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  1. Ah your true colors. Bye Bye.
  2. You are now simply trying to say what you want is reasonable and what DE provides is not - a completely subjective POV. Have fun tilting your windmills.
  3. Which all boils down to making rewards faster and easier to obtain.
  4. I don't think you understand that 'getting stuff faster' does not directly equate to 'improving the game'. If it takes years, then it takes years, this is that kind of game, it's not a single player game to be finished in just a few hours. If those people don't have time to play this game, then they can find games they do have time to play. Also, there is no need in this game to 'get all the things' you only need a few to be performant. So, this suggestion is just another in a long line that is intended to shorten the overall playtime in an effort to give players rewards faster because they are impatient.
  5. The First Thing I did in this game was to buy a Bright and Happy color palette to add Whimsy to the game to avoid the Edge Lord aesthetics - over two years ago I was able to do it right when I started, with no 'game knowledge' whatso ever, I had not even hit the wiki yet, just had a friend tell me the game was cool. You sound like a new player is some kind of 'new human' that has no self motivation or agency to understand the new GaaS game they are trying out for laughs. I was able to do it with no effort right from the time I began the game without having to look any further than what was available in the market. People like me who play games with whimsy know how to approach these things. Does it sometimes require a little research when starting? Sure, just like All GaaS games do. So yeah, all it takes is coming into these games with open eyes. I realize there are players that fear change like I fear plaid shirts, but none of that prevents a whimsy based gamer from finding the whimsy available in a game.
  6. So a new player is magically unable to purchase things like Yareli and other whimsical things like fashion at the start? I am unaware of such restrictions. For players that like whimsy, they can buy these things and start off having them. Access to whimsy has nothing to do with the time a player has played the game.
  7. Bold mine. With this level of strawman logic, the changes can increase the player retention rates and number of players that try it in the first place, making the game more successful. Saying something can cause things is nothing more than idle speculation. Players need to be very aware that DE can chase the money and if that means newer players like more whimsy, then more whimsy will get produced if it's profitable. DE has no onus to stagnate it's art direction and profits to please those that cannot accept change. So what if people that hate change switch games because they no longer feel like edge lords in-game, so long as DE remains solvent and profitable with it's choices. Try to push FUD because DE adds more whimsy and that the edge lord wannabes will be unhappy enough that DE loses it's success is silly.
  8. Better than Hyper-Bowel though....
  9. I get it, but bad people do bad things and DE, like any company, is just as much of a victim, if not more, than the players when it comes to chargebacks. This idea that DE, or any company, should just 'suck up' these losses turns into higher fees for all users/consumers/players. So, let's say DE chose to 'fix' negative plat players. That would equate to all prices increasing to cover the cost. Do we ALL pay more, or do we go with the idea that just the few who get extremely unlucky or make bad trades have to pay? That's the question, in my experience.
  10. People talk about 'who pays' and in the end, we, as the victims of fraud and as consumers, are the ones that 'pay' in both the short and long term for the nefarious actions of the bad actors. In the specific case of an account having enough 'bad plat' revoked from a reversed CC transaction to cause it to go negative, DE works with the individual as best they can to fix the problem. If, in fact, the user spent the 'bad' plat on things DE cannot return for refund to get the balance positive, then and only then is the user with the negative plat balance paying to counter the specific scammed 'bad plat' amount. The Internet Urban Legend of this happening with any regularity drives the FUD of users to fear trades. There are simply no actual statistics on the numbers involved here, nor is there any guarantee that the user that ends up with a negative balance was not, in fact, part of the scam. Therefore, from the point of view of someone that deals with bad actors as a daily occurrence, I think the method DE uses here is sound, even if those that think 'corporations' are rolling the $$ and should just roll over to the emotional whims of consumers and give away product. Bad things happen in the world, DE, just like any company dealing with CC chargebacks, is not responsible for the actions of those bad actors.
  11. No, DE takes a hit. No way around that. We, the consumers, pay for this with increased fees. The bank does not just give DE the money the scammer tried to use with the credit card, DE has to give that money back to the bank.
