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Weapon Skin Contest Winners, Release Update!

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I know it hasn't been too long since our last mention of the Weapon Skin Contest, but today we're happy to announce that our winners should be making an appearance in Warframe's Marketplace late 2014 / early 2015!




We'll be sure to get you all a more precise date as we get closer to launch.  Congrats again to our winners!  We look forward to seeing your work make its debut in game!






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These guys are going to get so much rukkin' plat! Might as well just give them some shares of the company while you're at it.


But seriously, its going to be hard for me to see the Scindo Prime as all that impressive visually when I can throw that ZeroJackDaw skin on it! She (right, she?) is a true artist. You guys should just go ahead and hire her while you can. 

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