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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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Passive: For each warframe in the mission gain an additional 50 health, shield and armor. 

1 - Pull apart - Pull off part of yourself to give to your allies. Each ally receives part of your health, shield, and armor. (higher strength, "broken frame" loses less, allies gain more benefit, would probably be best on a percentage based, affinity range would be nice for buff but can scale from base 10-20m and range)

2 - Back together - Allies with "Pull apart" buff heal "broken frame" back to 100% stats if taken damage via shield and health. Keeping their buff but letting "broken frame" get back together again. Allies "stolen" parts will be smaller the more back together "broken frame" gets. Shield will go back to 100% if allies take shield damage, health will go back with health damage. Channeled ability that you can cancel once you're 100% again, or when you want. Would have to cap damage per stat received to control it more or change it to a per kill, health, shield, armor goes back up by 1 back to 100%. 

3 - Broken - The lower "broken frame" stats are the more of a damage buff, speed buff, and damage reduction buff he and buffed allies receive. "Broken frame" can be the only one with damage reduction but idea is to have a speedster clearing team or a buffed stationary team. Bonus' would have to be in close vicinity to receive this buff to promote teamwork.

4 -  Rebuild - Stationary cast of tendrils that rips nearby enemies pieces for himself. Each ripped piece builds a new warframe of his old self, sharing the original stats if "pull apart" is active. Once built the "cloned" warframe takes all the damage "broken frame" would take, copies his loadout, and what "broken frame" does (ie. Shoot, melee, run, jump, etc.) . Idea is a mix of mirage 1 and wukong 1, damage reduction from "clone" taking all the damage so "broken frame" can buff allies without dying from being low health, shield, and armor if they choose. 

2nd ability might be redundant if "Rebuild" works as efficiently as it is in my mind. Could use it as a different heal over time or more active healing buff like harrow. 


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Creating a frame from what is essentially nothing does give way to nightmarish and frantic attack styles. Below are some suggestions

1) Rearrangement: Switch your health and shields. Can lead to wild builds and give talented players the power to stay in the fight longer 

2) LascarCapable has already shown us what the best skill for this should be.

1 hour ago, LascarCapable said:

2 - Dismantle. The warframe dismantle itself and becomes a mess of body parts on the ground. You can still move around with vastly increased speed, but you also gain the ability to move on walls and ceiling. Loss of precision for enemies who target you. Attacking cancels the ability. You can use other abilities without cancelling that ability.

3) Memoria: Ideas of how the other frames fought reminds this being of the elements. Creates a small AoE around them of a random element

4) Garden of Bones: Consume the very room you're in with your roots, slowly pulling enemies into the center with a hellmouth. pulling them in will do radiation damage, hellmouth does slash. Players will be immobile during this. 

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First ability Possess: 

Warframe assumes a corporeal form and takes over target having full control over it. 

Taking over target will open locked doors that would normally have to be hacked with a Warframe's parazon when you go near one. 

(Can't choose between these two)

Possessed target will be able to bullet jump and do parkour but will draw attention. Or 

Possessed target cannot bullet jump or do advanced parkour movements (except being able to jump towards high spots, ive seen grineer do this)

Weapon stats based on equipped mods on weapon (corpus guy has a lecta, whatever mods you have on your melee will influence equipped melee of target)

Also influenced by Ability Str

Possessed target health, armor, shield affected by ability str


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Passive- (Spare Parts) add a counter similar nidus the higher the counter the more increase there is to shields.

1st ability- the warframe drops a grinder like machine that drags in enemies dismantling them for spare parts.

2nd ability- The Warframe has an option to switch between defensive mode and offensive mode which scales with the number of spare parts it has collected. in defensive mode the Warframe increases its armor and resistance to all damage types. In offensive mode by sacrificing survivability the Warframe is able to boost its weapon damage and ability damage.

3rd ability- sacrificing some spare parts the Warframe creates a dummy bot that run towards the closest cluster of enemies detonating itself on contact holding the ability down increases the number of dummies made.

