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Post Your Steel Essence Per Mission Rate


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Khora, Nekros, Spova.. was a three man squad at assur uranus, spova left at 2hrs, we felt it got slow so we bolted..

I did a 2hr run before, solo and got same results.. So steel essence is not affected by loot frames? Maybe it is just kill speed and how long you stay afterall?
Also i have all boosters on and my smeeta bearly procced.

Anyone have a more efficient way of farming this? Please do tell. this farm is sapping my brain cells

Edit: Oh I think I should mention, I tried leaving the Steel Essences on the ground until I got smeeta proc, but two of them went poof around 5mins. Yeah wouldn't recommending leaving them over 2mins

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Now that I've done a bunch of endless runs I've found my avarage which is pretty consistant.

60-70 minutes awards 20+ essence with Khora camping and handing out cool whip and moderate smeeta luck. Can get near 30 if the smeeta is lucky after the 45 minute mark when eximus units seem to get far more common. Inaros also lands around 20 essence, but he reaches that point far closer to the 70 minute mark than the 60 minute mark, he simply doesnt kill as much as Khora.

I've given up on other frames since the smeeta dies to much, with Khora it is 99% safe since everything is either dead or getting dragged into a cage. With Inaros it simply has too much health and armor to die with the constant heals provided from pack leader.

Mot, Opheila or Zabala is what I run, prefering Ophelia since there are neither nullifiers or disruptors, and it can drop Condition Overload.

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