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  1. No. It allows you to completely ignore almost all knockdown/pull effects with zero interruption. It lets you fire the bramma, or any other explosive weapon, directly at your feet and never miss a beat. You'll still get lifted up a bit by some slam attacks, like those Vallis Corpus. But beyond that you don't have much to worry about. It beats Handspring for sure. The only problem is its massive capacity cost.
  2. I would be absolutely shocked if any further updates/changes to the focus system made our excess points useful. They could triple the existing trees and people would still max it on day 1. Based on the Helminth update and other changes, I don't think DE loves when we instantly complete new content.
  3. No. Atlas parts (and tekko/dethcube prime parts) will no longer be in relics. What Gara's Prime Access ending means is that you can't purchase her with real money anymore, and her prime (cosmetic) accessories will be unavailable. Whenever a new prime rolls out, the oldest currently available prime goes into the vault for the first time (excluding unvaults, like the current Rhino Prime / Nyx Prime unvault, which work differently).
  4. Yes. And it's already happening. Adding mobile to the mix is likely to complicate things further.
  5. It comes from ancient disruptors and any infested enemy with their crackling purple aura on them. It's not as noticeable in lower level content. But later on, if you're not status immune, getting smacked or dragged by a disruptor (or touched by any of its influenced friends) means a one way trip to zero energy town. The problem with this ability is how it scales, and also how infested work in general. Star chart infested, at about the 7 minute mark in a mission, become "OOPS! All ancients!" and it's very difficult to parse what's going on. You can't really isolate targets, as the ancients are so prevalent. And every infested has animations that are difficult to read. Combine all this with overlapping (and stacking) ancient auras, swarm clouds, osprey gas, and mutalist moa tar goop, and you've got a stew going, a stew of unreadable, frustrating game mechanics and the occasional one hit kill out of nowhere. I think DE realized what a gameplay mess the infested are, as they rectified a lot of their issues with the gray strain infested on Deimos (while still introducing a few annoying issues like arbitrary viral/rad immunity). My hope is that we eventually get an infested overhaul update (or updates) that features variations on newer tilesets with infestation added, infested liches, infested RJ, new infested weapons, and better enemy variety/mechanics/readability.
  6. I mean... you can clear Steel Path by minimap aiming with the Kuva Bramma. If the infamous "clear steel path by holding W and mashing E" video was enough to bring about some melee nerfs, I would not be surprised if DE were dissatisfied with the current state of AOE weapons. I really wonder what they were thinking when they added the Primed Firestorm/Fulmination mods.
  7. Not if you use explosive weaponry like the bramma or glaives.
  8. So ancient disruptors can in fact hit you with a magnetic proc, which this arcane would protect you from. But most of their energy draining is not linked to that proc. And on steel path, a single hit is likely to wipe out all of your energy, whether you resist the magnetic proc or not. This is still a useful arcane, it's just not really relevant to this particular discussion.
  9. Primed Sure Footed is exilus, though. Yeah, it will take a lot of forma to fit it on most builds, but its benefits usually outweigh the +15% to main stats from the Lua drift mods. It makes you immune to most enemy CC and also unlocks minimap aiming (ie, immunity to self stagger from aoe weapons). But as good as PSF is, it's not going to stop the energy drain.
  10. I kind of wish Flow or efficiency mods would have an added benefit of protecting a certain percent or amount of our energy from outside influence. Such an effect wouldn't be worth an entire mod slot, but it would be a nice perk for modding for energy. This is one of the reasons that Steel Path infested are the most dangerous enemies in the game. People tend to view them as the pushover faction because they don't get the ridiculous armor or shields that Steel Path Grineer and Corpus do, respectively. But with the advent of shield gating, infested are now the only faction capable of instantly countering that. They can drop our energy to zero with almost no warning or buildup. They can also just flat out bypass shields with toxin damage, which probably shouldn't be capable of one hit kills anymore. Toxin always felt a little crappy on enemies, but it wasn't as egregious back before shield gating existed because one hit kills were pretty common. Now that shield gating exists, toxin feels out of place. But I digress.
  11. This is why I worry that Yareli is always going to be dumpster-tier. Sure, I'll try out the changes to her kit when they land. Regardless of how much of an impact they have, I'm sure I'll still use her for the "Get 20 Kills While Riding a K Drive" NW challenge. But I don't see her becoming a good choice for use on Steel Path, sister/lich hunting, RJ, or anything else high level. Teshin tells us that we should take advantage of our full arsenal when tackling the Steel Path, but Yareli's kit forces her to forego three of our most powerful tools: primaries, melee, and mobility. I don't think DE is going to invest what's needed to fix her, though I could be wrong. My personal theory as to why Yareli is even in the game is the sunk cost (fallacy) of k drives. DE wanted to get more use out of all the work/resources that went into making k drives after being disappointed with how few players actually choose to engage with the system. So we get Yareli as a k drive frame.