4th ability- The Warframe creates twin revolving cannons on each arm when shot explode on the impact also causing shrapnel to be scattered, severing enemy limbs for spare parts. Each shot uses a small amount of spare parts

I typed this out pretty quick sorry for the typos or mistakes

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Passive: Junk-heap 
Enemies that take armor damage drop Junk, which this warframe can pick up.
While up, picking up junk increases your armor.
When downed, the warframe becomes a pile of parts, that can move and still use powers,
each Junk picked up while downed also increases down time by 1 second,
if downed time reaches 30 seconds, you put yourself back together,
but all Junk collected before/during down-time is reduced to 0.


Power 1: Fragment
Launch your arm/hand at the target.
Hitting the environment causes you to pull yourself to that point.
Hitting an item grabs it and brings it to you, as well as other items near it.
Hitting an enemy stuns them, and disarms them,
while also pulling other enemies to that enemy, stunning and disarming them too.

Augment: Fragmentation
Effected enemies also take a % armor damage, leaving some Junk.

Power 2: Patchwork
Use the Junk you've collected to restore missing armor and health of self and allies.
Anyone at full health/armor will gain a stack armor bonus.
Every time you are hit a stack of the armor bonus will be removed after 2 seconds.
Only 1 armor stack can be removed every 2 seconds.

Augment: Junkwork
Hold cast, to create a Junk Golem out of the Junk you've collected.
Each piece of Junk used increases the Golem's base health by 200 and Armor by 100.
The damage of the Golem is a % of it's max armor.

Power 3: Glitch
Cause enemy systems to malfunction.
Robots and anyone with a mask become blind,
guns become jammed, Corpus shields are zapped.

Augment: Nullify
Nulifier Bubbles have a % chance to be popped, stunning them,
and dealing % of max shields as damage to them and nearby enemies.


Power 4: Scrap Yard
Causes your enemy's armor to explode like shrapnel bombs,
dealing more damage based on the amount of armor they have,
to them and other enemies around them.

Augment: Junk Yard
A large % of enemy armor damaged remain on the ground.
Some of that junk is left in piles that you can use as cover, and enemies will target.


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I think it would be cool if this Warframe is half flesh and half mechanical. And it could gigantify its parts mechanical parts.

Passive: As it kills more enemies and the game progresses, it gains more parts. As it gains parts, starts to become complete and will have evolved design. It can have a total of x stacks that each increase its base stats by (x/10)% up to a maximum of 30%. (similar to Nidus and each of the abilities may consume certain number of stacks)

Ability 1: Casting this ability will make one of the following body parts fortified for 15 seconds.

               Case 1(Focuses on Legs): The warframe gains additional sprint speed and jump distance.

               Case 2(Focuses on Armor): The warframe gets 800 additional armor.

               Case 3(Focuses on Arms): The warframe gets 150% additional melee damage.


Ability 2: The warframe's parts explodes, sending its parts flying to deal massive AOE damage. It knockdowns all enemies.


Ability 3: The warframe launches a beam of fire from one hand and the other arm launches itself and explodes on the crosshair location and returns after impact.


Ability 4: The warframe gigantifies its arms and legs making a huge chunk of mass, it has very high range and has high impact. The attacks sends shock waves at a 6m radius, dealing 20% of the damage. (Exalted Melee)


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Cant think of a name yet 

Passive refuses to fight and gives buffs to the tenno when they step out of there warframe 

1 ability- buff range for the tenno out side his frame 

2 ability- buff speed for the tenno outside of his frame 

3 ability- Unlimited beam energy outside of your tenno 

4 ability- disappear hes tired of all enemys around him so he banishes people from life it self they disappear sent to another world 


As for looks I'm not the best but I would go for a monk type feel 

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Broken is the First warframe to be neither male nor female because as it is, it was never fully completed. Broken desperately seeks to become what it has never been whole. It feels that it lacks purpose and meaning without wholeness and it tries via assimilating a variety of parts to find it’s purpose in existing.


