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  1. Its protection for us. Some people have self control issues and would spend all day grinding and burn through everything super faster. I do think the lower mastery ranks should be shorter wait time to encourage ranking up. Also practice, practice, practice. If you can't see adjust bloom setting or something.
  2. The partnership fragments you still can't way-point directly
  3. Maybe that is how they should switch to. give us a prime trailer when the primes get vaulted to give them more time to do it
  4. I'm torn I both want it but don't want. I hate infested gameplay cause of how much they just get up in your face and are annoying, at the same time I do want them to get more screen time and to get the creep factor turned up. Also I want to see more of that one faction from the nidus quest
  5. By specific I mean any Kit gun or any Zaw since they can separate their rivens it might be an easier to implement than to have it be any gilded modular item. I was just spit balling a number, I want it to be slightly more difficult for you to go one way but the trade off there is you can play more how you want rather than be forced to build and gild something you might not want to do.
  6. Could be weird glitch or issue with 2FA Or They were trying to get a weapon for free from you without giving you anything back.
  7. I would be cool giving the fortuna one getting the plant scanner. Give him a reason to be used for more than fishing, and kinda fits thematically
  8. Not sure about technical side of this suggestion but for some challenges I think an Or feature would be nice feature long run (i know hard to fit into the space probably) IE: Gild a Modular Weapon or Kill X Enemies with Gilded Weapon (if that is detectable, or if it has to be specific to Zaw or Kit Gun that would be fine as well) That would let you have choices that can encourage new players to guild weapons intially but also allow for older players who have everything gilded to knock the challenge out and not feel forced to build something only for standing. The trade off I think should be that the other mission should be slightly more difficult than so make it like 1500 enemies with a Gilded Zaw or something. Nothing is spotting older players dumping the resources for a gild item but if they really don't want to they can just kill enemies with the modular weapons they are probably already using and just spend time doing that.
  9. Found more things not working with the new dual emission colors. Looks like most of the Kdrive parts aren't playing nicely.
  10. Just wish it had started sooner but not bad. Will nora bucks be something to hold on for future intermissions or not.
  11. Partnership Fragments are lacking a waypoint marker like Kuria, Somacords, etc.
  12. Not so much a bug but can we please add another tab to Simaris to separate out the rebuy items from the misc tab just to make it cleaner to find things.
  13. Minor bug but the new fragments are showing up in the codex as Plains of Eidolon when unscanned
  14. Just had 2 bugs when fighting Ropy, If a person leaves/DC squad (not host) during the scene between slamming his face into the conductor and him landing on the platform, it doesn't make the console activate so you can't sap the roppy why stunned. Second fight roppy got stuck in an infinite falling off the edge of the platform, we eventually were able to get lucky and slam him with the cannon just right to down him.
  15. Finger Gun, with head tilt, and noise like ehhhh
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