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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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Assimilation: Defeated enemies drop data that can be assimilated into your body restoring health , shield or energy. You generate stacks of assimilation allowing you to increase your adaptation to damage with a max of X amount of Stacks.


Ability 1

Explosive Fist: Launch your right fist with Burning fury that that detonates on impact with a radius causing burn. Chilled/Elctrified enemies take more damge

Ability 2

Chilling/Stunning palm : Push you palm forward sending a Chilling Wind/ Stunning current forward slowing/freezing stunning/ you enemies and doing damage over time(Burning enemies stunned for longer)

Ability 3

Infiltrator: Use you assimilation stacks to trick enemies into thinking you are on their side. They will no longer perceive you as a threat. Drains your assimilation stats while active. First and second Abilities Do bonus damage.


Ability 4

Elementalist(Maybe rename to Unbroken?): Become living Fire and ice/electricity. Your melee button now allows you to fire blasts of combined energy that take advantage of previous status affects and do massive damage. Those you do not kill are left immobilized and those you do leave behind more parts to be assimilated.


The design invokes a duality. The blue being the sleek and calmer design with the red being big and chaotic. I felt a dual element would be perfect.  I was maybe invoking some Crystal from the inhumans, Oya from X-Men, and Todoroki from MHA with the Fire and Ice theme. However I feel like it may step on Gauss's toes a little so swapping out ice for lightning would work. 

I though the third ability would be a cool because as he assimilates he does something to the minds of the enemy to make them think he is one of them the more he learns about their make up. Good for stealth runs. This comes at the cost of your damage mitigation. SO you sorta build him as Warrior with High defense and good attack ot an assassin with Less defense and more powerful blows.


I picture the 4th ability being the pieces of the body coming together ina uniforme look feeding both sources of energy equality through his body and him unleashing it. I didn't want it to be just a big nuke so I opted for an exalted similar to Baruuk. So think of the neutral as like a beam attack, the forward as a wave similar to Frost's ice wave etc. 


He also looks like Kikaider and Ultraman I wouldn't be opposed to him just standing in place and crossing his arms to to fire an X shaped beam that you can in different directions that play's like Mesa's alt and add mitigation while firing your beam(Think Tien's Tri Beam Cannon from Dragon ball and every time you fire you consume stacks you built up so the gameplay look is built up your defenses with stacks and remain on the defensive or risk it all for an ultimate attack



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passive: void absortion

frame copies damage on health scalling ability power to a max of 20% ( balanced by low base hp and or large shields) 

ability 1: fit for purpose

the warframes's part reassemble to shift the frame's abilities carateristics cicling thru 3 shapes, Thunderbolt, Voidling, Kinector

ability 2: core blast

the frame's chest rips open blasting all enemies in a cone in front of it {short range, LoS matters)

thunderbolt - moderate electric damage, applies status procs

voidling -      high void damage, short duration narrow beam 

kinector-      low impact damage blast, throws enemiesa short distance away from frame, if they hit a wall or a surface damage incressed by 300%


ability 3: energy field

the frame creates a energy bubble in a large area around itself, traveling with the frame, movement speed reduced (recasting it in a diferent form replaces it)

thunderbolt- electric shield,  absorbs energy weapons scaling the damage it deals when enemies go thru it, always procs eletric status

voidling-       void shield, dosen stop damage, but blocks entry acting like a barrier for the duration, restores energy to all allies inside

kinector-      reflective barrier, reflects all damage it sufers back to the attacker, dosent block entry or damage when an enemy enter it


ability 4: core overload

the frame is torn apart  exposing its core  and exploding in all directions for a large range causing high damage (damage amount diferent for each form)

thunderbolt- electric damage, procs status

voidling-         void damage,  blinds enemies for short duration

kinector-         impact damage, ragdolls and pushes enemies away, if they hit a wall or surface damage increased by 500%  


reasoning- the art makes it look like its made from 3 diferent frames, ence the 3 forms, but because its not made form 3 full frames the abilities are more or less the frame. reason being the core is the constant and source of the powers and the parts or "forms" act like a filter not making new abilities but changing some of its aspects in meaningful ways.

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Passive: Continuity burst
<broken warframe> uses health as an ability cost instead of energy.

when <broken warframe> casts an ability add <number> to fracture stack. (This includes recasting channeled abilities)

For each warframe present in the current mission add <number based on 1-4> to the fracture stack.

fracture max stack is <number>

ability 1: Siphon walk

(effected by: duration, efficiency, strength, range)

<broken warframe> leaks voidlings( nanobot like trail) as it walks that expires after <number> seconds. Enemies who walk through are slowed <number%> and take radiation damage.

