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Carrying Datamass with Primary?



Today I played SP Incursion, mobile defense

I had equipped Baza Prime and Pennant, no secondary


to my surprise, I was able to pick up the Datamass, and simultaneously fire my Baza Prime

Is this new?

I remember in the past that holding a Datamass would force you to wield Secondary, or become Unarmed if you had none.

supposedly Arm Cannons had a special perk of being usable while carrying Datamass, but Baza Prime isn't an arm cannon

Glitch? or is this a new feature?



EDIT: seems to work with other Primary weapons too

also, the ability to carry Datamass with Primary is lost if a Secondary is in the loadout

-why? if we're capable of wielding a Primary while carrying, why should there be a forced swap to Secondary?

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1 hour ago, Flannoit said:

It's a glitch. You're supposed to be essentially disarmed if you only have a primary on.

is this officially stated as a glitch to be fixed?

to me it almost looks like a feature, the Warframe even adopted a unique pose for carrying with primary, where the datamass was braced under the foregrip very similarly to how the Fulmin Silencer is held.

If it was a glitch I wouldn't expect DE artists to have created a special animation for it....

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It seems people don't play that much without a secondary, but, this has been possible for months now, I can't even remember but it's been a long long while since you've been able to pick up datamass without a secondary equipped and use the primary weapon. Although it probably arrived later on console. It's not a glitch, glitches don't come with their own neat animation/stance for holding datamass and primary.

The glitch, however, is actually still dropping the datamass (without wanting to) during certain movements while not having a secondary. I can't recall exactly, I think it is quick meleeing then swapping back to gun will drop the datamass, which makes it a PITA.

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Data Mass have VERY HORRIBLE interactions with your arsenal.  

They way it USED to work is unless you had a secondary if you held the aim button down it would drop the data mass.  For example, Shooting a primary or Aim Gliding.....

Currently its really broken..........

There are times when you can pick up a data mass and still shoot a primary or aim glide or even use an AW gun.  Other times it can revert back to the old way and you drop it if you try to use a primary/glide.

If you have an AW gun out and are holding a data mass if you stick the data mass in a console it unequips your AW gun and inflicts an ammo timer.  

I have also had an AW gun out and been able to use my melee weapon and go right back to aw gun (should have disabled melee or if i had switched to melee the aw gun should have been un equipped.


We can carry an invisible arsenal on our warframes and call down guns and mechs from the sky.....  but we have to carry a stupid Data Mass key in our hands??????   They need to give it a new animation where our Warframe slaps it onto his back or hip so that his NINJA HANDS are free to hold weapons.  


There was also an issue with not having a secondary equipped if you try to have a tranq rifle equipped in open worlds and then jump into your archwing.   The tranq rifle trys to get auto-swapped to something else and you end up with a gun in your hands and you end up KILLING animals instead of tranqing them.   


I would also like to be able to open stupid double doors or pick up data mass's in mech form ????  

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Glitch or not, I'm not a fan. It was its own little thing, "don't forget to have a decent secondary for this mission, or you gonna get trouble !"

Now of course in practice it is mostly inconcequential, but the gameplay concept of mobile defense is a bit broken. 

Before, we would have (in theory) more trouble by having one squadmate forced to use a secondary (didn't change a thing of course), but now, the entire idea of carying the datamass from console to console is meaningless to the core, since carrying the datamass would then have zero effect on your gameplay. At this point, might as well remove the datamass completely and just have a prompt to activate the console at all times and for everyone. 

Would even remove the headaches of waiting for the carrier while he's lost or stuck on the wrong side of a wall... or was it the actual challenge in carrying that datamass all along ?

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