Broken’s Warframe Abilities:


1) Ansthetize – Broken, generates an Anesthetic field that puts enemies into a state of sleep in preparation for harvesting parts.


2) Harvest – With uncanny precision, broken surgically removes parts that it needs from the “Donor pool” created when using Anesthetize, grafting them as needed. This can result in multiple arms, legs, tentacles, heads, etc. As it is not always able to predict how each harvesting and grafting will manifest in it’s attempt to become whole.


3) Assimilate – Broken Temporarily assimilates random body parts (each assimilated part change Broken’s appearance as well), the armor, weapons, and shields... even appendages of enemies it has killed, gradually deteriorate and their effectiveness depletes with continued use. Activating this ability when Broken is FULLY assimilated of “freshly acquired parts” will generate a massive blast radiating out from it’s position.


4) Overload – Broken can overload weapons, Armor, shields or movement... individually yielding a massively enhanced short term burst of return in damage, defensive capability, or speed which quickly depletes the assimilated item being boosted.


Pasive – inherent Adaptation – Broken has the ability to adapt... given the time... to any situation, environment or damage type. Acts like a weaker version of adaptation.

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1. Spark Shield:  The Void Energy that helps hold together the frame is unstable, causing it to spark and dance across this patchwork frame.  The excess energy creates a field around the frame that does a small amount of damage to enemies trying to melee you, and some level of damage reduction, at the cost of lowered shields while in use.

2. Sensory Pulse:  The frame releases energy in a AoE pulse, finding and marking near-by enemies with an energy marker.  Marked enemies take increased damage from allied units, and are slowed from the warped energies clinging to them.

3. Draining Roots:  The frame lashes out with the void conduit/roots ensnaring one (or more) nearby foe(s).  Both frame and target(s) are immobilized while the frame leeches either health or energy from the target.  (Health from organics, Energy from Robotics/Sentients).

4. Super Critical:  The unstable energies of the frame have exceeded what this broken amalgam can contain safely.  The excess energy is released in a radial blast.  Damage type is determined by emissive color.  If released while Spark Shield is in use, it also briefly stuns nearby enemies.

Passive, Shifting Flow: Natural Energy regain, low undamaged. The more damage you've taken, the faster you regenerate energy, and cool-down between castings is reduced.

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1) [broken] chain link: broken Warframe fires out a projectile that chains the first enemy it hits to the ground and nearby enemies [restored] he fires 3 projectiles that each chain and if all 3 are used in the same enemy it causes them to explode chains in all directions linking to any enemy's they hit and linking those enemies in turn. 

2) [broken] fracture: broken Warframe slams the ground causing cracks to form that spew the tendrals that keep him together, if these cracks hit a chained enemy they cause the chains to break and deal significant bonus damage [restored] the broken Warframe slams the ground with his fists spewing forth a wall of fractures that writhe and track enemies then explode with tendrals binding and slowing enemies, if it hits chained enemies it causes them to explode dealing damage all around them.

3) toggle [broken] broken Warframe restores health and energy after enemies connected by chains die [restore] broken Warframe restores health and energy to all warframes nearby when enemies connected by chains die

4) restore: (only usable at max energy) the broken frame breifly returns to his unbroken form and maximum power allowing for him to use his previously broken abilitys at full strength 

Passive: [broken] when enemies are chained damage taken is spread evenly throughout [restored] damage taken is spread primary to enemies (70/30)and armor is increased for every chained enemy killed. (Armor buff only remains for the duration of the restored state)

It's a little bit broken but in all honesty thats what warframe is all about, having fun!

