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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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1. Transfer:

Transfer into a targeted enemy while active all your frame falls into pieces and become invulnerable. Teammates will have increased damage on the enemy you've taken over and other enemies will focus their fire on you. 

2. Void boost:

Drawing from the void holding your frame together boost your damage by a significant margin but drain void meter, once void meter runs out your frame will fall into pieces. 

3. Void tendril:

Using void powers summon a powerful tendril to grab nerby enemies, hold to attach them to yourself to increase your armor. 

4. Shrapnel:

Rapidy scatter all parts of your frame then draw them back, has as large aoe affect and deals damage both on the explosion and the return. 

Passive: Void binding

A meter passive, usage of this frames second or third ability drains this while usages of the first or fourth ability charge it. It can also be charged in void mode by cloaking or amplify your void attacks and drain. 


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1st Ability: Void armaments

Description: Broken Warframe construct a grenade empowered by void in 3 different ways providing different types of explosives:
    - Void shrapnel: Combined with parts of the warframe itself, it explodes dealing Blast damage and procing slash on to enemies.
    - Void Flash: Pure Void energy focused in one blast blinding opponents catched by the explosion.
    - Void Flame: Void energy is distributed in an area of explosion over time, dealing heat damage and ocasionally procing void status.

2nd Ability: Void wave

Description: Broken Warframe shoots a wave in front of him that will hit enemies knocking them down. Chosen armaments will provide additional effects:
    - Void shrapnel: Wave is full of parts, which causes the wave to deal slash damage with ocasional procing of it
    - Void flash: knocked of enemies will stay longer on the ground. Additionaly, nearby enemies will be blinded by the splash of the wave.
    - Void flame: a wave of void fire will shoot, dealing heat damage and instead of knocking enemies down, it will slow them and occasionaly proc void status.

3rd Ability: Void empower

Description: Broken Warframe will empower himself and his allies with void energy, providing an armor increase aswell as one of the effect depending on the armaments:
    - Void shrapnel: Weapons will deal additional, but minor slash damage with high chance of procing it
    - Void flash: Warframe abilities will shortly confuse enemies, providing an opening for a finisher
    - Void flame: Weapons will have a chance of procing void status effect

4th Ability: Call of the Void

Description: Broken Warframe will create an area of void energy, center of wich will depend of currently equiped armaments. Enemies in the area are attracted into the center of it in which they fall into a deadly trap:
    - Void shrapnel: The area will deal slash damage to enemies, the closer they are to the center the higher the damage. In the center there will be a spiked dome, shooting spikes into every enemies that will come to close dealing puncture damage.
    - Void flash: The area will deal radiation damage to enemies, the closer they are to the center the higher the damage and chance of being irradiated. The center will have a very bright sphere that will suck enemies inside holding them as long as the ability is active and dealing impact damage over time.
    - Void flame: The area will deal fire damage, the closer they are to the center the higher the damage. The center will have a void fireplace that shoot sparks onto enemies that have 100% chance of procing void status and deal additional heat damage.

Passive: Rapid Unscheduled Dissasembly

Description: As Broken Warframe is being damaged on health, parts of his body will fall of and convert into a deadly projectile powered by the void that deal puncture damage and impale nearby enemy. The more damage is inflicted, the faster the process will proceed.

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Passive: Energy Leak

When using abilities, a thick miasma churns from gaps in Broken's joints, lingering for a few seconds on areas Broken casts from and the location of targets. It intensifies during repeated power usage. Damage from Broken or an ally it will cause the miasma to burst with the dominant damage type of whatever strikes it.


Tap to target or hold to highlight up to five enemies. Broken will launch shards of their body into these targets. Reactivating Disrepair will force an automatic reassembly, launching Broken's body at each enemy in order. An enemy targeted multiple times will be pummeled that many times more.


Upon cast, up to five enemies recently shattered, bisected, or otherwise disassembled by Broken will be reformed, wounds sealed with golden material. These reformed units will chase down nearby enemies and engage in melee combat. If either enemies or Broken destroy these Kintsugi warriors, they will burst with damage identical to what originally killed them.


Broken may target an ally or defense target to trigger growth of their own Arboroflora on the ally's body. The ally will see a short countdown, and the action performed during the end of the countdown will determine the buff and location of growth. Attacking will augment melee speed and reload speed on the arms. Casting will augment casting speed and efficiency on the head. Running, bullet jumping and parkour will augment sprint speed on the legs. Receiving damage or standing still with none of the previous actions will give modest health regeneration, improved shield regeneration, and shortened status duration on self, on the torso.

