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  1. She's got the "20 K Drive Kills" NW challenge as a niche. That's... something... I guess.
  2. I really question DE's data on this. I see Nezha Prime pretty frequently. And even if Nezha/Nezha Prime aren't the most popular, good god look at Wukong. He's everywhere now. And I don't think this is a bad thing, as he doesn't really get in the way and I never need to revive a Wukong. To get back to the main topic, I'm fine with new frames coming out so long as we don't get another Yareli fiasco.
  3. It's a bad system that is only going to get worse when they add more Kuva and Tenet weapons. There have been many complaint and suggestion threads about this. Anecdotally, the community tends to think that there should be some way to narrow down the grind a bit. But DE hasn't revealed any plans to address this. They gave us lich trading, which is one way of fighting the grind, but many (myself included) think they should do more. Honestly, the endless Cassini/Hydra spam is the only thing I dislike about liches and sisters in their current state. I mean I'm also not wild about the instability and glitches, but that's Warframe for you.
  4. There's never going to be a single "Benchmark for Warframe Assessment," as frames should (and do) perform differently at different tasks. The reason I've written off Yareli as a terrible frame is that there's nothing she does that another frame can't do better WHILE ALSO not bringing enough to the table to counteract this. There isn't enough content diversity in this game for every Warframe to be the absolute best at something. So they just need to be good enough at enough things to be relevant. And Yareli isn't. She's outclassed in every category by her two closest analogs: Nezha and Grendel (CC, debuff, strange mobility, damage, tanking). The only niche she has is "Get 20 kills while on a k drive," and even that's open to debate because her abilities usually don't count for kills for this challenge. And even if her 1, 3, and 4 were actually good, her 2 is still an absolute travesty of an ability. I appreciate the mobility changes it got, but it's still an indoor k drive, and I worry that it will always feel like garbage to use. I would consider using Yareli more if she got some of the suggestions on that "80+" thread. What she really needs is: Stop her 1 from fizzling out uselessly on walls, or improve its tracking. Overhaul the controls for her 2, add aim gliding, improve handling, and give it a damage absorbing invulnerability period like every other similar tanking ability. Alternatively, give us a hold to swap option, and turn it into a companion or something. Give her 3 some sort of useful and fun synergy with the rest of her kit. Give her 4 a duration and make it so she can shoot into the swirling ball of watery death before it flings enemies limply all over the place. If, however, the devs consider her "complete" at this point, then congratulations. She's still the worst frame in the game and I won't be using her. To those that enjoy her, I'm happy for you. She's not for me, at least not in her current state.
  5. We're overdue for Mag Prime. I'd like them to put Equinox Prime in there too. She hasn't been vaulted that long, but neither was Chroma when he reappeared. and I want Cape Prime
  6. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and preferences for Yareli secondaries. I mean no disrespect when I say that I think we prefer very different things from this game. I appreciate you sharing your recommendations.
  7. I see two ways forward for Merulina: add more mobility controls and improve handling, like the bullet jump/dodge roll they've already added add an alternate form for Merulina, like a sentinel or a summon, that still provides some benefits without removing our arsenal and mobility If I may, what secondary do you prefer to use with Yareli? I haven't found one that feels good with her yet. I'd wager you have more playtime on her than I do, and I'm curious about your opinion/recommendation.
  8. Eh, I agree with you that some frames don't need to be room-clearing nukers. In fact, my favorite frames aren't. Look at Nezha. He's a better Yareli in every way. He is not a nuker that's going to just use his abilities to clear a room or map, at least not above star chart (like Yareli). Instead, he relies on his very powerful abilities for utility and support. Just like Yareli, he's got a tanking ability, except his also provides status immunity, has an invulnerability period where it can absorb damage (scaling), and doesn't strip him of 2/3 of his arsenal while also crippling his mobility. Speaking of mobility, his passive gives him weird mobility, kind of like how Yareli has weird mobility through Merulina, except Nezha's is infinitely more useful in your average tileset. Nezha has better CC than Yareli too, as he can shoot enemies during his 4 and Yareli can't. Yareli's 1 is also CC, but it's bad because it fizzles out uselessly on walls pretty frequently. Nezha's CC goes through walls. Nezha also has a damaging ability that is useful for killing enemies behind him. His 1 is better than Yareli's 3 in most situations. And beyond this, Nezha also has debuff potential and further mobility/utility through his 2. The only thing Yareli can do that Nezha can't is group enemies up. But Yareli can't even take advantage of this, because she's locked into a casting animation (and maybe moving, if she's on her 2) and her 4 then just spits enemies all over the place uselessly. I'm not asking for Yareli to be the next Saryn, Mesa, or Xaku. I'm asking for her to have a functional design for most tilesets. I'm asking for her to have scaling in her abilities, scaling that is present in other frames with tanking powers (the damage absorption period). I'm asking for her not to be immediately irrelevant upon release. A new frame does not need to be the best at something. But it shouldn't be immediately outclassed by other offerings as blatantly as Yareli was. I have a post about this, if you care to read it. If you like her, cool. But I can't enjoy her in her current state, and I'm hoping for further changes.
  9. It's not just personal preference though. Yareli doesn't match up with the standard DE has set for modern warframes at all. Her kit feels like it came out 6 years ago. There's no meaningful scaling, nor are there any engaging synergies. She was built for a game where sorties didn't even exist yet, to say nothing of Arbitrations, liches, sisters, or Steel Path. I just don't understand how DE could hear player feedback on old blast procs and how annoying it was to ragdoll enemies... then turn around in give us Yareli's 4. DE messed up with Yareli, and although the dodge roll/bullet jump update helped Merulina, it's not enough.
  10. You're probably right. The game needs to check for enemies that are stuck or otherwise not interacting with players and despawn them more reliably... or teleport them closer.
