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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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Passive: abilities do not use emergy, warframe can't hold energy. abilities use a different meter called scrap. melee attack speed is lowered, but catches some scrap off enemies when using melee

1: pauldron shrapnel: fire parts of the warframe's arms, dealing damage. activate again to break the part mid-air, into a shotgun-like projactile cloud, this action doubles the scrap cost 

2: restoring channel: when held: attach void tentacles to your allies giving them health/shield/overshield/armor, draining the same from your shields in the process. when no friendly ally is selected, use up scrap to heal self.

3: scrapyard: sacrifice some scrap and hide in the ground for some time, catching enemies manually with void tentacles manually charges scrap and timer duration. no heal effects work on warframe, including shield recharge

4: wreckage overcharge: use all scrap to reach out with tentacles into the area around, gathering all enemy mass, killed enemies get pulled in and add to this warframe's health/shield/armor and damage buff. hold longer to overcharge and release everything other than health to the area, dealing heavy damage.

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Passive- enemies have a chance to drop spare parts and if you pick them up they will give bonuses to your health, shield or armor. (Bonuses can be stacked)

1st- Boomerang- the frame removes one of their arms and throws it, it would act like a glaive until returning back to you. The arm would grab spare parts off of any enemy it bounces off of which would contribute to your passive and decrease their armor by 5% (influenced by power strength) 

2nd- Module- Using the accumulated spare parts the frame applies a mod to its current weapon which will super charge it giving it extra fire rate (attack speed for melee), damage, and adds electricity for a set amount of time.

3rd- Short Circuit- the frame stuns themselves temporarily (1-2 seconds) but by doing so they are granted a magnetic field around them that slows enemy bullet speed(therefore reducing damage taken) and granting over shields to themselves and nearby allies.  

4th- Heavy Metal- the frame rebuilds their exalted minigun and channels their spare parts into it, hitting enemies with high amounts of slash and impact damage. Drawbacks: Movement speed is greatly reduced while using this, you use a lot of spare parts which will decrease your survivability. Module can be used on this (Glass cannon ability)

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Salvaged from parts of frames that were being designed by the precursor to the Quills to exhibit the power of each separate school of Focus, the -Broken Warframe- is powered by the techniques and training that the Operator has developed, allowing them to exhibit those powers through the frame instead of when separated from it as the Operator. 



Maximum Frame Level 40 - -Broken Frame- is capable of being enhanced from 30 to 40 with applications of Forma, similar to Paracesis and Kuva weaponry. All forms of Forma apply to this, including Umbra and Stance Forma. 

Innate Energy Regeneration - When abilities have not been used for 1 second, energy slowly replenishes at 1% per second, ramping up to 2.5% per second after 5 seconds. As a tradeoff, -Broken Frame- is among the lower energy pools of all frames. This % applies to increased energy from mods. 

Unique Slam - -Broken Frame- takes no falling damage, and long falls or ground slams now release an effect based on the school selected.

Innate Slam - If no melee weapon is equipped, an attack that does 100 void damage in a 5m radius is used instead when a player attempts to slam attack. 0% crit and status chance, and 5 energy is consumed. 

Unique Divekick, Slide, and Bullet Jump - Performing these will provide an additional effect based on the school selected.

Unique Bleedout and Recovery - All forms of -Broken Frame- have a way to recover themselves from bleedout. In Bleedout, -Broken Frame- may also swap between their Secondary weapon and Amp. 

Umbra Capable - Able to equip Umbra slots with a standard Forma, though none are provided by default. 

Waybound Enhancement - All waybounds apply to -Broken Frame-, making a master of the five ways into the most powerful possible -Broken Frame- user. 

Increase Affinity - For whatever school is currently active, affinity gain is a baseline of 1%. This can be increased with a Nirvan Lens (2%), Greater Nirvan Lens (3.5%), and Eidolon Nirvan Lens (5%). As a tradeoff, -Broken Frame- may not accept any single school’s focus lens. 

Selective Focus - Once -Broken Frame- has been built and obtained to the inventory, the ability to set the power of non-waybound abilities is added, rather than being forced to use the maximum level of any Focus ability. This allows for optimal customization, as some school abilities may not be wanted at full level, like Void Radiance increasing the cost of the ability for an effect that the player may not want for their build. 