Reckless Ransom

Broken's body violently erupts, sending out the chitinous shell as lethal fragments while the organic figure remains. Broken emits a lethal aura as long as they remain in this state, but suffers self-damage and lowered armor for the duration. The aura grows in intensity, range, and self-damage the longer it is maintained. When Broken recasts this or their health reaches 0, the shell fragments quickly fly back to Broken, restoring HP based on damage the fragments caused at the beginning or end of this move.

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Passive: Void Vacuum

-Warframe has a passive vacuum

-Picked up items heal the warframe or buff armor depending on the pickup. Energy orbs cause a pulse of radiation that irradiates enemies in a short distance. Health orbs increase ability damage. 


1. Glitch: Damage reduction buff that "glitches" enemy weapons, causing the bullets to redirect at them and their allies. For infested and melee, the glitch causes their hits to have a chance to damage themselves.

2. Broken Arsenal: The warframe smashes its fists together, combining its parts into a dual pistol and glaive.

Pistol: Handcannon - The hand acts as a railgun that fires pieces of the warframe or pickups at the enemies. The projectiles return to the warframe with the same force that ejected it. After a certain amount of fired projectiles, the warframe must recharge its energy (Like the battery augment for kitguns)

Glaive: Acts as a glaive melee, but when thrown it actively seeks targets and pulses elemental damage through the warframe's void energy. The glaive breaks per enemy hit, before returning back to the warframe and reforming.

3. Defrag: The waframe explodes, escaping into its void energy and running through enemies for a short distance whilt its parts follow behind and reform after reaching the ability's range. The initial explosion causes an AOE. 

4. Void Being: The Warframe separates itself using its void energy and the warframe's armor becomes a dummy that draws fire. The warframe is a "void being" that travels similar to void cloak. The void being damages enemies it walks through, creating higher damage through parkour and speed. When the ability times out, the armor separates into its parts and crashes through enemies to return to its host.



1 with 2 and 4. Remains active during 4, but reflects 100% of damage back to enemies for the duration of 4. 2 ability will "glitch", having a chance to create a second projectile that seeks a different enemy at reduced damage.

2 and 3: If 3 is used while 2 is active, the glaive will automatically be thrown by the explosion.

3 and 4: While 4 is active, 3's explosion can be cast at increased energy cost. The warframe's parts will follow the void being, dealing damage as it moves.

4 and 2: The handcannon and glaive turn into a void disk and void cannon that fire projectiles of radiation for the ability's duration.

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CODE-NAME : Juggernaut

Passive : Reduce armor by X% depending on tethered enemies 

1st- Swap between grenades- Corrosive/ electricity / health / and stun  (hold to rotate grenades )

2nd-  Set a rod that heals allies and aggro enemies ( modded by strength and duration  for heal / and range for radius) OR have a drop down cone shield that varies  durability  with ability strength 

3rd- grapple hook ( tether enemies together )  modded with strength for more enemies and duration for amount of time tethered (may also grapple to environment like a ninja.)

4th- Flight /Exalted grenade launcher (energy/ s or energy / bullets shot ) ( since it's an exalted weapon grenade launcher may also be modded)

Synergy - Depending on X number of grenades tethered enemies get X armor stripped  caps at X 

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Ability 1: [activated ability] Shoulder blade: the frame reaches behind himself and rips of and throws his shoulder blade. on hit it damages and  triggers slash status effects. The blade flies back on hit or at max distance. can damage on way back.

Ability 2: [activated ability] extra parts: the warframe grows extra skin/body parts that wrap around him. enemy attacks bounce off as the extra parts as they slowly break off. after ability is used the extra parts can only take a certain number of hits and the frame takes no dame until the extra parts are gone. reflected attacks have a chance to hit enemies.

Ability 3:[activated/ duration ability} broken mind:. the frame temporarily looses his sanity. the frame gains movement speed towards enemies, immune to stagers and does increased melee damage. if sprinting towards enemy, if the enemy is in front of the frame (the player's crosshair is on them) they maybe feared. 

Ability 4: void leak [toggle ability with activation cost] : The frame's broken body overloads from the rift energy. this causes the energy to explode outwards, damaging and blinding all enemies in range. The fame now leaks the energy creating an area around the frame that is clouded with void energy damaging enemies as they enter. the cloud moves with the frame and every time the frame picks up energy orbs he only gets half and makes a small void burst .

Passive: put together: If killed instead of downing the frame brakes apart. the player controls the main piece (I was thinking the torso with the head and one arm) and must get to the rest of the parts before you bleed out for a free revive. enemy fire no loner damages you but slows you down.  


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Passive: Low HP and health mods do not work on him, but has increased shields, gains more shield from shield mods and has incresed shield regen by 10%

1st ability: Shoots fragment of his body in cone area, dealing damage and reducing the armor of the enemies hit by 20%

2nd ability: Launch and arm toward hostile units and grabs them, pulling them toward you; Can grab up to 3 enemies.

