied to allies anytime they step on Hallowed Ground while Renewal is active on them as opposed to them having to be on Hallowed Ground when Renewal hits them.
  • Renewal no longer affects Nidus’ Maggots as to not prevent them from exploding (their intended behavior).


  • Oberon’s Reckoning Armor debuff is now based on the target's base Armor instead of current Armor (meaning no more diminishing returns).


Mag Changes

  • Pull, Magnetize, and Polarize can now be cast while in motion - their animations now only take place on the upper body.
  • Removed the .75 second delay at the end of Mag’s Crush cast.



  • Spoiler


    • Removed a duplicate Ambulas Codex entry.
    • We have made changes to the way Grineer Hellion missile knockdown works. Before, knockdown could occur on direct hits and if you were in the explosion AoE. After this change, knockdown will only have a chance to occur on direct hits (the explosion AoE will no longer have a chance to knock you down).
    • Optimized memory usage and speed for game startup and the Navigation console.
    • Balanced the amount of the Panthera’s Alt Fire beams fired in Limbo’s Rift to match other beam weapons in an effort to reduce performance issues.
    • Improved translated text description placement on a handful of Mods.
    • Updated Companion UI to read as ‘Pets’ anywhere an Imprint is mentioned.
    • Air Support Turrets will self-destruct after 60 min and Med Towers after 20 min to prevent long-term exploits
    • Phorid’s portrait will now be displayed when viewing Invasion battle details instead of generic Infestation image.
    • The World State Window will now close when clicking outside of the window instead of having to manually close it.
    • Reduced the detonation delay of detonated explosive weapons (Talons, Castanas, etc).
    • Improved Oberon’s Hallowed Ground ability to go up slopers.
    • Updated Aviator, Agility Drift and Heightened Reflexes Mods to read absolute % to avoid double negatives.
    • Updated Mod descriptions that mentioned Power -Range, Duration, and Efficiency to read as Ability and some where Power should say Energy.
    • Widened News console display screen.
    • Made several Chat optimizations for scrolling and icon loading.
    • Refreshing Chat text now only processes the last 200 visible lines (based on the size of the Chat area) instead of the last 200 messages. This improves performance whenever a message takes up more than one line.
    • Inclusive Chat filters will now display messages based on individual filters instead of all filters. Previously, messages would only be displayed if both filters A AND B were present. Now messages are displayed based on whether they are filter A OR B.
    • Reduced icon loading delay. Icons are only drawn when they come into scroll range instead of every element in range being redrawn after scrolling.
    • Chat now includes a max character indicator for the current channel.
    • Veiled Riven Mods can no longer be equipped on Sentinel weapons. This was causing the Unveiling progress to not be tracked/completed.
    • The Ayatan Sculpture screen now has a search bar and sorting options.
    • Nova’s Antimatter Drop will now auto-detonate upon Nova dying.
    • The Defense objective in the Grineer Fortress now begins the same way as all other Defenses by walking up to the circle and initiating the auto start.
    • Removed unintended 25 Impact damage AOE when Mutalist Quanta orb expires (it still does 100 Electrical damage). The Impact damage never scaled with Mods and would only have hit if the target was inside the orb.
    • Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead can now summon Eximus units! This fixes the issue of Nekros being unable to summon Eximus units at all.
    • Eximus units can now be summoned as Inaros’ Sand Shadows.
    • Silva & Aegis no longer benefits from blocking Elemental attacks, as it was intended to be a function for the Ack & Brunt.
    • Ack & Brunt blocking now gains Elemental damage based on the Elemental damage type it blocked.
    • Pet Kubrow and Kavats will now recover from ragdoll instead of dying when they are ragdolled off the level or in bad positions.
    • Adjusted the Rubico'sleft hand placement to fix clipping inside the weapon.
    • Kuva Jesters can no longer attach to relatively small enemies (shorter than 1.5m) or tall enemies (greater than 3m) to fix odd scaling issues as seen here:
    • An error is now displayed in Chat when a message is blocked because it was the same as the previously sent message within a certain time frame.
    • Reduced the Fissure ‘electrical’ sounds in Void Fissure missions.
    • Volt’s armor can now be used on Volt Prime so TennoGen Skins can look as intended.
    • Tweaked the audio design of Kuva Siphons.




