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  1. Yes I agree and whats more annouying is you get no XP from the leecher as they dont kill anything.. DE need to start to understand this and how annouying it is when a player just comes in and Pro-Leeches.. i dont mind if they leech abit of the mission but hey man.. at least give some XP back to the rest of us you're leeching from.. or DE need to make a Pherliac Pod for Corpus, Grineer and Corrupted. LOL when I am in a Infested mission and see a pro leecher I just chuck Pherliac pods at them .. and laugh at how fast they suddenly move 😉
  2. Awesome, can wait for Empyrean ... this will make me recruit more players for sure.. I think, maybe .. but DE you have done wonders over the last few years POE, Fortuna and now this .. along with all the bits that go with these releases.. best game in the world guys!
  3. DE thats Great thanks!! good rewards for intermission .. [ all the moaners are just "intitlists" ] .. very nice to release an intermission .. thanks again for the effort DE peps.
  4. Hey, I have a small oldies Clan, have room for 1 or 2 more, but we are rather casual players as we all work and have families. NZ and Oz players so if you're after a smaller casual clan of old farts like us .. look me up ingame. I'll be back on in an hour or so.
  5. I agree with this post, fair is fair, and based on this "remove inactives/people that didn't participate in the event up to our requirements" it shouldnt have been a concern really. I think if you are a competitive clan and go for the points but do kick players after they have tried, well I dont think its right that you keep their earnt points.
  6. Hey tenno.. Recently I have run a few 1hr+ endurance Disruption missions, absolutely love this mode btw DE, but even though I have every frame and weapon majorly forma'd I still start having problems killing the Demolysts once they hit about level 190 up.. I usually run solo Hildryn with Catchmoon max forma Rad, Gas or Viral. Also using maxed forma Zaw viral build with Exodia Epidemic. I hit 10k points ok but after that it gets hard to kill the demolyst in time. I see players getting huge personal scores and am wondering how and what frames/weapons builds you are using past say level 180 demolysts or round 15 on.. I'd like to take our little Clan into a 20 round endurance run if we can get the right builds. Any help would be most appreciated..
  7. strange i tried that plus enemy radar and the demolyst didnt show up? how did you get this working?
  8. 15k is silver, 20k gold, just log out/in I found it refreshed
  9. I solo 10k points used Hildryn and Rad Catchmoon.. would have gone longer but it just takes soooo long to get even to 10k solo... best bet is to squad of 3 hunter killers to hunt demolysts and a defender to ensure it doesnt sneak through if someone dies.. cover all entrances and kill demolyst asap. Rad and viral seems to work well..
  10. Damn.. Everyone leaves at 4000 points, I stay to do more, host migration .. no problem usually but this time had mission failed? no scores nothing
  11. also got some from crates one the way to fight Rop
  12. His name is Gary but his lil brother Terry always called him "Gaunti" and the name just stuck 😉
  13. I think you'll find its more about the shared XP and Hydron is always full squad.. even if these days its on 10 waves unfortunately..
  14. OP are you talking about the bug where your Kat gets locked in one spot? Or is your Kat still moving around..?
  15. I'd love to take my pack out hunting on the Plains or Vallis .. man that would be amazing!
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