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Coming Soon: Devstream #36


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Coming Soon: Devstream #36 


Who? Tune in to watch Steve, Sheldon, Geoff, and Scott join Rebecca from the couch to talk Warframe!

What? After 3 weeks since TennoLive, we return to talk more about Archwing and take some community questions!  

Where? Join us at http://twitch.tv/Warframe.
When? Friday, September 5th at 2PM EDT! Find your timezone at www.worldtimebuddy.com.


We will be giving away 3 Platinum prizes to viewers at home!


Please post your questions in this thread – thread closes at 10 AM EDT on Sept. 5!

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1. Droptables, WHEN are we getting a fix for them Sheldon? :)


Especially stuff like Gleaming Talon, or Bite. On the first one the enemy that drops it is rare. As for the second one, we have another 9 rare mods on the same enemy, where 8 of them already come with your kubrow...


Take off those ability mods from droptables, its about time.


2. With the addition of your Kubrow being able to walk around the ship, can we see the addition of being able to breed a Kubrow, while you have one walking around the ship? Once it fully matures, then we have to put one of the 2 into stasis, but it would be nice to be able to breed a new Kubrow, while you still can take one on a mission.


3. Kubrow waiting times, when switching. Why? On sentinels I can change them around to use "the right tool for the right job", weapons also, frames also, so why the 3 hour wait when each Kubrow has a big difference in usefulness?


4. After melee 2.0, the combo build-up isnt fluid. Because of enemy AI and the small time we have to get another strike, building-up combos is unrewarding, along with the fact that getting up close is already a big gamble with our lifes. It barely synergizes with most frame powers, that once cast, you lose the combo you built up. Will we see changes? Like the counter slowly building down if you dont get a strike in X seconds, or more time to get that next hit? The whole goal for melee 2.0 was to make melee as good as weapons, yet its still really unrewarding.


5. Also on melee 2.0, the lack of thought around flying enemies, and actually improving movement on them towards damaging enemies, like dashing and rolling melee moves. This thread is the go-to place for this:


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OMG been waiting for a new devstream for a while! :D




1. Are you going to re-work the way we play against bosses so that we do not repetitively fight the same boss the same way to achieve the rewards? (suggestion: split-missions encounters or fights etc.)


2. Would you develop a system so that we can host our own servers? We understand servers are expensive and some members of the community can afford those themselves


3. Will the new swimming have a hit on fps or general performance? For me warframe is borderline playable and I worry about the underwater tiles being released


4. Will you increase the amount of customization we have that affects gameplay? (additions like the ability to carry objectives in the back rather than hand or defences against certain damage types etc)


5. Is the pet system going to get major improvements so that it has more depth?


6. Sentinel love? When?


All I have for now :)

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When will status chance mods be getting a buff (like melee prowess)? Currently there is no reason to use them and are completely overshadowed by the new dual stat mods. (as well as shocking toutch, deep freeze and north wind).


In addition are we going to see a rebalancing between the crit mods of different weapon types (rifle crit mods are a lot stronger than all of the other types)?

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Weapon balance passes: Are they on the table?


And what are your thoughts on powercreep and the ludicrous scaling and imbalance that is quite obvious in the game at the moment. My intent is not to bash the devs or the game, but rather to know what the dev team thinks about these issues which are being voiced by community members.

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Where are proxy wars and the focus system?  Archwing is nice and all, but we have been waiting a long time for these.  





I was looking through the thread, its nice to see there are lots of other people asking this question as well.  


One thing I would like to add is... Can DE take another pass at the changes to Absorb?  14.5 pretty much destroyed this as a viable ability and introduced being able to grieve a team mate buy wrecking their entire energy supply. 

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So what exactly can we expect the Archwing to do? We are about half way though U14 at this point and I think I speak for the community when I say that I want to know what we are looking at. 


Also the obvious question of XboxONE transfer. That seems to have been a hot topic here on the forums recently.


Additonally, what frame is getting the rework bat next? I would think it's Hydroid, given his strange kit and lack of synergy within it. 

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Many status chance mods are bad. Really bad.


And status chance mechanics have many problems with it.


It's too random:
-You get puncture proc with slash weapon like Miter which is not what you want.
-Oftentimes, you get less element proc than physic proc when using physic damage weapons even with decent status chance.
It's unreliable:
-Sometimes the actual status chance seems lower than the one displayed, and I suspect that it's affected by fps, connection and many other things.
-You have little control over what proc will be triggered.
Some procs are not very useful:
-Puncture proc has short duration, the 30% damage reduction is not very noticeable, and it cannot be stacked.
-Toxin proc deal damage per second, which is kind of slow for a fast pace game.
-Magnetic proc is only good for shield. It takes away players' energy, yet it does not affect enemies' energy(enemies can still use their ability).
Many Status mods are useless:
-Rifle Aptitude, Sure Shot, Stunning Speed, and Melee Prowess are completely useless IMHO.
-Shotgun Savvy is a little better, but it's still far from being useful.
-Enduring Strike costs too much. It only enhance ONE channel attacks, and it reduces channel efficiency.
Each channel attacks cost extra energy, but there is high chances that those extra energy may end up being wasted when no effect is triggered. Worst of all, even if some effect is triggered, it may not be the one you want.
So I really feel like I'm playing slot machine except that I'm using my energy as token when I use Enduring Strike
Sadly, many players don't care about status chance, they only care about one-shoting enemies.
Why uses status chance when you can one shot enemies?
But I'd say, DE really should change status effect mechanic. It can add a lot of variety to weapons and play style.
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