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Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2


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6 minutes ago, DeathshotSE said:

Is wind direction the proper term for saying which direction the animal will spawn? If so, it is VERY consistent in my experience and I do a lot of conservation. You can identify in which direction they spawn by their reply calls. It is very accurate at pointing you in the direction where they spawn.

No, our group just calls that the spawn point. Wind direction is where the wind is blowing from. As the Biz says "Stay downwind and hidden". Spawn location is seperate from our experience, which we have learnt that the calls help pinpoint that and we are getting good at that. But if you are upwind of an animal spawn it can smell you which downgrades the capture. it often has a little animation to identify if your not downwind, like the Bolerolas balling up or the Virminks tensing low. We've tried to locate the direction but the foliage and snow are very inconsistent and contradictory to try and identify wind direction. For a no-ability tranq you need good information on the animal's location (which we have) and the wind direction (which we don't really have).

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For the 1. time i am really absolutely not satisfied with the updates.

Orb Vallis Phase 4:

I really like challenging bounties, but this one is atm no funt at all

Relict Packages / Mesa Prime

Bout about 25 Relic packages and got:

a total of 3 Mesa Prime Relics - WTF ?

Titania Rework:

The most annoying thing, the weird steering of razorwing mode got no change at all.

DE why didnt you change that to steering like archwings , like some ppl suggested ?

A first test showed not much to no difference felt at all to Titanias abilities.




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52 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • When completing a successful animal Conservation using a Warframe ability, it will yield a ‘Good Capture’, as opposed to sometimes yielding a ‘Perfect Capture’. A successful animal Conservation using the tried-and-true Tranq/Echo-Lure technique was always intended to yield a higher gratitude.

What, exactly, is the point of this? Does increasing the time needed to max out standing for the day benefit you at all?

Your Tranq rifle is complete garbage, it has travel time making shots miss at optimum range (because animals spawn 90% of the time downwind, and you have to be FAR away to get em), it's ALARMING so the perfect capture is nullified immediately (why the HELL? it's a dart gun for god's sake), and it's long reload time makes it annoying to recover when you inevitably miss that stupid Bolarola.

Give me a 100% reliable wind direction indicator, a visibility indicator, a SILENT tranq with hitscan, and THEN I'll consider using anything other than Ivara / Loki. Because even with "Good" captures, it's orders of magnitude less irritating and, quite frankly, painful to do with any other frame. This is supposed to be a relaxing past-time like fishing (that still has fish go through terrain by the way), not an annoying fight against bad design decisions.

I urge you to reconsider this change and the logic behind it. Just think: is getting stabbed by a nail and getting tranquilizer fluid forced into your bloodstream better than just falling asleep out of nowhere because void magic? I think not, but you guys apparently don't agree...

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55 minutes ago, Raskolnikow said:

wow, rly guys? 

Make an ugly looking prime helmet and then add some decent looking into the prime accessory bundle for 50$?

what a scam lol

Shame I can't give you mine, I like the default prime helm a heck of a lot more. No effence DE, just that alt helm isn't my style at all.

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Oh man, I hope I can get to run profit taker before de does a difficulty nurf. I still miss eidolon hardest difficulty before that got made easier. Fortuna also was more fun before the difficulty lowering changes. Like the best thing to do is profit temple courtyard for hours XD I can't wait to try it with a Archwing gun too!

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