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Hotfix 15.5.9

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  • Mesa’s Peacemaker will now automatically target enemies that enter her range when holding down the trigger button. Ramp up time will not reset when all nearby enemies are killed.
  • The Drahk Master will now only steal your weapon if you have a pistol or rifle equipped.
  • Sent Nullifier Crewmen into Cerberus to help reinforce the Corpus forces there.
  • Adjusted spawn rates for the new Infested enemies in some of the earlier Missions.
  • Reduced stun rate of various NPC weapons used in Archwing Missions.


  • Fixed some cases where the last reward shown in a defense or interception mission was not given to some players.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when Mirage used Hall of Mirrors with a Torid equipped as a client.
  • Fixed players not seeing Dojo decorations when entering a Dojo.
  • Fixed Invasion Missions not counting toward Battle Pay when quota for Invasion is completed when mid-Mission.
  • Fixed chat connection problems from machines with various operating system services disabled.
  • Fixed issues with gray square appearing in place of obtained item details (at the bottom of the screen).
  • Fixed Mesa’s Regulator pistols not being removed upon deactivation if the player has no other weapons (e.g. stolen by Beastmaster).
  • Fixed Mesa becoming stuck in Peacemaker while being mind controlled by Mutalist Alad V.
  • Fixed various crash-related issues.
  • Fixed various localization issues related to Mods and Mastery Sigils.
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inb4 Cerberus gets changed to Hive mission.


In reality though, since your vendetta is clearly to stop us from grinding anything, why not completely eliminate all corpus interception missions from the game?  Only keep capture, hive, and exterminate.  So the rest of us can leave.

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