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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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範囲内の敵の銃を使用不能にして武装解除、範囲内のターゲット数に応じてNEZHAのWarding Haloのように被ダメージ耐性を得る。装甲値は参照しません。また、このアビリティは時間式ではなくRhinoのIronskinのように回数式です。









敵の頭上にワームホールが出現→そこから大量のvoidエネルギーが降り注ぐ→地面に吸収される→このwarframeが地面からvoidエネルギーを吸収する という流れです

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Passive: The warframe gains an increased resistance against a specific type of damage (physical or state damage) that impacts it for 3sec, lasts 30 active seconds and when it starts again.

1.- Hunger
Six tentacles of viral bio-energy are fired from his chest that sweep an angle of 30 ° and 6 meters in front of the warframe (like the Phage), if they hit an enemy they get 5% of their life, if they kill them they get 10%, (values that change with force and range).

2.- Void
The warframe absorbs for 40 seconds all projectiles in a range of 5 meters; the more damage it takes, the more strength and ability range increases. (ability affected by duration)

3.- Anomaly
When activating the third ability, it expels all its energy at once, (the more energy the warframe has, the more range and duration it will have), the nearby enemies absorb this energy that takes a form of energy pillar in the area; These energy pillars have the same effect as radiation. Killing these irradiated enemies with "Hunger" restores armor and shields quickly. (ability affected by duration and range)

4.- Nightmare
The warframe expels 6-meter long bio-energy tentacles at 180 ° from its body with the warframe as its epicenter. All enemies are damaged by being touched by him. Affects the "Anomaly" ability by increasing its range, when the power runs out the tentacles slowly return to the warframe's body, while doing this it cannot take orbs of health or energy. (ability affected by strength, range and duration).


The more skills you use, the more your appearance changes (like nidus)

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Passive:  Improvised Armor

If all ammo is full, this frame gains 20 armor by picking up ammo drops.  This stacks up to 1500.  Should he take damage, the armor breaks off.

1)  Rooting Void:  Ensnare an enemy with a transference vine.  This provides a field which will grant damage mitigation to allies standing within 20 meters of the target and take 100% of the status effects the allies (and self) are affected by.

2)  Creepy Crawly:  break down into individual parts to sneak by enemies.  Enemies that see the parts become spooked and lose attack speed and movement speed, as well as unable to activate alarms.

3)  Fruits of the Void:  Sacrifice 20% of your health and shields to grand allies health regeneration and a burst of energy.  Higher shields means more energy where higher health means more health regeneration.

4)  Detonation:  sacrifies all armor form passive, health and shields until you are down to 10 Hit Points do deal damage to enemies within an AoE burst.  Enemies killed this way have extra loot drop.

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This frame sure looks an awful lot like the broken radiation frame I made a concept description for a while ago. Anyways here were the abilities for that.


Passive: Szilard passively irradiates his surrounding area giving radiation procs to nearby enemies. Szilard cannot attain energy from any source besides his 2nd ability.

1st: Repulsor
Single use
Szilard fires a fast single beam from his hand, if used again immediately after then a beam will be fired from his other hand. Beam emits heat and radiation with line if sight, infinite enemy punchthrough.

2nd: Absorption
Szilard absorbs radiation from surrounding enemies with radiation procs, until there is no radiation left. Absorbing radiation will drain shields but give energy to Szilard. Shield drain speed and energy total gain will depend on how many enemies with radiation procs are nearby.

3rd: Conduction
Szilard heals his health by releasing excess radiation to his surroundings. Will expend energy as long as this ability is channeled but will heal Szilard's health

4th: Meltdown
Single use
Szilard will expend ALL energy in the form of an atomic blast. A massive explosion of radiation, penetrates through all surfaces until range limit is reached, and heat, line of sight till range limit is reached, will occur. Damage and range will increase with more energy expended.

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So this is just a few ideas I've been tossing around and debating throwing into a thread, but since this is here, here we go!

Passive Ability: Scrap Heap - Taking health damage and collecting pickups (resource, health, energy, credits etc.) grants you a stack of Scrap, up to 10 stacks. Each stack of Scrap increases your maximum health by 150.

1st Ability: Arc Weld - 10 energy - Targeting an enemy does 200 damage (Electric and Heat) with a 50% chance to proc either status and roots them in place for 10 seconds. Targeting an ally instead restores 200 health, or if their health is full instead grants them 200 armor lasting 30 seconds. Targeting nothing applies the buff or healing to yourself. Hold to cast to consume stacks of Scrap to double the range and damage/armor buff for each one consumed, up to 3. Scales off range (range), strength (status chance, damage and healing), and duration (root and buff lengths)

2nd Ability: Scrap Cloud - 25 energy to switch modes - Collected Scrap is used to bolster your defenses.

  • Deflective Swarm- Scrap orbits slowly, gaining speed as damage is taken and slowing once the heat dies down. Each stack of Scrap grants 5% damage reduction and 50 armor. Enemies within 3 meters will take 200 Slash damage with a 50% chance to proc.
  • Ablative Shell - Scrap instead clings to the frame, granting invulnerability and immunity to status effects while Scrap stacks remain. Consumes a stack of Scrap every 6 seconds. Prevents pickups (and thus generating Scrap) while active.