3rd ability: (toggle ability) When turning this ability on, attacking an enemy with skills, melee and ranged attack grants shrapnel that can be picked up to increased the total hp of the warframe; has a cap; Shrapnel gained by ranged weapon reduced by 50%.

4th ability: Use the stack gained by the 3rd ability to create a launchable giant shrapnel "Javelin", dealing damage, holding the ability button utilizes more stacks, increasing the dimension of said "javelin" and the damage dealt.

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Passive - Void Energy Projection

every 20% of energy pool will give him boost to health,shields and armor

1 Transferring Roots

Create Transferring Root in cast point. This root connected to warframe, deal AOE damage and create energy pulses what can replenish energy to nearby ally and Broken. While skill duration Broken will act like this beacon - AOE damage and energy pulses around him.(and maybe health? Should Transferring root regenerate warframes?) This ability should ignore armor and shields( Really, why pure Void energy can be stopped just by metals? Its seems not so powerful how story want to tell)

2 - Transferring link

For 20% of energy pool can cast buff to ally what will give him 1 layer of his passive and boost to weakest stat(Range, EE, etc). More energy was used for this skill - higher buff will take ally. So it means if all 3 allies will be under this effect Broken will have only 40% of his maximum energy pool and max 2 layers of his passive. Will prevent to use second state of 4th ability

3 (Totally out of ideas for 3th ability .c )

Will enchant his weapon with Void energy. This buff will take part of weapon damage and convert it into Void energy. This Void Damage should ignore shields and armor, but buff should be capped at some point to be not so Broken. If Enemy was killed fast enough he will create blast of Void energy(Damage = all Void damage from weapon before he died in close range. Or this part of ability can be augment.Or not. Anyway, to be useful for any play styles this ability should create damage to enemies, because all other have buff/debuff or CC)

4 Void Overcharge 

Have two variants of work. When energy not full - create wave of Void energy what will slow enemies in range and apply debuffs depend on allies warframes - If ally waframe do Physical damage (Mesa, Rhino, etc) enemies will get debuff what will increase all physical damage to them(not armor or shield reduction). If Elemental (Ember, Frost, etc) - Elemental debuff. Power of debuffs scales not only from power but from allies warframes too(Example - 3 Ember will give debuff in 60% and 0% Physical, when 1 Ember and 2 Mesa will give 20% Elemental and 40% Physical)

Second variant can be used only when his energy pool is full. For all energy pool create powerful uncontrolled Void energy wave what will resonate with allies and do random effects - Enemies will take random debuffs or allies skill effects(Like Excalibur Blindness or Mesa Disarm for their skill duration), with stun/slow/sleep(random to every enemy too) and inflict huge pure damage. Allies will take buffs to their stats, of course randomly(I guess only EE, Range, Duration and Strength ) Damage and effects should scale only from max mana pool (More Void energy = more chaos, right?). While skill duration Broken warframe will be now totally broken and will have 0 energy pool and 0 layers of passive what will force to protect him while he use this huge buff/debuff ability


So I dont want to tell numbers for this abilities because De can balance it better than me, but this concept can be useful for any playstyle

Support players have 1,2 and 4 ability and they can help team with energy replenish, stat buffs and CC

Damage dealers can use his 1,3 and 4 to deal damage. When 1 and 3 just should have good damage, 4 should have very high damage in price of survivability

Tank players can use his Passive like a powerful survivability buff with the damage buff from 3(Just like many tanks play, I guess) in cost of skill spam

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Passive: Guardian Parts - When transferring to operator modem, frame disassembles and the parts float around the operator acting as a barrier. Enemy accuracy towards operator reduced.

1st Ability: Collapse - Frame falls to pieces and rolls around on the floor.

  • Gives increased speed, can move along walls and ceilings but unable to jump/cross gaps.
  • Can fit through spaces Frames usually can't, like between laser grips, through closed vents e.t.c.
  • Can't use weapons or the use function while ability in use.
  • Enemy accuracy towards player reduced.
  • Can move past non alerted enemies without alerting them.
  • Player can perform stealth attacks on non alerted enemies while in this form. Doing so will deactivate the ability, though this can be augmented to not be the case.

2nd Ability: Projectile Parts - Throw/launch frame's armour parts at an enemy like a javelin. Leaving "void skeleton" exposed.

  • Causes puncture damage, impaling the enemy. Can be augmented to match the damage type of primary weapon.
  • Part(s) stays impaled in enemy until recalled, either when duration runs out or when manually recalled.
  • Reduce armour stat while ability in use. The more parts launched, the more the stat is reduced.
  • When player manually recalls parts (holding down ability button), impaled enemies will be pulled towards player and take extra damage.

3rd Ability: Turret Parts - Creates a moving turret using some armour parts and secondary weapons.

