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  1. I speed run Cassini (capture) on Saturn and it spawns every time, but every now and then it takes a little while to spawn so I just go green and redo.. takes about 1min-1:30 per run
  2. Well you tricked me into think it was going to be a whinging post.. but it was a good post which I agree with... you gave suggestions and thats great, infact I like both suggestion especially the second one as I prefer longer missions. I was really lucky yesterday (I havent run Lich system since getting all the weapons due to the murmurs grind), but I managed 3 Lich kills getting 2 of the new weapons in about 4 hrs, mainly due to luck with the Parazon mods guessed correctly and not having to murmur farm for the 3 hrs each. Good post! I hope DE take note of second point.
  3. Yes, thanks Megan and all at DE for these updates, QOL is much better.. will be good to chase some more Lichs and to get back into RJ again..
  4. Really, this is a gamebreaker.. damn my Kuva Ogris that I use in Arbitration has been tricking me with its Status ticks the whole time..
  5. Great directional changes DE, thanks very much. As soon as this is out I'll be hunting Lichs again!
  6. Heya Tenno, I play alot of Arbi, usually 1 hr solo or with my 2 other clan mates. We farm for Vitus and have done so for quite a while. We use Smeeta and Booster to maximised returns. The last 2 weeks the drops have reduced by almost 60%. We kept saying "it's just RNG" but it seems that RNG has been more than unfavourable than it used to be. We used to "average" 40-60 Vitus in a 1 hr game, some times 30, sometimes 90+, but it averaged out about 1 Vitus per minute played. Lately its been a great deal lower and even our good return games are lower by about 20 Vitus. We ran 1 hr missions alot over the last 5 days and it seems to be returning 1 Vitus per 3 mintues played. Just wondering if anyone has seen any notes from DE on Vitus reduction or addition to drop tables etc? DE if you happen to read this, hows about making the Drop Chance Booster work on the Drone spawns, at least that gives us more opportunity to gain more Vitus with out changing the drop table..or dare I ask increase Vitus drop chance abit 😉
  7. Noticed this a while back but it seems to be happening more often. If we do more than an hr in Arbi when we extract to see the next Arbi mission sometimes it doesnt appear in the Nav panel, we have to log out and in to get it to appear. Tried it a few time yesterday and the whole squad had the same thing. Not a biggy but still annouying to have to get everyone to log out/in to get the next one going.
  8. This is not correct .. I just wish it was..
  9. I think pets should either have a "Hold Position" (like specters) or the ability to revive like normal, (pets are a bit scatter brained - lets race out and attack a lvl 300 slapper). Players thou, should not be able to revive in Arbi, players dieing every 2 mins stuffs the mission for the rest of the squad who come prepared. This above I dont like at all.. way to much room for AFK abusers. We had a dude the other day come in and straight away jump up high, where he had obviously done many times, and just stayed there the whole match, split the spawns and just made it harder for the squad to get enough kills. (on a side note) we do need a "Report Leech/AFK" button that takes screenshot and sends to DE. But .. when u get a good squad of players, prepared, Arbi is a great mode and really fun and after an 1hr or 2 the challenge is definately there 🙂
  10. dude set your squad, if camping with 2 hydriods & 2 nekros, if you're all over the map everyone take nekros.. Nekros is a real beast when modded correctly and can last deep into survival missions especially against infested. And use despoil, Nekros creates health orbs and equipped with Magus Elevate or Repair you dont ever worry about energy or health, we run long games when we farm for specific resources, take the Smeetas, with Arcane Bodyguard, Melee everything with a big slash weapon = Grofit the easy way.
  11. Thanks guys and gals at DE, more good direction changes: Especially >> Fixed Inaros getting stuck in his Devour animation if Devour is cast on an enemy that dies at the exact same time << Keep up good work
  12. Just ran a couple of corpus arbitrations and the ciphers didnt work .. lockdowns, ambulus, noone in the squad could use ciphers, auto breach worked but cipher didnt.
  13. Ok was looking for this bug and I see its happening .. had it happen 40 mins into arbitration and had to Alt F4.. lost rewards.. 😞 /unstuck, menu, nothing worked to break animation..anyone found a solution or response from DE?
  14. Thanks Megan and all at DE for the fixes, its a definate move in the right direction, Omni tool in gear wheel ? AW, Awguns and melee fixes ? Will jump into RJ again today and see if the changes have bought the fun back again.. fingers and toes crossed. Keep up the good work 🙂
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