Passive Augmentation - Passive abilities for the school that aren’t used in any abilities are also affected by mods. 



Cannot be purchased. Only doing the Nirvan quest grants access to -Broken Frame-.

May only use Nirvan focus lenses.



Abilities utilize the nodes that are active for the selected way. All five configurations use abilities designed under the same general pattern.

Ability 1: Void Dash - This is an enhanced version of the school’s Void Dash abilities, and it gains the 2x/4x modifier for successive use. Strength mods affect damage and effect intensity, duration makes it go further, range increases the area of effect.

Ability 2: Void Blast - This is an enhanced version of the Void Blast ability, using mods to further enhance damage, range, effect, and duration. The default range is much further than a Void Blast normally reaches. 

Ability 3: Void Mode - This is a togglable enhanced version of Void Mode, allowing for prolonged stealth as needed. Unlike the operator version, taking combat actions will not break stealth, though it will deplete energy faster when using weapons for non-finisher attacks.

Ability 4: Void Augment - This shares passive abilities to allies within Affinity range while adding some other effects, lasting 1 minute, and is enhanced by Strength and Duration mods.

Ability 5: Overcharge. This ability charges up slowly over the mission, faster with kills and successful use of abilities. Once it is above 50% it may be activated, though it will not last as long or have maximum effect unless it is activated at 100%. Overcharge can get to as high as 300%, where every Forma added to the frame increases the maximum storage by +40%. The burn rate while active is 5% per second, regardless of focus equipped or Efficiency mods. Overcharge allows Blast and Dash to be used freely, and the non-stealth effects of the Void Mode ability are active, along with the Void Augment ability.



Madurai - The burning spirit of war, the wings of the phoenix. -Broken Frame- Madurai practitioners bring a pyroclastic fury that leaves nothing but bones and ash in its wake.

1: Starfire Dash - This Void Dash ability uses the combined skills of Blazing and Meteoric Dash, amplifying both separately. This stuns enemies with a guaranteed Fire proc instead of displacing them. Duration and Range both affect distance, Range affects width of the fire trail, and Duration affects the longevity of the fire trail. 

2: Phoenix Blast - This Void Blast ability uses the combined skills of Flame Blast and Rising Blast, amplifying both separately. Duration reduces charge time and increases the travel time of Flame Blast, and Range increases the travel speed. 

3: Prismatic Void - This Void Mode ability combines Void Radiance and Void Strike, with some extra utility added by preventing Void Strike benefits from diminishing when attacking from Void Mode. Void Radiance is changed to an upfront energy cost increase, and is guaranteed to activate upon ending Prismatic Void. Strength increases Void Strike amplification, and both Duration and Range affect Void Radiance.

4: Phoenix Call - Phoenix Spirit and Phoenix Talons passive abilities are applied to allies, and each ally within the affinity radius increases the effect by 10%. Strength increases the total damage boost, but not the +10% multiplier per ally in range.

5: Fiery Uprising - Burn with a fury that lights the night sky ablaze, turning the force of a small squad into the conflagrating torch that incinerates foes of the Tenno. 

  • Phoenix Call is active with double the bonus for squadmates in range. 10% of damage dealt by affected players is converted to True damage, to bypass resistances.

  • All enemies within 5 meters become blinded while in proximity. Range affects this radius.

  • Phoenix Blast uses the maximum charge instantly. 

  • Additional Void damage is added based on half the Heat damage dealt, including weapons and mod abilities like Firewalker. 

  • Void Strike charges accumulate up to 30, and do not diminish until Phoenix Uprising has run out. 


Bleedout causes a wave of 500 Void 500 Heat damage flames to ripple out 10m from -Broken Frame- at 1 second intervals, while the downed -Broken Frame- has full access to their Amp. Inflicting damage to enemies charges the Overcharge meter, and that gain rate is doubled by any damage dealt by ripples. Every 1000 amp damage or 500 ripple adds 1% Overcharge.  If Overcharge reaches 100% before bleedout ends, or increases by 50% from start of bleedout before bleedout ends, Overcharge activates, and -Broken Frame- returns to full health with invulnerability to all damage until Overcharge ends. 

Bullet Jump and Slide leave behind a trail of fire for 2 seconds, dealing 50 Void and 50 Heat damage every second. No more than 50m of total fire trail may exist. Strength affects damage dealt. Range increases the fire trail max length.