  • Turret can either float and move around with player (by tapping ability button), or put in a specific place and be stationary (by holding ability button)
  • Turret will use stats and fire type of secondary weapon, but with additional void damage
  • Player can't use secondary weapon while ability is active. Attempting to swap to secondary weapons will deactivate the ability
  • Floating turret has increased damage, stationary turret will have increase accuracy.
  • Can be augmented to use primary weapon instead.

4th Ability: Void Explosion - Frame sends out explosive wave in all directions.

  • AOE damage ability, like a cross between the Eidolon's Energy Spike and Ground Stomp abilities.
  • Will also create explosive waves from any armour parts impaled in enemies and the turret if in use. These would be weaker than the main explosion though and the would make the main wave weaker with each missing armour part. This gives the player a choice between performing one massive explosion or multiple, but weaker explosions.
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Dunno about abilities but his? her? passives could be something like:

passive 1: Restores 3 energy per second

passive 2: When killed, remaining energy will be redistributed to nearby players evenly in a radius, if non it will explode in a wide radius and deal radiation damage

passive 3: More energy he/she has, stronger and faster he/she becomes (like at max enegy +25% armor, +25% health, +15% speed, +20% ability duration and strength, you get the idea)

The reason I wrote 3 passives is in the picture it looks like it's made of 3 warframes (red, grey and white) and it's cleary writed that he/she is made out of more warframes than one, so why not. And sorry for "he/she", I really don't know, maybe it's both :D.


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I'm going to stay away from the "buggy warframe" idea quite a bit here, this is for multiple reasons.
I don't think the theme really fits Warframe as a game, I don't think it really even fits into the lore, and although I'm sure there are going to be plenty of ideas for abilities, the previous points kind of prevent me personally from coming up with any ability ideas that I think should be in the game.
Instead I'm going to take the "Broken Warframe" concept at face value, and think of abilities around the idea of a broken, monstrous being that strikes horror into their enemies, rather than "Goat Simulaltor" but as a Warframe.


  • All abilities have a chance to cast the first ability after a short delay.
  • Enemies that were affected by abilities fill up a counter.

The idea is to have the Warframe try to apply its abilities on as many enemies as possible, while having an incentive to keep casting abilities to keep the damage output going.
Counter should have a cap or should drain over time, and drain more the higher it gets to get people to press 4 to 'bank' their gathered points.

Ability 1:

  • Damages enemies in a small radius around the Warframe.
  • Optional: This ability removes a portion of armor.

Ability 2:

  • Lunges at a targeted enemy, knocking them down and knocking back enemies hit along the way.

Paired up with the first ability, should be the bread and butter for the Warframe to build up its counter

Ability 3:

  • Increases the parkour/cast/melee speeds.
  • (Throwaway Ability)

I'm thinking that if this ability is deemed good enough, that it should not be on a timer, and thus not scale off duration, Instead I think it should come with charges that you expend.
I think this will incentivize people to cast this while close to enemies to possibly trigger the passive, and to recast it often - rather than how a lot of self buffs can be scaled to last basically forever, that the player may forget to even use them if they don't pay attention. But because of this, this needs to be able to reach an amount of uses thats not annoying for the player.

Ability 4:

  • Drains the passive's counter and grants a proportional bonus.

Ability 2 being an ability thats intended to be used often means that the Warframe will be in close proximity to enemies often, meaning this is the perfect ability to grant some melee bonuses, some damage resistance and some healing. Possibly even life steal on melee attacks or bonus ability strength.
Whatever this bonus ends up being, it needs to be worth using, and worth gathering points for.

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To help with confusion i have given him the name Black Beard in these descriptions.

Passive: Scavenge.

Upon being knocked down Black Beard loses his shape and ability to use weapons while only able to use his tendrils to grab a nearby enemy. If the enemy drops below or is below 10-15% of their health while within Black beard's grip Black beard will pull the enemy to him to use the remnants of them to revive himself. The grip would do a base damage of 250-500 per second or 5-9% of the grabbed enemy's max health for scaling purposes.

Black Beard also has an exalted weapon, his tendrils.


Ability 1: Assimilate

Black beard uses his tendrils to swipe a piece of an enemy/warframe and integrate that part with it's current body. Can be used on allies and enemies. The stolen part provides Blackbeard with the one stolen from's first ability and if they don't have one(most enemies) then provides him with their weapon. Blackbeard also gains a minor armor buff based on who he stole a part from while has has the part. When used on allies leaves some tendrils behind giving the ally stolen from a temporary power strength buff. When used on enemies provides a temporary speed and attack power debuff. The ability can be something that stays a certain amount of time or until the ability is held to release that part. Upon release of the part Black beard could either consume it for a bit of health and energy or just get rid of it with no benefits.