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Passive: Perpetual Accumulation: defeating enemies creates a fragment that grants the frame additional armor and ability strength, all fragments are consumed whenever an ability is cast

1: Blooming Spear: tap to transform one of the arms into a lance and launch it forwards, hold to charge and release to eject several spikes from the frame in all directions

2: Reconfigure: the frame reorganizes its fractured parts into different formations (offensive/defensive or melee?/ranged? etc.) providing respective bonuses

3: ??????: depending on what mode the frame is in the ability could either buff allies within a certain radius, create a sustained radial damage effect, or perhaps create a physical barrier

4: Protean Abomination: the frame shunts its versatile armor and the orokin vines holding it together surge and become autonomous tentacle like weapons seething at anything within reach, its arms become a sword and shield that carve armor from flesh for the frame to use once the ability expires


not sure if any of this is feasible but it seems like a couple fun ideas sorry i couldnt think up much of a 3

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Passive- Flexible Framework. The lower (warframe name)’s shields are, the higher it’s evasion and movement speed.

1st ability- Power Outage. The warframe splits apart onto the floor and becomes immune to all damage. This will drain 10 energy per second, but can last longer through efficiency or increasing max energy. The warframe can do no damage and only moves extremely slowly, but not up or down stairs.

2nd ability- Burglary. Rip apart the enemy in front of you with streams of energy to increase max shields. (The warframe will have majority shields- like the Nidus/Inaros of shield instead of health). The ability speed is increased by power strength (if fast enough it may look like a flurry, similar to an ‘Ora Ora Ora’ in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). It will last for a maximum of 5 seconds, draining 5 energy per second, unless the enemy is defeated beforehand or the duration is increased with duration mods.

3rd ability- Bind. Streams of binding energy shoot up from the ground to hold  an enemy/enemies firmly in place and disarming them. The max enemies starts at 5 but is increased with power strength. The start duration is 30 seconds but is increased with duration. Bound enemies can be ripped apart by burglary a lot faster.

4th ability- Power Surge. The energy holding the warframe together goes rampant and explodes outward, damaging all in range in tentacle-like strips. The ability will drain built up shields, and will end when all shields are drained down away to leave the tiny health pool, or it is cancelled manually. Afterwards, the max shield increases from burglary will be reset unless it is cancelled manually. The warframe will be unable to move during the ability, although an augment could be made to allow them to do so.

Hope this all makes sense and seems decent, and thanks for reading! For a name, I was thinking of Jigsaw. Then, their signature weapon could be a chainsaw melee weapon. Just an extra idea.

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Passive: uses armor as a resource instead of energy. Energy pickups grant 6.25 bonus armor until used. (Armor indicator above ability bar)

1- Trash to Treasure: frame pulls in pieces of enemy corpses, gaining bonus armor and damage per piece for a duration or until used. 

2- Adaptive Form: reassembles into one of a number of forms, gaining increased mobility, melee damage, or damage reduction. 

3- Void Presence: sheds all scrap, losing all armor but becoming undetectable and gaining movement speed. Must pick up the shed scrap to end the ability. (Possible augment where the scrap animates itself and attacks, and can toggle the ability off to have the scrap return to the player

4- Scrap Storm: sends out body parts as seeking projectiles over a radius

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Passive: Unrelenting - Upon receiving lethal damage, disables health/shield and instead survives using energy as a life source (upon running out of energy, die as normal). Health and shields are enabled after 10 seconds. 


Ability 1: Salvaged Strike - Coats weapon in metal, granting the next attack bonus piercing and slashing damage, and armor penetration (X2 for ranged). 


Ability 2: Hidden Blades - Throws chunks of metal from their body, dealing large amounts of slashing damage, but losing maximum health for each thrown. Chunks of metal can be retrieved to refund this lost health. 


Ability 3: Scrap Storm - Briefly breaks into a cloud of pieces, gaining movement speed and invincibility during its duration, while enemies that pass through the cloud take damage. Using weapons while in this form will either fire shrapnel for primary and secondary, or lash out with bludgeoning metal pieces. 


Ability 4: Final Frontier - Leaps into the air and charges briefly, then self detonates, dying but also dealing massive damage in a large area. A percentage of this abilities energy cost is refunded for each enemy killed with it and passive ability is then triggered. 

