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Coming Soon: Livestream #17!


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What better way to kick off the weekend than a Livestream on Fridays?  Please join us this Friday for Livestream #17!


What: Livestream #17! A Dev Q&A session! Join us as we take questions from the forums and chat and discuss what we’re working on!
We will also be giving away three 1000 Platinum Prizes!


When:  November 1st @ 2 PM EDT (6 PM GMT)! Find your timezone here: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/


Where: http://www.twitch.tv/warframe


Who: Steve, Scott, Geoff and Sheldon will join Rebecca on the couch to field community questions and talk about Warframe!


Thread closes at 10:00 AM EDT on November 1st, get your questions in!




See you at 2 PM EDT!

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What's under Steve's hat? Joking aside, onto the questions... (seriously, is he hiding Voldemort?)

1. Will Invasion be returning? Perhaps as a random alert?

2. Prime helmets? 'Cause lets face it, Pendragon looks awful on Excalibur Prime. Same can be said for Gauss and Coil...

3. Geoff showed the Design Council some neat intro scene animations, as well as increased fluidity of the game, such as Trinity's battle skirt... Will we see more creativity with animation beyond our current idles? Some animations, such as jumping, seem a little stale...

4. Corrupted mod slots? I know there was a conversation about mod slots and capacity in the last livestream... Is there a possibility of having extra mod slots specifically for Corrupted mods? It'd be like an Aura slot except for Corrupted mods.

5. Nunchuks? Guys, I cannot stress this enough. We need them.

6. Free Platinum for Christmas?

7. How long until the new UI is pushed through? It's looking great so far, and I'm eager for more. My biggest concern I want addressed is the chat, both in the lobby and in-game. Also, as a big fan of Trinity, I'd like it if the user interface looked something like...


8. Will anything be replacing Founder's in the future?

9. Volt is the last Warframe I need to level, and using him is an absolute nightmare for me. Is he on the list to be fixed?

10. Has it been determined what Alad V's sentinelthing is supposed to be? The video Geoff showed us had a Dethcube, but he said that would be changed in the future.

11. Did the Gradivus Dilemma event turn out the way you had hoped? It sounds like someone actually hacked the game for the Corpus to win.

12. Will other Warframes get their own scarves? Nekros has his own Mortos Syandana, after all.

13. Can we get those OP fire blasters that Napalms use?

14. Will there be new weapons higher than Mastery rank 7? At this point, there's no reason to bother with Mastery once you're past 7...

15. Gender swaps?

16. Warframe skins? I mean, c'mon, Nyx is just using a feminine version of Excalibur's suit.

17. Will Ember Prime be found in the Orokin Void? We already have so much in those drop tables that they're already grind-heavy...

EDIT: Perhaps her blueprints can be dropped by Alad V. It might make sense, given the Corpus and their knack for acquiring and trading Orokin technology...

18. Since this is a ninja-based game, we need stealth. I think we can agree that dropping into a mission from the ceiling is ninja-like. What about stealth passages? Advanced maneuverabilities, more stealth mods beyond weapon silencers, more ninja weapons? Giant shuriken, or kusarigama?


19. Will there be a Warframe storyline introduced alongside the Codex? A lot of people, myself included, want to know more about, well, everything.

20. What is your method for releasing updates? Do you test them first?

21. What are you working on? What will you be doing after the livestream?

22. Is there an estimated date on when Update 11 will be released?

23. Gender-bender Warframes? Has there been any work done on this? If so, can you share some updates?

24. Release non-prime version of Primed weapons? We have Dakra Prime, but no Dakra. Reaper Prime, but no Reaper.

25. Vor's Prize? What is it, and when is it?

26. Is there any real reason, beyond them being limited edition, why we cannot color our Wraith and Vandal weapons? I know for a lot of people, and not just myself, it ruins it because you can color any other weapon.

27. What does the 'skill' stat listed under the General Stats section of your in-game profile mean? What effects it?

28. Update on the design of Ember Prime? How is her rework coming?

29. Avatars with the Platinum-purchase of Warframes? I'm a Grand Master, and I hoped for the Excalibur Prime Avatar to come with it, but it didn't. Not that I had expected it to, but I'm somewhat disappointed. Would this be too much to ask for?

30. A lot of players, majority Corpus supporters, were upset that after one hundred runs of tiresome grinding, they still did not get the Event Rewards that they wanted. How do you feel about that, and how do you intend to respond to that feedback in future events?

30-A. In regards to my last question, what will happen to the Detron and Prova Vandal? Will they be released in another event, Clan tech, or boss blueprints?