Ability 2: Reform

Black Beard can change the form his tendrils hold to grab and bring a nearby enemy closer to him. Upon reach him Black Beard will reform himself around that enemy for a set amount of time. The enemy now inside Black Beard will slowly heal Black Beard and close allies while also functioning as Black Beard's damage mitigation. The enemy inside Blackbeard will take 50%-65%(affected by power strength) the damage that Black Beard would normally take. Reform also activates Assimilate if nothing is currently stolen. This ability would have a set duration affected by ability duration mods.


Ability 3: Pulling Impact

Black Beard focuses most of his tendrils into his arms(making him stationary for the moment). Black Beard thrusts his arms in front of him toward an enemy as his tendrils come forth at them. Upon reaching the enemy the tendrils would piece(puncture damage) them then spread out piercing(puncture damage) and grabbing nearby enemies and slamming them into the initial enemy for impact or blast damage.


Ability 4: Lash Out

Black Beard gather his tendrils at his back forming 4-6 long tendrils from his back. These Tendrils will work as a whip like melee weapon as they periodically disarm enemies they are used to hit while periodically deflecting incoming bullets if the player remains still.

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4th Ability: Full meltdown (drain ability)

(frame name here) looses all movement but turns into a vulcano like structure and creates an aura which deals fire damage 


Augment: Roving flames

(warframe name here) gains the ability to move during Full meltdown and leaves a trail of fire that lasts until the ablitity is recast or energy runs out

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As it is a void based warframe its abilities will cause void damage(like operator) and not other damage types.

Ability 1 - Void Funnel : change damage from primary secondary and melee damage type to void damage (does not affect impact, slash and puncture)

Ability 2 - Wreckage: Lose all shields and no shield regen. All enemies prioritize you as the main target. Your damage of all weapons increase by 150%

Ability 3 - Unity : Summons 2 random warframe spectres (like wukong). Reduce max armor and shield to 1/3 and damage to 75%

Ability 4 - Jack of all Trades : Cast on a fellow warframe. Gain that warframe's 4th ability/ Random 4th ability which changes with mission (The new abilities are affected by its modding. Max effect can be 90% of the original warframes ability)

Passive - Broken : Decrease accuracy of all enemies by 20%

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Passive : Leakage : A portion of the damage to heath bleed on the energy, a portion of the ability cost is paid with health. 


1: Hijack : Use on an ally to gain x% of elemental damage, element depends on ally. Use on an enemy to gain x% of his shield/armor/health depending on the enemy, sentient gives DR. Recasting before the time runs out replace the older buff. Cast on self to gain adaptive damage but only half as much as from allies. Hold to share current buff with close allies. 


2: Overclock : AoE buff for fire rate and crit chance at the cost of accuracy. Toggle that drains energy (and health from leakage). 


3: Void leaks : Creates a trail of void leaks as you move, void leaks deal void damage and stuns nearby enemies. While it's active, gives x% of void damage. 


4: Scaffolding : As your allies takes damage or on enemy death, parts are dropped. When not used, it just pile up to 100. When toggled, it gives you 0-90% DR depending on how much parts are used. Getting hit have a chance of breaking used parts (thus weakening the scaffold but can only happen once every second). Staring from 25 parts used, you gain ability strength as it goes up. From 50 parts used you gain weapon damage as it goes up. From 75 parts you gain crit damage and status chance. At 100, you gain status and stagger immunity. When you toggle it off, you can choose to hold to make yourself invulnerable for 1s every 5 parts spent up to 10s. Use it again to turn off invulnerability before it runs out of time or parts. 

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Passive: The Warframe will spawn with one of three randomly-selected passives Aligns with the passives the original composite 'frames may have had

  • Unbalanced- Enemies that melee the Warframe have a 10% chance of being staggered.
  • Overpowered- Allies within affinity range have a 5% chance of receiving a power boost upon casting an ability
  • Rework- upon being downed/dying and revived, the Warframe will gain a small amount of overshields and extra armor for a limited time.