The ability can be recast when the fracture stack is at maximum capacity to make the trail explode dealing full damage to enemy’s who walked through the trail and half damage to nearby enemies who have not.


ability 2: Voidling tactics

(Effected by: duration, efficiency, strength)

<broken warframe> Turns invisible for <number> seconds while standing or while siphon walk is active. Allies who pass through your trail will become temporarily stealth for <number> Seconds. 
when fracture stack is at maximum scatter shift can be recast to Increase health regen by <number%> to itself for <number> seconds. Allies that are on a trail receive this buff for as long as they are in the trail. Allies exiting the trail will lose the regen buff after <number> seconds.

ability 3: 

(ability effected by: strength, efficiency, range)
<broken warframe> Shoots parts of itself at a targeted enemy sucking out its life force to instantly heal <number%> or missing health. Nearby enemy’s who have touch siphon trail are drained of health overtime.

ability 4: 

(ability effected by: strength, efficiency, range)

<broken warframe> expels voidling’s in an area dealing damage to enemies and knocking them off their feet. This area is treated as if it was siphon trail.

if fracture is at max stacks, <broken warframe> disassembles into a cloud of broken warframe shards for <number> seconds draining the fracture stack as a channeled ability. While it is in this stat, enemies in The area are stunned and take massive damage over time. Allies in this area gain a armor, and increased damage buff and decays over time. Allies who exit the area of this ability has their buff decay over time. 
this ability can be recast to end the effect. Once the effect ends <broken warframe> has reduced armor and increased efficiency for <number> seconds.

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-Passive: As [Broken Warframe]'s health gets lower, parts start to fly off and make them harder to hit (enemies accuracy lowers as the frames health lowers) | ALTERNATE: As [Broken Warframe] kills enemies or affects enemies with Deconstruct, they will occasionally drop spare parts that heal/increase the armor of [Broken Warframe]

-Ability one: Reinforced - [Broken Warframe] drops a stack of armor plates (Could look like scavenged grineer armor or something), teammates who run over this will pick up a plate and gain the Reinforced buff, reducing damage taken by a %.

-Ability two: Fling (Name could use some work)- [Broken Warframe] will sacrafice some health to pull off a part of him and throw it, this part could be detonated when the ability is cast again, or be teleported to when the cast button is held down.

-Ability three: Deconstruct- [Broken Warframe] will cast an area of effect that causes all enemies caught within it to lose a large chunk of their armor/break a portion of corpus shields (Can be taken to 100% removal with high power strength)

-Ability four: Unbroken- [Broken Warframe] Fills in its missing pieces with [Void/Sentient] energy and becomes whole, gaining extra health, armor, and speed, after the duration runs out or this ability is cast again, [Broken Warframe] releases the built up energy of all enemies slain during Unbroken, dealing damage and knocking down nearby foes. (Scales with enemy level).


There are probably going to be better ideas for abilities but I had fun coming up with these

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I liked the idea for the Health/Energy Charge Overload as a passive, and how it could fill a meter when filled would help allies out. But this is how I would change it.

Passive: Overload: If health and Energy are full, any orbs of health or energy will be taken and fill up a meter. The Overload meter can be used for 3rd and 4th ability.

Ability 1: Armor Break: Sends out a concentrated void blast, that damages the enemies, weakens their defense, and resistances to elemental damage.

Ability 2: Disassemble: The warframe falls apart into seperate parts and can partially mitigate damage, if near enemies that have been inflicted with Armor Break, the parts deal puncture, impact, and slash damage, and if enemy is defeated, has a higher chance to drop health and energy orbs.

Ability 3: Upgrade: When used the ability consumes 1/10 of the Overload meter to buff allies and self with in 50m, the buffs can be selected from one of these 4, Armor Upgrade which can up resistances, and armor defense, Offense Upgrade which improves crit chance and crit damage, Shield Upgrade which increases shield charge rate and increases shield total, and Speed Upgrade which improves attack speed and movent speed. Each buff can be stacked up to 75%, and each buff also gives HoT for Health and Energy 1% for 10 seconds.

Ability 4: Overload Explosion: Overload Explosion uses up 75% of the Overload meter, it makes the Warframe explode with energy from the void outwards using it's parts as shrapnel to cause impact, slash, and  puncture damage, also has the added effect of increasing the duration of allies buffs.