Conclave Fixes:

  • Spoiler


    • Fixed loading into a Lunaro lobby and only seeing ghostly Excalibur placeholders.
    • Fixed Energy not being restored when you revive to the last value you had before.
    • Fixed all kills being reported as ‘BULLET JUMP’ in Conclave.
    • Fixed toxin damage hitting Limbo in the rift.





  • Spoiler


    • Fixed enemies spawned by the Condor Dropship ignoring objectives in Interception missions.
    • Fixed experiencing a crash after throwing the Javlok in the air then Transferring to the Operator.
    • Fixed built Exilus Adapters being offered as Rare Invasion rewards instead of the Blueprint. PLEASE NOTE this does not change the current invasion, but future ones.
    • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground FX not disappearing after a Host migration.
    • Fixed Limbo’s Cataclysm FX sometimes lingering behind for Clients.
    • Fixed floating Ambulas body parts during the boss fight.
    • Fixed a script error with Saryn’s Spore ability.
    • Fixed issues with game freezes when viewing certain menus.
    • Fixed an issue with Scavenger Ospreys summoned by Nekros/manipulated by Nyx/other abilities consuming loot (they ignore it now when ‘under the influence’).
    • Potential fix for Clients getting stuck doing a hack action when under poor network conditions.
    • Fixed reloading a charged Bow shot not canceling the shot.
    • Fixed casting one-handed abilities (Volt’s Shock, Ember’s Fireball, etc) canceling weapon reloads.
    • Fixed Transmuting a Mod in the Relay not showing results and not updating the Mod collection.
    • Fixed the Supra/Supra Vandal’s firing sounds being cut off.
    • Fixed the Handshake Emote animation not working properly in Relays.
    • Fixed the Operator remaining visible after taking control of a Golden Maw in The War Within.
    • Fixed minimap marker positions and on-screen markers being inconsistent.
    • Fixed not seeing the Lotus transmission after picking up the Navigation Segment during Vor’s Prize.
    • Potential fix for experiencing a spot-load when you have a Sentinel weapon in your loadout but no Sentinel equipped.
    • Fixed a memory leak when throwing the Javlok/Ferrox in Limbo’s Stasis.
    • Fixed not being able to input the Datamass into a Mobile Defense terminal if someone is standing in the way.
    • Fixed not being able to use the vault doors in the Orokin Derelict if there's a Kavat/Kubrow or other player in the way.
    • Fixed continuous weapons (Ignis, etc) getting extreme Range when used in Limbo’s Stasis.
    • Fixed Landing Craft’s flying through walls in the Landing Craft Relay Hub.
    • Fixed Moon Clans seeing negative Nano Spore research numbers for the Hema. This was purely a UI bug.
    • Fixed spot-loading materials when you turned around in the Landing Craft after spawning in.
    • Fixed projectile weapons detonating prematurely in Limbo’s Stasis.
    • Fixed an issue with the Condor Dropship's enemy type ... it's not made of flesh.
    • Fixed being force-extracted on a specific Corpus Outpost tileset.
    • Fixed Air Support Med Towers and Sentry Turrets not being destroyed when the player who initiated them disconnects from the game.
    • Fixed hacked Ambulas dropping Animo Beacons (that you don’t get to keep) in Captura.
    • Fixed numerous instances of inconsistent translated text.
    • Fixed a typo in Alad V’s boss fight transmission.
    • Fixed a crash from Helios’ Detect Vulnerability Precept.
    • Fixed Phorid Assassination requiring Animo Beacons/Judgment points when occupying Hades/Merrow.
    • Fixed issues with your currently selected Relic not properly displaying in squads.
    • Fixed a per-frame spot-load hitch in the lobby after a teammate had selected a Relic.
    • Fixed an error that would occur if you viewed a Profile that hadn't participated in Operation Ambulas Reborn.
    • Fixed Tysis playing doubling reload sounds.
    • Fixed falling through the world in the Simulacrum a Focus ability was used over a teleport volume.
    • Fixed sell screen for Ayatan Sculptures and Prime Parts in Maroo’s Bazaar/Relay showing all items.
    • Fixed falling through elevators when using Focus abilities while riding the elevator.
    • Fixed spamming Transference in teleport volumes sometimes resulting in falling out of the world.
    • Fixed another typo in Alad V’s boss fight transmission.
    • Fixed the quest marker breaking in the first mission of The Archwing quest.
    • Fixed the Electromagnetic Shield and Heightened Reflexes Mods displaying incorrect text descriptions.
