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  1. But you're trying to "balance" the game in your favour and make it like Destiny or COD even.. some of us just play the game because its fun and we like to smash stuff.. if you all want to nerf everything and balance it then it doesnt stay Warframe, its another game you maybe should be looking for?
  2. Ok thats just weird ..
  3. DE can win, play the game and release appropriate content. Example: Just look at Primary weapons, some are utterly useless.. some are ok at low levels some are pretty good then a few are very good. Just by playing this game with the "soon to be released weapons" you would see where it would fit in. The Bramma for example I thought was great they just needed to increase charge time and remove 1-2 cluster bombs and it would have been a good weapon instead of The Great weapon. DE need to learn and use the "content" in game play prior to releasing it, test it thoroughly and then release it. At least then they would only need to adjust it slightly either way.. This system of releasing everything completely nerfed is crap. Like many have said before it will take years to get those weapons up to a reasonable standard.
  4. Revenant was an Eidolon "Ghost killer .. Before they formed as solid beasties - as here: Once the warden of the plains, tasked with protecting the Unum's tower and striking down the ghostly Eidolon forms that rose from the depths every night. Night after night, he cut them down. Not allowing them to take form. Then one night, he disappeared, lost… forever. But still he really should be the Bane of the Eidolons as he uses the essence of the Eidolons, sort of runs with the lore that Rev should have been the Eidolon smasher. What they, DE, should have done is make Revs abilities affect the Eidolons, for example , Reave should damage the Eidolons like we use Amps to do, Mesmer skin should damage the Eidolons by reflecting the damage back to the Eidolons, Danse Macabre should damage the beasties health in the final stages. Revenant was the warrior protector of the Plains.. He should be just that.
  5. Someone at DE really needs to speak up here.. [DE]Steve, [DE]Megan, [DE]Rebb.. come out come out where ever you are.. Its important to players that really do put time into this great game and we would really like a response.
  6. Heya DE peeps, its been a looong time but I thought I'd ask, again, just wondering when we are going to be able to research the solar rails and specter regiments. That, and the Ignis wraith research are the only things I need to complete, been waiting a long time to finish this research for my little clan.. be nice to know when the ignis wraith event is coming back, was away most of last time and missed most of it.. and when/if the solar rails and specter regiment research is coming back. Cheers
  7. So whats with the Treasurer and Granum Crowns thing, I've done several mission and the treasure turns up I kill him and always just get the Granum Crown 1.. are we meant to kill nme's while the treasurer is alive or what. I see there are 3levels of Crowns to take you into different Void levels..just want to know the way to get to the higher Void levels.
  8. Bro, beautifully said .. that is pure art my Tenno..
  9. ok so basically the rivens will be crap useless to any new weapons .. got it.. so that removes kuva hunting for us.. hmmm that takes out arbitration, kuva requiem survival, kuva survival .. that leaves us what to do - codex scanning again - ?
  10. Crack up.. all the complaints of the Bramma, and DE listen, end of Bramma, now wait to see all the complaints about the nerf.. that must mean DE are releasing the next weapon to get the gravy from.. awesome can't wait for it..
  11. Easy I run high lvl most of the time and my Kat hardly ever dies, Melee is the answer but pack leader or primed pack leader helps but wont work alone.. I tried everything else and now just use Primed Pack leader and Arcane Bodyguard.. I do have a moving melee style of play though .. About the only thing that really kills my kat is the sludge from the infested puker, only if Kat stops still in it.
  12. yep this.. I buy good skins, but these are terrible.
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