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UI Redesign: Information & Timeline!

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29 minutes ago, -InV-igo95862 said:

Can we have automatic theme shuffling like in dota 2? If someone owns all 131 screens it would be very bothersome to switch them manually.

No, not 131 themes, it’s 131 different ui screens, eg foundry, mods arsenal etc

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The biggest thing I'd like to see out of a new UI/HUD is my health and energy bars moved to be more central. They're tiny and far away from where you'd normally look (or where I'd normally look - the action). In most other action-packed games like this where you can die in an instant and need to pay careful attention to your health, energy, and other resources, those resource meters are big and close to the center of the screen. Look at Diablo, DotA, LoL, Guild Wars 2, etc. for examples of what I'm talking about.

An option to move the health and energy bars or at least to make them bigger would seriously improve gameplay. The new UI skins look neat too.

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Love the game and have for years but please please please improve the chat notifications and functionality. It can be an hour before I even realize I have gotten a message sometimes. Just felt like this was a good place to mention this again because of the focus on the UI. Do love the game tho. =-D

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Looking forward to trying the new UI. Will this include new UI functionality, or just skins?


Some UX improvements I'd like to see:

* Unbounded overlay map is very intrusive and needs a review (or a 3rd option) 

* Ambient ship + dojo sounds need a separate volume setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Message beep volume should have a separate setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Trade interface needs multi-select, similar to selling for ducats or credits. Current interface is awkward
* Relic enrichment interface is awkward when enriching 10+ - click relic, click radiant, click ok, refresh screen, repeat. This should allow multiple, or at least not reset selection

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The UI overhaul looks great, and I can't wait to play with the color templates!

My biggest wish for the new UI is the ability to change your active focus school from the arsenal. So often I just leave it set to :zenurik: because it's presently too much of a hassle to switch back and forth.

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@[DE]Rebecca & @[DE]Steve

I would be great if you let us create our own login screens (additional also shareable like Octavia sounds). Maybe you can implement this in the future into the Captura System !?! How and under which circumstances can be defined by you or by asking the community...

This would bring more personal experience into Warframe. 

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Sweet! So instead of fixing [Magnum Force] to spread Multishot on guns like [Arca Scisco] and making KUVA farming less repetitive and more rewarding and fun and making the game waypoints less ridiculous and erratic and confusing and generally fixing actual gameplay bugs etc...

It's a top down view of laying in a bath tub in an assortment of different colours.

But really, I hope they fixed the Way points in game too that keep spazzing out and going back and forth and getting people lost and running around in circles. Not to mention the possibility of instead of these horrific game view blocking waypoint indicators that spam your screen it would be nice to have a moving orb and/or some sort of directional compass instead (look at how Killing Floor 2 direct us around without blinding us with Icons). We really don't need our screen being blocked with anything more. Fire Explosion after Fire explosion and crap going off everywhere, it would be nice if we could have waypoints fixed/changed and some sort of thing like how Mirage's doppelgangers disappear in the middle of the screen for things such as Syandanas that obscure vision when you're looking up and feel like you're stuck in a giant pair of underpants. Not to mention the horrible view blocking textures/rendering on Gara / Frost defence Wall/Globes.

We also need Warframes to go invisible when we back up onto a wall so we can still see our crosshair. Backing up onto a wall should NOT blind you. There's so many, MANY more important things that should come way before this.

Fix KUVA farming to be more rewarding and make the game less blinding and clear for noobs who are running around confused as hell. The amount of times I find newbies getting lost is just amazing. Sometimes if I'm not 100% focused I'll get lost.. Please make some game improvement changes next and Fix the bad mods.

Many, MANY more needed changes that I believe should come waaaay before aerial view UI bathtubs.

Good game, but seriously... I think there's a huge miscalculation of priorities going on here.

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After looking at the inventory preview on The Sacrifice teaser page...


@[DE]Steve Please.  Please do not push the new UI without getting a UX designer to look at it first. 


The lack of names and labels in a game with hundreds of similar or matching icons, as well as individual stats and levels for each equipment item, will do nothing but create a frustrating and unwieldy experience for users. 


The #1 focus of UI design should be to convey important information as quickly and clearly as possible, and make navigating to the items and information you want as fast and easy as possible.  Style is always secondary to that core focus, and should never under any circumstances detract from ease of use.


If you really can't take the time to have it properly and professionally reviewed, at least make it a beta option for users to toggle on or off from the current UI.  Leave the current UI as a backup while garnering user feedback on the new one.  Find and fix the main pain points, and once the users testing it seem comfortable and all concerns have been addressed, then you can push the full changeover.


I love this game and I don't want to see a simple mistake like forgetting to consult outside feedback to spoil the experience.  Please take a step back and think about how this new UI will affect players before going all in on it.

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