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Instead of giving this Warframe it's own unique powers, I thought that the "broken theme of the Warframe should imply we use other warframe parts to build it and based on those parts it will use other warframe abilities.

Of course this would mean the Warframe would need lots of rules as to what abilities can and cannot be applied such as:

"No multi abilities like Ivara's quiver"

"No abilities that require a passive to function like Nidas' symbiotic link"

"No exalted weapons"

These obviously aren't a complete list but even if the Warframe was built using other Warframe parts and that dictated what abilities you had on one multi ability wheel I'd be happy.

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Passive: "Integrity" meter. As you use skills and spend time in a mission, the frame will gain "integrity" which will grant him bonus sprint, dash, parkour velocity that will cap at +100%. (In a sense, the Broken Frame slowly becomes more comfortable and fluid in action.)


1. Chaos Strike: A void-blast looking (maybe cone?) attack that always deals critical damage, but with a random damage multiplier. (Say, between x0.1 - x10.0).

2. Chaotic Aura: Duration based aura effect that grants you and your teammates either health, shield or energy on random, every 2 seconds. (Duration mods increase the frequency of the buff, not its total duration.)

3. Chaos Run: Teleports Glitches forward. Enemies around the exit point of the jump, either (again randomly) get pulled towards the said point, get knocked back or get lifted. (Charge to adjust distance?? Full charge meaning max distance which is determined by "Ability Range")

4. Glitch: As long as it is active, you get a huge boost to your dodge rate. And it deals damage overtime to enemies around you. Each "hit" has 100% status chance with a random status effect. Uses "integrity" instead of energy. (You are forcing the nature to glitch out and sacrificing your structural integrity in the process.)

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Passive: This warframe can scavenge the battlefield for parts to use, (such as grineer armor, corpus machinery or infested flesh) and integrates it into their own body as "spare parts" This would be like a second resource akin to nidus with his mutation stacks or baruuk with his restraint. Spare parts dropped by enemies could be picked up similarly to atlas' rocks.

1. Dissasemble. Throw a spare part, dealing damage and dropping the part on the ground. When thrown, you will lose a spare part, taking part of your max health with it. However, these parts have their own health bar, The parts regenerate damage and can be picked back up by walking directly over them, pressing 1 on the spare part, or holding 1 to draw in all dropped parts in range. Picking the part back up will increase max health again.

2. Remech: Assign parts you pick up to attach to your arms (giving static fire rate/ reload speed) or parts to attach to your legs (giving extra movement speed and parkour velocity) Cannot have both buffs at the same time, but can switch quickly between the two. These buffs increase as you gain more parts

3. Cleanse: Sacrifice a part (and therefore some max health) to clear yourself of status effects and gain a period of damage reduction. This part is destroyed and cannot be picked up again, but the lost health can be gained again by picking up a dropped part from your 1

4. Magnetic Assembly: Violently tear spare parts off nearby enemies dealing damage, stripping armor and removing the cap on spare parts. Each part ripped off an enemy or picked up from a corpse will increase max health like dropped parts from your 1 does. the spare parts gained in this time will drop and decay down to the original cap faster and faster as the ability goes on. this ability cannot be cast again while under the influence of itself (like harrow's ult)

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Passive: [name] Can regain health by passively collecting parts of dead enemies transforming the matter into that of [name]'s body


Ability 1: [name] is rendered stationary and invulnerable and Projects energy to the heads of in a cone in front of him siphoning their life force, when the ability is deactivated the life force is stored within him but slowly damages him until released in a glorious explosion providing a health and damage buff to allies and rooting nearby enemies to the ground


Ability 2: [name] Pounces to the head of an enemy rendering him invisible and in control of the enemy (his oro tendrils will slide into the enemies body). Shooting as the enemy alerts other but they will only investigate. Holding the ability key while in control opens [name]'s body projecting energy to send the target into the void. Upon returning the target is charged with deadly void energy and can be detonated remotely dealing heavy damage.

Augment: [name] can no longer control enemies but can now prime multiple enemies in area all without raising suspicion


Ability 3: [name] Channels the void into a devastating blast. he punches the ground and sends tendrils into through ground. They then erupt upwards pulling any enemies into the ground slowly suffocating them. Casting his 1 during the wind up will rather siphon the enemies than suffocating them but provide less life force charge.


Ability 4: I honestly couldn't think of anything but I want to to be big and flashy. Not something like trinity's 4. 


