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PSN The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix #11 + #12

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PSN The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix #11

Hello Tenno! Today’s Hotfix is the interim Cert build we announced last week in a PSA - meaning this hotfix will appear and download as an update. The total download size is ~930 MB on PS4 and ~4.5 GB on PS5 (typical size variations due to system differences) due to the amount included in it. Below you’ll find a hearty amount of changes and fixes, as well as the details and start time for Nora’s Mix Vol. 4! 

Thank you for your patience as we worked to get this hotfix live today. Stay tuned for a Devstream announcement later today to learn about what’s to come! 

PlayStation Specific Note:

  • Fixed the TennoCon 2023 Digital Pack not appearing in the in-game Market (as originally PSA'd last week). 


It’s that time again, Dreamers! 

Like previous editions of Nightwave, there is duplicate protection for rewards you have already unlocked. Identical to Nora’s Mix Vol. 3, Tenno will be compensated with Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Creds instead of the previous unlocked reward.

New & Returning Acts!
Alongside our returning Acts from Nora’s Mix Vol. 3, we have a new challenge for our crystal-focused Tenno. The newest weekly Act is...

Crystal Clear
Complete 3 waves of Mirror Defense. 

New Rewards!
For completing Nightwave Acts, you can earn these new items:

Orowyrm’s Rage Sigil
A sigil reminiscent of the elemental Orowyrm. 

Ocucor Weapon Augment Mod - Sentient Surge (Stats listed at Max Rank)
Each target eliminated refills 20% of Ocucor’s magazine. Status Chance and Critical Chance are increased by 60% for each Tendril active.

Battacor Weapon Augment Mod - Sentient Barrage (Stats listed at Max Rank)
Discharge from Alt-Fire now has infinite Body Punch Through but no longer explodes on contact. Each enemy hit will refill one charge, and reaching a full charge will increase the Critical Chance and Critical Damage of the next discharge by 300%. 

Eukar Claw Skin
A biotic look for Claw Melee Weapons. 

Baruuk Doan Silhouette Glyph
A Glyph depicting Baruuk Doan.

Hero of Duviri Display
A hero on the back of a loyal Kaithe, as described in the storybook, Tales of Duviri.

Fabled Gene-Masking Kit
Euleria Entrati commissioned this unique Kubrow DNA segment to manifest a creature from the storybook, Tales of Duviri.

Drifter Keeler Suit Collection
Nora Night recovered this suit from Saturn’s Keeler Gap. The durable material lined with rebreather tubing shows it was designed with depressurization in mind. Includes Hood, Suit, Sleeves, and Pants. Fitted for the Drifter and the Operator.

Also included is a hand-picked selection of rewards from previous Nightwave Series! 

Cred Offerings Additions! 

Spend your hard-earned Nora’s Mix Vol.4 Cred in Nora’s store, which now offers:

  • Voruna’s Anukas Helmet Blueprint
  • Citrine’s Kalite Helmet Blueprint
  • A collection of Sigils & Emblems from previous Nightwave Series 


