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[De]Rebecca Birthday Thread


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"Ordis." He speaks to the Cephilon "Open transmission."


The recorder/viewer screen comes on line from the nav comms aboard the Liset.


The Ash kneels before the nav comms.


"Mistress Lotus, regretfully I have nothing to offer you for your birthday.

but my undying Loyalty. and Servitude to restore the balance.

In the Ancient language of the Orokin. he speaks.



May the Blossum of your petals Bloom forever through your guidence

shall we remain and suceed. Happy Birthday. Mistress Lotus."


"Ordis, end transmission." he said.


(A little role playish I know but it was all i had to offer.) hope it is as was and enjoyable birthday DE Rebecca.

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There was already one earlier today ._.


Edit: here! https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/319282-happy-birthday-de-rebecca/


Not to be a prick, but when I only had enough time to catch some of the stream today  I wasn't about to go through and scim in wherever it could have been just to post it there. 


Figured this'd be a better gesture to perhaps bring another smile to our Lotus. 

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