Defaults to Deflective Swarm, and apart from switching mode costs no energy to maintain. Switching modes releases a radial stun (when going to Ablative Shell) or a radial knockdown/knock-away (when going to Deflective Swarm), both at a 5 meter distance. Scales off of strength (damage reduction (capped at 90%), damage and status chance in Deflective Swarm), range (switching proc radius, Deflective Swarm radus) and duration (for how often Scrap is consumed in Ablative Shell mode).

3rd Ability: Sub-Assembly - 3 stacks of Scrap plus 25 energy - Creates a small turret that fires at enemies within 15 meters of its position with seeking projectiles that do 300 damage (Heat and Electric) and have a 50% chance to proc either. Turret has 300% of your current maximum health when cast and lasts until destroyed. Recasting warps the current turret to the new position after 3 seconds and heals it to full, every 25% of missing health requiring 1 Scrap. Scales off strength (damage, health bonus, status chance) and range (targeting range).

4th Ability: Auto-Manufacturing - Consumes all available Scrap (min 1) plus 50 energy - Using available materials, you assemble a duplicate of yourself in-situ that lasts until destroyed. For each stack of Scrap consumed, the duplicate has 10% of your max HP (maxing out at 100%) and utilizes your equipped weaponry as a specter would, with a 5% increase in damage for each scrap consumed in its creation. You may have up to 3 such duplicates active and recasting the ability while targeting one swaps your position with it. If you die while one or more duplicates is active, you instead "consume" the one with the highest remaining HP and self-revive at its location. Casting while targeting an enemy summons the duplicate at the enemies location and inflicts 1000 Slash/Heat/Electric damage to them (guaranteed to proc all 3 twice), and holding to cast on an enemy causes all duplicates currently active to target that enemy. Scales with strength (bonus damage and summon damage).

Additional Notes:

  • Scrap costs are NOT affected by efficiency mods.
  • Scrap lasts until it is consumed or you die.
  • The image of the frame I picture going with these abilities is one with low (25 base, 75 max) shields, low energy (80 base, 120 max), above average armor (400 base) and high health (200 base, 600 max).
  • Duplicates and the turret count as allies for the purpose of Arc Weld, but can't be healed above their created maximums.
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Eornheit - Iron Golem against the Sentient Tau menace. 


Health 150 (450 at 30) Shield 100 (300 at 30) Armor 325 Energy 150 (225 at 30) Sprint 1.05

Polarities - Aura is D Vazarin - and has 1 Umbra and 1 Vazarin polarity. [My main idea as that maybe Eornheit can be a counter to Sentients.]

Passive: Shattermeld - Eornheit has a 6% chance upon being damaged by projectiles to reflect a piece of herself back at the attacker, this then damages that target, stunning them for 3 seconds and they will drop a yield of 2-4 scrap for Eornheit to pick up. --Upon picking up any Scrap, Eornheit heals for 6% of her health over 12 seconds. this grants her an almost constant health regen, if you manage scrap collection, scrap pickup is affected by vacuum as well.  

--Eornheit has a cap of up to 60 Scrap at her Disposal

Power 1: Javelin 25 energy - {Plus 2 energy a second upon Holding to drain}

Eornheit fires a needle like spear from her hand, per tap of the button, it seeks out your target in your reticle and pierces them. Up to 3 targets at a time.

Upon being struck the target takes 200 puncture and 5% eh [Void] Damage and is stunned for 3 seconds, if the target is Sentient, they lose their resistances

--Next, Holding the button, charges the 1 2 or 3 spears currently inside all targets, pulling in all nearby enemies to those hit, within 12m

--Next, upon releasing the button, the Javelins will explode, and cause enemies to all take damage, and drop scrap for Eornheit to pick up. 1 per enemy hit

(their will be a sound/screen thing that prompts to 1 2 3, beep beep beep, a visual cue that powers up the explosions}

This drains energy per second, and at max charge, will deal void damage to all enemies based upon their top weakness - like Revenants Ultimate. 

With enemies hit by a minor knockdown or stagger from the blast. 

Power 2: Ironhold 25 Scrap

Eornheit stops in place and her tendrils within her form into the ground and become a wall. it is a curved wall that grows up and absorbs damage to add to its health.

This wall provides a 20m radius aura to all allies that grants +600 armor, +20% weapon reload/holster speeds, and an additional +20 to Enemy radar for allies.

Enemies within range of this aura deal 30% reduced damage and are slowed by 30% as well. -the health maybe be around 9000 for the walls base.

Eornheit may only have 1 wall at a time

The design of the wall will match her, it will be curved with tendrils peaking out from it, this wall is shorter than Atlas's wall.

Its more of something to duck and cover behind kind of, it can not be passed through by enemies.  

Perhaps there may be a Ammo refill function on the Ironhold wall, press square and it may drop ammo for allies

Power 3: Ballista 25 Scrap

The idea behind this ability is that Eornheit will form a horizontal circle of 12 rods/javelin spears around her waist that spin really fast

This makes her a walking chainsaw of sorts as each rod deals damage per hit upon a target and staggers them per hit. 

