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  1. Jeez DE.. just let us use the Link mods .. how hard is that .. better than these non-stick bandaids you've dropped on us .. wonder where you get these ideas from and how you even think its a good enough idea to release this..
  2. If i remember this was a bug on PC that got fixed this year I think, so its most probably same on Xbox for now..
  3. Haha .. yep thats a crackup .. :)
  4. Man Railjack in the form of the very old Freelancer space game would be kinda cool..
  5. Thanks for the update, but please fix codex entries into game so we can scan them - Orm - Basilisk, Engineer, Harpi, Weaver, Vorac Engineer, and Axio Engineer, also Demios Leaper, and Demios Swarm Mutalists..
  6. Nice ideas and the guns could certainly use some lovin mods .. dont know about the backflip one though I usually land on my head when i try those.. ;)
  7. What DE COULD have done, which we have asked for, for a very long time, is make the Riven Cypher allow us to hold a stat on the slot machine.. this crap of not doing the challenge is just stupid .. The main thing with rivens is the amount of slot-machine rolls needed which is a absolute ton of kuva, I know I spent 2.8 million Kuva over the last month or so just rolling a few rivens to get some good personal rivens for weapons I use. Nothing great came out of that 2.8 million kuva spent.. just some good ones for me.. And I still have about 160 rivens that are average to just ok .. but to get t
  8. Deimos Jugulus Eximus: Thanks Voltage, I finally got my last three scans and in 1 missions today.. 12 minutes in and 2 showed up.. I will add something to making it easier to get the "Extract Samples" stage 1 and more chance to get Exi Jug-ears to show up .. Go in Fass not Vome as the Juggies show up a lot more in Fass.. Also look for the Salvage bounty as the rotation of the bounties are much better to include the Extract Samples in stage 1. Again MUCH appreciation for your research and now I can try to get that last remaining elusive Eximus Jackel which I have never seen as yet
  9. Yeah team .. got my last scans today in 12 minutes 1 mission .. 2 turned up and done. Damn I'm amped up about finishing that one :)
  10. yes the visuals are actual "invisible visual" they are so subtle its really useless .. I thought it would be a cool one but nooo.
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