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Passive: [Unstable Existence]: Connection to reality is unstable and is more unstable the lower it's health is. While shields are down the frame slowly loses % of max health, but it gains damage reduction and power strength based on how close to death the frame is. Has passive resistance to Tau. Cannot be killed by own abilities, will reduce to 1 health instead.

First Ability: [Essence Hunger]: Extend branches out in a cone and rip the life from enemies. Gain a burst of health and armor. Enemies are pulled toward you.

Second Ability: [Void Flicker]: For 1 (.5?) second the warframe is invulnerable and immune to status. Can be cast multiple times but energy cost doubles if cast consecutively. Gains health regen while invulnerable. Regen bonus is doubled if cast consecutively.

Third Ability: [Expel Existence]: Sacrifice % of current health over time to heal allies and deal aoe damage to enemies. Damage is split based on # of enemies present.

Fourth Ability: [Ghost of the Void]: The warframe becomes unhinged from reality, rejecting it's laws. The Warframe is reduced to 1 hp and for the duration the warframe cannot be reduced below 1 hp. When the effect ends the warframe unleashes an explosion that knocks down enemies, cleanses status and gains a % of total health.

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Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 


reviewing the design art and this statement, I had to imagine the frame was created from 3 frames , each that had ok power sets alone but fell short, now that the three are as one, the 3 power sets make this frame very powerful, aka broken

 ( presuming 3 frames are used ,3 powers unique to each material color, and have them blend together to make powers that were weaker alone stronger in this combined frame)

so i thought of the 3 frames as an attacker-explosive (red) , crowd control -blue, healer & support -white  from the design arts varied body materials 


energy well- innate energy regen

power 1  coalescence strike (1 hand cast, left or right side depending on button method) 
A)tap -release a cone aoe in front of frame, enemies are held in place by a form of energy (enemies slain have a % chance to drop an energy orb) 
B)hold - fires target seeking orb(s?) that explode on contact dealing damage (damage removes a base % of armor) 

Power 2
cycle between 3 powers (tap) and cast with (hold)
1: chobham weave-gain damage/stagger reduction &  when damaged release small aoe orbs that explode on contact
2: regeneration field-  generate a ring AOE at current location: within the ring, gain health regeneration and status removal
3: suppression surge- release a are effect, enemies become slower and have reduced damage 

Power 3
void synthesis - toggle on/off
generate an energy pulses  
allies gain shield and energy % 

Power 4
Fusion Triaina
release a furious power effect of the 3 combined powers in one strike
this would have 3 varied affects combined in this strike debuff, attack, support to keep in line with this power theme 


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Salvage (passive): Dead enemies will drop Scrap that give a small boost based on your stance (determined by 1st ability) that is more intense the more Scrap you have. Abilities are more powerful the more scrap you have, but they each spend a small amount of Scrap.

Reconfigure (1): Using accumulated Scrap, rearrange your body to prioritize a specific function (speed boost/weapon damage boost/armor boost). (Design idea: the Scrap could take on a form similar to warframes that specialize in that field. Ex: speed (gauss/volt legs), armor (rhino chassis), etc)

Shrapnel Shot (2): Throw a ball of Scrap held together with void energy that shatters on impact, throwing shrapnel in all directions

Void Pulse (3): Release a burst of Scrap and void energy in all directions that does slash and void damage.

Scrap Storm (4): Stun all nearby enemies with void energy and rain intense amounts of Scrap from the sky.

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Passive: on death warframe breaks apart in a 20m radius[150 damage from center point]. After shatter you control the tendrils holding the frame together. once you collect 5 pieces [2 arms 2 legs and the torso] you revive yourself at the cost off all energy

Ability 1:[mechanical cripple] tendrils come out of the hands of the frame that holds and crushes enemies doing 30 points of slash and impact damage per second while ability is active lasting at max 15 seconds

[25 energy]

Ability 2: [cerebrum override]send a mass of tendrils to attach to an enemy. the enemy will fight with you for max 15 seconds while you gain 20% of the health and armor of the enemy can be used on fellow tenno to boost there power strength by 30% and gain 20% of thier health, armor, and shields

[50 energy]

Ability 3:[Internal Malfunction] A blast of tendrils shoot out of your body with a radius of 10 m impaling all enemies in range and drain 10% health over a 7 second period. if any enemy had been affected by [mechanical cripple] they will explode in a 10 meter radius as well effect any enemy in contact with mechanical cripple for 5 seconds.