31. How seriously do you take suggestions and feedback? Do you value the opinion of one person over another? Are there certain aspects of the game that you want to stay the same, regardless of what the playerbase would like?

32. Warframe is just a huge excessive grind. Has anything been done to mitigate that?

33. What is the Zanuka Project?

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Question 1: Is there an update on a Glaive prime? We all know that is your baby, and we are all expecting it. :D

Question 2: How many more events do you plan on doing that resemble the Gradivus Dilemma, because I want the community to be able to shape Warframe lore wise.

Also do a little dance.

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3rd :D


1.question:what will happen to the detron and prova vandal when the grineer win??

will they serve as another event reward(prova vandal)

and the detron as clan tech?


2.what will happen to excalibur prime?


3.will there be something similar to the founder pack?


4.the machte wraith is nothing special atm,i would like to seee some changes,like more damgae faster attack speed,etc

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When will Warframe get the option of having more than a 4 player co-op? Y'know, like defeating bosses or defending with a group of 6 or 8, in return increasing enemy difficulty based on x players.


Also, any ideas on pure Infestation maps? I'm not fond of infested merely residing on Grineer and Corpus ships.

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This one has a question or two: 


Question 1: Gravidus gave us potatoes as rewards; does that set a precedent where we can get plat-only item in future events?


Question 2: I can see you followed on your claim to using a different kind of morality, will Grineer always represent 'aggressivity' and Corpus always represent 'passivity'? Or will you mix them up?


Question 3: Will the Infested ever be an option when (in the future) we will choose an allegiance for an event? 

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1. Hint on when the losing faction's Corpus Secondary Gun will come out?


2. There's a slight difference in color between regular frames and their prime counterparts, is this intended or a mistake?

See what I mean:



3. Could please elaborate what happened during the even? The "hacking" incident. What exactly did he do? or was it just a cover-up story like most people believe?


4. Did this  "Gradivus Dilemma" event have two possible ending outcome? or was it thoroughly manipulated by the DE to get the results they had planned?


5. How true is it that the Tenno's don't have eyes? Or is Alad V ignorant?


6. About the last contest (Pin The Grineer), were the entries HONESTLY picked for creativity or just random? Because we can see entries that are x100 better than the winners (same poses/idea, but better). It's okay to admit. We're they picked for creativity or just random?


7. When are we getting more mod slots for our Warframes? (or did you include weapons too?)

8. How are we going to add them? Buy? (Credits/Plat) or Upgrade with another potato?

9. Along with the new slots, will you be raising the level cap from 30 to #? 


10. Are you still working on Mag? Because her ultimate is weaker than her first skill. How wrong does that sound to you?

Because to us? VERY. Do you plan on making Crush "armor ignore"? Increased damage? or did you just simply move on the to other frames?


11. Are you working on a new Warframe Trailer? Can you give us clues on which frames will get a cameo? or will all frames be featured? Hoping to see regular Mag again, she's just badass looking on camera. (You see how much I favor Mag?)


...more to be added...

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I'll be there!!




1- Any ETA about U11 or the new warframe release??


2- Which frames are being under Scott's hands for a rework currently?


3- Any news about the Longswords overhaul? (and more extensively to the melee system in general?)

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Question 1: Will the sentinel Djinn get a rework? atm his unique skill fatal attraction is not realy usefull in comparrison to other sentinel skills.


Question 2: some streams ago you mentioned the possibility to give clans a feature to buff their members, is it still in progress or removed or what is your plan therefore?


Question 3: also some streams ago (at least imy brain remember something like that) it was mentioned to make a visual for those weapons that were forma-ted several times, it's of corse nothing important but how is the plan there?


Question 4: is there a plan to approve the ingame hud? especially the shield / HP amount of your comrades, also the possibility to use your inventory during the HP bars of your team is enabled.

Also the text of the lotus should not cloak your chat window or the teams status bar.

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Important things to discuss/answer:

- Could you explain the new damage/armor model a bit more?

- Have you considered a new mod layout? Skill and passive stat mods currently occupy most of the slots, preventing variety in warframes.

- If you could go back and do this latest event over, what would you do differently?

- There's been somewhat of a lull in terms of "nerfawarframe" posts and threads. Are you guys happy with the current state, power, and "niche" that warframes currently have, or are there reworks coming in the future?

- Ember is still being worked on, as evident by being the the only warframe currently without a video. Will a hesitant/confident finalized Ember be brought it with the arrival of the Ember Prime?

- The game Combat Arms implemented a vote kick system a couple of years after it came out. This quickly became a way to simply kick someone you didn't like/was too good an enemy rather than a method to get rid of hackers/uncooperative players. How well does the reputation system that's coming prevent that?