  • Made the following changes to how Mod Configs appear in Teshin’s Cave: 
    • Warframes and Weapons now default to Mod Config A if it is using 40+ capacity (raw drain of Mods installed), rather than defaulting to another Config with the highest capacity. If Config A is not using 40+ capacity, it will default to the highest capacity Mod Config as before. 
      • Our original intentions were to always default to the Config with the highest capacity with the theory being that Config was the most effective. After reviewing feedback, this choice caused some confusion, so we have swapped Mod Config A to be the default as commonly Config A is the “main” Config.
    • Mod Configs with Aura and Stance Mods that cause capacity drain are no longer disqualified from being the default. 
  • Added the total number of active Decrees when selecting a new one to better see your collection at a quick glance.
  • When “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” is enabled in the settings, using the default Melee input will now trigger Drifter's Quick Shot while in Duviri. 
    • This is a follow up change to the fix from The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix #1 (Fixed “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” preventing Drifter from being able to perform Quick Shots), as Quick Shot was able to be performed but was still using the fire input instead of the intended melee input while this setting was enabled. 
    • Also fixed the Drifter Melee “Combat Tips” incorrectly saying to use weapon fire input for Quick Shot when the “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” is enabled.
      • It will now correctly call out the Melee input binding when toggled on. 
  • The Prisma Lenz is now tradeable! 
  • Added an “Add Friend” button to the profile on-hover dropdown.
  • Added a “Copy Suit Colors” button to the Drifter Syandana and Attachments customization screens. 
  • Changed the descriptions of the following Decrees to highlight the differences between their mechanics and improve readability (shorten) -- Edit: We will be revisiting the below description changes to improve understanding of the Decrees function.
    • Venomous Touch: 
      • Old: “Every third melee attack deals X% Toxin Damage with guaranteed Status Chance.”
      • New: “Every third melee attack deals X% Toxin Damage.” 
        • Note: The guaranteed Status Chance still occurs! 
    • Critical Frost: 
      • Old: “Critical Hits deal X% Cold Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect.” 
      • New: “Critical Hits deal an extra hit with X% Cold Damage.” 
        • Note: The guaranteed Status Chance still occurs! 
  • Changed Luscinia’s line after being defeated as Orowyrm - you’ll just have to fight her again during the Sorrow Spiral to hear it! 
  • Added weapon name to the confirmation prompt when installing an Incarnon Genesis. 
  • Ex: “Are you sure you want to install an Incarnon Genesis on Prisma Skana?”
  • Improved the VFX on Drifter’s “Guiding Hand” ability. 


  • Made broad game optimizations to save 10 MB of memory. 
  • Fixed small hitches caused by transmissions during Steel Path Void Fissure missions. 
  • Fixed long hitch that would occur when loading into the game with the Dark Split-Sword equipped. 