The rods stick out around her waist with a radius of 8m of effect - enemies take damage while near her, and are staggered. 

This ability placates an armor over Eornheits health like an iron skin or nezhas halo. she takes 90% reduced damage while it is up.

Ballista has a base health of 1200 and can be bolstered from damage upon creation. 

Ballistas Damage Is based upon targets top Weakness.

Ballista does not cause enemies to drop scrap - but may cause procs based on what damage it deals 

Power 4: Brace Storm -First Ballista Must be active- [100 energy] 

Imagine a Storm of raining Spears cast upon an area - this attack is a constant hailstorm of spears from the sky for about 30 seconds

Sacrifice Ballista to make it rain void spears upon all your enemies - Eornheit will do an animation where she spins and floats up a bit into the air

The Ballista will spin far out from her, then shoot up into the air and in that area of up to 24m it will rain down spears from the sky hitting all enemies

Enemies hit will be staggered, spears are rng in spawn, and there is a 5% chance a spear will pierce a enemy in place, holding them down for 8 seconds

The spears explode with a radius of 4m upon hitting any enemy or anything at all. dealing void damage. struck enemies have their armor reduced and damage dealt reduced

Enemies damaged by Brace Storm may also drop scrap as well

Brace Storms Damage Is based upon targets top Weakness. 

Eornheit - Iron Golem against the Sentient Tau menace. 



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Passive: Fragmented Parasite: No Shield, Increase Health, Reduced Energy. Increases the warframe's aggro, making it more likely to be attacked. On damaged, has a chance to drop a Fragment, Fragments restore health when picked up and synergize with other abilities.

Damage taken within a short interval cannot exceeding 50% of health, and doing so releases a large number of fragments. This safeguard has a short cooldown.

Fragments can be recovered while at full health to gain bonus armor, the additional armor falls off when Fragments are dropped or otherwise expended.

First Ability: Divisive Charity: Costs Health. Launches a Fragment at aimed location. Fragment can lodge in enemy if hit. Enemies with lodged fragments suffer reduced accuracy. Hold Cast to throw a fan of fragments at a higher health cost.

Second Ability: Twisted Empathy: Costs Health. Grapples an enemy and tears them in two, filling the empty spaces with Fragments. The two halves lose faction allegiance and deal increased damage to other enemies, but decreased damage to Tenno. If at least one of the halves is alive at the end of the ability duration, the Fragments snap the two together(dragging a corpse to a living enemy if necessary). The resulting explosion damages nearby enemies and drops many Fragments.

Third Ability: Violent Reclamation: Costs Energy. All Fragments within a certain range are teleported violently back to the warframe. The travel is instantaneously, creating small explosions at each Fragment location and a larger explosion centered on the warframe itself. Fragments embedded into enemies drag their hosts back to the warframe was well. Enemies who suffer this are consumed by the warframe, restoring bonus health and granting buffs to the warframe and nearby allies.

4th: Envious Swarm: Initial Cost Energy, Channel Cost Health. Warframe loses physical cohesion, turning into a writhing mass of parts and tentacles. In this state, the warframe gains a speed boost and wall and ceiling traversal, but loses armor and drains health per second. Fragments are left in the swarm's wake, and the ability automatically ends at a certain health threshold.

Recast to revert back to bipedal formation, or hold recast on a nearby enemy is seize control. Controlled enemies are under control of the player, gaining a weapon damage boost scaling with power strength and appropriate inherited mods. While controlling, the warframe stops draining health per second and starts siphoning health per second from its host. While controlled, the host enemy taunts all enemies in a certain range, but damage suffered is split between the host and the warfarme with the warframe receiving a smaller percentage.

Control ends when:

1., The warframe suffers enough damage trigger the health threshold, causing it to stagger to the ground to reform.  

2. The enemy dies in which case the warframe leaves the corpse behind and reverts back to its normal state without penalty.

3. Recast while in control of a living host crushes it, sending Fragments like shrapnel at nearby enemies and restoring health through the absorbed gore.

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Passive: Orbit - Health and energy orbs will gravitate and orbit around the frame (max: 10 orbs in total), upon losing health or mana the orbits will be immediately used. 

Ability 1: Throws an orb of light towards an enemy and healing health and mana,while dealing damage to them.

Ability 2: Slams orb of light towards the ground and explode, enemies will be knocked back and they take damage.

Ability 3: orb land mines, can detonate each other. Has a radius of detonation 2-3 feet from the orb. Knocking back enemies,Stunning them and dealing lots of damage.

Ability 4: Summon floating orbs (max: 5) behind the warframe like a ring, has a limited duration (has max limit of 60 secs, longer with mods), Orbs will shoot laser beams deal significant amount of damage towards enemies  


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Passive: Being enhanced with fragments of so many other Warframes' abilities, this Warframe is unstable. Its abilities use a cooldown system, but for every ability on cooldown, you receive +15% additive damage to all of your weapons and other abilities. Cooldowns scale with Ability Duration. 

