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  1. massive difference between these 2 lol.. 2 hr run odin SE .. good returns, hmmpf .. any time ISO vault, possible reward maybe..
  2. Yeah Khoras Whipclaw LOS is massively buggy, I ran a days testing when the nerf first hit the floor, I now dont run Khora anymore as its proving "difficult" to hit most nme even when they are in the Strangledome .. will wait until its fixed, so maybe back in Khora 2022 sometime ;)
  3. yes this really bring up the importance of .. which 2 cheeses do you use in ya sammy .. very important choice.. especially if its to go with my Vino
  4. Bonewidow, best fix would be to consign it to the Lotus! .. in other words flush it!
  5. DE needs to start listening correct, over the last few days 3 or 4 of the players I have been forming squads with recently have told me they are now moving to new games.. only 2 players in my clan now actually play WF after this last slap in the face called an update, man DE this is sad.
  6. And just to add to this .. the Lotus tells us in said survivals that "the longer you stay the greater the rewards" .. and also another couple that now I cant remember of course, but they are telling us to hunker down, stay as long as you can, prove yourself and you will be rewarded.. DE should change the Lotus voice line.
  7. hhmm this is actually a great point and lol I had never even considered it.. thanks :)
  8. This is very well said, and it really highlights what we have been saying for a long time.. DE dont play the game like we (playbase) do.. we will always find the most efficient way to do anything, why .. because DE "Gate" everything, just like the new Umbra Forma Bp .. buy 1 and .. wait eerrr what months .. we all knew that the changes would come to Sp, which is why everyone smashed SE odin.. but DE put it there for us to farm for Kuva, it wasnt an accident.. its just again they don't play the game .. one thing that really annouys me is the way DE catagorises eveyone in the same way.. li
  9. true what you say .. don't have to do the grind, entirely optional .. but did a few runs to help friends and got them only need 2 bits so the grind was short this time... but the bonewidow is rather disappointing, dont think ill be putting 5 formas on that one .. the gun is still building so hopefully it will be of some use for the other Nec..
  10. You know you are really correct in what you say, seems kinda strange to have/had all these great possibilities for game content and at different levels for different players, yet they just dont .. whats the word.. finish, fix or follow through..I dont know .. DE fall short in just about every good content.. SS, arbi, SE, Raids etc, so many possibilities just nerfed or dropped.. but you're dead right we do have conservation and fishing to keep us amused :)
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