  • Fixed being unable to interact with the Kaithes that spawn in the second phase of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight - causing inability to complete it. 
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck as Duviri Drifter (instead of Focus Drifter if unlocked) in the Undercroft after getting pulled in from Landscape and using Transference. 
  • Fixed the following issues when melee blocking as Warframe using Drifter Melee weapons (e.g. Syam): 
    • Fixed damage from enemy projectiles not being 100% blocked while blocking. 
    • Fixed enemy projectile weapons bouncing back at whoever fired them (intended only for Drifter for Parrying Dax arrows). 
  • Fixed pick-up rewards from completing the Enigma near The Archarbor falling off the island, leaving Clients unable to recover them. 
  • Fixed case where some of the co-op bridge Enigma VFX elements would not show up. 
  • Fixed some Enigma interactive elements having a very small trigger. 
  • Fixed the Rank 2 Endurance Drifter Intrinsic “Restorative Decree” (gaining a Decree fully restores Health and Energy) not applying to Warframe in the Undercroft. 
  • Fixed the Rank 1 Endurance Drifter Intrinsic “Fortifying Decree” (each active Decree grants +25 Health to Drifter) not applying until after you dismount from Kaithe. 
  • Fixed the “Irresistible Bombardment” Decree (each shot briefly increases fire rate by +10% cumulatively) increasing fire rate from melee attacks.
  • Fixed Clients at times seeing other players’ Drifters without bodies after loading into the Duviri landscape or Undercroft. 
  • Fixed Kaithe remaining in the landscape without a rider after Client leaves the squad. 
    • Also fixes Host being able to ride the Kaithe and it going invisible and returning Client going invisible after dismounting that same Kaithe. 
  • Fixed dead players seeing the Undercroft countdown timer (as they cannot participate themselves). 
  • Fixes towards enemies not spawning in the Undercroft (Circuit and Duviri) after Host Migration - causing failure for missions like Survival and Excavation that require you kill enemies for Life Support Capsules. 
    • More fixes to come for this as it has not been fixed 100% - there is also the related issue of the UI objective text disappearing as well that we are looking into. 
  • Fixed the Sprint binding for Kaithe not updating in the UI callouts if changed to something other than the default. 
  • Fixed Drifter spawning on the other side of the bridge with no Kaithe in The Duviri Paradox Quest after jumping off of it - causing halt in quest progress as Kaithe is required to complete further stages. 
  • Fixed the Primary and Secondary weapons in Teshin’s Cave not being selectable when standing right on top of them in “The Prince of Fire” stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest. 
  • Fixed previewing Protovyre customizations on your Drifter in Teshin’s Cave granting the ability to make progress on and even complete the associated challenges. Completing the challenge would send the next evolution’s item, even if the base version was not owned. 
    • We are working on a script to address affected accounts - we will update you here once we have the details and start time.  After further review, the team has declared this a bank error in your favor, therefore no script will be run to remove it from those affected. Thanks!
  • Fixed rare case of player loading back into Duviri (after rejoining session) with a completely random loadout. 
  • Fixed being unable to summon Kaithe after being pulled into the Undercroft while trying to complete a Ghost Mirror Enigma. 
  • More fixes related to the Komi issue from The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix #2 that was causing a script error when attempting an “illegal” move (diagonal placements for example). 
  • Fixed players being unable to summon their Kaithe after dying during the Drifter combat tutorial in The Duviri Paradox Quest. 
  • Made fixes towards a crash related to viewing the Circuit after a new tier of rewards had just been earned. 
  • Fixed Dual Ichor’s Incarnon Form not having its intended function of creating Toxin clouds after killing enemies when wielded by Client.
  • Fixed Client experiencing staggered mobility and movement interruptions after using Grendel’s Feast on Dax Arcus as they are casting an ability.
  • Fixed permanently staying as Warframe after entering Maw Feeding while Transference Surge is active in Duviri. 
  • Fixed the extraction portal VFX disappearing after completing the Orowyrm fight and leaving the King’s Palace area. 
  • Fixed Guiding Hand’s VFX using incorrect colors during its first appearance in The Duviri Paradox Quest. 
  • Fixed the Orowyrm’s fire breathing VFX flashing in the final stages of The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed being unable to make purchases from Acrithis’ wares in Duviri using resources gained from the active session.
  • Fixed further issues with resources and rewards collected in Duviri not saving after Host migration: Fixed getting stuck on the hurdles in the cave near Farbreeze Hamlet in Duviri while riding Kaithe. 
    • Fixed resources and rewards not saving after a new Host leaves Duviri after a previous Host migration. 
    • Fixed Host migration causing the new Host to lose resources and rewards after earning a new Decree and extracting using the “Leave Duviri” option. 
    • Fixed losing resources and rewards gained since your last decree if a Host migration occurred while riding Kaithe.
  • Fixed case where wave numbers would be mixed up when two or more combat objectives were occurring at the same time in Duviri. 