75 energy

Ability 4: [Internal Reconfigure] when used on an enemy your body copied the enemies look causing enemies that have not seen you recognize you as there own. casting any ability cause the reconstruction to fade causing enemies to become hostile if used on a fellow tenno you become a splitting image of them gaining there first 3 abilities but in return health is drained by 20 per second.

5 energy per second growing exponentially 

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I presume the frame to work around randomization and exploiting warframe feature/bugs.


Passive: When casting ability, 10% Chance it costs double energy, another 10% it costs no energy.


1st Ability: Four o Four (Head not found)

  1. 50% Chance Enemy head falls off, killing it instantly (using the gore effects when head falls off)
  2. 50% Chance the warframe loses his head (no head bug), gets "No head" debuff for a period of time, and cannot recast skill when debuffed
  • Chance affected by ABILITY STRENGTH, Higher strength means higher chance of succeed while reducing fail chance. Fail chance capped at 10%
  • Cast Range affected by ABILITY RANGE.
  • Higher ABILITY DURATION reduces debuff time.


Augment: Trophy Hunting

Enemies died with his head fall off will drop extra loot, this is considered a Loot on death.


2nd Ability: Plot Twist

Cast on enemy, 50% chance all enemies in range will hit him. 50% chance all enemies in range hit you. Somehow works like Radiation proc, but way more nasty.

  • ABILITY STRENGTH affects damage multiplier.
  • ABILITY RANGE affects range (If succeeds, the enemy is the epicenter. If fails, the caster is the epicenter)
  • ABILITY DURATION affects how long does the enemy attacks the target.


Augment: Anticlimax

All enemies that are forced to attack target (Wether enemy or caster) will take extra damage from allies


3rd Ability: Deus ex Machina

  1. 30% Chance Enemy in range gets random debuff (IPS, and elementals) for x duration
  2. 70% Chance Allies in range gets random debuff (IPS, and elementals) for x duration
  • Chance affected by ABILITY STRENGTH, Higher strength means higher chance of succeed while reducing fail chance. Fail chance capped at 10%
  • Cast Range affected by ABILITY RANGE.
  • Higher ABILITY DURATION reduces debuff time.

Augment: Diabolus ex Machina

Hold button to gain weapon elemental buff instead.

  1. 50% Chance Allies in range gets 100% fixed random elemental damage for x duration
  2. 50% Chance Enemy weapon in range gets elemental damage (sort of enemy elemental enhancement in sortie)  for x duration

same ability rule applied from the original.



4th Ability: Random Box

Drops a "loot crate" on the ground, that has blinking color (Red-Blue every one second), hitting it will open the box and gives peculiar effects on the box's range.


If the loot crate was blue when opened

  • 20% Allies in range gets energy per second
  • 20% Alllies in range gets health per second
  • 20% Enemies in range loses health per second but stopped at 1 health / duration ended
  • 20% Enemies in range got stuck in ragdoll for x Duration
  • 20% Allies in range gets Ability Efficiency Buff for x Duration


If the loot crate was red when opened

  • 20% Allies in range loses energy per second
  • 20% Alllies in range loses health per second
  • 20% Enemies in range gains health per second stopped at full health / duration ended
  • 20% Allies in range falls off map (collision removed), forcing "spawning" losing all buffs if available
  • 20% Caster instantly falls into Knocked Down state


  • ABILITY STRENGTH affects the health/energy drain-gain speed
  • ABILITY RANGE affects the range of the box's effect (box is the epicenter)
  • ABILITY DURATION affects the duration of said buff/debuff


Augment: Pandora's Box

All effects combined, but the box will blink 2x faster. Meaning the box will blink/ change color every half a second

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1. Void blast: The Warframe slaps the floor making void energy erupt all around him and enemies that enter take mid to high tier dps and are stunned for a duration depending on the player's duration stat.