The ability are not balanced and are very poorly explained but I just want the team to go above and beyond with this frame. I would like more abilities like wisps and baruuks 4, Big, Powerful and overall make you feel like you could destroy an entire galleon if you wanted to. I dont want to read the description like Mags 4 and but in reality I just get 2 seconds of CC.I want the effects team to get to melting GPUs and melting entire colonies of grineer. Please dont give us another glorified buff frame.


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PASSIVE : Killing enemies with abilities can enable you to scrap enemy body's!

Grineer scrap : gains armour boost 30s 

Corpus scrap : gains temporary speed

Infested scrap : gains 30s of status immunity 


FIRST ABILITY : branch launch

Launches first as a projectile ( fist or  arm ) and does energy colour elemental damage ( chroma inspired )

If you miss the target it will have a respective cooldown of 30s. will also give you a slight movement speed increase since you are light a limb

If you hit the target it will apply that status and it will continuously damage the target for 15s 

SECOND ABILITY :  Wall of death

Covers itself in nearby enemies and gains a sheild counter related to how many enemies were in the radius 

each counter gives 7% damage reduction 

10 counter is the maximum amount

Each counter also adds a movement speed reduction 

Each counter gives 3.5% movement reduction 

Maxed out at 35% decreased movement 


[ I cant really think of a third ability ]


FORTH ABILITY : impailing force 

Impails itself into the ground and in a 360° radius attracts all fire in the radius and absorbs all damage and releases it all at once in the radius ten fold then knocks down all enemies that lived then impails them deals energy colour elemental damage.



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Passive - The element damage type of its ability change based on the currently used weapon (Viral, Blast, Heat, etc.). The Warframe is also resistant to this time of Elemental damage.

Corrupted Transference - The Warframe fuse with another creature/enemy within range, gaining temporary bonus based on current elemental damage of the Passive Ability. The Warframe will rapidly “teleport” to target position.

Damage Absorption - For a brief time, all incoming damages are absorbed and released (for an amount of time based on the absorbed damage), dealing damage to all nearby enemies based on the current elemental damage of Passive Ability.

We Are Legion - The Warframe shoot its “roots” out of its body. Each enemy in the area will be corrupted and fight for him, attacking his formerly allies. Those enemies also receive constant damage based on the current elemental damage of Passive Ability., until the ability end.

Corrupted Roots - Exalted weapon/whip (will take as base elemental damage the element of the last used weapon) Are melee weapon (Whip), but if the player aim, can also shoot those “roots” are projectiles.

P.S. Being hired as reward will be appreciated ❤️

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Passive: Unity of the fallen
Broken frame may select another owned frames passive to act as their own
- Selection is via a 3rd arcane slot added in the mod menu
-Due to the nature of some warframe passives being unique to their kit, the following changes are proposed
-Atlas passive is simply knockdown immunity (no rubble)
-Nidus passive gives his unique scaling (HP regen/armor/power increase) 
-Baruuk passive gives DR whenever hit ( a weaker innate adaptation)
-Gauss passive increases movement speed
-Limbo passive allows him to enter the rift for a duration (15s duration, akin to entering an ally limbos dash portal)
-Grendel passive grants armor per enemy within 15m.

Ability 1: Void surge
The void energy holding the broken frame together begins to leak outward, dealing damage and reducing enemy defenses in an area, at the cost of draining Broken Frames HP
-Visually would look akin to Equinoxs Mend/Maim (an aoe circle that sticks to the player)
-No energy drain or cost, simple drains HP per second
-"Reducing enemy defense" simply means proccing debuff status procs to enemies (Corrosive vs armor/Magnetic vs shields/ Viral vs HP)

Ability 2: Fractured/Whole
Fracture-The void energy within Broken frame becomes overwhelming, shattering the frame and becoming immune to enemy fire. Once shattered the void energy lifts the broken warframe and rapidly spins, damaging all enemies within the radius. Movement is possible during Fracture
Whole-Reactivating the ability to put Broken frame back together, healing for the damage dealt during Fracture. Enemies within the aoe upon becoming whole will take percentage of their health as damage.
If Void surge is active during Fracture, enemies are slowly pulled towards the center.
-Damage is applied as slash procs
-Movement system akin to cloud walker
-Uses an energy drain somewhat akin to Ivaras prowl (low drain while still, rapid drain while moving)
-Has a duration.