Divekick procs burst, dealing 100 Burst damage, 50 Heat damage, and 50 Void damage. Strength affects damage dealt.

Slam is guaranteed to proc 20 Heat damage over 2.5s and add 10% damage vulnerability on enemies that are hit for 2.5s. Strength increases damage dealt and vulnerability added. Duration affects damage and vulnerability length.

When Phoenix Call is not active, Phoenix Spirit and Phoenix Talons provide their passive benefit to -Broken Frame-, and are affected by Strength mods.

Inner Gaze and Eternal Gaze are affected by Strength mods, increasing both Amp Energy and Regeneration Rate beyond what the Amp has available.



Vazarin - The caring spirit, in tune and balanced with the unseen tides of the void. Their presence is a boon and a blessing to all who the Tenno seek to preserve.

1: Defensive Rush - This Void Dash ability combines Protective Dash and Sonic Dash, using both at once rather than overriding Protective Dash. Immunity and length of healing bonus are extended by Duration. Strength a small impact on healing bonus. Shockwave width and stun duration are affected by range and duration.

2: Aegis Blast - This Void Blast ability combines Guardian Shell and Guardian Blast. Efficiency reduces energy cost for hitting allies while Guardian Blast is enabled. Increased range affects distance for shielding allies. Strength affects damage absorption and overshields granted.

3: Hidden Boon - This Void Mode ability combines Void Regen and Void Aegis. Additionally, non-companion allies increase the radius slightly while in proximity. Health per second and energy cost for Void Regen are both affected by strength. Duration increases the speed of bubble growth for Void Aegis. Range affects both the radius and ally proximity increase.

4: Blessing of Tides - This increases health and health regeneration by the amounts specified in Rejuvenating and Enduring Tides waybound abilities for everyone within the affinity radius. Any allies, companions, and mission objectives in a bleedout state within Affinity radius are revived, up to 5 per mission. Strength mods affect health regeneration, but not increased health. 

5: Guardian Aegis - Calling upon the vast protective and restorative power that can be accessed by tapping into the lifestream entwined with the void, the true nature of Vazarin is released.  

  • All allies within Affinity radius get their own Void Aegis shield. 

  • Defensive Dash and Aegis Boon are free to use, and Blessing of Tides is automatically active. 

  • All revives are instant.

  • All Mending Soul and Blessing of Tides charges refresh at the end of Guardian Aegis.


Bleedout causes a shield bubble to emit from -Broken Frame-. This attracts nearby enemies, who attack it with everything. If the enemies can keep up a rate of 100 damage per second, and at least one hit per second, the shield gains power, needing 20 units of power before bleedout expires to revive -Broken Frame-. Upon being restored, -Broken Frame- releases the power of the shield bubble, causing knockback and 100% radiation proc for 100 damage to enemies within 25m (affected by Range). Any downed allies within the exploded bubble’s range are also revived. 

Bullet Jump and Slide heals 10 health per second for 3 seconds, and applies the heal to any allies passed by within 2m or within the bullet jump burst radius. This can’t activate more than once every 5 seconds. 

Divekick grants 50 overshield, up to a maximum of 250, for each enemy hit in a single divekick. This lasts up to 10 seconds, and the timer is refreshed on additional divekicks, but will not be replenished or replaced by a higher value unless a divekick hitting equal or greater targets is performed.

Slam Attack provides temporary overshield to self and allies within the radius, based on distance traveled on the slam.

Rejuvenating and Enduring Tides, including increases from mods, are active at all times for -Broken Frame-.

Strength mods affect the number of instant revives from Mending Soul. Affinity range increase from Mending Unity is affected by Range mods. 



Naramon - The bloodied blade of darkest night, sundering flesh and steel with unrelenting precision and unseen grace. 

1: Blade Dash - This Void Dash combines Executing and Surging Dash, increasing both damage and applied vulnerability. Finisher vulnerability affected by Strength. Range affects Surging Dash range increase. 

2: Chaotic Blast - This Void Blast combines Disorienting and Disarming Blast, improving the chances of one or both triggering. Either confusion or disarm will always happen if both nodes are full, and the chance to have both apply is possible with increased Strength. Strength and Range affect the distance of weapons that get displaced when disarmed. Strength and Duration affect the length of confusion. 