2. Void Warp: The Warframe essentially creates blinding void light and travels to where their mouse is aiming this will depend upon ability strength and square can be held to teleport an ally with the least health to a desired destination.

3. Ethereal roots: The Warframe summons a void tree root that lasts based on the player's ability duration and the roots will cover the enemy or player that the warframe is pointing at if a player is enveloped they get healed over time as long as the roots aren't broken or the ability duration ends and if an enemy is trapped they take high dps until roots are broken or duration ends.

4. Ethereal shock wave: The Warframe draws from the deepest inner power of the void holding it together and bursts with energy that will slam enemies on walls and do high damage per second with added damage of the enemies being slammed and lasts based on energy, but it will consume a lot per second.

Passive: Enemies that are killed by the broken frame have a chance to become a corrupted variant of what he killed.

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Passive: . When kill fall To pieces than reasemble. 60s CD. Gain 15% resistance to the damage that kill you. Stack to 50%. Kind of like Doomday harder to kill the second time. But frame have low health and average shield.

1st: Launch  pieces of youself at enemies. The pieces bounce between enemies stagering them and cant move. Recharging your shield but reduce  you health. the pieces returnd at the end of duration. 

2nd: your void tentacle spread across the grond and wrap the enemies is a radius around you. Dissapear after duration end. Also root sentience to the ground.

3rd: A teleport where you pieces launch forward then you assemble on the other side. Enemies hit by the pieces grant overshield

4rt: your warframe leave behind the pieces transform into a angelic void ghost that shoot void beam from it hand, can be modded too! Alternate fire charge an Opticore like beam. In this form you have 0 hp and if your shield run out , the pieces returnd and your frame will deplete it shield. Void beam remove sentience resistance. Void damage ignore (or 70%) armor.

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Passive Ability: 15% Ability Strength to other players that are damaged.

Bond: Sunder can cast a link to another player to copy their Warframe's damage type to apply to their own weapons and the party. 

Conform: Sunder adapts to damage types afflicted by the enemy and builds Distortion per [instance] of damage type.

Rupture: Damage types accrued during Conform are applied as resistances to other players. Every time Sunder does this, Distortion is given a damage multiplier up to 3x, but also resets buildup for Distortion.

Distortion: Sunder unleashes his void branches that damages enemies over time. Players can shoot the branches, cause them to explode; dealing status effects from accrued damage types.  

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The way I imagined the dynamic with the operator is kinda like the dynamic with Excalibur Umbra, but instead of comforting a tortured soul, he is enabling this Warframe in quest for retribution against the ones who created him, and by proxy put it in a constant state of pain, as well as those who oppose him. The Warframe and Operator exploit their unhinged and unstable state in order to deal with a unique form of carnage.


Passive: Amalgam mods are more effective on weapons when this Warframe is being used.

1. Transference Error

Exploiting the unstable connection, the Warframe uses built-up void energy into a radial blast, stunning enemies in a spherical range.

2. Limb Collection

Fragments of the Warframe launch into an enemy group, impaling enemies. Void tendrils then latch onto impaled enemies and pull them back into the warframe, taking the impaled enemies with them, and fusing those enemies into the warframe, buffing it's armor/health/shields.

3. Warning Totem

The Warframe channels a fragment of it's the body and lunches it into a group of enemies. The fragment then pulls in the enemies and compacts them into a totem, which stands for a certain duration. During this duration, the totem drops energy orbs for the squad, with energy drops scaling with power strength.

4. Amalgam Wrath

Channeling the abilities of the parts it's made of, the Warframe summons and exalted weapon in the form of a Scythe, which can be modded like any other exalted weapon. But he also comes with a second weapon. If the ability is held, fragments will start to orbit around its arm, making a weapon that operates similarly to the Phage. This weapon can also be modded like a regular rifle.


