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  1. also got some from crates one the way to fight Rop
  2. His name is Gary but his lil brother Terry always called him "Gaunti" and the name just stuck 😉
  3. I think you'll find its more about the shared XP and Hydron is always full squad.. even if these days its on 10 waves unfortunately..
  4. OP are you talking about the bug where your Kat gets locked in one spot? Or is your Kat still moving around..?
  5. I'd love to take my pack out hunting on the Plains or Vallis .. man that would be amazing!
  6. Really, leaving Warframe because of chat moderation, something thats been a known and discussed issue for a long time, and that can easily be ignored OMG .. in other words you spend all your time in chat and are kinda precious .. at first I felt bad that another Vet is leaving .. but after reading about why I'm like.. "dont let the door hit you on the way out" ..
  7. Hey my fellow Tenno's Rare Orokin Storage Containers, I havent seen one of these for about 18 months.. just wanting to know if anyone has actually seen any. I need to finish my codex and need to scan 3 more. 😞
  8. this.. best advice ever to new player.. should have done the first few planets clearing all the node to get used to game play.. POE isnt what I would call newbie friendly when all you have is mk-1 Paris .. most probably with very few mods and not formed..
  9. I think when you really look at Rebb fighting you would see its harder than normal even though its only lvl35... so I think I would wait until it's released before going off on the Devstream teaser guys..
  10. Thanks Rebb .. hangin for any new content as usual .. thanks for all the hard word once again DE .. and dont rush .. but are we there yet 🙂
  11. Yes have had this happen a few times lately on PC .. very annouying
  12. yes whats with punishing solo players?
  13. lol I like 60 min abitrations and i find the best way for me to play is to find a good spot, and I stay there.. what I have found in most cases is that after 20 mins or so the others who have been racing all over the map usually end up in my room and enjoy an easy 60 minute team killfest or they leave, but sometimes the odd player just doesnt understand how the spawn mechanics works and keep bouncing all over the map .. but I'm comfortable in my spot, fire going, beer handy .. ez life when done right!
  14. Yes well .. after 30 it just .. err stopped being rewarding.. 15 useless wolf credits.. I still did all the NW alerts apart from the ones "with a friend or clanmate". Mainly for something to do.. rank 43 atm but stopped caring at 31... would have been a lot more if DE had made the rewards after 30, Kuva, Endo, Forma, something useful..
  15. Yes this is my bane as well, usual thing, Skalker drops in from counselling, dies again .. (thats for all those times when I was a newbie btw), and leaves me no ephemera! Damn the RNG on him seems rather low.. but I guess he'll visit again 🙂
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