3: Void Assassin - Combines Void Stalker and Void Hunter passives, sharing enemy positions and critical bonus to allies. Any enemies spotted by Void Hunter will have their positions revealed to allies, and enemies are recolored red to signify friend from foe when looking at outlines through walls. Allies within affinity radius hit revealed enemies with the same bonus Critical Chance as the user’s Void Stalker. Strength affects Critical Chance. Duration affects the maximum seconds that the Critical Chance and enemy reveal properties may accumulate. Range affects reveal distance.

4: Hastened Mind - All allies within Affinity radius receive the benefits of Mind Sprint and Mind Step waybound abilities. Additionally bullet jump, slide, and roll travel faster/farther, and aim glide is increased, relative to the Mind Sprint bonus. Melee combo count also accumulates twice as fast while this is active. Strength increases movement speed. Range increases the speed/distance of all affected abilities.

5: Grim Reaper - Become the nightmare of shadowed brutality that haunts the inner depths of primal fear, wielding the exalted Void Scythe to rip the souls out of the enemy. 

  • Void Scythe finishers are performed in 0.1 sec on the first hit, and follow up finishers take 0.3 sec apiece.

  • Void Scythe will teleport to the nearest enemy exposed to Finisher after killing an enemy.

  • When an enemy is slain with a Finisher, Void damage projectiles that deal equal damage to the finisher hit enemies within 5 meters and make them vulnerable to Finishers.

  • Each consecutive hit on an enemy will expose followup hits to +5% True damage.

  • Void Assassin is automatically active, including void mode activation while not attacking.

  • Every kill produces a Health orb. 


Bleedout causes a shadow of -Broken Frame- to appear, invisible to enemies, with a Void Scythe that only performs finishers and leaves slain enemies in a permanent stunned state. Void Dash can be performed at a very short range, but costs no energy. Slam, jumpkick, and bullet jump, also open finishers. When 7 enemies are stunned in this way, their life essence is stolen into the shadow, which merges back into the revived -Broken Frame- and provides 300% melee damage for 0.1sec * sum of levels of the 7 enemies slain.  

Passing by enemies within 2m during Bullet Jump and Slide disorient enemies, with a 10% chance to knockdown, 10% to confuse, and 10% chance to disarm. Only one will proc per enemy, and lasts 3 seconds (disarm only knocks the weapon 5m away so the enemy can quickly recover it). Double the chances if the enemy is caught in a Bullet Jump burst radius.

Divekick is guaranteed to knock down enemies hit, with a minimum 35% chance to disarm, and disarm chances increase with Strength and kick velocity. Kick velocity also determines disarm distance.

Slam Attack confuses enemies for 2 seconds, and one attack dealt by confused enemies on other enemies, per enemy dealing an attack, is added to melee combo. 

Hastened Mind speed increases from mods are applied at all times to -Broken Frame-. 

Affinity Spike increase is amplified by Strength. Duration increases the length between Power Spike degradation intervals.



Unairu - Terrestrial sturdiness woven into perfect form gives the Unairu practitioner and their allies the ironclad will to endure and outlast vast armies with little effort. 

1: Ruinous Charge - This combines Crippling and Sundering Dash, allowing for the mightiest of foes to be brought down with ease. Armor and Damage reduction is affected by Strength. Armor reduction diminishing returns are unaffected by Strength. Maximum damage reduction is 85%.

2: Polarized Shrapnel - Combines Magnetic Blast and Unairu Wisp. Instead of summoning a wisp, a successful wisp proc sends out damage buffs to all allies within affinity radius, halving the effect for allies who are not using their Operator or -Broken Frame-. Duration affects both Magnetic Blast and Wisp effect lengths. Strength increases damage bonuses.

3: Transparent Guard - This Void Mode combines Void Chrysalis and Void Shadow. Maximum damage resistance with Strength mods is 95%. Duration reduces the increased energy cost per additional ally.

4: Basilisk Resolve - This combines Basilisk Scales and Basilisk Gaze to apply to all allies in affinity radius, halving the effect for allies who are not using their Operator or -Broken Frame-. All projectiles and area-of-effect abilities have collision/size scaled up based on the bonus from Basilisk Gaze, as well as melee range increasing along similar lines. Range affects this size increase.