Ability 1: 

Void Memories: Sends out a radial shockwave that confuses enemies and deals substantial scaling damage [preferably 50% of EHP at base. Remember, this ability would have a cooldown!]. 

Repurpose: You send out a cone that disarms enemies, strips armor and shields from enemies, damages Infested HP, and strips any eximus auras from them. Eximus auras you've taken now apply to and radiate from you; enemy weapons are converted into either ammo if you have any weapons with no ammo at a high conversion rate, or into armor if you have maximum ammo; and enemy armor and shields are converted to overshields or armor for you! Damage to infested HP also returns health!

Gather: You wreathe yourself in an energy field. While this field is active, you gather bullets and projectiles that hit you and reduce their damage by 30% [base]. By pressing the ability button once, you consume the gathered material and heal yourself for twice as much damage as every shot, and gain a lingering damage reduction of 2.5% per bullet [affected by str]. Alternately, if you hold the ability button, or let it expire without interacting with it, you can release all of the bullets into nearby targets, dealing high, scaling damage per bullet [must be high enough to kill high level enemies with enough STR!] Once the bullets are used in some way, the ability expires and is on cooldown.

Fractured Dreams: Sends out a wave of unusual energy that causes every enemy caught inside to become 'unstable'. These enemies are inflicted with the maximum number of stacks of confusion. Enemies which die become specters (particularly like those made from the Ballistica, with the ghostly effect) that are MASSIVELY damage boosted, enough to handily kill other enemies of their level. Each specter has its own independent duration that scales with ability duration. Specters, when they expire, have a high chance to drop energy orbs. 


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It's probably a little silly, but if the warframe's over all design and theme has a broken feel to it, what if it's passive works like this:

1)It has a different passive depending on the other warframes in your squad


2)It's passive functioned differently depending on what type of enemy you were facing in the mission


It would be interesting to have that little shift to each circumstance, and it would lend itself to the idea of not being 'whole', as it feels almost like the warframe is both malfunctioning & adapting to each circumstance.

I'm not great with ideas, but I just thought I'd toss this out there, because it seems like a really unique idea to have a warframe that adapts itself to the fight at hand. I apologize if it's stupid or too hard to implement.

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I think that the first ability is to steal enemy weapons to add damage to the warframe's weapon. The second is to take all enemy Armour and add it to its self. The third is to get out an exalted weapon that uses telekinesis to rag doll or crush enemies. The third is to absorb all enemies and turn into demonic, destructive robot or giant  

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Passive: Recycling: regen energy or health per second when Broken Warframe picks up a limb depending on the ability used to drop the limb based on balance (could also be lump sum energy/health like an orb). Likely abilities should vary is they regen energy or health. (see abilities)

I think abilities should be inspired by the warframes that come to mind when you look at the spare parts that it is comprised of.

Ability 1: kicks/flings red leg towards target area/enemy, performs a weaker version of rhino’s stomp (damage and maybe a brief stuff), but also disrupts shields from shielded enemies. Foot remains at the location for the duration of the ability. During this time Broken Warframe also gets a small speed boost (think gauss because of the way the sleeker foot is illustrated) . If the foot is retrieved before the ability is recast or duration drops triggers passive.

Ability 2: places shoulder pad on ground like a snare. Enemies that walk on it or within range trigger the snare (tendrils that are holding the frame together or just energy). Snare radius is affected by range mods. If the ability is charged it throws the shoulder instead of placing it so you can force the cc trigger on a cluster of enemies. If the shoulder is retrieved before the end of its duration trigger passive.

Ability 3: shoot tendrils from its big red hand to dead bodies on the ground (like nekros desecrate) and draws them in to modify its frame. Enemy type decided the bonus type (infested = hp , corpus = shields, geneer = armor) or maybe they all do all three but the percentages vary with type. Stacks depending on number of bodies collected. **possible augment** to work with ability 2 snare, if enemies that are in snare are dead when the shoulder is picked up(meaning the duration has not expired so the bodies are still in the snare sort of like khora’s cage) , those bodies add stacks/refresh this ability (like gara glass mechanics)

Ability 4: self-destruct type of ability. Broken Warframe disassembles itself if a burst of energy and just the core void energy and some tendrils remain. Large burst damage aoe, player/ Broken Warframe gets a window of invulnerability for a short duration and can move freely in that time. Ability receives bonus damage based on how many stacks of “spare parts” you have from ability 3. Activate a second time to end invulnerability/ core only mode early to pull frame back together again to continue fighting and trigger both parts of passive. Essentially allowing players the option of just dps burst or to use the invulnerability as a way of getting out of a tight situation.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

Community artist, Eornheit has created the official Warframe concept art based on the Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

We need four Abilities and a Passive to complete the community-designed Warframe. Share your ideas with us! The Warframe team will be using your ideas in-game.

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

You may include values with your Ability ideas, but please keep in mind that these values might be changed by the Dev Team later in the design phase.


  • One submission per player. Be sure to include all of your Ability ideas in one post!
  • 1-4 Ability ideas and 1 Passive idea per player.
  • Ability ideas can’t be changed after they are submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Ability ideas must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Abilities might be slightly altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design. 
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Chosen Ability ideas become property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate submissions, so please do your best to submit ideas that have yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Abilities:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET.