    • Fixed Sugatras floating away when equipped on the the Scindo Manticore Skin.
    • Fixed the Incubus Syandana clipping through Titania’s wings.
    • Fixed numerous Syandanas clipping through Chroma’s Dynasty Skin.
    • Fixed Naramon Sundering Blast not giving enemies the correct Melee weapon for their faction when it disarms them.
    • Fixed the Avenging Truth Mod absorbing damage from ally players.
    • Fixed Resource purchase prompt displaying unit price as 0 Platinum in the in-game Market.
    • Fixed the Sacrifice Sentinel Mod putting you into a Bleedout state instead of reviving you in Archwing.
    • Fixed Clients UI stopping before 100% when charging Inaros’ Scarab Armor.
    • Fixed not being able to recolor some Sugatras.
    • Fixed reviving in Archwing displaying ground weapons equipped visually all at once.
    • Fixed Captura Scenes being displayed under ‘Crafting Components’ when Trading.
    • Fixed the bottom part of the Clan element in Profile summary being cut off when the player being viewed isn't in a Clan.
    • Fixed displaced text when viewing a profile.
    • Fixed Spearmint Scythe skin hand positions being offset on the Anku and Caustacyst.
    • Fixed the kill counter continuing to track enemy kills despite meeting the required amount for Extermination.
    • Fixed trade-banned players being able to trade.
    • Fixed missions timers slowing down the longer an Endless missions lasts.
    • Fixed a case where Clients would incorrectly think they received a proc they were supposed to be immune to with Inaros’ Negation Swarm Mod IF they were shot twice on the same frame, by the same source, and the 2nd shot tried to apply a proc that the 1st shot didn't.
    • Fixed Dojo bells not playing sounds for Clients.
    • Fixed a localization issue with some Mod categories not properly displaying (Companions, Augments).
    • Fixed issues with the menu scaling having unintended effects on the Companions menu if no pets were active.
    • Fixed performance issues with Frost's Avalanche FX.
    • Fixed the elusive invulnerable enemy bug.
    • Fixed TennoGen Covenant Syandana occasionally bending oddly with various Stances.
    • Fixed crash when a Client used Focus abilities inside of Limbo’s Cataclysm.
    • Various localization fixes and additions.
    • Fixed “sessions available” window incorrectly showing friends in Captura as in a Survival mission on Jupiter.
    • Fixed double initial Chat messages when a new tab is created.
    • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors causing some explosives to detonate immediately.
    • Fixed launcher projectiles auto-detonating on the Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones.
    • Fixed Transference not working in Captura.
    • Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram getting stuck in the terrain resulting in a perpetual ‘Power In Use’.
    • Fixed Ash getting perpetually stuck when teleporting to a Death Orb.
    • Fixed a script error when viewing time played in a Survival mission in the End Of Mission screen.
    • Fixed being able to Ignore yourself in Chat.
    • Fixed missing fade FX from Market icons.
    • Fixed smooth scrolling lists losing focus in Leaderboard screen when skipping category elements (ie. WEEKLY).
    • Fixed the Operator customization menu remaining/overlapping the UI when viewing Navigation.
    • Fixed an issue with the Kunai entry diorama being too zoomed in.
    • Fix a script error when going into Foundry > Components.
    • Restored the loading screen tips that had been broken by the addition of new entries.
    • Fixed the Sharpened Claws Kavat Mod giving Armor removed by 4 Corrosive Projections back to enemies. Bad kitty!
    • Fixed interrupting Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage animation causing the FX to repeat.
    • Fixed Solo players sometimes unable to launch Captura.
    • Fixed various doors appearing stuck in a half-opened state for Clients.
    • Fixed Banshee's Sound Quake doing slightly less damage at low frame-rates (1.7% less at 30 FPS, 0.8% at 60 FPS).
    • Fixed the Sancti Tigris Health buff not working for Clients and only lasting 10 seconds in total for the Host.
    • Fixed (for real this time) interrupting Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage animation causing the FX to repeat.
    • Fixed not receiving any messages if a Chat channel only had exclude filters.
    • Fixed extracting as the Operator not saving Syndicate Standing in cases where the player's Warframe had a Syndicate Sigil equipped in a regular mission.