Ability 3: War of the Three
The three warframes locked within Broken frame reside of control over the whole
Depending on what type of damage is dealt, different buffs will be passively applied to Broken frame, filling that warframes control
Once a warframe has gained full control, the other two buffs are negated while the remaining buff is doubled.
Casting the ability will consume the highest charge to do a unique attack/buff

The three meters (and thus warframes within) are as follows
Le Fay: Meter increases via ability damage, passively granting increased cast speed and energy regen. Consuming the meter will grant the reactant buff, doubling all ability damage and range while removing energy cost for a duration
Hephaestus: Meter increases via gun damage, passively granting reload speed and fire rate. Consuming the meter will cause your next X amount of shots to consume your entire clip as burst damage while fully filling ammo reserves after the shots are consumed.
Gaius: Meter increases via melee damage, passively granting attack speed and charge attack speed. Consuming the meter will cause you to unleash an energy wave forward. The wave has infinite punchthrough and travels for a set duration dealing 2x your melee weapons damage
-Meters will always charge passively
-All meter benefits are active until one is fully charged, then the other 2 are deactivated.
-The highest meter may be used at any time but will have a reduced effect.

Ability 4: The Risen
Broken frame will spew up infested flesh and void energy at a target location. After a set amount of time the withering pile will assume the form of Broken Frames selected passive frame, attacking with them for a set time.
-Scales akin to Wukongs celestial clone (2x Broken frames stats)
-Will not charge the War of Threes passive meters
- Will use abilties and Broken frames currently equipped weapons.

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1st          Broken punch -punches in a unique way to every faction and breaks the enemy into pieces. ranking up will cause the ability to have more punches in same energy amount.

2nd         Thieve -after killing an enemy it will steal one of the ability of enemy and can use it once , ranking up can use it multiple times.

3rd       Diversity - as the warframe is broken, this ability will give a random buff ,but which gives damage to faction we are fighting or maybe power up buff like speed ,shield etc.(totally random)

4th       Broken swarm- creates Specters which have diverse random buffs and diverse random types of dealing damage but less health, can be bossted with 3rd ability( makes 6 specters max) (SImilar to nekros 4th ability.)

passive - The more the warframe breaks the shield or Armour of enemy the more shield or Armour he gets! (can be stored to a Limit )


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This warframe is high risk, high reward!

Passive: Easily Broken: depending on what part of the frame gets damaged, certain detrimental effects will happen. Get shot in the head too much and accuracy will decrease. Get shot in the legs too much and your speed decreases. Get shot in the arms too much and your reload speed decreases. Get shot in the torso too much and your armor decreases.

1st: reassemble: depending on what kind of resource you pick up, certain abilities get a buff. Ammo increases damage, organic resources such as neurodes increase health, mechanic resources such as polymer bundles increase armor,  scanning objects increases accuracy and rare resources like orokin cells give a short period of invulnerability.

2nd: rip & tear: rip off your armor completely and create a robotic ally that distracts enemies and absorbs their gunfire. After x amount of time, this robot explodes similarly to a pipe bomb, spraying the collected gunfire back at the enemies. Gets stronger the more it gets attacked. 

3rd: familiar bonds: the parts of the original Warframes resonate with them, buffing squadmates' passive abilities at the cost of a continuous energy drain while this ability is active. (For Warframes like Nidus, who have a certain threshold in his passive, being 15 mutation stacks, this threshold is lowered)

4th: treacherous bonds: the void energy that holds the Warframe together leaves the Warframe, making it collapse upon casting. It is left open to attacks until the void energy returns (shorter time span with a higher duration), after which it gets assembled into a random warframe from your Arsenal with its load config A. For the remainder of the ability, recasting the fourth ability will result in using the ultimate ability of the current Warframe. The passive, first, second and third ability are still the same as the Broken Warframe's abilities. When the ability runs out, the void energy transforms the Warframe back into its original form without falling apart again.

Name ideas: Gladiator, Nero, Argo (the ship of the Argonauts in the Greek mythology), Behemoth, Babylon, Achilles, Colossus, Gauntlet, Calamity... Just to name a few!

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Increased operator stats? Something like Chroma vex armor but weaker and always active? Has a resistance to 1 type of damage and cycles damage types throughout the mission.


1: Deals damage to an enemy equal to a percentage. 50% health at r30 and affected by power strength?

2: Shatters itself and the pieces fly off to attack nearby enemies. Could also be CC like mind control or stasis. sacrifice health maybe?