The Warframe Team will review all submissions to select the community-created Warframe’s Abilities! We may mix and match submissions from multiple players. Please keep in mind that we might make small changes to Abilities to ensure the community-created Warframe is consistent with Warframe’s overall design.

Passive Ability: When below 75% HP, create a mist to confuse enemies and dismantle your body with increased movement speed to escape. While in this mode health will regenerate but enemies can still shoot at you when they are not confuse.


Ability 1: Flesh Link

Tap the ability key to place one of your body parts onto the ground. Hold the ability key to remove the body part. Tap the ability key again while Flesh Link is active to teleport to it. If you go out of range it will start to consume health. 


Ability 2: Decay

Tap the ability key to drop body parts in an area. With each body part group dropped will decrease your health by 10. But in return will give an armor and damage buff to you and allies and will amplify the damage of Hacade by 10%. Hold the ability key to collect all fallen body parts. This will return you health back to 100% but will remove the armor and damage buff.


Ability 3: Hacade

When body parts are placed on the ground by Decay tap the ability key to detonate and start a chain reaction with the fallen body parts. Hold the ability key to randomly detonate fallen body parts across the tile set. (Ability will appear as NOT READY if no body part piles have not been dropped by Fall.)


Ability 4: Bodily Manipulation

Cause your body to blow up in a radius and reform. Enemies not killed will take massive damage. Enemies killed will heal and give energy to you and allies in a radius.


Flesh Link: Range mods increase how far you and go without going out of range to consume health. Not effected by strength or duration mods.

Rank 0:

Range: 30m

Consume Rate: 2 HP per second

Rank 1:

Range: 50m

Consume Rate: 2 HP per second

Rank 2:

Range: 75m

Consume Rate: 2 HP per second

Max Rank (Rank 3):

Range 100m

Consume Rate: 2 HP per second


Decay: Range mods increase how big the drop radius is. Strength mods increase how many parts are dropped. Not effected by duration mods.

Rank 0:

Drop radius: 10m

Parts Dropped: 5

Rank 1:

Drop radius: 15m

Parts Dropped: 6

Rank 2:

Drop radius: 20m

Parts Dropped: 7

Max Rank (Rank 3)

Drop radius: 25m

Parts Dropped: 8


Hacade: Strength mods increases damage. Range mods will increase the explosion radius. Duration mods increase the duration of the toxin damage.

Rank 0:

Explosion Radius: 10m

Damage: 200 and 100 (toxin)

Toxin Duration: 4 seconds

Rank 1:

Explosion Radius: 15m

Damage: 300 and 150 (toxin)

Toxin Duration: 6 seconds

Rank 2:

Explosion Radius: 20m

Damage: 400 and 200 (toxin)

Toxin Duration: 8 seconds

Rank 3:

Explosion Radius: 30m

Damage: 500 and 250 (toxin)

Toxin Duration :10 seconds


Bodily Manipulation: Strength mods increase the damage. Range mods increase the explosion radius. Duration mods increase the duration of the toxin and blast damage.

Rank 0

Explosion Radius 10m

Damage 150 (toxin) 150 (blast)

Health Return per kill: 50

Energy Return per kill: 25

Rank 1:

Explosion Radius 15

Damage 200 (toxin) 200 (blast)

Health Return per kill: 50

Energy Return per kill: 25

Rank 2

Explosion Radius 20

Damage 300 (toxin) 300 (blast)

Health Return per kill: 50

Energy Return per kill: 25

Rank 3

Explosion Radius 30

Damage 350 (toxin) 350 (blast)

Health Return per kill: 50

Energy Return per kill: 25
Energy Costs: 

Flesh Link: 25

Fall: 5

Hacade: 50

Bodily Manipulation: 100

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Passive - Reconstruct

Passively regenerates Health. After slaying an enemy or when not taking damage, health regeneration is increased. When Shields are reduced to 0, immediately converts their Health to Shields, and their Health is reduced to 1.

  • Can't convert again until Health reaches maximum. If the Health exceeds the maximum Shields, it is converted to Overshield.

First Ability - Configure Cycle

This Warframe can select between two modes. Hold the button to swap to the chosen mode, expending Health or Energy. Holding the button on a mode you are already on reverts you back to normal. 

  1. Titan - Grows in size and gains Damage Reduction and Melee Damage while in this mode. Uses Health to activate.
  2. Lithe - Becomes nimble, granting increased Movement and Attack Speed while in this mode. Uses Energy to activate.

Second Ability - Deconstruct

You expend Energy to charge a targeted area with void energy, causing all enemies within radius to be stunned and decrease their weakest armor stat, becoming more vulnerable against the opposing damage type. They also take damage based on the opposing damage type immediately.

Third Ability - Disassemble

You expend Health to hold an enemy in place, causing them to take damage damage based of their maximum health overtime (similar to Energy Vampire). If the target dies or at the end of the duration, they are guaranteed to drop either Ammo, Health Orb, or Energy Orb. If the target dies, they explodes afterward, dealing Blast damage in a small area centered on the target.

