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How should i name my Railjack?



Yeah, it's fairly old stuff, but i've just returned to a game a just finished crafting the RJ. So, as the title sais, i have some variants for it. Some of them are from my head, some aren't. Help me to choose one of them.

Hit the Rail, Jack!

Samuel Railjackson

Your AD here

Nef Anyo's Party Boat


Flextape Express

The Vomit Comet

Nanospore Fueled

Orokin Spaceballs

WD-40 and Flextape Child

Uranus Conqueror

Millenium Dodo


*Vor Speech*

Wheelchair. But no wheels. And no chair.

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1 hour ago, iMafusail said:

Hit the Rail, Jack!

I see we are like minded. I love the song... so I would suggest "Jack".

2 hours ago, iMafusail said:


It reminds me of the ship from the Raumschiff Surprise german movie. For obvious reasons I won't post a picture here.

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