5: Basilisk Fortress - The balance of defense is tilted in a way that few enemies can overcome. 

  • Ruinous Charge and Polarized Sharpnel are free to use.

  • Ally damage taken is reduced by the amount Void Chrysalis provides.

  • All allies gain the Damage Returned feature of Void Spines (the added % is based on their own armor). 

  • Any ally within the affinity radius who stands still (including performing a hack or revive) is void invisible.


Bleedout causes a swarm of crystalline shards to appear, which are controlled by the player. Left Click performs a dash, Right Click allows the swarm to attach to a target. Attaching to an ally or defense objective grants them defense and overshield, attaching to an enemy causes hits to drain their shields, armor, and health, and absorbs projectiles they fire. Once 20 attacks have been resisted, or 20 hits on debuffed enemies have occurred, -Broken Frame- is revived and immune to all attacks for 10 seconds. 

Bullet Jump and Slide cause enemies passed by within 2m to lose 0.1% armor per -Broken Frame-’s current armor. Enemies hit within the Bullet Jump burst radius are hit with Impact damage and guaranteed proc, where damage is 25% of the frame’s current armor. 

Divekick hits enemies for Impact damage, with a guaranteed Impact proc, dealing damage based on 50% of -Broken Frame-’s current armor, and destroying 0.1% armor per -Broken Frame-’s current armor. 

Slam attack hits enemies with a guaranteed Impact proc, and knocks them upwards at 10% the distance of the slam. Strength and Range increases the distance and hang-time. 

Void Spines and Stone Skin are enhanced by Strength, and 1% of total armor is also added to damage returned, which is affected by Strength mods. 

Basilisk Scales armor increase is affected by Strength mods. Basilisk Gaze blast range is increased by Range mods.



Zenurik - Become the brilliant flash of deadly lightning, and the devastating thunderclap that follows, which stuns and strikes foes of the Tenno using energized efficiency. 

1: Voltaic Streak - This Void Dash ability combines Energizing Dash and Lightning Dash. Energy zone duration is affected by Duration mods, but not the length of the energy regeneration effect. Range mods affect the distance of the lightning ball. Strength mods increase the Electricity damage dealt. 

2: Electrifying Blast - This Void Blast ability combines Temporal and Voltaic Blast. Slowing has a maximum cap of 95% when affected by Strength mods. Slowing effect is increased by Duration mods. Electricity blast range is affected by Range mods.

3: Void Entanglement - This Void Mode ability combines Void Static and Singularity. This stuns Grineer Sensor Regulators without tripping them, for better use in stealth operations. Instead of one pulse, the damage effects are converted to a radial aura that follows -Broken Frame- while void stealth is engaged. Aura damage frequency is affected by Duration mods.

4: Supercapacitor - This uses Void Siphon and Void Flow waybound abilities, applying the effects at 100% for allies who are also -Broken Frame- or using their Operator. Half the maximum energy, and 1 energy per 15% of Void Flow per second, is provided to all other allies. Energy maximum increase is affected by Strength mods. Other forms of energy restoration are amplified by Void Siphon’s increased regeneration amount. 

5: Terawatt Dynamo - Converting latent void energy into pure power, Zenurik releases electrical rage with unrelenting purity of purpose.

  • Void Entanglement’s damage and attraction are active.

  • Electrifying Blast and Void Entanglement effects are guaranteed to proc Electricity status effect.

  • Channeling Melee attacks add 5x combo per hit, and gains an additional 25% Electricity and 25% Void damage. 


Bleedout has a 20 second delay before it begins, where the screen color and audio changes, but 0 Health has not yet taken effect, and healing no longer occurs. During this time, only Voltaic Streak and automatically-channeled Melee attacks are available. 5 power nodes spawn nearby, each must be struck by -Broken Frame- to absorb its energy, which can be done with the built-in slam if no melee weapon is present. If all 5 are struck, bleedout is avoided, -Broken Frame- is fully restored, and both Voltaic Streak and melee channeling are free to use for 20 seconds. Failure results in the usual downed state for 45 seconds. 

Bullet Jump and Slide are changed to produce a surrounding energy field, extending 2m, dealing 100 Electricity damage to enemies and restoring 10 energy to allies on contact.

Divekick produces a spark of arcing Electricity damage with a guaranteed proc, where the velocity determines damage and range that arcs reach out.