  12. Don't forget hives (Infested Hive, Naeglar). I know they aren't terribly common, but it's still a pain when you don't have a crit weapon on. Honestly the crit/status discrepancy is one reason I haven't Helminthed off Wukong's otherwise underwhelming 4. I keep it as a largely crit focused melee for whenever a status immune obstacle appears.
  13. Excellent suggestions. Can we also have her 2 just remember its damage in case you get knocked into a pit or touch a nully accidentally? Or one spawns on top of you? Maybe have it only store a certain percent, based on power strength or something. But god is she punitive, demanding, and unfun to play. I had made up my mind about her before her prime dropped, but gave her another chance (and one of my few umbra forma) when the prime appeared. And I regret it. She's a powerful frame, but she feels terrible to play.
  14. I am thankful that they were dead on arrival. The matchmaking for Deimos Isolation Vault bounties is already a nightmare of players wanting to extract at different times. Arcana content was cursed from the jump on account of how difficult it is just to get in a party for it. Farming these arcanes would be horrific. This game is fun, but it's not stable. And Arcana bounties are inherently dependent on longer play sessions. That's just not safe in Warframe, unfortunately. Leave these arcanes as the worthless trash they are. I don't want to have to farm them.
  15. For basically all of your archwing needs, Amesha is the best option. It is functionally immortal, so it works very well in Railjack. It can provide a lot of protection, so it works very well in the open world (bounties), and on defensive focused archwing missions. The other archwings aren't really worth using, except for MR or in very niche cases. Odonata/Prime: you could use it vs. the Jordas Golem, but it's not needed Itzal: decent gathering on Salacia for Cryptographic Alu farming (Razorback) Elytron: never use this aside from MR (it is the Hydroid/Yareli of archwings, limp and useless)
  16. What would you dump on her though? As resistant as she is to modding, you need duration, strength, and range if you want to do anything with her flaccid kit.
  17. By the time I had cleared most of the star chart I already had a few pieces of her. It just took a brief grind on I believe two different tiers of spy missions to finish her off.
  18. This is really what I'm worried about. To me, Yareli has two major problems. One is just how awful Merulina performs on most tiles. DE's upcoming fixes for her might make that a little better. But you bring up my other concern: scaling. Buffing her base damage isn't going to do anything, because, like you say, her damage is already fine for star chart. Heck, Hydroid's damage is fine for star chart. I don't think her kit needs base level buffs. It needs added functionality and complexity (perhaps synergies, as long as they don't feel awful or like dependencies) to account for scaling. It needs more player interaction. DE really needs to rethink introducing damaging powers that don't have some degree of scaling or added utility.
  19. This is important to bring up, but I think there are differences between synergies and dependencies, though the lines between them can get murky. I wrote about it here, but basically good synergies reward using the abilities together while still letting the abilities function well enough on their own. Harrow's kit doesn't have any forced synergies (dependencies) in it, but all of his abilities lend themselves well to each other. You need the shields from his 1 to power your 2, your 4 can protect you while you are weakened by your 2, and your 3 fuels everything. Compare that to Sevagoth's 1 and 2. I never use the 1 unless I've just used the 2, or the 2 is still in effect and I can't recast it yet. I think if done properly, synergies would help Yareli a lot. Beyond the synergies I mentioned, there's also the idea of a cohesive kit that makes sense to use together. Yareli's kit is focused on CC and standing still so your blades can repeatedly damage enemies... yet her passive rewards movement, movement she could get from her 2, but her 2 feels terrible to use in its current state. She's lacking synergies and cohesiveness.
  20. The acquisition method is also worth discussing, for sure. Honestly, I kind of enjoyed getting Yareli. But on the other side of the spectrum you have current state Ash. I farmed up my standard Ash long ago while also farming Harrow on Defection. I pity newer players who have to sit through 20 waves of defense on the worst defense tile in the game for a 10% chance at 1/3 of his parts.
  21. And for Grendel, I feel like I could add another parameter/question: Does it reward investment into high level mods and arcanes but not depend upon them? Not to get off topic in my own thread, but I think Arcane Energize Grendel is a very good frame. He's got good buffs, great utility, and can nuke reasonably well (exceptionally well against Corpus). And that's all without his 4. Yareli doesn't really bring anything like that to the table. Her nuking powers might get a bit better with this upcoming update, but I don't see it being enough to take her beyond sorties. I agree that it looks like Merulina will be a bit better to use in regards to verticality. I'm not seeing any indication that getting through doors or turning radius are going to be improved though. Before I gave up on her current form, I had a lot of bad experiences trying to get through a door only to be too far to the left, then too far to the right when I tried to adjust.