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I love this. I like the orokin/void tree branches/roots that hold it together and forming what looks like the ribs. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

My Idea:

Passive - 'False By Nature'

This Warframe shouldn't exist, and it is only through the power of the void that this being may exist in our world. However, the void is the anti-thesis to reality, and its effects can be felt by more than just the Tenno. This Warframe weakens the boundary between the void and the battlefield, causing reality around it to weaken and break. Enemies caught in this void field are closer to non-existance than ever. (Really fancy way of saying that enemies around him by a certain radius are easier to kill, and should phase away when killed, like they were sent to the void. Easier to kill could be reduced armor, shields, increased crit rate against them or increased status.) Every enemy killed in the field grants a stack(s) of 'Imbalance,' which replaces energy. Its like it takes all his energy to stay together and invoke the void so he needs to cause an imbalance of energies between the two worlds to accomplish his feats. So energy equals zero. Or alternitavely, his current energy determines the effectiveness of his anti-reality feild, which can be reduced by parasitic eximus and other energy stealers. It would be cool if it was anti-sentient as well, just because of their canon weakness to it, or if this warframe naturally did more damage to "Tau" in the field, but this obviously wouldnt be necessary, especially if they are still effected by the rest of the passive.

Ability One - 'Grasp on Reality'

(Costs Imbalance)

The branches and roots that hold this Warframe together tighten their hold its peices, reducing the space between parts and thus reducing weak points. (Increases armor). This could be a one-off cost of Imbalance that you can refresh before it runs out, or if Imbalance is super plentiful it can be a constant cost to hold it until you re-use the ability or run out of Imbalance.

Ability 2 - 'It Speaks to Us'

(Costs Imbalance)

The void is alive afterall, and it has a mind of its own. And this Warframe appears to be the perfect way to make its presence known. All enemies in the void field at the time of use catch fire, become irradiated, and start floating through the air. Clearly the voids increased presence was not very healthy for them.

Ability 3 - 'Growing Influence'

(Costs Imbalance)

The void in this Warframe has manisfested as roots and branches, and this lumber is very much alive. Coax the void tree that holds this being together into growing a sapling that you may plant. The saplings you plant into the ground exude their own void field and will have the same effect as your own. Enemies that die in the saplings fields will still grant you imbalance, and 'It Speaks to Us' will also extend to enemies in those fields as well. Obviously, you may only have so many saplings. And it would be fun if it let you plant them on allies.

Ability 4 - 'We Are Many'

(Uses Imbalance, AND some energy)

The void isn't the only voice in this warframes head. It is afterall made from the living scraps of several different old war warframes. Brings those voices to life to summon a small squad of your old selves to the battlefield. It would be really cool if they each were mostly made of the void branches, but the parts that they contributed to the warframe would be on them still. So one will have the head and a hand, will use ranged attacks of some kind. One will be an arm and a leg and will use a melee moveset like baruuk. And last one will be the torso, an arm without the hand, and the other leg, and this one will 'sneak' around and keep doing finishers to the enemies, using the dagger moveset. The longer you let them loose, the more energy it uses, the smaller your field becomes. Assuming the passive is the version with the energy amount expands the field that is. Otherwise its just a large Imbalance cost or a constant Imbalance cost. This could slso be done like Vaubans ability, where you choose which old war spectre to summon instead of all three. The thing that would make this really cool though, is if you could mod the spectres you could summon like they were an Exalted Weapon, like Excaliburs Exalted Blade or Garudas claws you can use when you dont equip her with a melee. It could also instead be that each of the three uses a copy of your weapon instead of each having their own thing, or he could have 3 exalted weapons, one for each slot, like he inherited all of his old selves exalted weapons. This is obviously a lot, and it isnt exactly concise, but this is a community contest warframe. I want it to be really something special so I put a lot of cool ideas here. Besides, the developers aren't going to use any of these ideas exactly as they are anyway so I may as well give them a lot of options and ideas to choose from. Hope you like these!

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