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  1. Oh i tried so many variables, so many build, so many "this OP Nyx build" that recommended for me, but most of it just cheezing out the small gates what the game offers, not real good builds, like using dodge roll and shield game. I understand her role in this game, but like Hydroid, she is out of date in gameplay. I don't want her to be OP as hell, just to be fun. and the abilities are not fun.
  2. Then whats her point in the game? Her kit is not fun, not useful for the actual content, the chaos is a mediocre CC at best. I think she is not viable, i want her to be good, but miss all the great opportunity to be great. But hey, Zephyr was in the same position.
  3. Well, Absorb got a big issue, it want to dmg and defense at the same time want to not too OP. It affected by range, effiency, duration and strength. You CAN'T DO THAT. Either it need a dmg buff or an energy cost reduction. Well Chaos is good but useless. Her basic kit is all over the place. Psychic Bolts are absolute trash. Replace it with telekinesys. She can create a bubble thats stops bullets, so why not. The gimmick is already in the game (Grendel, Necramechs) but buff it. It could use the Saints Row style (Elemental damages, heal, use empowered damage against other npc while you thro
  4. I would require if its possible the "Doom Eternal - The Only Thing They Fear Is You" too :D I tried to recreate but i failed. So thats why i try to find a formula. Thanks for reading it,
  5. Any chance of fixing the old operator hairs and the weird transparency of the overlaying hair mesh? Its looks too outdated even for the Fortuna hairstyles which is almost 3 years old.
  6. Try to use the IronBride on thr Orphix you can melt it with 3-4 swings if you build is with corrosive. The animation is much more problematic. Sometimes i stuck in animation loop.
  7. Whem Host migration happens, sometimes the Necromech's Archun mods will dissapear from the loadouts
  8. GeForce Now. 5 dollar per month. If i had a old PC i would use that.
  9. As the acient tales used to said: GIT GUD
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