  1. Ping - The Warframe fires a small projectile that bounces between (x3/x4/x5/x6) enemies rapidly, dealing a small amount of damage and stunning them for a short duration. Ability strength mods increases damage dealt, but decreases stun time, ability duration mods increase stun time, but lower damage dealt.
  2. DeSync - Leaves behind a maximum of (x1/x2/x3/x4) static cop(ies) with low health and shields for (4/ 8/ 12/ 20) secs that draws enemy fire so long as the copy's health remains. Damage dealt to copies is multiplied and reflected back to enemies within a small radius (2/3/4/6) m when the timer runs out. Components from the warframe are duplicated and left behind, e.g. first copy uses the blue components, second uses the grey, third uses red, and fourth uses the void energy. 
  3.  Lag/Hang/Crash -  Tap to swap, hold to cast; Abilities affect a targeted radial area of (2.5 / 5/ 7.5/ 10)m, creating a zone that lasts for a duration of (6/8/10/12) s. Allies that go within this zone are given the corresponding buff that lasts for the duration. / Each ability here has different visual effects that do not match- e.g. Lag uses an ice field-like effect with frozen spikes coming out of the ground, Hang causes the air to shimmer, and Crash has a spacial rift visual effect within the ability's area. Like with the passive, these are abilities that may have originated from the composite 'frames.
    1. Lag - Enemies are stopped in place every (.25/ .5/ .75/ 1)s for the duration and dealt puncture damage, and can reduce their damage output. Allies regenerate health.
    2. Hang - Enemies are thrown a short distance out of the AOE and are dealt slash damage, and can cause a bleed proc. Allies gain some additional shields.
    3. Crash - Enemies fall through the floor for (.5/ .75/ 1/ 1.25)s and are dealt impact damage, and can be staggered when returned. Allies gain a bit of additional armor.
  4. Hosted Migration- Enemies within a (8/10/12/15) m radius around the Warframe are swapped randomly with another enemy within the radius, keeping their original directional orientation and confusing them for a short time. Enemies swapped are also disarmed for (6/8/10/12)s. Upon the timer running out, enemies will regain their weapons, but be dealt additional damage based on the amount dealt to them while they were disarmed. 
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Broken frame. Note, all power costs and other numbers are basically random. Devs can balance it. 

The frame being made up of three separate designs with a void binding element is interesting. There is definitely lore here about a squad of frames, maybe prototypes (tie this frame into somatic fibres and lua) 

The somewhat sentient styling maybe points to these being some of the earliest warframes, also built by the orikin. possibly a precursor.
'Fusing the strengths of three frames, but unreliable for it as their souls collide.' 

Passive - Animated/broken by the Void 
The tendrils uniting the warframe animate it like a wild animal.
Like a fish it must keep moving forward to push the void energy through itself sustaining it's existence.  

While sprinting the warframe regenerates 5 energy per second.
However while not sprinting the warframe loses 5 energy per second. 

Power 1
Representing the white part of the frame. cost 25-75
The white frame was a long duration weapons specialist.
On cast The warframes ammo regenerates for a short period while boosting damage, while a longer lasting buff is applied to projectile flight speed/melee range.   

power 2 cost 25-75
The Red frame was a brute force defensive specialist.
On cast, 100 percent DR is applied to hits on the red part of the frame. 75 elsewhere.
status chance is radically buffed based on damage that should have been recieved to red section.  


power 3 cost 25-75
The blue frame was an agile hacking specialist. 
On cast, movement and attack speed are buffed, while hacks auto succeed. 5 percent chance to turn a robotic or sentient enemy against its brethern within range per second. 


Cost variation of the first three powers is either 25, 50 or 75. Power cost increased for each of the other first three powers active at one time. So for example, while you are receiving the buff from 1, powers 2 or 3 cost 50. similarly while you are getting buff from 3, powers 1 and 2 cost 50. while you have buff from 1 and 2, 3 costs 75. etc    This represents the increased strain on the void tendrils from drawing from the strengths of these three individual frames. The flip side is, when a power costs more, its buff is accentuated. So the order in which you choose to stack your power casts changes their buff properties. 

Powers 1-3 are balanced to be pretty strong but with a catch, you cannot simply mash all these frames together and expect it to work. There is a 5-10 percent chance on activating  power 1-3 that the power simply wont work, while draining whatever the cost would have been all the same. This failure chance may or may not be tired to whether buffs are being stacked as described above.  The buffs should be balanced with this in mind. 



Power 4  cost 100
Representing the void binder. 

Special note. Defying the standard rules of the game, this power can be cast from a downed, or dead state (even with 0 revives). 

Apologies for this being overly complicated in description.

Upon cast, the void tendrils animating the body disperse, 
attaching to and wrapping around the other frames in the squad.
This begins draining the casters energy at X per second. X is affected by whether each frame affected is sprinting or not. 

The game interface switches to something along the lines of the overview 'X' menu in railjack,
where by you can select which squadmate to follow at any time. You can apply buffs to each frame individually 
based on your 1-3 powers, in addition to causing 5 energy to regenerate per second for each affected squadmate.
However each squadmate that is standing still will drain 5 additional energy per second. Casting cost penalties for these buffs still apply, BUT, only if stacked on the same frames similar to how the cost of multiple buffs stack on your frame. 

So you can apply one of each of the 1-3 power buffs to each frame at 25 cost.  It could be giving everyone buff set 1, or you could give set 1 to one player and set 2 to the other players. Applying a second concurrent buff on a frame costs 50 etc.  