    • Fixed Operator running out of Void energy at high FPS in Captura.
    • Fixed the Zaikhya Syandana and Incubus Syandana not moving independently from each other.
    • Fixed the Covenant Syandana appearing stiff and clipping.
    • Fixed Operator hair rendering/blocking in front of the Operator's face when in a room that has had the windows broken (ie Corpus Ship).
    • Fixed flickering glass on some Grineer Sealab extraction tiles.
    • Fixed buttons in some lists becoming offset after scrolling.
    • Fixed some list entries sometimes extending through the scroll bar after scrolling.
    • Fixed the Sentinel Regen Mod not working when controlling the Operator.
    • Fixed Focus icons appearing over numerous Market items.
    • Fixed not being able to see what gender your Pet is when it’s out of Stasis.
    • Fixed not being able to hear Syndicate Status effects while invisible.
    • Fixed Sortie Defense targets dying to Grineer Fortress traps.
    • Fixed the Igaro Syandana clipping into Volt’s legs.
    • Fixed Chat filters shortening the available text area.
    • Fixed Credit balance display precision for the exceedingly wealthy.
    • Fixed Ember’s Flash Accelerant Augment Mod description reading ‘Fire’ instead of ‘Heat’.
    • Fixed Operator Void Blast costing more Energy for Clients than for Host.
    • Fixed Warframe mesh being applied to Operator when changing loadout in the Navigation screen.
    • Fixed various Clan room titles using the description as the room title.
    • Fixed some animation pops when casting Oberon’s Reckoning.
    • Fixed crashing or failing to join when using the /join command to enter a player's mission.
    • Fixed crashing when attempting to enter the Dojo.
    • Fixed extracting as the Operator not applying Boosters to obtained Kuva.
    • Fixed a script error when attempting to Randomize your Warframe appearance in the Arsenal.
    • Fixed retaining the Fissure Primary Weapon buff permanently with Ivara’s Artemis Bow.
    • Fixed some texture issues on the Ivara Youkai Skin.
    • Fixed some texture issues on the Repala Syandana.
    • Fixed seeing an empty screen when attempting to place a Decoration in the Obstacle Course. It’s fully intentional that Decorations are not placeable in the Obstacle Course, but the empty screen was not intended to appear.
    • Fixed underlying/default node's requirements being checked when taxiing to a Sortie mission (ie Kela's Judgement Points).
    • Fixed being unable to select a Relic in an Endless Fissure mission if a Relic was not brought in the mission from the start.
    • Fixed Hosts seeing Clients firing multiple bullets when they only fired one.
    • Fixed some Pistols having a weird left hand movement when firing.
    • Fixed The Grustrag 3 sometimes not spawning (or conversely double spawning) in The Law of Retribution.
    • Fixed the Hek Drone that spawns with The Grustrag 3 leaving immediately in The Law of Retribution.
    • Fixed the Hek Drone sometimes arriving as an Eximus unit, but also as a Corpus attack drone in The Law of Retribution.
    • Fixed Void Relics becoming unequipped if the game attempted to join an existing squad, but then failed due to those squads filling up.
    • Fixed players being able to join another player's Captura even when that hosting player is in Solo mode.
    • Fixed Banshee’s Silent stopping the Conculyst Whirlwind attack, rendering the Sentient invincible.
    • Fixed Infested Boiler Nekros shadows spawning pods when they die (they are only supposed to spawn them on damage).
    • Fixed Oberon's Reckoning causing enemies to float in the air indefinitely.
    • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground FX being offset if cast while moving.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur when giving certain stacking buffs to allies.
    • Fixed the Nidina Armor not sitting properly on Saryn or Saryn Prime with her Orphid Skin equipped.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur when sporadically sending messages in trade Chat.
    • Fixed camera colliding with Saryn’s Molt.
    • Fixed some cases of HUD/squad panel buff indicators showing too many decimals.
    • Fixed not being able to launch Mastery Tests while in the Navigation panel.
    • Fixed issues with the alignment of news on the in-game news console.
    • Fixed wonky Operator hair shading.
    • Fixed not being able to continue Trials or Quest missions immediately following a Hotfix.
    • Fixed edge cases of HUD breaking gameplay.
    • Fixed Osprey mines still not dealing damage.



