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Recurring Dreams + Hotfix 1


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Recurring Dreams


You can now replay the Second Dream quest! You’ll notice some small tweaks upon replaying it, such as not receiving a Focus lens, and not being able to select a new Focus school upon completion (Naramon for life, amirite?). More quests will get the same treatment down the line, but for now the ability to replay the Second Dream is meant to get us all prepared and up to speed for The War Within (and to feel the feels again). Enjoy! 

  • Meteor Crash, Nebula Bore, and Astral Slash have been added to the Codex.
  • Increased the amount of enemies spawnable in Nightmare Exterminate mission (max cap of 500). 


  • Removed ‘Friendly Fire’ modifier from Nightmare missions.
  • It is no longer necessary to use Antitoxin to get Nightmare rewards on Earth Sabotage missions.
  • In an attempt to reduce performance issues, the Juggernaut Behemoth will now cause damage over time associated with the poison gas clouds instead of creating a ridiculous amount of toxic droplet projectiles.
  • Tweaked the Nightmare node algorithm so that they appear on the same node for all players, regardless of Star Chart progression.
  • Chat item linking a Relic will now show what items it contains! However, you’ll still need to view Relics in the Codex to view drop locations.  

Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Reduced the severity of the Mobility debuff of Stagger in Conclave.
  • Loki’s Invisibility is now removed when he deals damage in Conclave. *This was noted in The Index Preview update, but didn’t end up functioning properly. 
  • Fixed the Forgotten Halls Conclave map displaying the wrong name in Annihilation and Team Annihilation.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes force a respawn after 15 seconds of starting a match in the Infested Frigate map.
  • Rubico, Snipetron series and Vectis series Headshot multiplier returned to their intended 2x multiplier in Conclave
  • Lie in Wait Conclave Mod can longer be used with the Lanka.
  • Increased damage of the Lanka in Conclave.
  • The Lanka’s charge dissipates after 5 seconds in Conclave.
  • Lowered Ivara's Encumbered Arrow duration from 6 to 4 seconds in Conclave.
  • Ivara's Encumbered Arrow no longer forces Walk speed in Conclave.

Dedicated Server Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Aim Glide appearing jittery on Dedicated Servers.


  • Fixed dissolving Mods for Endo costing Credits. *Please note that this was fixed live Tuesday, and a script was also run to reimburse Credits lost:
  • Fixed incorrect default holster positions for Dual Swords on Ember. 
  • Fixed being able to desecrate Nekros’ Shadows and Atlas’ Rumblers in the Jordas Verdict. 
  • Fixed loading into the wrong Invasion level.
  • Fixed Wyrm's Warrior Mod sometimes targeting friendly targets.
  • Fixed Nightmare missions clearing from the Star Chart if aborted/failed before reaching the mission objective. 
  • Fixed players who have cleared the Nightmare for a given planet, getting Nightmare rewards by joining friends who have not cleared it yet.
  • Fixed Junction task lists being off screen when right aligned on larger screens.
  • Fixed equipping skins on the Galatine Prime causes Sugatras to not attach properly.
  • Fixed missing teleport triggers in the Uranus Grineer Sealab tileset. 
  • Fixed being able to Chat item link an unreleased TennoCon Emblem.
  • Fixed incorrect fly-in skybox when loading into Lua. 
  • Fixed script error with Inaros’ Sandstorm.
  • Fixed script error with Nekros’ Desecrate.

Recurring Dreams: Hotfix 1

  • Fixed Quest and key missions not giving rewards (I.e Chroma Signal Blueprint, etc.) *We're working on a script to fix players who have not received their items and are currently stuck. Our sincerest apologies. 
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hotfix #1
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YES! TWW hype!



Edit: Still no fix for Nyx prime bits covering the Athena tennogen skin. 


  • Fixed being able to desecrate Nekros’ Shadows and Atlas’ Rumblers in the Jordas Verdict. 

Rip JV raiders. 

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Although would it be possible to still get the "Quest Exclusive" blueprints during replays?
A few players including m'self have bugged profiles with some quest related weapons not showing as maxed out even if it is and I highly doubt "My Profile" would receive an overhaul anytime soon...

So can we pls have this temporary fix at least for now?

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