When a squadmates energy is full, the overflow returns to your own energy pool. 

The players operator may transference out of any followed players frame, providing additional support (handy for resetting sentients).  

This would be balanced so that under and absolutely ideal build, with cooperating team mates the power would be long lasting 1-2 mins, with a more average practical length of 20-30 seconds to allow assessment of the situation,  selection and application of squad buffs. Allowing the player to act as a guardian angel support. 

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Passive: innate evasion due to being broken apart. But evasion is atleast noticeable different from other frames.

{1} Fl(Y)eeting Grasp 

Extends its arm and pulls enemy/enemies with great force. Two part damage. First from the grab, high puncture damage that pirces armor and shields, it would ignore 10>15>20>25% of armor and shields but wont be able to scale with power strength. Then when it pulls back the enemy, they get forcefully thrown back from it and take impact damage. Its one would scale with strength, range and efficiency. It would also be a one handed ability. Unless two arms are used for the attack. Scales with range, strength, and efficiency

{2} laceration.

Tendrils flail around the frame knocking enemies on the ground for a few seconds like the bursa knock down around a certain radius. It would as well proc a nasty slash proc. Scales with range, strength, and efficiency.

Synergy: Using laceration while Defragment is active doubles its range.

{3} Graceful Link

steals life force from multiple enemies with a small ×% overtime as well as dealing damage to the enemies. While linked immune to status procs and immune to staggers and knockdowns. Thats scales with range and power and efficiency.

{4} Defragment and Rejoin

break off 5 parts of itself that orbit the frame at fast speeds. The parts redirect incoming damage and gives it a max of 70% damage reduction from bullets and projectiles, better evasion, and increased movement/sprint speed with the cost of 50% armor. Enemies in to close of a range get smashed from the orbiting parts that deal massive damage. Deacting the ability cause the parts to fly away and hit nearby enemies for a ×% of the damage that was mitigated from the parts before reconnecting to the frame. Scales with duration and strength, and you guessed it efficiency

Synergy: Using Fleeting Grasp while Defragment is will bring enemies closer to [Warframe] to take increased damage from both abilities and cost half energy.



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This frame has an infested vibe to me:

Passive: Build the warframe with bits of other warframes. Passive inherited from other warframe bits.

ability 1) Camouflage - Use bits of enemy lying around to add to self to look like enemy and blend in, go unnoticed - a form of stealth

ability 2) Cannibal - Consume bits of enemy for buff: a) Health - Corpus, b) Armour - Greneer, c) Damage - infested, d) Shields - Orokin

ability 3) Infest - Send out maggots (X maggots based on range) to infest enemy and make clones of self and loadout for X duration and X strength (like a spector)

ability 4) Monster Within - Transform into elemental hulk / behemoth / troll with elemental damage based on energy colour dealing massive damage based on number of active clones for X duration and X strength

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Passive- corrosive does 25% more damage and last 50% longer

1-Rebuild, you gain spike armor from your fallen enemys. This damages enemys when they damage you and at the same time your armor increases everytime you go over a dead body.

2-Detach, remove up to two body parts which either help you with the fight or provide support in the form of healing, shields, and item pick up.

3-Self-destruct, violently explode sending your body parts flying into the enemy. This explosion infects the enemy with corrosion and blast. After the explosion you reform with full health and shields

4-remember, A hint to the frames former glory. Its tentacles infect the ground around you, then from the tentacles gas spews drowning the area in gas. This blinds enemys and infects them with an effect base on energy color such as corrosive.

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Passive: Reduce - When an allied warframe within range fires a shot, there is an x% chance (scaling with efficiency, probably capped at approx. 50%) the shot does not expend a round.

1st: Reuse - The warframe can choose one of two abilities (tap to cycle, hold to use, etc.) to repurpose its limbs into a more specialized form, draining energy over time until dispelled:

  • Revoker: The warframe tears off an arm (replacing it with a thin, weedy tendril of a peg-leg) and fuses it to it's attached arm to form Revoker (Exalted Arm-Cannon), taking a massive reduction in parkour speed in return. Disjunction is a charge-fire, high-damage BFG that is guaranteed to gib enemies it kills.
  • Rejector: The warframe tears off a leg (again replacing it with thin, weedy tendrils) and transforms it into Rejector (Exalted Leg-Whip), and literally beats its opponents to death with it's own leg-on-a-tendril-rope, in return for a massive reduction in movement speed (thinking approx. 80%) and increase in knockdown recovery time. Severance's range scales with movement speed in addition to mods.
  • Magnitude of buffs (and nerfs!) scale with Strength, drain scales with Efficiency.