  • Fixed being unable to start the Steel Path Circuit if the regular reward path had not been selected. 
  • Fixed Grendel’s Regurgitate slowing enemies with Overguard. 
    • Enemies with Overguard are intended to be immune to slow effects. However, if Overguard is cleared while Regurgitate’s slow is active, then it will apply to the target for the remaining duration. 
  • Fixed Protea being unable to pick up her Grenade fans while in the Undercroft. 
  • Fixed Garuda’s Seeking Talons Slash damage triggering Exodia Force and causing significant lag issues.
    • This was due to the hundreds of damage instances created by this looping interaction. Similar to the Update 32.2 change to Saryn’s Toxic Lash with Exodia Force, this was a necessary fix to prevent rampant performance issues. 
  • Fixed Voidrig and Bonewidow becoming disarmed after switching to Pugil mode. 
  • This was an issue with the “swap weapons” binding being unintentionally enabled for Necramechs - it is now disabled again. Swiping with Pugil can be done by using the melee binding as intended.
  • Fixed unintended and extreme high damage from casting Thermal Sunder over and over again using Wukong (infused from Helminth) while there is a Gauss present (Player and Specter). 
  • More fixes towards being able to use Titania’s Razorwing on any Warframe if she is available in Teshin’s Cave and the ability is cast before selecting a different Warframe. 
  • Fixed rare case of being unexpectedly teleported into the Undercroft. 
  • Fixed being unable to chat link all Duviri resources (Rune Marrow, Pathos Clamps, Maw Feeding resources, etc.). 
  • Fixed being unable to purchase multiples of the same Decoration available from Acrithis’ Wares and Grandmother’s Oddities. 
  • Fixed being unable to purchase multiple Radian Sentrium from Old Man Suumbaat in Cetus. 
  • Fixed incorrect mission time in the Circuit end of mission screen.
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Ki’Teer Greth and Alastorn when equipped on Baruuk’s Doan Skin. 
  • Fixed several Syndicate Medallions and other loot spawning inside of the ceiling in the Corpus Ship tileset (specifically in Rescue missions). 
  • Fixed Maw Feeding counting towards the “Cold Steel” Elite Weekly Nightwave Act. 
  • Fixed the “Friendly Fire” Nightwave Act being a Daily instead of Weekly Act and vice versa for the “Confiscated” Act. 
  • Fixed the Nightwave Rank-up SFX and VFX not playing when opening up the Nightwave screen after gaining enough reputation.
  • Fixed Excalibur’s Purging Slash Augment Mod description showing 100% Shields Restore instead of the intended 70% after using Slash Dash on allies. 
    • This was a UI issue only - the 70% was still applying. 
  • Fixed Sigils appearing uneven when equipped on the Drifter Bishamo Hawk/Lark Cuirasses. 
  • Fixed several Chest armor offset issues when equipped on the Drifter Bishamo Lark set.
  • Fixed offset issues with several Syandanas when equipped on the Drifter Bishamo Hawk set.  
  • Fixed offset issues with the Suda Chest Piece when equipped on the Wisp Somnium skin. 
  • Fixed attachments not showing while riding a K-Drive (and secondary is equipped) on the Furis, Atomos, Lex, Bronco, and Vasto with Incarnon Geneses.  
  • Fixed issues with colors on Ephemera (e.g. Eros Wings) on Operator after entering customization screen without an Ephemera equipped and then equipping one. 
  • Fixed the Decree selection UI containing an unnecessary scroll option that could be accessed with the directional pad on controller. 
  • Fixed the Zylok’s Incarnon Form not displaying when dual wielding with a Glaive and while riding a K-drive. 
  • Fixed Incarnon transformation animations not playing while riding Kaithe. 
  • Fixed incorrect SFX playing when Void Slinging immediately into a ledge grab. 
  • Fixed Clan/Alliance chat breaking due to MOTDs containing certain characters. 
  • Fixed Kaithe’s take flight jump SFX occasionally not playing. 
  • Fixed the Illumina Judicium Emote missing its SFX if performed in Duviri. 
  • Fixed the Incarnon Form transformation SFX spamming after you reach 0 ammo with weapons that have Incarnon Genesis installed. 
  • Fixed Arcane Contagion’s projectile having hexagonal VFX when equipped on a Zaw Polearm Melee using the Kalynex Polearm Skin.  
  • Fixed loud SFX occurring when using the Kohmak’s Protokol Spectre Pistol Skin. As reported here. 
  • Fixed issue where Somachord Tones wouldn’t spawn in tilesets that didn’t also contain Codex Fragments.
  • Fixed the “Color Correction” slider in the Customize Poster screen having too many decimal points after changing the filter. 
  • Fixed several decimal formatting issues in the Captura settings. 
  • Fixed companions teleporting and dropping randomly behind the “Feed Helminth” screen while you are sitting in the chair. 
  • Fixed sword and hammer melee “whoosh” SFX being too loud. 
  • Fixed rare crash that would occur when viewing Arcane Intention while in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed script error with the quick-time event in The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed script error that could occur when joining a Squad with someone using Sevagoth. 
  • Fixed script error in Ghost Mirror objectives in Duviri. 
  • Fixed script error from deactivating Equinox’s Mend & Maim ability. 
  • Fixed script error with Hydroid’s Undertow ability. 
  • Fixed script error with Yareli’s Riptide ability. 
  • Fixed script error in Captura if you go into the “Advanced Camera Controls” and hit play. 
  • Fixed script error with the Sniper Crewman deploying Ratels.