- Going hand-in-hand with the above, a common occurence in public, random matches is that one person that always rushes, or that one person that always "____". The reputation system seems to be somewhat in response to this, but how else do you think this problem can be improved?

- Thoughts on the mobility of the warframes? There were a set of great threads discussing new vaulting, rolling, and wall running mechanics. They were well thought out and well recieved by the forums. Is movement animations a potential project after the new melee animations roll out?

Not as Important:

- Will the invasion mission type return as some sort of alert (24 hour alert for example)?

- As new weapons continue to be added, we see a distinct power difference between older weapons and newer one. Are older weapons going to see a tweak in the future, or will they remain as they are?

- I'm not saying this is true or anything, but IF there was a homicidal rogue tenno avenging key corpus and grineer characters by killing tenno, would he/she recieve some sort of buff in the future?

- Stealth hasn't been brought up in a while. Is the possibility of additional rewards as an incentive something in warframe's future?

- The constant, minor problem with the game has been the flashlight. It occasionally clips awkwardly, as if it wasn't something the warframe is holding, but rather something that's BEHIND the warframe (as in the back of your warframe is illuminated). Will there be an option to turn it on/off? It would make missions with infested much more interesting and "scary", and a similar thing with the derelict.

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Q1: What are DE's current thoughts on Prime Warframes? Since the introduction of Forma, their worth has been diminished to mostly cosmetic, for me. Are you against the idea of making them skins (Still requiring players to farm parts as they are now) or are you planning on doing as you've said with weapons and making a tiered Warframe roster with Primes being better stat wise in every way to their normal versions?


Q2: Why did DE feel the need to try to push players into joining the Grineer side in the beginning of the Gradivus Dilemma? (Confirmed on Twitter by Steve stating it was "done to make initial grineer push more appealing...")


Q3: Since the last Livestream, the community has been buzzing about the mentioned Codex. Last time we learned what the codex will do for us, and what some of the UI will look like, but do you have any information about how it will be introduced and used in gameplay? Will Tenno be given a physical scanner they can take out and use? Will this take up a Gear slot, be something that replaces your secondary or be a function that all players will be able to use at all times with no equipment restrictions?


Q4: With the Gradivus Dilemma event complete, what can we expect to see taken from it and introduced into the game? Will we see extermination missions allow you to team up with opposing factions regularly? Will we see choices of rewards become a staple for alerts and other rewarding missions like Nightmare mode and the Void?

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A few questions:


1. Will 'Invasion' be a new game mode and if it is, how will it be implemented?


2. Will nodes captured by Grineer remain under Grineer control after the event?


3. Why is Void resource drop table being used in the 'Invasion' missions instead of Mars drop table and will this be the same for any future 'Invasion' missions?



Awesome event btw DE. (^○^)

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what's goign on with alliances are they still in the works?


is carrier's vacuum skill still being talked about for other sentinels?


will survival ever let people leave without disrupting the mission for others? like letting the person get to extraction and leave at his/her own will without disrupting the other members?

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Did the event capture the feeling of "War" in your opinion?

-With more time, what would you have changed?



Did the event's outcome have any consequences on what your team is now developing for Warframe?

-Examples? What would have been different if the other side had won?



Where did Sagras Ruk learn poetry?

-Who did the voice acting?



Can we expect to see more Clan-Tech weapons and parts released as rewards in the future?



Do you feel like the abundance of rewards in this event might have spoiled some players?

-Do you think most players will judge future event rewards based on this one? Because I for one will...



How is our newest frame looking? Are any of her abilities set in stone yet?

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What's going on with the market?


It seems like you guys are making the standard cost for a Warframe to be 375 plat ($25), and weapons to be around 225 plat ($15).


I've talked about this in-depth a lot recently, so I won't go into too much detail.


I know it's not an easy fix, but when are you guys going to sort it out. It's getting out of hand, and it is stupidly expensive. It's starting to drive me away from the game.

(Yes. For those who are going to reply with "Just farm materials". This isn't about that. It's about the joke that are prices)


Also, when are you going to go back and overhaul everything in the market. (125 platinum for a Dual Skana??? Are you kidding?)


Here's in-depth thoughts on the market

https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/117870-9000-words-of-feedback-formerly-known-as-the-bitter-thread'>9000 words of feedback. Has an edit about the market

https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/106005-the-market-and-why-in-its-current-state-will-be-warframes-downfall'>The market, and why, in its current state, will be Warframe's downfall




On a more positive note, I'd love for you guys to check out my idea for a login diorama - https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/124774-idea-for-a-new-login-diorama'>Link

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