  22. I agree with most of your points, just not the last one. Hydroid at least has supportive augments to his admittedly lackluster abilities. The augment on Hydroid's 2 is better than anything un-Helminthed Yareli brings to the table.
  23. Yareli is set to receive another round of buffs. They look promising, and may somewhat address her core issues of frustrating mobility in cramped tilesets. But she still is going to be plagued by problems like Sea Snares popping on walls, a lack of meaningful scaling in her damaging abilities, resistance to modding, inability to use Helminth abilities while on Merulina, and no engaging synergies. So with Yareli and her many problems in mind, how can this be avoided in the future? I don't think anyone wants the next frame, Caliban (by all accounts), to be as underbaked as Yareli on release, especially with crossplay eventually arriving (meaning waiting longer for updates). Some points to consider: Is it fun to play? This is subjective, but does anyone enjoy smacking their head on doorways or falling through floors as Yareli? Does anyone like throwing out Sea Snares and then watching them try to hit enemies on the other side of a wall? Does it fit well into groups? Yareli isn't a big offender here, as her only griefing potential is in spreading enemies out with her limp Riptide, or in dying so much due to her lackluster defenses that other players have to spend more time reviving her than they'd like. But it is my hope that DE would avoid adding more grief-frames to the game. Limbo has his uses (solo, smallbo for excavation/kuva survival, and index blocking for NW). But his rift mechanic adds frustrating wrinkles that are only magnified by how repetitive this game is. On the other side of this are Nidus and Harrow. They don't disrupt others, but playing with other frames often means their kits don't have any time to get off of the ground. Do its damaging abilities have enough scaling to be at least somewhat helpful into Steel Path? Scaling needs to start taking defense-stripping and/or enemy level into account. It cannot just be the number of enemies. Saryn's spore damage falls off in Steel Path, but her spores are still helpful for Condition Overload proccing and for reducing enemy armor. Meanwhile, Yareli's damage barely outlasts the base level star chart. DE might not have ever intended Steel Path to be balanced, but Acolytes and Steel Essence are valuable. So here we are. Does it do enough things well enough to be relevant in a variety of game modes while also not immediately making an older frame irrelevant? No one wants a new frame to be a worse version of an old one (Yareli is, in many ways, a worse Grendel or Nezha with weird mobility and CC). Similarly, no one wants a new frame to completely outclass an older one (like how Khora's farming augment ate Hydroid alive). Do its abilities have engaging synergies, and not just dependencies? Good synergies should feel natural, like how Ivara's sleep arrow lets her easily take advantage of prowl's headshot multiplier. They can also be more rigid, like Wisp's increased breach surge range when teleporting to a reservoir. Dependencies are harder to define, but think of Sevagoth's Reap and Sow. I almost never cast Reap without Sow. The abilities could almost be merged, or given some more independent identity. Above all, a frame needs a cohesive kit that works well together. Ideally, a frame should feel complete without the Helminth. Does it mesh well with existing content? It is possible that after 5-10 years DE will have replaced most of the older, more cramped tilesets in the game, and Merulina will feel a lot better to use. But that's not existing content. It is also possible that they will eventually introduce enemies that are stronger when bunched together, so the scattering power of Riptide will have some use. But again, that's not existing content. Do mods have a meaningful effect on it, leading to a variety of viable builds? This is tricky, because we clearly have very different schools of thought on this in Warframe. Look at Xaku, who scales to absurd heights with range and power strength. Then look at Equinox, who can be an incredible nuker just by focusing on range and completely forgetting about power strength. Sweet spots and breakpoints should not be so difficult to achieve that players have to polarize every slot, locking themselves into a build that might change with buffs or nerfs. Yareli is in a weird spot here because mods that you think would fundamentally change her abilities just don't at all. Respectfully, I like this game quite a bit. It is repetitive, though, and having more effective frames assuages the repetitiveness a bit. I want Yareli to be a useful part of my arsenal. Though I am withholding final judgment on her until at least her next round of changes, I am not optimistic that she will have much use even then. And I don't want DE to release a frame in a state like Yareli ever again. I imagine DE must have some sort of internal process for planning and releasing frames, but if Yareli made it out the door in her launch state, something might be worth changing, especially if reworks are prohibitively expensive. What about you? Do you have other parameters for what makes a frame good? Do you agree or disagree with any of mine?
  24. Your suggestions are spot on! And your analysis is accurate as well, pointing out the conflicts and inconsistencies in Yareli's kit.
  25. The last thing this game needs (besides more underbaked content like Yareli) is more opaque statstick nonsense. There are ways to make Aquablades not terrible without delving into the very dated territory of statsticks. Deal % based damage to enemies in Sea Snares Add damage while on Merulina Add damage while Yareli's passive crit boost is active It needs help with the scaling, for sure. And there are ways to do this that don't make it overpowered on Helminth.
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