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Quality Of Life: Firing mode on Arsenal


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Customization for the order, as well as method of activation, of firing modes would be great.

Let me choose in which order I cycle through my Hystrix quills, and which I start the mission with.

Let me use the Barrage mode on Zarr via Secondary Fire rather than needing to clunkily cycle through modes first.

Let me configure my Corinth Prime so it shoots and detonates Airbursts on Primary Fire, and only does "regular" shots while aiming.

Let me do stuff like putting the 3 firing modes of Tiberon Prime / Kuva Hind on Primary, Secondary, and "While Aimed" Fire.

Let console players who right now need to hold down R3 (lol wut) for the saw blade mode on Panthera finally catch a break, for Stug's sake :P

BTW, similar deal would be nifty for Frames with "cycle" abilities, let us at least choose the order there
(maybe only once at Rank 30 I guess, what with different abilities unlocking / ranking up at different Ranks and stuff).

Or even, add an option to do away with cycle abilities if possible, some ideas on that:


Xaku could split up "The Lost" over both their 2 and 3, like this:

2 - Tap for Accuse, Hold for Grasp (both are AoE enemy manipulation that add firepower to your side)
3 - Tap for Deny, Hold for Gaze (both are enemy-targeted and can remove defensive capabilities)

For Booben, something like this would allow much more fluid ability usage I think:

1 - Tether Coil / Tesla Nervos (you always charge Tesla to full anyways, the Augment working on tethered enemies seems fine)
2 - Overdriver / Vector Pad (now VP is out of the way until it's buffed / replaced lol)
3 - Flechette Orb / Orbital Strike (BTW, if used while aiming, give the OS throw a bit more oomph so it can reach further)
4 - Bastille / Vortex (same enhanced range / speed while aiming might be nice here ... or Hek, just give that to everything, actually)

Limited CC, buffs, damage, mass CC, all grouped together and overall more easily accessible, just seems so much neater.

Wisp, instead of going Hold - Tap - Hold - Tap - Hold to deploy all the Motes one after another
could have that happen a bit more smoothly, like, if you keep holding 1 for a certain amount of time (like, 0.5 seconds)
after deploying a Mote, it automatically switches to and deploys the next Mote, and repeat.

This would be especially useful / convenient for more mobile missions, i.e. casting while on the move.

The cycle must be broken!

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Couldn't agree more with NinjaZeku anymore.

Having the ability to rearrange the firing mode would be a great quality of life upgrade.

Add the ability switch on and off firing modes would be a bonus.

Anyone here played borderlands the pre-sequel the claptrap dlc especially, where the guns had random effects each time you reloaded? Imagine if DE released a gun like that but instead the those are firing modes? That would be a lot of cycling through firing modes.

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9 hours ago, Traior246 said:

I've once proposed an Exilus Mod Idea for that, and the best response I got is...do Macro

It actually works kinda well tbh, just need to configure a bit

Its rather a UI thing as the fire modes are already in built into the weapon.

Having a exilus mod would just be a duct tape solution. It would allow us to configure the fire mode rotations. Furthermore weapons are already crammed for capacity and lets not forget that the mods may come in different polarities and eat up more forma.

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On 2020-10-27 at 5:48 AM, MadMattPrime said:

There are weapons that have multiple fire modes, The Kuva Hind and Tiberon Prime are Prime examples.

Could we get a quality of life option to set the firing mode in the arsenal to set the weapon to the preferred firing mode before entering a mission.

Just a QOL request.

and please already an option to prefer sprint over walk
upd: no, better set it to always run and free a button, when I need to walk slowly, I can just hold crouch
upd2: add "turbo" buttons option for firing and melee

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