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  1. Might be related but just ran into an issue when accessing the Bio Lab Research to check on status of the new weapons it locked up. I can use search feature but can't select any of the entries, exit, and escape does nothing.
  2. That would be nice to have. Could be useful for clans if they want to reward members for winning some internal thing or to use as a way to mark different player's rooms/wings of the dojo. Would also be nice for clans to change the statue even to set list of frames would be better than all loki.
  3. Really cause seems like half this thread is people complaining about people using their resources to "troll" have seen the multiple "my ship my rules" things so like it is still an issue. I think only reason complaints about people "wasting their resources" is because of the change to make it easier for people to do it solo or people just not playing railjack anymore. Either way I still think that any in mission crafting shouldn't be required and merely serve as a bonus to the ship, it should be a reward to do, not a punishment for not doing. Plus then it would improve the game flow as
  4. He can basically do the one thing you said very well and that is kinda it and only for one target. Other frames can be just as cheese by killing everything in the room before it gets to the defense targets, and those frames can also do that killing in all mission types so can already be more useful in them than limbo.
  5. Not sure the point of 1. since they will reward some amount of essence I will see people doing it for easy essence when they pop up and if the mission is a quick one. Agree there the whole "find the mother" part of it isn't super intuitive if you are new to it and just pointless, especially once they remove the worm cycle part of it in the next update. The endless bounties could use some tweaking but I like the concept of endless bounties. Yeah that is just you having bad luck. So far all the new prime items I have gotten with in the expected range for their rarity.
  6. They do actually spawn but the issue is the non eximus versions aren't correctly separated from the fog variant in terms of scanning. But yes there is still a bug that needs to be addressed. Work around is to find the eximus versions and ballistica prime kill them to spawn the ghost version and scan that one.
  7. I'm even talking about when they are brand new and low level, make the normal star chart missions tie more into the progress. If they are powerful enough to take over nodes then those nodes missions should have more of an impact to the lich now. Spies vaults holding their secrets, capture targets are important to them, rescue targets are their captives, etc. lets reflect that in the rewards from the mission or mission completion on the lich status like their anger.
  8. I also want them to tie the mission types into the lich loop as well. Right now doesn't matter what mission I do as long as it is a lich mission I will get same murmurs. Different missions should reward different amounts of murmurs for completing the mission, or different increases in anger bar, or more lich relics, just something make me want to seek out the different mission types for different benefits to the lich grind rather than mostly defaulting to just doing exterminates where possible.
  9. yarl5000


    No no no no no no no Tying monetization to this would be a bad idea and go down a bad path. It is refreshing to have a battle pass system that doesn't have money attached to it, far to many games that have battle passes with money component it turns into spend money or grind until you have bloody stumps (if you are lucky I have seen some that even if you could grind for 12 hrs a day you won't be able to get the same stuff as someone who pays) I didn't like how willing DE was to "listen" to the players who asked for ways to buy animal Tags to trade for Son tokens, or to speed up co
  10. Nothing. It doesn't necessary have to go in order or they are leaving space if they want to put out a 29.4 before Deimos Arcana. They wanted to make it so Arcana was a .5 Update because they wanted it to be that. Rather they just split it so Kitguns were just a separate tab in the profile equipment page since they can be either and then it wouldn't be cluttering up primary or secondaries regardless of which one you picked to build for MR.
  11. Agree with this. People keep complaining about people wasting their resources and supplies, the solution should not be to limit other peoples ability to do that it should be change to the system so that crafting isn't required. Keep crafting fine, but it should be a boost not a requirement. This also goes back to what DE themselves said about how the energy management system they showed in one of the earlier demos impacted the game flow to much, so instead we got this cumbersome crafting mechanic that gets more in the way of game flow. This shift to crafted boosts but everything on cooldow
  12. Work on fixing bugs and rebalancing = complaints about content drought Work on new content = people complaining and demanding bug fixes Either way someone isn't happy so balancing the desires of different people isn't that easy of a task.
  13. They say in the demo of it that it isn't for new players, if it was just free to swap abilities all you want then what is the trade off of the system or why wouldn't it be for new players? We did need a resource sink, I got millions of resources laying around doing nothing but if they put in anything new in game I can craft it no problem and not even think about it. So when they put things into game they either have to lock the blueprints behind grind walls or keep introducing more resource so older players can't just blow through it in 5 mins. Sure the abilities they picked to be
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