Slam Attack pulls enemies in, then pops them straight up in a small cluster. Every enemy pulled in adds 10% damage to melee attacks, lasting for 0.25s per enemy. 

Void Siphon only provides 25% effect while Supercapacitor is inactive. Void Flow is affected by mods that increase energy.

Inner Might provides +5/10/15/20/25/30% Electricity damage to all channeling melee attacks. Energy Pulse is affected by Strength and Duration mods.

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Since it's a broken warframe, my idea is a give and take- you can dish out massive damage but at a cost. My idea is built around benefitting your team primarily.

Passive- No Time To Die(NTTD). This passive gives the player one chance at life again, instantly reviving yourself from the downed state with a brief period of immunity. Every enemy killed will give you a stack of NTTD, and NTTD will only activate once you reach the max stack of 75. If you get downed/die you will lose your stack. 

1. Overclock- runs for 30 seconds (no mods), you cycle between extra damage (for all weapons), extra speed (fire rate, movement, reload, swings with melee weapons), and increased armor/shield. While one is active, you'll receive negative effects of the others. If extra damage is active, you reload slower, swing slower, and have less armor and shields.

2. Teamwork it's an AoE buff. You grant elemental resistance and damage reductions to all allies in a radius to yourself. At the cost you recieve more damage from the elements and take more damage overall. 

3. Over Here- this is a taunt AoE. All enemies withing a certain radius to yourself will begin attacking you. During this time you will gain armor and shield but lose a portion of your damage in return.

4. Nowhere to Run- this is a stationary ability. You are stuck in an animation all the while revealing enemies on the map, giving damage cuts and increased damage to allies. Downside is you are unable to fight back. This sucks down a lot of energy without the right mods.

When I saw "Broken Warframe" why not make it broken? So yea, my idea is broken but that's also why you recieve more damage and such while the abilities are active. Hope you all enjoy!

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My idea is that the warframe has the ability to kind of disassemble and reassemble as the concept art features many wire-like components looking like they're holding the body together but can be adjusted to the warframe's wishes. It plays a bit with the idea of its body moving around like Ivy Valentine's snake sword from Soul Calibur. I'm imagining that the warframe acts kind of like how you'd imagine Inaros' Agile Animation would be like if it were its own warframe.

Will you bare the burden of this Warframe?

Passive: "Instability" - Every ability used causes the warframe to grow more and more unstable. A meter is shown to indicate the level of instability the warframe. The higher the meter goes, the harder it is to aim and move right but baring the quirks of this warframe will reward you in the end. 


1) Corrupting Script/Kill Code - Corrupting Script sends a code to enemies that detonate their firearms. The bigger the weapon, the stronger the explosion. Surviving enemies are forever disarmed. This ability fills up a small percent of the meter. When Hotfix Deploying is active, it becomes Kill Code which straight up acts more like a cannon and doesn't fill up the meter.

*Kill Code was originally named Red Text

2) Frenzy Step - Launching your body as it disassembles midair, you can maneuver around for some time with some difficulty in controlling but your body attacks the enemies you pass (Like Wukong's Cloud Walker but you and Wukong are more drunk than that guy who says the best way to get rid of a hangover is to keep drinking) and you fill up a sizeable portion of the meter.  When Hotfix Deploying is active, you have full control of the movement with no troubles and you don't fill up the meter.

*bonus points if we can mesh into the walls with this

3) Unwind - The warframe expands like a slinky from each part of their body and they gain increased movement speed and evasion for the sake of good accuracy and walking wibbly-wobbly and you fill up the meter for every second this ability is active. Deactivates for a bit when Frenzy Step is used. When Hotfix Deploying is active, you need not forsake your accuracy nor your movement and you don't fill up the meter

4)  Hotfix Deploying - Your warframe releases all the glitches that make it so unstable, burning the meter. Parts of its body quake out and violently strike its surroundings but the main body has never been more stable. As long as this ability runs, the warframe can cast its abilities with no repercussions. Any enemy that tries to get close is ragdolled back wence it came. This ability can only be casted at 100% of the meter

Visually it'd be funny to try and replicate when this type of glitch happens in game. Just this going around and around the warframe until the meter ends but a tad bit more extreme.


