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UI Redesign: Information & Timeline!

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24 minutes ago, -AoN-CanoLathra- said:

Let me put it this way: I don't like any of the ones shown here due to personal taste, but the 3 along the bottom are the ones that I will have to use due to my eyes' sensitivity to light (which is the same reason I use the Dark theme on the forums).

If I have to pay 100-150 platinum just to play the game due to a medical condition, then it's a bum rap for me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this.

The existing game causes issues for me at times, but it typically isn't too bad since most of the UI currently doesn't affect much of the screen at any one time, so the overall brightness isn't too bad. My only issue is places like the Plains, as well as Corpus Outpost whenever DE messes with the bloom again (despite my having disabled it in the settings).

But being forced to pay 100+ platinum just so that my eyes don't hurt while playing would likely be enough to make me leave, if only until I have enough money to buy the required platinum (I'm low on both Platinum and RL money right now), since even trading for platinum would be hurting my eyes the whole time.

I'm pretty sure the gold black one are the default one because hey, that is The Sacrifice theme colors so it would be a huge letdown if that's a purchase only theme

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6 hours ago, --Q--Voltage said:

Cosmetic items is Warframe's bread and butter. If you like how something looks, you buy it or skip out. The UI will still function without a skin. I hope you only get a starter one as platinum sinks are healthy for the in-game economy. This UI skin deal seems pretty sweet.

It's different here because every single other plat sink in the game has some sort of impact elsewhere. Capes and helmets and stuff can be shown off and serve more of a purpose since it's about defining your online identity. This is going to mask your entire screen with something that may turn our to be straining or intrusive that only you will ever see (I guess screenshots would be the thing that makes that statement false) 

There's a lot of plat sinks in the game that would be better as things built/earned through grind, such as ostron decorations which seem like they would have been sold or crafted in cetus but instead are all sold for plat in packs where you might only want 1 carpet of a certain color but are instead bullied into buying several. And then the entire personal quarters section, yet another plat sink, but at least that bit is acceptable since it's 100% optional side content

This change will be not be optional. Everyone who's ever played is going to be subject to an experimental overhaul they've even admitted that they're going to tweak based on feedback. I think asking for an optional default theme in that regard is allowed at the very least. Many websites and applications come pre-loaded with an optional toggle between a light and dark theme, so at the very least DE should consider that (assuming they havn't already decided free ones to start with) but they way it's been phrased so far makes it seem like you get one.

Also worth noting that this is a feature other games not only allow free but also allow players to modify and handle on their own. Instead of allowing moddability and customization of the UI, they're monetizing from it. I really don't care either way, but I'm just saying this for the sake of context and to further justify the my request.

As far as the in game economy goes, I agree but only to an extent. It basically means the people playing for fun and only have so much plat will skip out on it or hurt their limited funds to buy a skin while the guy witting there with 50k plat and a bank of expensive rivens just shrugs it off. You know what's healthy for the economy? The Christmas event and not a whole lot else.

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Does the UI update affect in mission UI? haven't seen much info about that or I might have missed them.

Also Suggestion: theme should affect in mission UI so we are not stuck with the same UI every time we go into a mission. Please !!!

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i hope the changes are not only in colour and usage but in depth of how the inventory and foundry works

The codex and the market and the profile should work seamlessly and know what we have or dont, a section to part the regular parts of frames from the prime ones in foundry

the UI of the Dojo should follow those changes too, many more hierarchys, many more permissions, easy access to see materials are in the vault and donated from each player

The syndicate panel should show ALL syndicates and a panel for cetus to be added

it would be epic to see your own warframe at the login screen as you have them ingame

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4 hours ago, -AoN-CanoLathra- said:

I hate to sound whiny or needy but my eyes are sensitive to this sort of thing.

I am with this one. Already short-sighted and don't want to make my eye condition worse. Having something like the Dark Theme here on the forums (which I personally can't survive without) available from the start would be appreciated.

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2 hours ago, megamino said:


Pardon the caps because i think it's important (for me at least)

Currently, the last frame you played with will appear on the login screen (depending on wether you got the right one or not, which is pure RNG). They most likely used deffault Excal as placeholder.

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1 hour ago, AlphaPHENIX said:

I am with this one. Already short-sighted and don't want to make my eye condition worse. Having something like the Dark Theme here on the forums (which I personally can't survive without) available from the start would be appreciated.

There are many games that don't have UI themes. What do you do then? We don't have options now.


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13 hours ago, Oranji said:

Can or will this include some overhaul on the "My Profile" screen as well? cuz it looks kinda outdated.
I would love to have the option to have different Profile backgrounds showing a customizable warframe & operator pose.
Perhaps a better *stat_list that shows the more important stuff right off the bat instead of listing all that stuff like # of scans that no one cares about.
Maybe some cool stuff like being able to indicate your top 5 favorite frames, weapons etc.
You know...just some extra stuff that lets you know more about a fellow tenno or somthin.

I care about the number of scans, i think its fun to look back from time to time an be like... damn... i have 600 Kavat scans lol

but the whole top x would be kind of cool like a drop down from the menu we have already.

all in all i'm excited about the future UI as its looking sick af, the mod console is the thing I am most eager to see though.

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14 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

If you've been following our Devstreams - or Steve's twitter - our plans to release a visual update to our UI shouldn't be new. But if you haven't followed - the short explanation is that we're redoing our UI art style!



Different themes (see some examples above), a more evocative and artistic UI, it's all coming - but not all at once! 

Right now we have exactly 131 screens in the game that need an artistic pass to the new style. 8 we have done and ready to go - they'll be launching soon. Themes similar to above are coming for the the screens we have completed, and all subsequent screens will inherit whatever UI theme you've chosen (default or other purchased themes). 

So, 'all subsequent screens'. This will be rolled out over the rest of the year - we are not launching all 131 screens with new art at once.Things like horizontal scrolling are being removed based on player feedback, and we're going to be addressing other common requests as we make our way through the redesign. The busiest screens are particularly hard to change, but we will slowly but surely make our way through. 

Thanks, Tenno! We'll open threads once this is released for practical feedback, for now, this is just some insight into the coming change! 


I really love the new looks but will we get the chance to see the ability stats while we mod? It's really inconvenient to keep switching screens just to check whether I got enough armor stripping on Oberon or not. 

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14 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

 other purchased themes

I'm in the 'really' camp...

It really does seem like an unnecessary, almost desperate, move for plat sales by making the UI 'plat only'. 

If you want people to buy plat...  I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, but how about making more skins for frames/weapons instead of relying on tennogen to create them for you, which relies on spending money with steam instead of you.... 

A UI theme is not going to make me buy plat, I've bought plat in the past because I wanted to support the game (like a lot of people most likely), usually because I was enjoying it, but changes to core mechanics, excessive grind (trying to push us to buy with plat) and lack of anything to do has kind of put me off buying at the moment.  Give me a reason to support the game and I'll likely buy again, UI themes is not a reason to buy plat imo.

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15 minutes ago, AlekVen said:

I've always thought that if you're redesigning a UI, you gotta ship it all together, not by parts.

Kinda sceptical on this one.

Normally it would be a complete UI overhaul but when you think about it Warframe is basically just a load of 'screens' that load up from the landing craft etc so you can do each 'screen' individually.  It will look like a complete mess while it's being done and there will likely be other issues pop up from it, but there's no technical reason why DE can't do it this way. 

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