PSN The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix #12

Hello again! Quick turnaround Hotfix to address some rampant soft lock issues and crashes caused by various UI elements.


  • Fixed several soft lock issues caused by various UI elements, such as:
    • Inputting letters into numeric fields (e.g. when blending Drifter faces and making slider adjustments in Captura).
    • Clearing text fields in settings.
    • Adding decimal points in text fields (this was due to a fix from today’s earlier hotfix that rounded up crazy long decimal points, for the sake of preventing crashes, we’ve reverted this fix for the time being).
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the Belric and Rania Crystal Fragments from Mirror Defense missions.
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Has the double menu bug in acrithis's shop in duviri been fixed?


Also will the 5 people loading in to missions ever be resolved? Or does this happen because of processing speed on different devices on different platforms? Surely once 4 people have started to join they should be ' locked ' in? I'm definitely no expert on this so if someone wants to explain I'm all ears.

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Hello again! Quick turnaround Hotfix to address some rampant soft lock issues and crashes caused by various UI elements.

PSN The Duviri Paradox: Hotfix #12


  • Fixed several soft lock issues caused by various UI elements, such as:
    • Inputting letters into numeric fields (e.g. when blending Drifter faces and making slider adjustments in Captura).
    • Clearing text fields in settings.
    • Adding decimal points in text fields (this was due to a fix from today’s earlier hotfix that rounded up crazy long decimal points, for the sake of preventing crashes, we’ve reverted this fix for the time being).
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the Belric and Rania Crystal Fragments from Mirror Defense missions.
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You fixed over a hundred different things and yet you still have not put commas in the damage numbers for console players! It has been 10 years how about you go all the way back 10 years and fix all the bugs you haven't fixed yet there are mountains of unfixed things in the game for years before fixing current bugs and adding new content that's bugged. Is it required that you have to be a noob and cry about something to get it fixed? Don't seem to listen to anybody else just to cry babies who end up quitting the game a week later and we all have to suffer for their tears, for eternity

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I'm going to be blunt here - I'm tired of these nonstop band aid fixes. I'm over here just waiting for a real, focused effort surrounding the myriad of matchmaking issues holding everyone back from even fundamentally playing this game anymore. I've spent more time failing to load into squads than I have spent exploring the new content of this update. This update has been my worst experience on this front, and that's coming from a player who's been here since the beginnings of Warframe, and recently upgraded to a PS5 in March.

I can no longer squad even with PS4 friends - we immediately get booted from each other's squads before we can even begin a mission. We have to circumvent this by loading one player into a mission, then inviting the rest individually. But then you can't play publicly.

The minute you turn cross-platform on, these issues become 10x worse of a lottery. Will I join a squad finally? Or:

- Failed to connect to host/host unavailable.

-Session unavailable.

-Endless loading screen (must reset app).

-Squad-join process gets stuck/stops, have to select mission again (repeat cycle).

-Joins squad but countdown gets stuck/no one can start mission. Squad disbands.

-Loading screen begins, then loses connection to host before entering mission.

And that's just the short list of possible outcomes. These issues have existed before Duviri, but now it is catastrophically worse since Duviri, to the point where the game fundamentally is unplayable. The countless hours of time I've wasted trying to just begin missions with a squad is embarrassing when I think about all of this. Matchmaking in Warframe needs a serious, focused overhaul to get this game running smoothly, or you won't have anyone playing new content going forward. Especially now that we've delved into cross-platform gameplay.

We care a LOT more about having the basics at this point - I don't want new content if I can't play it. Please give us a playable game, with robust matchmaking across platforms. The new quests, missions, and frames are all secondary to us requiring the basic functionality of the game.

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The Rune Marrow is still unaffected by resource boosters unless collected with your Operator/Drifter.

Is it intentional that Enemies can sometimes kill the Frame and you're down even though you're in Operator/Drifter?

(And I'm not talking about Excalibur Umbra in this case)

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On 2023-05-25 at 7:21 AM, (PSN)Schteiler1 said:


Is it intentional that Enemies can sometimes kill the Frame and you're down even though you're in Operator/Drifter?



Was your waframe using some form of Channeled Ability? (abilities that stay active)

when doing so unoccupied Warframes are Not Invincible, but instead get something like 90% DR.

This has been the case for some time, but its is mainly tougher content like Circuit that makes you finally discover it.

Bear that in mind when switching to Operator, deactivate any channeled abilities first.

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