  12. "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" "I played X long so I 'deserve' Y reward." I say Poppycock. All these posters blaming DE for being greedy when they then post things like this. This is just pure player impatience and greed, over virtual items in a video game of all things. If the game is not 'rewarding' enough for you, move to one that is. If you want to take the subjective FOMO attitude that you have to have everything in the game, that's on the player, especially if you come into the game with the attitude that it 'should take thins long', when one did not write the game, etc.
  13. The real world is dark and edgy enough for me, thanks, I love the bright colors and the particle effects. If anyone thinks that enjoying whimsy makes them 'an 8 y/o girl', that's sounds like testosterone talking to me. Whimsy is for everyone, every age. In my experience, when you forget how to have 'dumb fun' in video games, you have lost the plot.
  14. So, just because someone robs you occasionally, it's OK to just give away some of your product? Would you be OK with just getting robbed 'occasionally' and look the other way? What you suggest would create more issues, not solve any. And your solution is to tell DE 'you should have made it a subscription model' just because you think that's better, when similar things happen to subscription games? Plenty of CC fraud there that impact the 'innocent' players. Just wow.
  15. Feel free! I dislike several things DE does as a company, but I still enjoy what they produce and have no need to complain when they are providing me entertainment. None of that means I think I have the right or the desire to have them pat me on the head every time I send an idea or make a suggestion. I hate the chat moderation, for example, I hate that Ignore in this game is only for chat and does not prevent grouping. I think both are anti-player. My outlook on the matter remains the same. Trying to SJW game companies with mob rule on game forums remains as ineffective in actually changing anything than it ever has, but it's still a hot topic on most General Forums for SaaS games. Imagine thinking that you have to act like it's parent and tell the company how to run it's business. Imagine thinking that the PR of any corporate mouthpiece means anything other than 'please buy our stuff' and that feedback meant to be responded to as personally validating. They asked for feedback, They got feedback. End of transaction. When they ask for feedback do they ever say they will validate it? Just because some people want them to validate, does not mean there is any onus on DE to do that, this all sounds like attempts at parenting DE through guilt over not doing something never promised, from my point of view. You spend you time however you like, personally, I don't work for free, if they want my ideas, they can pay me. My role here is to enjoy the product and laugh about the fickle gods making things difficult for my avatar - the things people call bugs in games, I simply see as the fickle gods - and here, there is so much rampant void magic, why would anyone expect things in this in game universe to be stable?
  16. It a game, not a country where each person gets a vote. We are players, not shareholders. Why would you think any game company would work any differently? It's not game design by committee, it's game design by DE. Listening does not even imply following or agreeing. If you want to play games over burdened with this false sense of being a shareholder, that's nice, but it's not and has never been close to reality. Game creation is simply not a SJW to be won by the players that think they know better.
  17. This is an uninformed, emotional response filled with almost entirely incorrect statements. You obviously know nothing about running a business, virtual or otherwise, how accounting works, how laws about fraud work, I could go on... You don't even understand that DE will and Does work with the scammed player as best they can after DE and said player have both been scammed, you are running off of Internet hearsay and anti-corporate FUD, from my point of view. So please, to those reading this thread, do your own homework, don't just believe the emotional responses that promote continued willful ignorance about the world.
  18. Why do so many gamers actually think they need to control other players? Is it a gaming thing, a human thing, pedantic people, control freaks, or what? So many posts in so many game forums with people just blatantly saying they need for all other players to dance to their tune 'or else' they will quit, yell at the company more, the company will 'go under', etc. It's kind of bizarre the sheer number of posts that appear on game forums over this incessant need some players have to control all of the pixels on their screens, all of the time, in multiplayer games where there is no way to control the actions of other humans. This specific topic is truly one of the most fascinating things to me about the online gaming community, this idea that all players who play a game must conform to the hive mind of the pedantic players, and that any breach in this protocol is a reason to attack the player, over something as trivial as letting out the dog in the middle of a survival. Wild.
  19. Well, when you become king of the world and you can make all the humans of the planet dance to your singular tune, get back to us on how to solve a problem that costs society billions in lost revenue per year that thousands of quite brilliant minds invent Patents to try and fight. You can rail against the world all you like, if it gives you pleasure, rock on. You are acting like there is a magic fix that simply does not exist. If you had that magic fix, you could become the one of the richest humans on the planet.