Hotfix #1! June 12

  • Fixed the placement of the Inaros Noggle.

Hotfix #2! June 12

  • Put the Strata Relay back where it belonged after it decided to wander away for a bit. 

Hotfix #3! June 12

  • Fixed certain Tennogen items not appearing in the market.

Hotfix #4! June 13

  • Fixed not being able to fire in Captura
  • Removed the ability to bring up the Pause Menu in Captura (free-cam mode)
  • Fixed in-game News link not properly pointing to the forums

Hotfix #5! June 27
Prime Vault Unsealed until August 1!
New limited time Relics have been added to drops and Relic Packs that contain the following items and their parts:

  • Rhino Prime 
  • Mag Prime 
  • Boar Prime 
  • Boltor Prime 
  • Dakra Prime 
  • Ankyros Prime 

As with any newly introduced Relic, the Codex is your guide to planning your hunt. This time around we are sharing with you some more transparent information; the new Prime Vault Relic drop-rates per mission! As we work towards a more permanent location for housing drop-rates, we hope that the combination of Codex locations and the list below will aid in your hunt for these items. 

Limited Time Relics have been added and their drop locations can be found in the Codex:


Please note we are triple checking our data on this to ensure it is exhaustive - if we add or change we will make an editor's note!

Lith B1
Dark Sector Defense: Rotation A: 9.4%
Easy Dark Sector Survival: Rotation B: 7.14%
Easy Dark Sector Survival: Rotation C: 9.68%
Easy Defense: Rotation A: 6.67%
Easy Excavation: Rotation B: 7.1%
Easy Excavation: Rotation C: 9.67%
Easy Interception: Rotation A: 8.33%
Easy Spy: Vault 2: 12.5%
Easy Survival: Rotation B: 7.14%
Easy Survival: Rotation C: 9.68%
Orokin Derelict Survival: Rotation A: 10% 
Orokin Derelict Defense: Rotation A: 10%

Meso M1
Dark Sector Defense: Rotation B: 1.3%
Dark Sector Defense: Rotation C: 7.5%
Easy Defense: Rotation B: 7.14%
Easy Defense: Rotation C: 6.66%
Medium Defense: Rotation A: 9.09%
Medium Excavation: Rotation B: 5.88%
Easy Interception: Rotation B: 5%
Easy Interception: Rotation C: 9.74%
Medium Interception: Rotation A: 7.14%
Hard Spy: Vault 2: 5.95%
Medium Spy: Vault 3: 7.03%
Medium Dark Sector Survival: Rotation B: 5.88%
Medium Survival: Rotation B: 5.88%
Orokin Derelict Defense: Rotation C: 7.74%

Neo B3
Dark Sector Defense: Rotation B: 1.7%
Hard Defense: Rotation A: 9.09%
Medium Defense: Rotation B: 6.25%
Medium Defense: Rotation C: 9.67%
Infested Salvage: Rotation A: 9.09%
Medium Excavation: Rotation C: 9.67%
Hard Excavation: Rotation B: 6.25%
Hard Interception: Rotation A: 9.09%
Medium Interception: Rotation B:6.25%
Medium Interception: Rotation C: 12.5%
Hard Spy: Vault 2: 5.95%
Hard Dark Sector Survival: Rotation B: 6.25%
Medium Dark Sector Survival: Rotation C: 9.67%
Very Hard Survival (Zabala, Eris): Rotation B: 12.5%
Medium Survival: Rotation C: 9.68%
Hard Survival: Rotation B: 6.25%
Very Hard (Mot, Void) Rotation B: 12.5%
Orokin Derelict Survival: Rotation B: 11.11%

