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(PC) Saint Of Altra Bug Reporting

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This thread will be used to house your bug reports from Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0.

With any update, we focus on fixing the priority issues first as soon as we can! Especially with mainlines, where its likely to have many issues creep up on launch. Lower priority bugs that can be reproduced are logged to be fixed once we’re comfortable with where we’re at with squashing the monster bugs. We appreciate your patience! 

Bug report guidelines: 

  • Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. 
  • Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?"
  • If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue.  
  • Be respectful - We understand bugs can be frustrating, but the better you can report the bug the better we can get to fixing it.

Thank you! 

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there was a bug introduced that lets you select already placed orbiter decoration. If you try to place it you'll get an error message.

A lot of those decorations are already placed:

You can see that I have placed the roller floof in the background already:

And of course the error message that does not let you place the same item again:

Thanks for all your hard work! 

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Profit Taker fight crashes WF, when getting into range of it, as only player in a public mode fight. The crash makes it impossible to do anything but press restart button on computer. Though I can try to alt+tab to something or crtl+alt+delete for joblist doesnt work either.

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Hmm, yeah the game is now way over exposed. Bright colours like on the load screen example above are completely blown out to white. Highlight details are lost and many emissive/energy colours now look solid.

After 15 minutes, I can feel my eyeballs burning. Yowtch.







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Dojo decorating will now be harder for people who live in the dojo, pls fix and make them opaque again.






Other examples from players who also have pending projects in their dojos



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Matte materials appear blown out (and perhaps this also affects other materials, as others have said), and Energy Color is applying to Emissive zones as well, mixing with them.

EDIT: Yes, this affects metals as well. The Prisma Liset skin appears flat and nonreflective.

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