There is an increased chance to drop Ammo while you are in normal mode. Increased chance for a Health Orb while in Titan form and Energy Orb while in Lithe form.

Fourth Ability - Exalted Adaptation

This warframe gains two gauges that fills up when picking certain things or taking damage (appearing like a DNA strand or puzzle box). Once both gauges are at 50% or more, this warframe can enter an exalted adaptation, gaining additional properties based on the majority of pickups as well as the majority of damage taken. Gauges depletes overtime and can't accumulate while in your exalted adaptation.

  • Pickup Gauge - How this gauge is filled up is denoted by color. Picking up more Ammo will turn the bar yellow, Red for Health Orbs, and Blue for Energy Orbs.
    • Ammo - All of your weapon's ammo is fully replenished and all of your weapons gains increased weapon damage, rate of fire, reload speed and magazine capacity.
    • Health - Your passive's health regeneration is increased and your health is instead reduced to 30% / 40% / 50% / 60% of your maximum upon being converted to shields. The bonuses for your Titan form is doubled.
    • Ammo - Your Energy / Health Cost for your abilities is reduced by a percentage and you gain increased casting time. The bonuses for your Lithe form is doubled.
  • Damage Gauge - How this gauge is filled up is denoted by the symbol most prevalent in terms of taking damage as well if its Physical, Elemental, or Combined. You become immune to that damage type.
    • Physical - Triggered by taking Impact, Slashing, or Piercing damage. Any damage you dealt that is the same as the triggering damage type now bypasses defenses that would otherwise reduce it.
    • Elemental - Triggered by taking Cold, Electricity, Heat, or Toxin damage. Your damage now deals additional damage based on the triggering damage type.
    • Combined - Triggered by taking Blast, Corrosive, Gas, Magnetic, Radiation, or Viral damage. If you have combined elements on your weapon, you now deal damage based on the elemental damage used to combine it. (If you have Blast on your weapon, then your weapon deals Blast as well as Heat and Cold damage).

Possible Augments

Automated Configuration - Configure Cycle Augment

Performing certain melee actions now automatically switches you between two modes with reduced costs.

  • Charge, Heavy, and Slam Attacks switches you to your Titan form.
  • Aerial, Slide, and Wall Attacks switches you to your Lithe form.

Override - Deconstruct Augment

Now applies the same weakest armor stat on all targets within radius based on the majority of the same enemy type. Also increases range as mod is leveled up.

Mass Disassembly - Disassemble Augment

You can now tap the ability to mark enemies. Hold to activate the ability on all marked abilities. Expends Health cost for each enemy marked. (similar to Ash's Bladestorm).

Rapid Adaptation - Exalted Adaptation Augment

You can now activate the ability when either one gauge is at 50% or more. Your other gauge will still accumulate in exchange of slower fill rate. You can activate the ability again once the other gauge is at 50% or more, applying the effects again and replenishing the duration.

Forced Adaptation - Exalted Adaptation Augment

While either gauge is at 49% or below, you can tap the ability to enter a forced mode. While in this mode, you take a maximum of 100 from your ally's damage, but the rate of which your damage gauge fills up is increased based on your ally's damage.

Edited by Kai
Added second Augment (Forced Adaptation) for Exalted Adaptation to make it less RNG. 2nd Edit: Typos and clarity.
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Passive ability : Souls gained by "privilege" stacks and  gives 5% increased health and shield ( maximum 10 stacks )

First ability ( Privilege ) : steals the soul of an enemy and blacken his body to gain either critical chance ( which makes his veins glow light red ) or status chance ( which makes his veins glow light blue )

Second ability ( Induction ) : Target an enemy and activate it to attach his vein to the enemy and enlighten it which make the other enemies to dazzle it while after a few moments the enemy explodes and deals puncture damage in an area

Third ability ( Prey ) : This ability cycles between sacrificing a percentage of your health for increased shield or sacrificing your shield for increased health

Forth ( Broken Jar ) : performs a suicidal action and unleashes the souls he has kept in himself that damages enemies ( in amount of souls stacked ) while turning the warframe into pieces and after few seconds, those pieces coalesces and give life to the warframe

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Alright, first time doing this; here we go

passive: broken - the warframe’s systems are damaged and require charging; using abilities and damaging enemies fills a charge meter, when the meter is full the warframe emits a damaging electrical aura and the next ability will have  boosted damage and effects; the meter will decay slowly, but when full will stay full for a few seconds before decaying

ability 1: phase glitch - forces void energy out in front of the warframe, damaging, staggering, and pulling enemies closer

charged - the ability strips armor and shields


ability 2: operation failure - the warframe blinks to several nearby enemies causing small explosions each time before blinking back to the original locations and staggering

charged - The warframe blinks to more targets and doesn’t stagger upon blinking back to the original location


ability 3: morris worm - the warframe lashes out with tendrils, grabbing nearby enemies, forcing them to rag doll, and pulling them close; the enemies are leeched of health while connected

charged - the warframe is still able to move around and use other abilities for the duration of Morris worm


ability 4: overload - the warframe drains and channels energy around itself, when it runs out of energy or is cancelled early, the warframe releases the energy as a large explosion damaging and stunning enemies

charged - the warframe’s systems go critical, greatly increasing the aoe of the explosion and adding radiation damage

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Ability 3-Void screech/scream-uses the void energy of the warframe to stun enemies while dealing 50 void damage.