24 Fucked-Up Game Glitches That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than ...


So mainly just some good skills that have a quirk in them to make them harder to use but 1 skill that fixes everything. Kind of an analogy to the game: A bit buggy but still works well and a good update can really fix up the game

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Passive: Leakage

When below 10 percent of health or energy, each enemy in a 20m radius 'leaks' 1 energy or health orb.

Ability 1: Tectonic Break

The Warframe let's its energy flow into the ground. The ground then starts to shake and enemies take moderate damage based on their weaknesses. This ability drains over time. The ground turns into a decaying state.


Ability 2: Sky's Death

The sky darkens around the Frame. Lightning erupts and strikes a single enemy,  chaining on up to 3/5/10 more enemies.


Ability 3: Bone Break

The Frame targets 3 enemies. Each enemy topples over and take a high DOT. True Damage is dealt.


Ability 4: Unravel 

The Frame unravels its limbs into a  revolving mess of ribbon like limbs. Time stops and space distorts dealing very high amounts of True Damage to the enemy. The Frame takes DOT and energy drains rapidly.

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Woo! This is a super fun idea. I took maybe a bit more of the "assembled from other warframe parts" into the abilities than was intended, but I hope I adapted each ability enough to make it unique! And I made sure to give it at least one unique proactive ability and a unique passive.

Passive: Emergency Measures

When shields are fully depleted, gain a 50% armor boost for 10s or until shields are fully restored again. Cannot be activated again until shields are fully restored.


Ability 1: Shift Gear

Energy: 10

Amalgam (my nickname for the warframe at this point) causes parts of its mechanical shell to reconfigure. There are three distinct forms for Amalgam: Compromise, Accelerate, and Defender. Every mission is started in Compromise form: when this ability is activated while in Compromise form, you can choose which form to shift to via a small menu when activating the ability. When in either Defender or Accelerate form, tapping the ability switches to Accelerate or Defender form respectively, and holding the ability switches back to Compromise form at no energy cost. Accelerate form gains 5% speed boost and attack speed; Defender form gains 10% shields and 10% armor: Compromise gains 5% speed boost and 10% armor.

Augment: Lasting Configuration

When switching between Accelerate and Defender forms, the stat increases from the previous form stay in effect for 5s, or until the ability is used again.


Ability 2: Shrapnel Wave

Energy: 50

Amalgam launches a wave of spare parts and machinery towards enemies. Each enemy within 20m and line of sight is hit by 1 / 1 / 2 / 3 shards of shrapnel, each dealing 200 / 450 / 450 / 750 damage. Each shard also has 45% status chance, and the status condition inflicted has an equal chance of being Impact, Slash, or Puncture. Each shard also has 5% critical chance.

Augment: Precision Launch

Each shard now has 5% status chance, 45% critical chance, and a 1.7 critical multiplier.


Ability 3: Mechanical Sentry

Energy: 50

Amalgam summons a small robotic sentry with 100 / 200 / 350 / 500 health and 150 / 300 / 450 / 700 shields. The sentry uses a copy of Amalgam's equipped secondary weapon that deals all Electricity damage and has a 30% status chance. The weapon's critical chance and multiplier are determined by the weapon equipped. If no weapon is equipped, the sentry will use a Lato modified in the above ways. The sentry is programmed to target whatever enemy hits Amalgam, and focuses on that enemy until it dies. If no enemies are around, the sentry escorts Amalgam. If the sentry comes within 5m of a console, it will activate/hack it; activating takes 0.5s, and hacking takes 3s. Casting this ability while a sentry is active will cause the old sentry to fall into pieces, and a new sentry to be summoned.

Augment: Stealth Subroutine

The sentry will now go invisible when focused on an enemy, and will perform a finisher with its built-in Parazon. However, the sentry can only do this 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 times before losing the ability to go invisible. Summoning a new sentry resets the counter.


Ability 4: Aura of Disrepair

Energy: 75, 3/s

Amalgam focuses their Void energy to cause enemies' gear to fall apart and fail. Each enemy within the field receives a debuff according to their stats:

  • If the enemy's armor is higher than their shields, their armor is reduced by 20% / 45% / 80% / 100% and their shields are reduced by 10% / 22% / 40% / 50%.
  • If the enemy's shields are higher than their armor, their shields are reduced by 20% / 45% / 80% / 100% and their armor is reduced by 10% / 22% / 40% / 50%

The field lasts for as long as Amalgam has energy to maintain it. Abilities can be cast, but energy can only be received from direct sources such as energy orbs and Arcane Energize. The only exception to this is Leeching Aura.

