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Devstream #57 Overview


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Umbra Excalibur
• A post clarifying all the new questions is coming
• This message needs to be communicated amongst several languages, and a complete understanding between all parties is sought before this is posted
• Target release date: Next week!
• Was hoping for release this week, but it didn't quite make it
• Starchart overhaul is confirmed to NOT be in U17
• When you boot it up for the first time, you will have a tutorial that will inform you of important changes: alt fire weapon changes and parkour changes
Elimination of Stamina
• Arcane Helmets that alter Stamina will be changed to different values
• Blocking is endless, and will now be damage reduction based on the weapon type you are wielding
• Channeling while blocking will reflect damage, which will stack with the Reflection mod
• The energy cost of Block-Channeling is on a curve; it will decease in cost as it levels up
• All Stamina mods that are going away will be converted to Fusion Cores, there's an exploit here for savvy players!
• Green Chroma is being updated
Utility Mod Slot (Exilis Mod Slot)
• Tied to a Quest in Echoes of the Sentients
• There may be way to gain more slots, but at least one will be guaranteed by completing the Quest
• There are a number of mods designated as Utility Mods (such as Rush, Enemy Sense, and Handspring) that can be placed in this slot
• There may be new Parkour 2.0 mods that occupy this slot as well
• Utility Mod slot will be polarize-able with Forma
• Utility Mods can be slotted in regular slots as well, not exclusive to the slot like Auras


Weapon Visibility
• There will be a toggle-able option that will hide weapons while holstered
• This was introduced to avoid clipping with the new capes


Parkour 2.0
• The parkour tutorial will break down each element individually that's being added: double jump, bullet jump, and aim glide.
• Bullet Jump is performed like the old slide jump: hold control and press space
• Aim Glide is performed simply by aiming weapons while airborne
• The flying from Aim Glide is explained as a limited Suspension Field around the Warframe
• Enemy accuracy will be decreased based on the player's actions; when you are jumping, sliding, or moving at all, each of these will have varying effects on enemy accuracy
• There is a limit on how much you can wall-jump; it's not true endlessly despite the elimination of Stamina
• This invisible resource seems to be gauged only by a draining sound while you're attached to the wall, and there will be mods that alter it
• Ziplines are now mountable - you can run across them like a tight-rope; they felt too slow before
• All the dodges got smoothed out, sped up, and extended the distance traveled. You can also dodge in the air as well!
• The auto-roll when you do a heavy landing has been eliminated; you can dodge right before you land to ensure a light landing
• Zephyr has much greater utility with Parkour 2.0 than she ever did with 1.0
• Click
to see Rebecca demo the Parkour Tutorial


Yin Yang Warframe: Equinox
• Scott referred to Equinox as "she"
• The theme of this Warframe is balance/opposites
• Comes with 7 powers
• #1 Metamorphosis - swaps theme/form; this change also gives a temporary stat buff to encourage swapping forms regularly
• The combined form will be what is seen while in Relays/Liset, but your Energy Colour changes your starting form
• Fulls set of custom idles for each form
• The Energy cost of some of her abilities is low initially, but it increases depending on the number of enemies affected
• #2 Rest/Rage - an AOE blast that either puts enemies to sleep, leaving them open to Finishers, or "wake them up", increasing damage dealt to them, but also making them stronger and faster 
• #3 Pacify/Provoke - Provoke increases Power Strength to all allies within range, but Equinox has to pay Energy each time an ally frame uses a power
• #4 Mend/Maim - a toggle-able AOE slash (seems to travel with Equinox) that has guaranteed bleed proc, and stores all damage dealt to enemies. When you toggle it off, a percentage of the damage stored is dealt in a burst, or a percentage of the damage stored heals allies in a burst when it's toggled off
• Haven't decided on a Passive yet
• Click
to see Rebecca test out Equinox









• Smooth transition to and from Sharkwing to normal gameplay
•  New Grineer Frog-Men sighted; seem to be very threatening enemies
• There are also hazards besides enemies (purple smoke of death)
• Hinted that there are secrets hidden in the design of the level... how long will it take the community to uncover them?
• Click
to see Rebecca try out Sharkwing and the Uranus tileset