            R1-100 damage

            R2-150 damage

            R3-250 damage 

Ability 4-Sentient ally influx-Spawns a portal through which ally sentient forces come through and fight alongside the Warframe.

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Unoriginal ability idea.
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Hello DE Team, 

due to the fact that the warframe concept is based on the idea, that his parts were not assembled correctly, the frame has the ability to change its form in its entirety


Ability 1:

Normal Form: Due to a failure in the system, the reactor overcharges, releases an emp charge that knocks all enemies in close proximity to the ground.

Scorpion Form: The scorpion uses his sting on a single enemy in melee range, stunning him and taking a percentage of his HP.

Ability 2:

Normal Form: The Warframe gives a part of his body he doesnt need away to an ally giving him a buff. Depending on the part he sends to an ally, the ally gains bonus attack speed, movement speed or damage reduction. He can only send one part away at a time. However when the warframe goes into the scorpion form, the part returns, because he needs all his parts to transform. If he uses the ability on an enemy, the buff is transformed into a debuff on the enemy, causing him to get slowed, having less attack speed, or getting more damage.

Scorpion Form: The Scopion hits his tail in the ground at a targeted position, releasing energy waves in a range of ~5m, pulling all enemies to the position and then pulling them directly in front of the scorpion, making them vulnerable to melee attacks

Ability 3:

Normal Form: The Warframe takes the Form of an enemy in range. When looking like an enemy, he wont get attacked and can move around without being noticed. He is not noticed by any laser barriers or cameras and uses the normal attacks of the unit he copied. If he attacks and hits an enemy, he is noticed and changes back into the normal Form. If you want to return before getting noticed, you can press 3 again. While looking like an enemy, he is not able to hack terminals.

Scorpion Form: Digs into the ground and can move through the ground without being attacked. However, enemies in close proiximity are getting alarmed. The ability costs energy per second. You are not able to pass locked doors.

Ability 4:

The Warframe changes its appearance and takes the form of a huge scorpion. In the scorpion form, the abilities 1, 2 and 3 and the passive change, and he has special melee attacks dealing bonus toxin damage. After reaching level 10 with the frame, he can mod the sting like a melee weapon, allowing personalised fighting style. The scorpion form unlocks on level 10. The scorpion form only consumes energy for his 3 special abilities, it doesnt consume energy with his melee attacks or over time. In the scorpion form, you are able to hack terminals and revive allies.

Passive Ability: The Warframe can Shapeshift between his 2 Forms having seperate passive abilities

Normal Form: Everytime the Warframe loses a percentage of his health, a part of his body is falling of the frame, and he regenerates a part of the missing HP, when he picks it back up

Scorpion Form: gains a bonus of 450 armor, due to the enhanced defense exoskeleton.




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The tendrils on this warframe disconnect entangling all opponents in a 25m radius these tendrils then generate energy to the warframes fuel count

Exalted arm cannon

the user  equips an  arm cannon made of sentient playing and with each kill it uses more energy but it’s fire rate increases 

sentient sight

The warframe calls upon its sentient power and see through and control the enemy for a given amount of time 


The warframe falls apart and Agro from all enemies is negated until the user recasts the ability again to cancel the ability


The warframe starts with zero Shields but for each enemy it kills it gains a portion of its Armor and a piece of Armor added to it

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Passive: Increases the potency of status by a flat 15%.  Is not affected by strength mods.  

1st Ability:  Tendril Spike - shoots out a mangled mass of tendrils that impales enemies to the walls.  Hold for a bigger AoE to hit a bunch of enemies together.  Slash procs ensue.

2nd Ability:  Assimilation Shell - The armor of the warframe violently shoots out and captures enemies in the immediate radius and then bonds those enemies and gain armor.  

3rd Ability:  Mace - Turns the warframe's arm into a deadly chain and mace.  The animation has the mace be flung forward into a subtle arch.  Causes an AoE.  Impact and blast damage ensues.  Can be cast multiple times to juggle enemies.

4th Ability: Mangled - the warframe goes berserk and forms blades all over its body and turns into a maelstrom of death.  Can be directed.  Hold to burn more energy for more rage.  Synergy: Assimilation shell will use the captures enemies as the foundation for the damage: Grineer(radiation), corpus (blast), infested (viral) sentients (magnetic) corrupted (corrosive)

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Passive: When he spawns he will have a random existing passive from another warframe.

First ability: The broken warframe will launch his arm and choke an enemy. This ability will leech some health and energy from the affected enemy.

Second ability: The broken warframe can steal the enemies strongest defences and buff himself. Grineer will give bonus armor, Corpus will give bonus shields, infested will give bonus health, the sentient will give adaptation.

Third ability: The broken warframe will steal the enemies weapon and consume it. This will apply himself a damage buff.