2nd: Recycle - On-cast, the warframe absorbs all separate sections of corpses (so better with slash weapons) within range to heal itself, scaling with sections absorbed and ability strength. Gains immunity to a status proc based on the body parts it absorbs (majority of parts if in a Crossfire) - Humanoid/Blast, Robotic/Radiation, Infested/Toxin. Duration of immunity scales with ability duration.

3rd: Restrict - The warframe fires tendrils from its body (number of tendrils scales with power strength), tying enemies to it's position. Enemies can move within the tendril radius, but will be yanked back into range (think Grineer Scorpion) if they leave the range, including if the warframe moves away from them.

4th: Resort - The warframe tears off its own head and throws it at the enemy, where it will explode on impact. This stuns both the warframe and all enemies in the impact radius for an equally high duration. Head slithers back to the body on tendrils during the stun duration, with recovery speed scaling with power efficiency (making it possible to recover before the enemy does). 

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Passive - Revenance
    You can be healed up to twice your total health. (Overshield for Health)

1 - Aria of Harm
    Change all IPS of your weapons to chosen damage type, "Exalting" your weapons.
Cycle through Impact, Puncture and Slash like Vauban's traps.

2 - Harmony in Suffering
    Transfer status effects from Broken to nearby enemies.

3 - Nemesis Symphony
    Target enemy takes more damage from weapons. When they die, the effect spreads to another enemy.

4 - Requiem
    The shell of the frame shatters, showing a glorious energy laden perfect form. When the ability ends, the energy drops and the frame has parts fall off and cracks back into the 'broken' base form.
    Ammo efficiency increase
    Damage Reduction
    Melee weapon range increase
    Weapon Damage increase

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The connecting tendrils seem organic and made me think of a cross between a computer and a biological virus. It would be a more mobile Warframe that relies on turning the foe's advantages in numbers against themselves. It would rely on having appropriate weapons for enemies, high shields, and efficient energy use.


- Passive: Vectored Emmisions - Increase aura effects while sliding and leaping.

- 1st: Enervating Surge - Leap forward in a nebulas form, passing though enemies while dealing damage. A percentage of damage dealt is recovered as shields, with a different percentage dependent on if the damage was dealt to shields (most), robotics (middle), or flesh (least).

- 2nd: Sympathetic Aura - A toggled ability. When attacking or taking damage, a percentage of that damage instead becomes a damaging aura.

- 3rd: Transmission Burst - Unleash an area affect that inflicts a status effect matching your current weapon's type for a short time. If a victim dies while it is active, a small damaging burst is released from the corpse.

- 4th: Control Host: A toggled ability. When enemies die within a certain distance of you, their bodies remain as allies with health equal to the most damaging status effect active at death. More bodies increases cost. Bodies under the effects of Transmission Burst increase this abilities range and temporarily do not count against this abilities cost.


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Passive: Assimilate

Enemies killed by or around him get absorbed (grabbed and pulled by his tentacles, like in the game “Prototype”) buffing his health/shield/armour by a flat amount until death. Or simply healing him. Or a stackable damage resistance for a duration.

1: He sends out a tentacle that hits and enemy, paralyzingly them. New tentacles spew out from that enemy to near by enemies, stabbing and stunning them for a second, but remain connected. 50% Damage dealt to the initial paralyzed enemy get sent to enemies connected to him via the tentacles. If the centre enemy dies, enemies connected get sent a small explosion dealing massive impact damage.

2: Enhance - he send tentacles through his hand to wrap around his current weapon. 25% weapon damage, fire rate/attack speed, status and crit chance. This ability drains energy and the weapon can not be swapped until the ability is turned off. 

3: he sweeps a void tentral across the battlefield, briefly stunning and dealing minor damage to enemies. Enemies hit become 25% weaker to all sources. He also gains a small movement speed buff for a duration.

4: He uses void tentacles to lift himself a few feet into the air, become immobilized and drawing aggro to nearby enemies. The longer the ability is held down, the larger the circle gets, every enemy that is inside the circle will attack only him. Upon release of the ability, he stabs all enemies with the AoE regardless of sight line, stunning them for 3 seconds dealing minor damage and stealing their resistances causing them to become vulnerable to any attack. These enemies are marked and are visible through walls for the whole team. He gains a small flat buff to his health/shield/armour per enemy hit, for a duration after the ability has ended. He cannot use the ability again until the duration is done or he holds the ability down to strip the buffs off.



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4th ability the arms come off and attach to enemys sucking the life forece and its an consumes energy but in turn give health to nearby teamates                                                                                                                             3rd ability summon hands that pull enemys under ground doing damage overtime,          2and ability the warframe will fly up and shoot in a full 360                                                                                           1rst ability  have spores coming out of the warframes back healing teamates or him self                                                                                                                                                 passive on death release a radial attack dealing 1,000 - 2,000 damage

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