3: Locks one of other abilities (including passive) for increased damage (or other stats) to you and allies. Probably duration ability.

4: Channels void energy to become "whole" for a short time and has drastically increased stats. High energy cost channel ability.

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Passive: Soul breaker (don't use my name's. Theyre not good lol)

 finishers will fill up a bar called...something. can't think of anything right now. This bar empowers abilities but will occasionally drain or leak if left unaffected, and if full, allows him to use his ult. The finishers are unique. They're meant to extract void energy and traces of it from enemies. Because no matter where you are, the void shall have an effect. How much the void meter fills up can depend on RNG.

Ability 1: Divide and conquer

Frame will split into multiple parts, which regenerate into a carbon copy of it, each being a controllable copy he can switch to by pressing 1. Number of copies made are determined by holding 1, with a channel time of 2 seconds per clone. Total health divided equally among all clones. Can only control one clone at a time, and while in control, other clones will use weapons. No clone is strong or weak. They're all equal.


Ability 2: Absorb (I can't think of any other names...consume maybe?)

If an enemy is at 25% health or lower, frame may cast 2 on him. Cast at a range. Indicator showed on enemy. Enemy is instantly killed. Absorbing enemies fills up void meter (finally I thought of a name). If void meter is full, enemies instead are absorbed as health. Absorb may be cast on a clone to recover health. Clone dies in process. Holding 2 on a clone overflows him with void energy causing him to explode and deal void damage to area of effect. Holding 2 drains void meter. (You are a void energy power bank. You're releasing that energy. So it should drain when you release it by holding it.)


Ability 3: Power of the void

Frame actively emits an aura around him that provides an offensive buff to anyone standing inside it. Aura actively drains energy and void meter, and void energy is unstable, so anyone standing within the aura too long will begin to have negative buffs instead. Buffs stop when aura is left, aura also exists on clones.


Ability 4: Limit Breaker (jeez I've been watching too much anime.)

Can only be cast if void meter is full. Frame channels for 3 seconds, after which highly unstable void energy is released in an AoE around him. Damage scales with enemy level, can damage through walls. Upon releasing, frame is staggered heavily and is reduced to very low hp, with missing body parts, and the inability to jump or bullet jump. Aim also affected. After 4 seconds (This ability is meant to be a last resort. Not a spam. Its meant to damage enemies no matter what level to a very low amount so you can finish them off before you yourself die. That's why this fatigue is here. Its meant to be an actual, ultimate. A finale.) seconds or if frame reaches 70% health, frame is back to normal. Ability can only be cast 5 times before too much damage is done and the frame can't go back to its original state. Augment: ability can be cast unlimited times but no longer scales with enemy level, and instead scales with power strength.

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Hmmm... It got me thinking


Just an idea- Insert Name - The Warframe latches himself to a Target and messes with their stats, Randomly or not idk

Just a thought. - Insert Name - Maybe a Heatsink or a enemy detection that shows you the location of the enemy and shows a "Weak spot" around the enemy that enhance your damage to them but a little bit glitchy because he's "Broken" I guess?.

4th - Total Debuged - Sacrifices 75% of your health and increase your damage for some time. The damage increase if you have more (Max health) if that make's sense. Just to make it interesting it reduces 15% of your current Max Health) everytime you use the ability

That's all thanks for listening to o my thoughts for this Warframe.



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Passive: kills from own warframe abilities will increase the teams ability strength, duration, range and efficiency by 5%, stacking up to 50%. buffs dissappear on death

1st ability: cast on an ally to establich a link between each other that lasts 2 seconds, accumalating the affected warframes data and emulating it. after those 2 seconds, gain access to the selected warframes abilities. abilities may be cycled through by pressing the ability button and activated when holding the button. casting an ability while targeting an ally will dispell the current abilities and their effects, allowing for a reaquisition of new abilities. performing the link costs no energy, activating an acquired ability costs energy.

2nd ability: target an enemy to overcharge them, causing them to explode and deal void damage to surrounding enemies. the explosion will deal up to 100% health damage to the selected target and 30% of that damage as an area of effect. on bosses this ability will deal a flat amount of damage. target may be selected up to 10m away with the explosion having an aoe of 20m.

3rd ability: on activation create an aura that grants yourself and allies within 30m additional 20% powerstrength and 250 health/shields at the expense of - 20% power efficiency and      - 40% movement speed. toggled ability that drains energy

4th ability: cast to unleash a void hole that ensnares and pulls in enemies within 25m. reactivate the ability to trigger a blast that teleports the enemy to a random position within 100m of the player. also resets enemy awareness.