  11. Beautifully stated. She's dead content for me in her current state. I will admit that the bullet jump/dodge update for her helped a bit, and I'm thankful for it, but it still isn't enough to make her playable.... to say nothing for the rest of her kit.
  12. He's a strong but bland weapons platform, like Mirage. Chroma should be full-on draconic and much more inventive. And Mirage deserves better. There are so many different directions to take an illusionist, like the Guild Wars Mesmer. But as both Mirage and Chroma are serviceable (or better), I doubt they'll get much developer attention.
  13. DE, old bounties keep breaking. After you push out the New War, cross play, and whatever updates I hope you have planned for Yareli (and Hydroid, while you're at it), please consider polishing open world content. Some suggestions: spawns in exterminate bounties are inconsistent, and often lead to forced failure (I think that the game isn't cleaning up or moving spawned enemies enough) drone escort bounties on the Plains are too slow- consider giving the drone a speed boost if it doesn't take damage for a time rescue targets on the Plains should not teleport to AFK players, or players that are very far from the bounty objective "spy" bounties in the Orb Vallis break upon repetition, meaning players need to go back into Fortuna if they get a "spy" bounty or risk forced failure if the bounty repeats the Grineer bounty on Deimos is really poorly tuned and should be rebalanced in the player's favor Deimos bounties in general are way too punitive for groups, rewarding solo play far more than multiplayer to a degree unsurpassed in the rest of the game remove all cave bounties from the Plains of Eidolon (it's never clear if a bounty is in a cave, not in a cave, or sometimes both, which can lead to forced failure) diversify locations of Orb Vallis bounties, removing the need for other locations to be unlocked through that weird mobile defense mini-game of claiming territory (almost everyone just launches the bounty from Fortuna or the guy right outside it, so we never see the other locations) reduce enemies spawning right on top of players gathering crates in that Orb Vallis camp bounty please never put any new rewards or content behind Isolation Vaults or Arcana Vaults, as the matchmaking is just too obtuse and complicated (you did improve this, but it's still a mess of players wanting the bonus or not wanting the bonus. and players leaving at different times) I know you don't love to devote resources to older content, but Nightwave and other game systems require players to interact with old, often broken content. I like this game a lot, and have devoted a ton of time to it, but its cracks are becoming harder and harder to ignore. And I worry that they will only worsen, and that the delays for fixes will only lengthen, as cross play and other updates arrive. There has to be a tipping point, right? When do we hit it?
  14. The color channels on his prime are terrible. The floppy apron look to his base version is also really ugly. And then there's the cringe-inducing kraken that his prime form spawns. I really wish I could just use the water tentacles, not the actual sea monster. There's a deluxe skin that I would totally get if Hydroid weren't so terrible to play. But hey, at least he's still somehow better than Yareli. Anything is better than a k drive indoors. Anything.
  15. Xaku is absurdly overpowered. They're probably the strongest frame in the game. Their kit is just so overloaded with utility and scaling. With a max max max range build and enough strength for the full armor strip, they are absolutely unstoppable. The only challenge to playing Xaku with such a build is in finding a target for your 3 (gaze) that will still be alive when you finish casting it. The 2 just plays the game for you. They don't have access to stealth, but they excel in every other category. My build is pretty squishy, but that's what shield gating is for.
  16. Maybe if more people knew this we wouldn't have to suffer through quite as much NN Ogris spam. It's appalling that it exists in its current state, and it's even worse when you realize that "Reduced Ally VFX" has absolutely no effect on it.
  17. I have this problem in reverse. I want to be able to heavy attack right from having my gun out, but I can't until I do a wimpy little light attack first.
  18. Still an issue. DE, please prioritize this. Interacting with bounties is a gamble. Quite often, you will have a forced failure on your hands, with nothing you can do about it.
  19. That is precisely what I mean. Change the challenge from "Complete 0/6 different Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis" to "Complete 0/6 different Perfect Animal Captures."
  20. When conservation launched with Fortuna, it held no interest for me. I wasn't mad about its inclusion, as some people liked it and I had no need to engage with it. I could get standing in other ways. The advent of the NW: Conservation challenge changed that, and I learned the system. It wasn't terrible. I'm an Ivara main, and she excels at conservation. But with conservation now added to the other open worlds, Fortuna's conservation feels dated. I don't want to dodge toxic poop and follow faintly glowing, needlessly circuitous trails. I vastly prefer the serendipitous methods of conservation on Deimos and the Plains. My feedback is simple. Please consider opening up the NW: Conservation challenge to any/all open worlds.
  21. They extend those auras to friendlies within range, though, which doesn't help with spotting the eximus. Eximi, like so much of Warframe, are visually unclear. I think the OP has some solid suggestions for improving this.
  22. I use Rubico Prime (silenced), Tenet Cycron (silenced), and Glaive Prime. Ivara is my top pick for most solo incursions, or at least she was until I gathered up enough of the new weapon arcanes to max them all out. Why? Because, god love her, she's kind of slow. And if you move through those missions too quickly, the acolytes don't spawn. Also stealth is OP and acolytes are an absolute cake walk with Ivara. Violence can be a little dodgy if you aren't paying attention (Silence), but a single Glaive Prime explosion will bleed it down regardless. As far as the Helminth goes, I ditched Navigator and replaced it with Empower. Empower does really well with snapshot powers like Ivara's 3 and 4.
  23. It's becoming an issue. I used to look down on spamma bramma users... and now I have become one. It's just so efficient. It's gotten to the point that I consider single target weapons dead on arrival. The Nidus Prime Access weapons didn't even warrant a catalyst, let alone forma.
  24. It is already wasting our energy. Recasting Exalted Blade isn't free.
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