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  1. I would buy that skin for Khora just to get that ugly helmet off her head.. This helmet looks great ..
  2. yes I had the same thing.. both guns snatched away.. but that left me with my dreaded Zaw to kill everything that moved 🙂 would be nice if they, (DE) fixed this bug..
  3. DE please.. just stop and look at your own game for once.. You made a riven system that is a real flawed piece of work.. RNG to get better stats, massive costs to roll 30 time or more to get reasonable stats, huge time input to get enough Kuva to make a gun perform as it should.. and then u just keep nerfing the rivens .. give us a break DE, just leave it alone for a while and fix the real ingame problems, or bring the rivens out with appropriate stats instead of putting the thumb screws on when alot of players have spent thousands of hours and plat getting them good. enough is enough with messing with rivens..
  4. damn lame is right.. the Zealot boss is a fun fun and now its only twice per day unless u stockpiled the codes.. which i had 4 luckily but as this states (1 Zealot Code is acquired from completing 3 Infested Outbreak missions on a planet under an Outbreak. 2 planets are always under an Outbreak at all times, meaning you can get 2 Zealot Codes per day.) Come on DE, 2 per day is ridiculous, it's RNG gambling remember DE.. ! Who comes up with these crazy ideas thinking this is a good thing for us players.. 2 per day pfffft.
  5. Anyone else not getting the rewards from doing Invarsion missions.. I have done 18 invasions missions this morning and only received 2 zealot codes .. I thought the codes show up straight after you finish the 3 mission run ..? I did all the invasion missions on Ceres and Neptune and still no codes rewarded after the first 2.. Not a great way to farm the Pathocyst if u now only get 1 Zealot code per planet per rotation.. yesterday I got zealot codes from each invasion mission completed.. bug or changed ?
  6. Really .. reports a logo on forum .. someone has too much time on their hands ..
  7. yeah that one got me but I finally got the scans by going to low level Earth defense missions as low MR players use the maps to level .. and original Stalker showed up there after a newish player. Bit of a pain that you dont realise about the codex scanning until you're further into the game and a few of these scans really need to be done earlier..
  8. Well Midas hit the nail firmly on the head with his comments. DE I hope you are listening. I have smashed the disruption modes as we really enjoy it but the Kuva rewards are just too low to use it as a Kuva farm, the Kuva rewards here need a big buff at least double whats coming out atm. The other nodes are just really sub standard rewards and will be quickly forgotten. Kuva is the required resource so let boosters and smeetas work and buff the amount so we can get a reasonable amount of Kuva..please 🙂
  9. Thanks DE, you guys and gals are orsome 😉 Great to hear about the new way to get Kuva, please please make it a decent rewards the current amounts in comparison to how much it costs to RNGroll is way to low.. especially with my soon 120 rivens up from 92. And the new mode is really fun to play so well done DE thanks
  10. Well this is where us Vets should be doing what I did, loaded up my volt / chroma tridolon gear, went onto the plains into an open squad .. which was 3 low MR 3,9, and a 10 MR i think.. and then I just went to work.. they helped a little bit where they could but all three ended up dead, but hung around while i finished of Garry and Harry. No proplem for me and the 3 newer players got the NW ticked off their list. Yes this would be difficult for the newer players and its a very hard Elite Weekly for the said newer players, but if other Vets just went in to Open squad and did their Tridolon killing everyone would be happy.. But DE, like someone else said about the Shards .. it only takes 1 player to not place a Shard into said Throne and the whole mission is wasted.. and there is another wait to be had before next night on the plains.. Really they should just make this one something like solo Terry or kill/capture 3 Terry's so the players without the good gear can actually give this a crack and make it themselves.
  11. Awesome, can wait for Empyrean ... this will make me recruit more players for sure.. I think, maybe .. but DE you have done wonders over the last few years POE, Fortuna and now this .. along with all the bits that go with these releases.. best game in the world guys!
  12. DE thats Great thanks!! good rewards for intermission .. [ all the moaners are just "intitlists" ] .. very nice to release an intermission .. thanks again for the effort DE peps.
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