- augment for the 1: acquired abilities will behave as though they were augmented. additionally, you gain +20% efficiency

-augment for the 2: enemies affected by the aoe explosion are slowed by 50%

-augment for the 3: removes the negative effects of the ability but decrease the effectiveness of the buffs by 30%

-augment for the 4: enemies will be marked upon teleportation, revealing them through the map and buffing dealt damage by 30%


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Passive: Resonance -- Utilizing repurposed sentient technology, attacking enemies with status effects, as well as being hit by enemies, builds Resonance. Resonance empowers other abilities and increases damage resistance. Resonance depletes slowly over time, or when abilities are used. 

1: Reconfigure -- Modulate subsystems to be the most effective against your enemies. (This is a multi-faceted ability like Minelayer, Quiver, or Tribute).
    Retribution - Enemy damage is nullified within pulsating shields that surround you and nearby allies. Damage that hits the shields is converted into overshields. Shields explode when they absorb too much damage, and can be recast by holding the ability button.
    Regicide - You and nearby allies inflict more damage to enemies within range. Damaging enemies returns a portion of their health to you and allies. Holding the ability button will overcharge this, but at an energy drain.
    Revolution - You and nearby allies have increased speed (attack, reload, and movement). Enemies within range who are killed during this mode rejuvenate small amounts of energy. Hold the ability button to enable increased parkour velocity as well at an energy cost.

When empowered by Resonance, damage has additional Void damage applied, and reconfiguring or holding the ability (hard cast effects) costs less energy.

2: Aggregate -- Fashion enemies into Sentient armour for you and nearby allies, as an attempt at reconstruction. Enemies are pulled together around the Warframe, are stunned for a brief duration, and have their highest health type (flesh, shields, ferrite armour, etc.) reduced and turned into armour that depletes from damage (like Iron Skin; is prioritized over shields, health, and Warframe armour). Damage that strikes this (on allies as well) rapidly increases Resonance.

When empowered by Resonance, damage that strikes the armour is also reflected multiplicatively towards attackers.

3: Encroaching Roots -- Separate your body into its mangled components and let enemies feel your wrath. Become a wraith-like being, allowing you to move like a serpent, leaving a trail of roots that capture enemies. Captured enemies take increased damage, and have random effects applied to them, from dropping energy orbs, to exploding with a slew of status effects all at once.

When empowered, the effects have a chance to happen twice (increasingly possible the higher the Resonance).

4: Replicate -- To complete oneself, discover what was missing. Hold the ability button and select either an enemy or ally to copy their strongest ability for a short amount of time, with much higher stats than usually possible. The copied ability can be used by pressing the ability key, and can be used multiple times with an increasing energy cost. Consumes a large amount of Resonance to use, and Resonance cannot be regained while an ability is slotted in Replicate. Hold again to unslot the ability.

With max Resonance, slotting an ability in Replicate will activate all your other abilities instantly without an energy cost.

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4th ability idea: Activating this puts the frame into a turret like state or hover state like hildryn. While in this state his 3 other abilities are transformed into different abilities, for eg. 1st turns into damaging aoe ability 2nd turns into support ability 3rd turns into... You get my point. Basically he can combo these abilities together and make them more powerful in certain sequences... Only downside is, for every ability activated, he loses a limb/shard/whatever it is you guys are using. When he runs out of limbs to use, the ability cancels and all of his limbs fly back onto him... Kinda like that one robot dude from mortal Kombat. Forgive me I don't play mortal Kombat. This would incentivize players to master all possible combos for certain situations where he needs to buff armor or do whatever idk... But yeah. Could be fun.

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Here are my ability ideas, but first an overall concept: With my design, health/shields and energy will be swapped, most abilities using health instead of energy, it may be a good idea to stop abilities from being cast if the frame is at maybe 10 health (this can change of course, depending on your thoughts). Also, any damage taken reduces energy, until there isn't any energy, then shields, and then health. The reasoning behind this is that the frame was put back together, but not quite correctly, internal systems being hooked up to the closest source, causing the frames health and energy to swap.

Passive: Energy Gate; if the frame has at least one energy, any damage can't go past that, with a short cool down to prevent exploits. Also, not really a passive, but this frame can have much more overshields than a normal frame.