Shotgun Buffs
• Scott's very worried that they're OP now
• There is a lot of "power" behind each shot via ragdolling enemies
• Optimal range for shotguns is fairly generous; around 10-15 m


Supra Buffs
• Ammo: 1080 rounds
•  Clip size: 180 rounds
• Reload: 3 seconds
• Damage is increased by unspecified amount
• Projectile speed increased : almost doubled, not quite as fast as Boltor Prime
Vectis Prime
• There's a mod coming for Vectis Prime
• Not strictly for Vectis Prime, but designed with it in mind
• Nightmare Mod: Less Clip Size, Faster Reload Speed
Weapon Augments
• New batch coming
• They will be equippable by weapon type, like Thunderbolt
• Covert Lethality is a Dagger Augment that guarantees lethal Stealth Attacks
• Adhesive Explosives gives Penta sticky grenades


Defense Mode Changes
• The action picks up too much on Wave 10, it's boring before that
• When there's 50 enemies at once, it's really hard on lower-end machines
• The goal is to make Defense enemy count to be similar to Survival enemy count
• Before: all the enemies that spawn in Defense are random; sometimes there are a lot of Healers, sometimes there are none
• After: there are wimpy guys at the beginning, then heavy gunners as the wave proceeds, maybe Eximus at the end for increased intensity
• Hopefully will make it into U17


Other Stuff
• Ordis is being moved to the right side of the screen!
• New retriever type Kubrow is called Chesa Kubrow
• Velvet cape is confirmd for U17
• New Console update including Excalibur re-work is close to completion, possibly sent for cert early next week


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Thanks as always. Love how DE listens to players opinions such that giving the others an option to reduce the vectis prime's clip.

*not that I need it tho but I know some may*

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More like "DE listens to the community no matter how often people say they don't"


Back-up evidence: Providing a way to lower Vectis Prime magazine.


Yeah, I found that pretty ironic, seeing as how that exact Corrupted Mod has been suggested several times since Vectis Prime was released. It's a great solution, since I'm sure a few people enjoy the doubled magazine size and would resent it being taken away.


They really do listen XD

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More like "DE listens to the community no matter how often people say they don't"


Back-up evidence: Providing a way to lower Vectis Prime magazine.


Listening to the community is fine.   Saying you won't do something then turning around and doing it isn't.  You can do the first without doing the second.

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Thanks doc!


My little analysis on the go :



+ Nice shotgun buff : enemies seem to react much better to hits! I hope this will also happen to other weapon types

+ Gorgeous tileset

+ Excellent transitions sharkwing-to-ground (& vice versa)

+ Cool looking capes!

+ Cool looking new frame & nice powers (We can use the 2nd for Stealth!!!)

+ that dagger mod...I NEED IT!!!!!

+ the holstered weapon option is excellent BUT we'd need a little fx or something when we materialize it (I don't know, a very little channel effect or something like the capture of a target!) to explain it.

+ Parkour 2.0 looks way better than what we got. Some issues still remain unanswered though : https://forums.warfr...old-onmoves-20/

+ Okay-ish new rope action (the starting animation looks a bit wonky though)

+ New kubs!

+ Supra buff, finally...

+ It's next week!!!


- No word on charge attacks return

- No word on Stealth 2.0..

- Nothing about the new Solar map

- Where's the underwater wildlife?

- Seeing the retriever kub in action could've been nice.


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ty. it got a bit confusing during Equinox showcase. i thought they didn't mention what pacify does, and truly they didn't.


Yeah, I actually had to re-watch it to understand Harm/Heal. They seemed to confuse themselves... and yeah, they totally forgot to cover Pacify.

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• All Stamina mods that are going away will be converted to Fusion Cores, there's an exploit here for savvy players!


Ok, can someone tell me how we can get legendary fusion cores out this deal?


You probably can't.  More likely they'll be converted to regular cores, so farming for common stamina mods becomes efficient when they become cores. 

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