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  1. Not a fan of this. Feels like a punishment for those who already had gotten through all of the frame subsuming, and had we know this was coming I would have held off on doing some of the frames I recently got the second one of as that was just wasted XP now. I understand tracking the feeding might me more difficult but since we can only subsume one each frame it can't check and give us the XP for those at least?
  2. Tweaking the void storms to be more of a reason to do them long run (either multi relics easier, or "overcharge" to boost chance of rares) would help make that loop more enjoyable to the base game. It still needs to be flushed out to include Infested in my mind. This could see a relook at the Dark sectors to make them something more interesting rather than the husks they currently are. Then expanding out invasions so the grineer, corpus, and infested interact then in proximas.
  3. I don't mind the grab backs because they are just free extra things for the community streams. Some of those special drops you listed like the tea set were limited time drops for releases of patches and stuff. The actual drops for watching the community streams only started when they had to start working from home and wanted to do something extra for everyone who was also stuck at home, let you tune in to watch a stream and get something extra for it. They initially did have set drops each day, but that also wasn't popular for people who lived outside of the eastern time zone as th
  4. You are assuming they were tracking in enough detail to figure out who would get refunds and in what amounts. Those other refunds are likely very easy to determine as there would be "flags" on your account info that can be used to quickly determine who should get the refunds and were standard amounts to either cover the difference between old and new values which you could only fund or acquire once, or just a flat resource cache that was given if you had "flag" x. Best you could hope for with the pearls is some random payment of X pearls but I don't think there would be any tag in their
  5. Save your time you can't donate the balls to the dojo.
  6. If they don't have a good recording set up in their home office (if they have a home office and aren't just working at like the kitchen table) then probably but you don't want to spend time on recording the lines if they are going to sound bad or off compared to the rest of the lines.
  7. There were more on the way but then pandemic and lock down prevented them from being recorded. so hopefully they will be able to be recorded soon and put in the game. Joke-a-Thon Contest
  8. It cycles through nightwave store, just wait for it show up in a future week.
  9. Based on that image you didn't watch long enough. Notice the % bar, it needs to hit 100% you only got to 66%.
  10. That is just trading one grind for another and I don't find it that hard to get a larvaling to spawn but do find it more difficult to get requiem relics. Especially if you would want/need more to get the weapons. Solution I keep pushing for is to make it so each planet has a limited pool of weapons a larvaling can spawn with, that takes out some of the RNG.
  11. Going way back to one of the earlier demos of Railjack there was something that operated like that but we never got it so might just be remains of it somehow still around.
  12. Here is a link since OP didn't give one. https://www.thegamer.com/playstation-play-at-home-giveaways-rocket-league-horizon-zero-dawn/
  13. Could be design changes over time or performance issues. It looked good for the demo but might have been difficult to get to look good everywhere or became a time sink to get to look right so it was just cut. Much of what we were shown in that 2019 Demo isn't what we got when it came out.
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