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Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.2


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Labor Day is upon us, so the DE staff will be heading into a long weekend! We'll be back on Tuesday, September 4th. Cheers!


  • Fixed excessive flickering on surfaces while flying in Archwing through the Plains. 
  • Fixed Man of Few Words showing a replay button in the quest screen before being completing for the first time. 
  • Fixed Prod Crewman lunge attack dealing no damage.
  • Fixed Fragment audio in the Codex not working properly.
  • Fixed Mag’s Crush FX and animation timing. 
  • Fixed Mag Prime’s mesh not using her accent color. 
  • Fixed issues with Umbra going invisible after transferring back to him from Operator mode. 
  • Fixed issue with Operator appearing invisible in The Sacrifice’s final cinematic if you have not yet visited The Quills.

The Pyrus Project Fixes: 

  • Fixed issue with context action allowing more than intended Pyrus Essence. 
  • Fixed Pyrus Essence not dropping from Nox enemies when they are marked as Essence Carriers. 
  • Fixed the Jordas Golem being marked as an Essence Carrier.

The Pyrus Project Spoiler Fixes:

  • Missed notes from last night's Hotfix for Zylok changes that were intended for its release with 23.6.0:
    • Increased Puncture damage to 16.8 
    • Increased Slash damage to 78.4
    • Increased Impact damage to 44.8
    • Decreased Fire Rate and increased recoil to compensate for additional damage
    • Fixed Trigger Type in Arsenal being incorrectly listed as “Semi” instead of “Duplex” 
  • Zylok has been re-enabled in Conclave now that it has received PvP treatment. 
  • Fixed issue with the Zylok that could unload the entire clip at once.

Note on Revenant:
We continue to closely monitor feedback channels on Revenant and will continue to do so over the long weekend. Thank you! 

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Hope you guys are still monitoring Revenant. The nerf to his 4 was a little bit too much!

P.S. Please fix the login issues 😞

P.P.S. Can you guys fix the frame fighter poster distribution? Even with Revenant being added,  I still have yet to receive my poster 😭

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Thanks for the hotfix DE! Can we expect changes that compliment Revenant's kit as a whole rather than having efficiency nerfs that are detrimental to his overall novelty?  We have so many other frames with better room clearing abilities with very low overall energy consumption such as Volt/Saryn/Equinox who are not limited to obstacles yet Revenant gets a pretty generous 60%+ nerf to his efficiency for an ability that's severely hampered by the small tilesets (and even other frames can block him)

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