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  1. I feel you, I don't get why the ship scans have to be more than 1 or 2 in railjack when they are just annoying to scan. I would be fine with spending railjack energy to use an radar pulse to get scans that way. We need a scan speed mark 2 and a range upgrade for the simaris scanner. Scanning the Aquillus fighter on Jupiter was a pain since it doesn't hang out in scanning range long. I dread when I decide to go back into defection for the carrion charger eximus. I just recently finished the Vapos crewman eximus and vapos prod crewman eximus scans recent so that is a nice feeling. If they would just add the Vallis to sortie rotation we have a chance to get an eximus stronghold then force jackals to spawn somehow. Or I wish we could have an eximus stronghold be a roaming things on planets like nightmare (or be a new nightmare modifier) just to make it easier to get the eximus scans.
  2. Not any time soon. They are working on breaking the archwings down into pure modular system like kitguns/zaws/amps so if we would get more prime archwing stuff it won't be until we get that rework (maybe with the rework) but they might just not want to make more prime archwing stuff with the new system.
  3. I don't think so, more just this is feeding into the sentients view that what is left are still no better than the orokin so their war is still justified. Basically why bother hiding inside a facility when you can just adapt to damage and basically anything they can throw at you.
  4. Yup that is why it is still PH they were teased long time ago but we never got to fight them before and they never really fit in so makes sense we would get them for the new war.
  5. I'm guessing you probably saw the thing from about 1 min into this video Tomb of the Sentients
  6. I like the Carcinnox, the range and fire rate feels good. The status effect it can do is also nice to turn them on each other some can take some of the focus off the railjack even if the fighters aren't the biggest threat.
  7. They said it right just weirdly. It is changed TO 65 FROM 100
  8. Because your actions have consequences and it isn't that hard to clear yourself of stalker mark and then do rivens.
  9. Can we please also add something to the market place to indicate if a weapon is used as a component for a different weapon. That is info that that would be great for new players (that is one of the things that would be fine with a mouse over as long as there was some indication) I think the reason why some might still view this as cluttered is not cause of the amount of info but the concentration of the info. We have over 2/3rds of the screen that is just a diorama with all the useful info shoved on top of each other on the one side. While the frame holding the weapon looks very nice it isn't being useful, since it is just spinning with no control over it if I want to look at the weapon itself, plus in this case the weapon should be the focus not the frame and the weapon.
  10. They do have an icon in game already for vaulted relics. It is just hidden when you are looking, you have to hover over a relic and hit tab which then shows you the locations that relic drops and if it is vaulted it says that but also include a little icon it just needs to be moved from the second page to the first page. I'm guessing you want something closer to this: https://imgur.com/rryqVZG
  11. Wait are you not unvaulting trinity prime cause that would also include the kavasa prime collar and you want to save that until we get the pet changes?
  12. Why Oberon. Trinity has been vaulted for so much longer and damnit I want dual kamas prime already out of the vault. You could have kept the life/death thing going on as well if not stronger with trinity prime. Can't even pull the "trinity was given away with twitch prime" cause nekros was given away at tennocon right?
  13. By 30 do you mean normal 30 or prestige 30?
  14. Which syndicates are offering barruk and hildryn augments since these are their first ones?
  15. They literally address this in the patch notes. They aren't going to do it right now. With the change we can have more use for the duplicate weapons, and since we can see the weapon before we start we can just not pick up a lich if it has a weapon we don't want so no real need right now to dispel a lich
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