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  1. so why do you even play warframe, if your time is just too valuable to spend playing a game to have fun ? .. people keep talking about rewards as if they are real life S#&$.. having fun isnt a waste of time its the best use of time but if you cant have fun then you are taking this game way to seriously .. I'm semi-retired so it doesnt matter as I use my time to have as much enjoyment in life and gametime as I can get (life short and goes faster as you get older).. and this (Raids) was a good piece of fun.. I certainly dont play WF because for its game mechanics or core attributes.. jeez if thats all a person has then they are missing the main point .. life should be about having fun, and having fun with a few friends has to be the best thing ever. I used to near pee myself cracking up at my mates doing crazy S#&$ in the raids, and these days all that is just not there any more, which I personally think is a shame. The fun stuff hopefully will come back to WF because it doesnt need skill or technical understanding or game mechanics to play anyway in WF nowdays ..
  2. Dude!! you rocked that point exactly .. hats off to you my fello tenno .. thank you thank you thank you..
  3. ahh you want to only play a mode that has game mechanics of some quality, so I take it you no longer play warframe.. because there certainly arent any descent actual mechanics now. I still play warframe to have fun.. its the main game attribute I think is the most important.. and to me the Raids supplied that factor.
  4. This is exactly how we felt.. me and my mates had sooooo much fun laughing at each other .. man it was really hilarious .. and once we got good at it, it still was fun.. teamwork in this game hasnt been there since this mode left WF.. man I started laughing just now remembering our raids :)
  5. dude we all knew it was ending ages ago.. we all knew to spend the credits .. right from the very beginning of NW.. not DE's fault if you dont pay attention .
  6. Opinions differ you hated it I loved it.. you want to know what people liked about Raids, but dont say why you hated them.. I liked them because I did them with my clan mates and we always laughed our asses off with the bugs and mistakes we made.. its was fun thats why I liked Raids.. as for the rewards we liked the rare crates ;) but really for us we had a ball and really enjoyed the team play.. but as always it's each to their own .
  7. :) I know but can you imagine it.. DE reads this Ops post and goes he's right, we didnt know this until (the Op) put it up on the forum .. hmm lets make it an operator battle instead of warframes, nechs etc etc .. haha bet that would hurt
  8. Based on the Ops thoughts and a few other here DE could really bite you badly and make it an operator fight ..
  9. Well said .. thanks saved me typing it.. I must admit this was the worst Tennocon released to date.. very boring especially at 4:30am kickoff.. and then not getting the damn gunblade.. It really seems, to me anyway, that DE have just gone stale with vision and ideas ..
  10. Damn I got up at 4:30 am watched the whole time on twitch and only got armor .. missed out on the gunblade and lost all that beauty sleep .. and I need my beauty sleep.. ;(
  11. Yep, I got her, leveled her up a feed her straight to the Helmith .. utterly boring useless frame, except for a newbie maybe ..
  12. Damn, why does the rest of the world live so far away from New Zealand, I gotta get up +12hrs UTC, again.. thats 4:30AM to watch .. cant you bring Canada closer ? Come on DE, this has been going on for years, get your devs to remap the sea and move Canada into my backyard .. :) .. ok ill get up to watch again.. better go stock up on the cappuchino sachets .. slightly hyped atm..
  13. Hey DE, could someone please tell us if this is going to be a new feature in the eidolon hunting (the knockdowns), just so we can avoid doing them if its is to stay or if its a bug that is going to be fixed at some stage. Also you said you're trying to somehow balance the game in regards to the difference between melee and guns, (nerfing melee doesnt help btw) but why are the guns still being created like pea-shooters. You've said that the guns just dont perform in SP.. or the rest of warframe to be honest .. but why have you produced a bunch of Sisters guns that are really useless as just about every other gun (apart from a few) .. The new mods and arcanes dont do nearly enough to even bring it anywhere near close, let alone balance anything.. If you want to balance the game as you've said whats the next part of the plan, cause this part 1 just wont cut the mustard.. would be nice to know the next move to get the balance you've said you're bringing..
  14. Heya guys can someone tell me about the Hounds Weapons: It states above melee attacks yet the Lacerten has a magazine of 6 ? I tried looking it up but couldnt find anything usefully in the way of info.. If its a melee attack why does it not have range, attack speed etc etc .. kind of confusing if this is only for the weapon.. really just want to know for best modding purposes.. tanks!
  15. haha .. oh thanks LillyRaccune.. I just got up and that makes me laugh first up .. (rather than sulking over the "latest updates") cheers When was this a new feature btw.. ? So what else did DE alter in the basement to make this happen..
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