Ability 1: Fractured ground; this ability is a combination of Titania's spellbind and Harrow's condemn, the frame can tap to cast the ability on an area (base area of 10m) and cause any enemies to get frozen in place, while reducing their armor a small amount. Any allies in range gain a small health regen of 1 health/second or maybe 1% health/second for the duration of the ability.

Ability 2: True Redirection; the frame channels shields into health, not with 1:1 efficiency, maybe around 10 shield to 1 health or something close

Ability 3: Unstable adrenaline; similar to Harrow's thurible, the frame channels health into a buff shared with allies, any damage done to the frames energy gives shields

Ability 4: Decommissioned; the frame casts out a wave of energy similar to mag's or nova's, that corrupts the enemy, slowly reducing their defenses before causing them to take small damage over time and increased damage from all sources.

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Passive : Not good enough - On full health, picking up lifeorbs increases the strenght/or range of other abilitys.(using a ability with that buff uses the "passive stack" similare to nidus)

1st ability : Hunger for more - The broken Warframe reaches after an enemy by increasing its arm length and pulling it towards itself (range can be increast by Passiv)

2nd ability : Healing infection - "Passive stacks" can be used to give alies a Rhino iron skin like buff that takes incoming damage and will expire after ether the shield is broken or a timer                                                     has run out.

3rd ability : taken over - an enemy close to the Warframe will be devoured by the stringe like pieces and will drop a lifeorb.

4th ability : Final positin - The Warframe get stationary and cannot move.it creats a sentient like field arround itself that kills enemys on it and heals allies on it. All abilitys still work in this                                            form and are boosted up just as like they would if used with passive stacks.

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Начну с пасивки: Фреймы союзники будут получать буст к урону в виде урона бездны (+10%) в радиусе синтеза.


1) Преемственность. Применяется на союзного фрейма с целью получения от того фрейма какой либо способности, навыбор из четырёх предложенных тем самым фреймом.

2) Покров бездны. Накрывает определённую область энергией бездны, накладывая +50% резист на всех союзников и блокируя движение противников.

3) Точное повторение. Полностью копирует способности и снаряжение союзного варфрейма на любого противника и делает его союзником на определённый срок.

4) Крушитель баланса. Увеличивает одну из четырёх характеристик варфрейма на +200% (Сила, Длительность, Дальность, Энергоэффективность)

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Passive: The Warframe's loose structure makes it leak energy while channeling abilities, causing nearby allies to gain energy over time based on the warframe's spent energy. Also due to the loose structure, the frame's energy intake is quite open, allowing him to gain energy from "energy-over-time" abilities, at a 50% rate.


Ability 1: Slap. He extends his arm outward and just slaps whatever is in front. Holding the ability will make him do a sort of 360 degree extendy-arm spin that knocks everything down. Hitting consecutive enemies loosens him up and makes him more limber, which increases his movement speed, the speed of his ability casting and his knockdown recovery speed. Doing this in the air makes him do a forward slam attack with extended range.


Ability 2: Grapple (toggle). He flings off his arms and uses his stretchy void tendrils to swing him around off of geometry like a stretchy pendulum, draining energy while active. He can also target enemies and pull them in. Holding the button will reel him towards his target (in the case of enemies, he goes to them instead of them going to him), while tapping it will make him let go and cancel the grapple. His leftover arms will do some kind of thing, I was thinking they'd crawl around and draw enemy attention away while he's swinging about, or spawn buff pylons for allies. While active, he cannot use his weapons. Letting go or doing literally anything else will recall the detached arms.


Ability 3: Control (toggle). The Warframe expands out his body parts and wraps around a nearby enemy unit, allowing you to play as that unit (think brain parasites). If used while the first ability is holding an enemy, it'll zip you right towards them before latching. The possessed enemy unit has increased capabilities to facilitate using them effectively. If the unit dies, or control is released, the warframe "harvests" the unit to create a buff for himself and allies.


Ability 4: Scale (hold, then toggle to disable). The warframe surges its power forth, causing it to become very large. Holding the button will commit more energy to the effect, making him bigger and also increasing the cost of the drain effect that will occur to maintain that form. Effect automatically detects nearby geometry (walls, ceiling), and the effect will not occur if there's not enough space for a baseline size increase (specific size TBD). The frame will also automatically scale downward to account for ceilings you approach, and back upward if there's enough room.  After increasing size, the frame can only use a sort of exalted sparring which makes the most thematic use of their broken state (detaching limbs, void tendrils, making shapes the human body shouldn't make). Toggling the ability off will cancel the effect. Cannot use other abilities while active.

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