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  1. this is a short term issue. You will already be limited with time of frame break down and number of slots initially. In a month or so you will have all current frames fed and just moving forward you will know to plan for this and it won't be that big of an issue. Plus we got like a whole month to pick up the frames again we were missing and like this stream rewards this week are khora parts which is like bam that hard grind gone.
  2. Yeah for some reason we still don't have one. We get one for Ghouls and that happens just as often.
  3. Also the base forms of some of the Combas also don't seem to spawn. Got a picture of a Nul Comba non juno variant walking around the New corpus ship (was doing Oceanum, Pluto) https://imgur.com/GFxvZSF
  4. Revenant with broken Scepter make some thralls and boom got a bunch of distractions, scepter for energy from the moas, disco party when to many. If you can find one extra person a limbo makes it easy mode I found the Grendel missions engaging in a different way. Had to actually try out different frames and different strategies and since mods didn't matter it didn't feel like punished for not sinking 5 forma into a frame for a specific build.
  5. Nope first time ever a patch will only be PC and PS4. I'm sure there is no where on this forums you could check for that info.
  6. So I thought there was something weird with the Juno Scrambuas not spawning and now I got photo proof of it. The Juno Scrambuas Eximus do spawn but not the base form
  7. One of the community streams last week made it sound like broken frame starts with an X cause I think it was Megan said she knows the name but can't pronounce it and will have to wait for the intro video and for Reb to voice it and that it started with X
  8. I mean it took me all of 5 seconds to google Timed exclusive and you know what the first result was? A release of a game on one platform, with releases on other platforms to occur only at a later date Source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/timed_exclusive#:~:text=timed exclusive (plural timed exclusives,only at a later date. Well that definition isn't word for word what is happening in this case to me it seems easily enough to apply this definition to this case. AKA it is going to be limited to this distribution method for a set time and then will be available at a later date. Only weapons we have ever had that are truly limited time only are the founders gear, even the beta Braton and Lato Vandal came back.
  9. Mixer is getting shut down soon so nothing DE can do about it.
  10. I don't think forgetting as more limited due to basically no access to their office for various things like Mocap and recording booths so can't make as much progress on the bigger updates so are switching to things they can accomplish while working from home.
  11. Can we get it so the warframe abilities are at least at the bottom to save on some scrolling.
  12. Keep trying, need to improve your builds and such. Also try Wukong your clone smacking frost around helps.
  13. Glad this fun little side event is back. Still want a Nakkak Pearl Deco item it looks nice and want to show it off in my orbiter and dojo.
  14. yarl5000


    Didn't say it wasn't possible. Technical limitations are probably not the major issue it is the legal and logistical issues.
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