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As nice as the new crossbow is a moment of silence for the 4 weapons that were liquidated from the market The boar shot its rapid fire ablitys now only live on in the prime. The great gorgon now only shall be seen when thare being shot at us. The Machete never to know the hands of a true master ever again. And last but not least the Ether daggers never to feel the blood of the tennos enemies again. My they allways live forever in awere hearts and minds.

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WHAT IS 20% of 100?

ITS 80

Percentages are always out of 100, or 100%. 20% of 100 is 20. I don't know where you got that math from, but you should send it back.

Edit: Perhaps what you meant was subtracting 20% from 100? Then it would be 20% (20) subtracted from 100, which would be your 80.

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i dont understand why you would change the recoil corruption to accuracy debuff, when 1) weapons like the flux dont ever have recoil, ever - because it is a full blown mobile laser, and an agitated electron emission of photons does not produce recoil!

2) you have no mod that mods accuracy in a good way. what were you thinking DE? that was a durkahur moment! change it back to recoil as it fits with the weapons that produce recoil!

(a power overloaded laser just produces a stronger photon emission, and shortens the life of the laser)

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How about you stop worrying about new content and just fix the big and OBVIOUS bugs that have been in the game since before U9 and the current weapons in the game.Then you can worry about NEW content

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- You can no longer re-purchase reusable recipes that you already own. 


what what!! now we have to keep backtracking back to buy more key BPs  from the market of  mutagen / feilderion / detinate  

and this was a fix!

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paris prime without heavy cal=16.7 acc

paris prime with heavy cal.=13.1 ( heavy cal at 30% spread, 90 % dmg) it appears that doesnt affect bows that much, i can pop headshots medium-long range, anyone can confirm? is this a viable mod to add to bows or just a waste of 11 points in the slot?

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New Heavy Caliber Trip Report Time!
Soma: Even less added spread than before! Clearly the Best Gun Ever.
Gorgon: No discernable increase in spread, but first-shot accuracy is gone.
Supra: The same. I'm betting it's modifying the base accuracy and the spinup mechanism merely expands the cone to a set distance. Expect this to be fixed, but for now there's pretty much no down side to Heavy Caliber on spinup guns.
Flux: You get a little wavery stream type deal. Completely usable.
Ignis: If there has been a change I cannot detect it.
Ogris: Max HC can shoot your feet if you aim straight ahead. This means that relatively low levels of HC can give you a usable, interesting spread! Net Gain!
Torid: Pretty much the same as the Ogris actually, if I didn't have this @(*()$ thing maxed it'd be real useful for peppering a larger area with the poison clouds. On a related subject, rifles need a +multishot -damage mod.
Dera: Max HC gives it a spread that's comparable to Gorgon. As above, relatively low levels of HC will let you add spread to your gun, making this a potential net gain.
Bows: Max dispersion gives you spread worse than the @(*()$ Soma at full ROF, this is horrible and makes them all worthless. You are not likely to hit ANYTHING past mid range, much less a weak spot.
Latron Prime: Better than above, still unusable.
Snipetron Vandal: Less spread than the LP, but still not a good idea to slot it. Makes headshots at mid range pretty unreliable.
Lanka: No one should ever use this gun, but it does suffer the least from HC of all the low-ROF, high-accuracy guns.
Miter: +spread lets you really appreciate that you're chucking lawnmower blades at people, and it owns. Unfortunately, it still runs on Sniper ammo, which really holds the gun back. Making it use regular Rifle ammo wouldn't really do much to its DPS but it would make it actually usable, if only as a fun-gun.
Aside: While using the Dera, I noticed that all guns use the same radial pattern shotguns use. Please swap this out for something a bit more elegant, it's just weird. And why shotguns are missing like 1/3 to 2/3 of the pattern is beyond my knowledge, but that should be fixed too, if only because it moves the center of the spread away from the reticle and that is super annoying to me.
Vile Precision: Tested with the Braton Prime Dera on the assumption that it would decrease spread, and it really seems to have done so. It's pretty accurate and mitigates the down side to Heavy Caliber. I then tested it with the Soma, and it didn't do anything aside from reduce the screen shake(and thus the wander of the spread caused by that- HC shake is much more significant but you can get around it by shooting in bursts and it's not THAT much of an accuracy change anyway). This should be fixed.
None of the above changes much, though. The increase in the spread of some guns is way too high, the increase of others is way too low, and in the end the update has failed to address the main issues presented by these new mods.
If you have Heavy Caliber the best way to use it is as a dial for your spread. Add to taste. And never, ever, ever add it to a sniper weapon.
Oh and Steady Hands doesn't do anything to decrease pistol spread. Please fix this, as I would dearly love to have accurate Gremlins and Vipers etc. 
Edit: Neither does Stabilizer - it just reduces the screen shake effect. At least, on guns with recoil. Please fix this as well.
Edit2: Fixed a mistake. -recoil only affects bullet spread on non-recoil guns. Heavy Caliber, however, will still open up the spread on guns with recoil. This needs to be fixed, either by allowing -recoil to affect spread or by removing Heavy Caliber's spread increase on recoil guns.
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Still needs fixing:

- loki switch teleport (sometimes it doesnt switch target)

- arsenal doesnt show correct status on armor, damage, etc

- scarves clipping bug

- sometimes i dont see my avatar in the squad before entering a mission

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