Axi R1
Hard Defense: Rotation B: 5.88%
Hard Defense: Rotation C: 8.60%
Infested Salvage: Rotation B: 5.88%
Hard Excavation: Rotation C: 8.60%
Hard Archwing Interception: Rotation C: 7.74%
Hard Interception: Rotation B: 12.5%
Hard Interception: Rotation C: 12.17%
Hard Dark Sector Survival: Rotation B: 8.60%
Very Hard Survival (Zabala, Eris): Rotation B: 10%
Hard Survival: Rotation B: 8.60%
Very Hard (Mot, Void) Rotation C: 11.11%
Orokin Derelict Survival: Rotation C: 8.60%



Check out the new Prime Vault Unsealed for other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, packaged together with discounted Platinum here !

Don't forget: Refining your relics can turn the odds in your favor if you're after a Rare part!

Intact Relics: Common @ 25.33%, Uncommon @ 11.00%, Rare @ 2%. 
Exceptional Relics: Common @ 23.33%, Uncommon @ 13.00%, Rare @ 4%. 
Flawless Relics: Common @ 20.00%, Uncommon @ 17.00%, Rare @ 6%. 
Radiant Relics: Common @ 16.67%, Uncommon @ 20.00%, Rare @ 10%. 

Edited by [DE]Danielle
Hotfix #5 - Added Lith B 1 drop area + added in missing information for Neo B3 + edited Hard Excavation Rotation for Axi R1 from B to C
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Nice!!! Can't wait


619.4MB update for those that are woundering 


also so this update resets your settings so be sure to note how u have it set to set it back after update

Edited by (PS4)CactusButtons
Added update size n setting info
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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:


  •   Hide contents
    • Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead can now summon Eximus units! This fixes the issue of Nekros being unable to summon Eximus units at all.



Finally. :clap:

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31 minutes ago, (PS4)vinster said:

This update reset all my controller settings to default. :(

Can this be looked at?  Thanks.

Not only the controller settings, everything is set to default. Matchmaking, settings for gameplay, chat, sound. I still have an old save in my online storage but overwriting the new savegame with the old one doesn't work. I really hope this is a bug.


Maybe when i delete the new save and then copy the old one, instead of simply overwriting it ... worth a try

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Strata relay on earth has vanished from star chart i keep telling people a hotfix is surely inbound to fix it i really hope im right lol...

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3 minutes ago, (PS4)General_MacDill said:

Not only the controller settings, everything is set to default. Matchmaking, settings for gameplay, chat, sound. I still have an old save in my online storage but overwriting the new savegame with the old one doesn't work. I really hope this is a bug.


Maybe when i delete the new save and then copy the old one, instead of simply overwriting it ... worth a try

Its an inconvenience, but it took me about 3 minutes to revert the settings. Not really the end of the world guys.

Edited by (PS4)cah55555
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1 minute ago, (PS4)cah55555 said:


Its an inconvenience, but it took me about 3 minutes to revert the settings. Not really the end of the world guys.

Normally your right, but i haven't touched my settings in over 2 years, so it's pretty hard to remember how it was.

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25 minutes ago, (PS4)General_MacDill said:

Maybe when i delete the new save and then copy the old one, instead of simply overwriting it ... worth a try

tried it, doesn't work -.-

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The second screenshot in the Update post appears to show Titania without her wings.

Is this a mistake, or is it possible to take them off?

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Hey PS4 Tenno! Our console team is working on a fix to uncloak the Strata relay for you guys. We are trying our best to get the fix to you asap.

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1 minute ago, [DE]Saske said:

Hey PS4 Tenno! Our console team is working on a fix to uncloak the Strata relay for you guys. We are trying our best to get the fix to you asap.

Nice.  Can you also please work in the fix for the controller and other settings reverting to default as pointed out by several players here?


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7 minutes ago, [DE]Saske said:

Hey PS4 Tenno! Our console team is working on a fix to uncloak the Strata relay for you guys. We are trying our best to get the fix to you asap.

is it possible to uncloak controller settings?

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