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  1. Physical space does matter. Some of the rooms also go over multiple levels (you can't see that on the map) so you might be running into issues with rooms above or below it.
  2. I mean the OP did actually message me for that initial comment of mine so... To the topic at hand, issue with feedback is everyone thinks their idea is perfect and necessary but rarely do you get a consensus on a particular topic, so which feedback is picked?. There are also some bugs that are practically impossible to fix as bad as that sounds, as the time need to fix the issue while not breaking or making more issues is not worth it. There are also issues that in the grand scheme don't matter enough to fix. I also understand why they wouldn't come out and say "bug x won't get fixed because y" as it would just lead to more threads about how DE doesn't care about bug x. Bringing up the changes to the Ghoul Saw stance doesn't mean they won't buff or tweak the ghoul saw latter, but more they want to adjust the stance first as it will apply to other weapons in that class if they get added in the future and if it isn't where they want might as well adjust it now and see how things feel then later on. Also not every weapon needs to be amazing or better than some of the current weapons we have, some can just have a unique aspect or look cool.
  3. Nidus Prime not counting for Invigorations I mean they already took care of that one, which is why reading the patch notes is important.
  4. Likely just forgotten about or figured it wouldn't sell well if that was one of the main things in prime access, plus we have been given variants like Prisma, Vandal, and Kuva of some of them. Plus once they started talking about modular archwing I figured that threw all talks of prime archwings either on the backburner or just part of that conversation. That said we might get Larkspur Prime with Hildryn Prime.
  5. Well if you don't need a bunch of refined minerals at once then why is the current crafting annoying? You are arguing that crafting is time gated by suggesting something that is also time gated, you are saying that you won't ever need a bunch at once but that you keep having to do the crafting loop. We already went through them shifting something that was crafting blueprints to only standing with the fish baits, and quite a few have not liked that change with them asking for the blueprints to be added back in. Plus if they were going to make that change they would have likely done it back when the shifted the fishing baits to being standing based rather than blueprints when they only had to change one open world to match the mechanics of the second Also I will give you the one reason why DE most likely won't implement a way to get refined gems without the crafting timer. You can already buy the refined ones for plat from the miner npcs. The option is craft and wait (or pay plat to skip the wait) or pay plat to skip the wait which is how many things are monetarize already in the game.
  6. How is switching to standing removing the timegating when standing is timegated? I can sit there with the current system and craft as much resources as I have the resources to do, I can even sit on the tolit and just use the phone app to craft rather than being in game, with standing I will be capped at how ever many I can convert with my standing.
  7. Ok so you dislike the whole limited crafting time, I can get that. Here is my counter suggestion then: New terminal is added to our orbiter, call it the mineral refinement station. You still have to buy the "blueprints" and slot them into the station to unlock the ability to refine those minerals. When you go to the station rather than having a set crafting amount you get the ability to pick how many of a particular gem/mineral you want refined at a time with the costs of the other resources scaling up and the time also increasing but not as directly so in the end it is still slightly faster than what we have now. The big attraction is that you can set it up to refine like 100 (assuming you had the resources) and then you can walk away and do other things, come back and it is done. This then also makes crafting with the refined minerals easier as now if you only need 5 you can just refine 5 rather than having to gather up enough to do the 20x blueprint we have currently. This station then would help out if DE wants to keep adding more open worlds with more unique minerals it separates them from clogging up the current foundry. Also opens the door if we want more blueprints for being able to refine/convert resources into other ones (Fore example: refining salvage into titor plates and titanium)
  8. Yeah no, I don't want to give up the crafting we got now with another thing requiring standing.
  9. Yeah with all the holographic display ones we already have, adding some for the requiems would make sense. Could be something that we also get to show off our parazon and it projects out of it. I could see them being sold from necraloid
  10. I think it is just a phrase to talk about how now we will have to fight external (without) and internal battles (within). AKA we are fighting a war without now and you could take it even further if you want and since the sentients are returning from outside the sol system they are the biggest without you can get currently.
  11. You either hit the cap of 5 from the campaign or more likely you checked after the campaign ended today July 16th at 2 pm ET. The tennocon drops will be part of a new campaign
  12. You could try something like this Example Dojo Or another example is this is my clan's dojo RDF Dojo If you don't like that then still use that site to play around with designing until you find something you want. Far easier to spend 10-20 mins there than hours trying to building things in game.
  13. Bot can't tell context, some words have been and is still used (by some) as a derogatory slur. Just ride out the chat ban and be mindful of it in the future.
  14. Not the same thing. The buff isn't tied to the prime skin as the prime frame is a separate thing from the base frame, you can slap what ever skin you want on a prime frame and it still keeps the stat boosts.
  15. Public matches are just that public. You want a squad that stabs every lich then make one, the most I will agree on is that if you aren't going to stab your lich to let the team know but I don't even expect that and will help out with downing a lich regardless. Everyone has their own expectations when starting a mission, for example is getting all of the syndicate medallions the normal behavior or the abnormal behavior? Finding all of the cache's in sabotage? Your options then are to ask their intentions, communicate your own, make a squad, or solo. That said if I have a lich that I hit the reveal threshold mid mission and my lich shows up, I won't stab it. No point in resetting the anger meter if I can just wait and find out what mod to use next. You can call that lazy, but you aren't the one that will have to get it's anger meter back up for it to show up again.
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