Fourth ability: The broken warframe will explode into pieces sacrificing all the buffs he has acquired. After the explosion the warframe will reassemble the pieces again and resurrect himself.

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Looks like it was made from sentient parts or eidolon with void stuff running through it.


Basically a built in adaption that rallies the damage to be used in other abilities. Like adaption, the damage reduction fades away if you stop taking damage for a while.

1st ablility

(Idk a good names so i'll just say basic names like or leave the name out entirely)

Discharge the passive in an attack that the eidolons do (that giant ball that floats up and explodes into seeking smaller orbs) it does damage from what your passive collected. Enemies hit do less damage and isnt affected by any mods

2nd ability

Emits a pulse that removes procs, amplifies the procs that were applied to you, in a pulse of damage. A pulse like the eidolon where it gives off magnetic but the damage being based on what status effects are applied to you.

3rd ability

Damage gating
That thing that prevents sentients from being one shot.

4th ability

Boost your passive and increases damage from passive. Ex: 50% reduction = 50% damage, that can be amplified with powerstrength.

I came up with these in hope that he can be like nidus, good at survivals. I didnt put too much info on how theyre affect with mods because these are just ideas for the developers. Though the last one is probably the only one i didnt get from eidolon/sentients

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Passive: mangled - The broken frame uses his void energy to pick up body parts of dead enemy's to attach as his arms giving him a buff of the element that enemy is weakest to. 

Ability 1: entangle - Broken frame sends his void tendrils into the ground capturing all enemy's within range in them. enemy's captured by the void tendrils take void damage over time 

Ability 2: re-assemble (4 cycle ability like ivara) when enemy's are captured in entangle (ability 1) the broken frame can steal body parts of the enemy's for buff when ability is maxed can steal 2 body parts in the same duration 

enemy's head - increased crit damage for duration of ability

enemy's torso - heal + Armour 

enemy's arms - increased melee attack speed 

enemy's legs - increased movement speed and jump height 

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2 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:


I thought of an ability and passive


The ability iS called hot fix which provides a pulse of healing energy that restores shields and health depending on the %of lost health with an augment called emergency patch that allows it to instantly revive a downed squad mate or the player at 50% health


The passive is that if you kill an eximus with an ability or while they are affected by an ability, the eximus buff is transferred  to the player For 30 seconds, scaling with ability duration, eximus buffs do not stack, and an example of how an eximus buff transfers is an energy drain buff drains nearby enemies shields/armor that is then turned to energy for the frame, nearby squad mates receive energy that "spills out" once the warframe's energy is maxed. 

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Passive: Undying

On death, the frame breaks apart into 5 parts that scatter within the immediate area/tile. To revive you have to collect the pieces again while controlling the void bits. Collecting a piece speeds you up, but getting damaged in this state slows you down temporarily. Passing through enemies also applies a 150 damage cold proc. Allies must go to your point of death to revive you, which appears as an orb of sparkling void energy.

Picking up Ammo boxes also heals a small amount of health (like the frame is appropriating raw materials for repair)

Ability 1: Waver Cannon

Summons a stationary cannon made of discarded warframe parts in front of the Warframe that takes time to assemble before firing. Has infinite punch-through through enemies and does an AoE when it hits a surface. The Warframe does not have to be present during the assembling stage so you can place it and move somewhere else.

Ability 2: Marionette

The void tentacles leave the broken Warframe bits behind temporarily. The frame bits dance around, drawing enemy attention while the tentacles can move around freely. The warframe parts still take health damage, but have significant damage reduction during this state, and the tentacles get a parkour bonus as they are unburdened by the warframe parts. When the ability ends or is deactivated, the Warframe parts fly towards the tentacles, pelting enemies that are caught between them with frame parts that deal impact damage. The void tentacles can deal a cold proc to enemies as if they were in the undying state.

Ability 3: Overclock

The frame draws upon the power of it's different parts, receiving stat boosts in exchange for great drawbacks. Can choose between 4 different stat changes. You can activate multiple Overclocks, but doing so also increases the drawbacks by a percentage (15 or so percent per extra overclock), but not the buffs. (The stat changes don't have to be the same, but the idea is cool)

  1. Bulwark Protocol: An increase to armor, health regeneration and an immunity to status effects, but a decrease to speed, bullet jump speed and weapon status chance (before mods).
  2. Riot Protocol: Increases weapon multishot, movement speed while aiming and gain a shield in front of your Warframe that absorbs damage while aiming, but decreases critical damage and a small weapon damage decrease.
  3. Saber Protocol: Gain melee attack speed, melee range and higher melee blocking radius, but non-melee weapons receive a firing speed decrease and all non-melee weapons gain a critical chance decrease.
  4. Magician Protocol: Receive energy regeneration and a decent boost to shield capacity, but increases damage taken by a small percentage and slightly lowers health capacity.

Ability 4: Annex

Copies an allies 4th ability, their mod configuration included. Press and hold 4 to forget copied abilities. If playing solo or you have no copied abilities, you instead send out void tentacles in a cone-shaped AoE that CC enemies within a cone which also steals Eximus buffs away from Eximus units which you can use 3 times for 25 energy each.

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