  20. Bold mine. That's interesting. That certainly points to an issue with the PS4 chain somewhere, could be DE's code, could also be where DE's PS4 servers live is different that the PC servers, and have a different route, some badly configured WAF, etc. Could be that a router someone forgot about in that route died two years ago and a OSPF configuration sometimes tries to send traffic to a device that no longer exists, is misconfigured, w/e. Thus, the inherent unreliability of the Internet as deployed by humans. My favorite was chasing a problem with restricted bandwith very randomly to a bad network cable in the rack that had passed multiple previous QA tests. That was an expensive cable replacement in the end. Even through it's 'only' with DE's game, or just on the PS4, does not automatically mean it is within DEs control or is simple to fix. If it's not happening to every PS4 player, it becomes hard to pin it directly on DEs code. If it is happening at the network layer, it could be DE's network, very true. I have chased these kinds of problems for too long to think in definitive terms when there are so many hops that are not under my control or ability to debug. There are just too many variables to state this has to be within DEs area of influence. It's not, however, bad to ask them for help, it may help them understand a difficult problem to solve better if they get more feedback.
  21. I worked in the fraud industry for a few years. Basically, the innocent people ALWAYS pay for teh fraudsters, that's how our society works. The money is stolen and the rest of us pay, if not directly, then through increased prices to cover losses, etc. Bad actors exist, that's just reality. DE has no choice here but to remove the plat when a CC chargeback occurs, they have to roll back the entire transaction, which would include any plat, so the books don't looked cooked to an auditor, etc. If they then reimburse the 'innocent' party, taking a hit basically for giving away plat, that would become a huge issue with bad actors gaming that system. There is imply no way for DE to truly know if the 'innocent' party had anything to do with the fraud. No, your 'word' as a 'good person' is just not enough, it's too easy to make up identities. I really wish the bad actors did not exist either, but these CC chargeback types of events do have consequences that can impact truly innocent players. Now, as many have pointed out here, there are several ways one can protect ones account, just trade smart, don't make a trade that's too good to be true, etc. and if you make a trade you are concerned about then just sit on the Plat for a while - this is exactly what banks do with 'suspect' money, they hold it until they are sure it's 'legit'. I know reality bites, but this is not DE's issue, it's a big problem in our societies, globally.
  22. Internet issues between network equipment connecting the packets from a person's PC to other networks, be they game servers or other people's PCs in a P2P situation, cannot be controlled by either end user. This is the inherent unreliability of using the Internet as a production network, because no one entity can control the whole network stack in between each of these endpoints. As a long time packet wrangler, the exact thing described here would most likely be attributed to a router the end user has to go through for a certain segment of the Internet that includes DE. The additions DE made to the network code to make it more secure are probably going through a router with rules that don't like the changes, much like is/has occurred in some entire countries. I think this is the case here. It's probably not about the end user's PC or network necessarily, but it's also probably not a DE issue either, it's simply that not all parts of the Internet connect well to all other parts of teh Internet reliably. I realize no one wants to hear this and that humans prefer to lay blame in a direct fashion.
  23. So these two answers sum up my outlook on this fairly well. I do not understand why people choose to worry over and build hype over things they cannot control or have little actionable information about in a video game. I understand players like to invest themselves emotionally in the stories and characters within these games, I just don't truly understand why because of how my brain is wired. This kind of speculation in some attempt to feel bad about things before they are even live in a video game truly baffles me. There are enough real life things in my world for me to worry over, spending this kind of emotional currency on the changes in a video game is simply something I do not understand. I prefer to just wait and see what a game maker creates and play it, or not, as it suits me. Why build negative hype? What purpose does it serve?
  24. In my 30-ish years of doing IT for money, I have never understood the emotional attachments people get to interfaces. I just don't get it. I understand we all have our own sense of style and aesthetic, but this emotional attachment to a screen layout in a computer UI simply baffles me. I switch between so many different UIs for so many different systems and OSes and software per hour that to me, the only thing I notice is when it takes too many clicks to do the thing I need done. I like for things to look good and all, but getting attached to a game/software/OS UI in 2021 is just asking for disappointment. The entire software industry is trying to move to an Agile development process that is defined by constant change in an effort to keep things fresh. I am the guy who laughs and laughs when I hear that the new interface for Facebook has people up in arms...so some pixels moved, BFD...
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