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  1. My argument is that on release, which might have changed. Kuva Liches would give you their ephemera on a Convert, so it seems strange to have a different set of rules for both.
  2. I was reading the patch notes and noticed this. I understand (at least on release) that the Kuva Liches, you got their Ephemera by either Converting or Vanquishing them. With the Sisters of Parvos, is that no longer the case? And you have to specifically Vanquish them for the ephemeras?
  3. Oh uh, sorry to be a bother but I just realised looking again that Yareli's alt helmet isn't included as part of the Support packs. Is that intentional?
  4. Hey neat, I may have done a thing! Thank you Rebecca and the team at DE!
  5. Wait, so converting Sisters/Liches no longer gives you their ephemera?
  6. I was going to buy this pack for the exclusive skins, but I'd rather wait until it at least puts the orbiter exclusive decoration into the pack first.
  7. No no, what I mean is this. The Waverrider's Heart Decoration or "Waverider Collection" isn't listed as part of the Riptide pack.
  8. The Riptide pack has exclusive items, but the Waverider Collection has an exclusive orbiter decoration. If you wanted both it'd require you to buy Yureli twice, why not just have Waverider Collection or at least the Orbiter Decoration included with the Riptide Pack?
  9. I've been thinking about the weapon specific Amalgam Mods, (not the ones from buried debts that were slightly weaker versions of existing mods with a side stat, such as Amalgam Serration) I just checked the date and apparently Jovian Concord was May 2019 (time sure flies?) Anyway, some of my favourite mods have actually been part of this Amalgam Series of mods and I'm curious how popular they are among the playerbase, because I'd love to see more, but as stated. It's been over 2 years since the last Amalgam Mod was added. p.s. I love how the Ripkas mod is just one giant DOOM reference.
  10. I was thinking Kingdom Hearts so I checked it out.
  11. Heavily missed opportunity by making it an arcade game, and having no conclave standing to gain from it.
  12. That's actually what the Solar Rail PvP was. The "Mobs" for both sides were the Corrupted that endlessly respawned, it even shared the MOBA element of levels. As we gained levels, we slowly earned our Mod capacity, which slowly unlocked our mods from a left to right fashion, kind of like Sentinel precept priorities. The only difference between this and MOBAs was that it was an Attack/Defence style gamemode based on who the attacking relay was, and who the defending relay was. Went in three stages, and at the final stage you damaged the Solar Rail's main core. I believe the Defenders won by depleting the Attackers "Reinforcements"
  13. While I dislike the PvP nature, I can say with certainty Solar Rail PvP was leagues more fun than what we currently have, even if it was broken. (Cough, Ash spamming their Ult)
  14. My opinion is Conclave should be Competitive PvE. Either spawning as a Corpus or Grineer and have to do tasks or challenges, Star Wars: Battlefront style Heck, they could even have a Random gamemode where both players are given the identical warframes and weapons and need to gain the most kills.
  15. For me, personally. I think "Slidekick" as I call it, don't know if that's the official name is incredibly underrated and underused, I think it got at least one or two mods for the Jupiter tile rework, but it wasn't anything to really shake up the meta, or even used in meme builds to my knowledge. For those who don't know, A slidekick can be performed while airbourne and crouching, causing you to slide in the air. If you connect to an enemy while doing this, it causes a garunteed knockdown if possible. It's a really good utility ability that is a lot more helpful than people realise. The only time I ever remember this ability being mandatory in Warframe for something was during the event where Bursas were first introduced to the game. Their behavior was much different and even had attacks which have since been removed. (Orange Bursas used to go to a doorway make their own laser walls in doorways. Seriously, what happened to that?) We didn't stun them by reducing their HP, we had to do a slidekick to stun them, then hack them. Then survive against the reactivated Bursa while its hack was finished (it was still hostile), making Nef Anyo lose money. (These things were literally walking, weaponized ATMs on release.) Maybe if slidekick worked without being airbourne it'd see more usage, tripping people over instead of kicking them down. I'm sure there are many ways to use it in a creative manner, but my personal favourite is against Synthesis Targets, use one warframe ability and they become immune. However you can continuously slidekick them, and scan them during their recovery without the need of the Synthesis Traps. One fun way I tend to meme this mechanic is during Interception missions with Nova, where it tends to help not to kill enemies and just keep them Crowd Controlled, slow them all down with Molecular Prime, then go around kicking them all over, and watching them take forever to get back up. I don't want to necessarily see this become a "meta" ability, but I'd love to see more mods that give it more usefulness in game, potentially making it viable. Such as slidekicks cause a Knockdown AoE around the target, exposes a weakpoint like Banshee's Sonar or targets hit by it are hit by status effects, or other debuffs such as slowness.
  16. I kinda just hop in and out of the forums, I hadn't even been aware someone else would have talked about the same thing, and it's been a while since Deadlock so I thought it was a fair discussion.
  17. I don't know if this has been discussed much but with The Deadlock Protocal, it wasn't a case of the old Corpus ships/frigates being retconned or written out of the games narrative and world. But more or less the case that the old Corpus ships have been decommissioned in favor of the ships we see today as a result of the Deadlock Protocal. So with that in mind, do you think we'll ever return to old ship tilesets or old ships in general? (Not counting tiles that share it, such as Ice Planet and Infested Ship tilesets) As Infested Ships demonstrate, the Corpus aren't able to successfully remove all of their old ships out of service, so it seems likely as a result of something or another, we could stumble across Legacy Corpus ships that have been left abandoned, or through other means haven't been replaced.
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