Augment: Leeching Aura

For every enemy killed within Aura of Disrepair, all allies within the field gain either 25 Energy if the enemy's shields are higher than it's armor, or 25 armor if the enemy's armor is higher than it's shields.


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Passive - every now and then worm looking thing will break off and attack an enemy and heal the user for amount of damage given. or rip off a part of the dead enemies on the ground to heal the warframe.    ( the frame will heal from dead bodies every few seconds.)

Ability 1 - turn enemies against one another or to your side for a duration of time

Ability 2 - a rush mechanic when the broken warframe will use the worm tentacle things to move a distance adding enemies to the frame, making them apart of the frame. or a target system that utilizes a hook like valkyr and pulls them into the frame     essentially armor that would break off over time, kind of like nezah's no3 where they take no damage until the armor breaks. 

Ability 3 - would be a help to ability 2 where you eject the body parts of the individuals that you have added to yourself. 

Ability 4 - some what like hydriod's #4 but instead of it being in a single area AOE its an AOE that surrounds the warframe pulling enemies towards him then either giving the warframe HP back, over healing, or extra armor like ability 2 does. 

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Ability 1. Is to extend his arm out to grab an enemy or grapple.


Energy drain Ability 2. Is to drain an enemy life force to void energy and health

Ability 3. Is to become immune to the same damage they hitting you with

Ability 4. The void energy holding him together wraps around him and he transform and he have exalted void tentacles.attack damage goes up and armor goes up.but it depend on how many enemies life he drained.

Passive. When your is low 7 void tentacles come out the ground 7 enemies attack you and energy drain takes less energy

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Passive: Fragments: The more enemy around broken in a 50m radius give broken stacks.(the cap is 200) if broken has 100 fragment stacks he gets 100+ health. If the stacks reach cap(200) he gets 100+ armour

Ability 1 Shatter: broken shoots out a spear of energy from the ground at and threw his foe. 100-250 damage. Borken can charge up this ability and shoot 2 more spears(charging cost 10 fragment from his passive)

Ability 2 Reinforce: Reinforce covers broken in fragments reflecting back enemy damage to enemies within a 30m radius(cost 10 fragment) borken can charge up this ability and give it to allies instead(cost 20 fragment)

Ability 3 Memory: Broken surrounds a area with a memory of the luna buffing allies and broken with 5% more ability strength. While enemies are inside the area broke gets increases fragments per second. (Range 30m)

Ability 4 Old war: broken summons a old war great sword into his hands swing the sword shoots out Broken waves of energy at his foes. While broken is using old war he gets 100+ armour but the fragments passive depletes 2 stacks per second(if there are no more fragments from his passive the greatsword dose less damage) 

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Passive :  For every X # of enemies killed, or X # of damage dealt , Broken gains a Mirror Stack 

1. Angel's grasp - The tendrils on Broken's arm lash out at the nearest enemy dealing splash damage within an meter radius, having a X % chance to open the enemy up to finisher damage (This could also be replaced with something  like having a chance to stun them like excaliburs blind or something similar)

2. Tendril Storm - Broken summons an X meter wide area and all enemies within the area become attacked by the tendril looking things on his arm, which come out of the ground . These tendrils leech health for squadmates if any,( but not for Broken) and proc puncture status. This attack consumes X # of Mirror Stacks

3, Death's Mirror .  Broken consumes all his Mirror Stacks to summon several rotating mirrors around him that reflect back all incoming damage. The amount of damage that the mirrors can reflect back depend on the # of Mirror Stacks consumed to create them ( This ability can only be used when there is at least X Mirror stacks

4. Copycat -  During a squad mission, Broken takes on the abilities of the teammate he aims this ability at for X number of seconds. In the case of a solo mission or any instances without squad members, there will be a selection wheel that comes up or 2 or three warframes that can be cycled through before selecting. These will be preset in the player's orbiter before the match, and only frames owned by the player can be used in the case of solo play. ( The ability to use the preset warframe abilities will remain available even when in a squad match.This is how i planned for it to play out but that is subject to change.)


1. Consumes 25 energy and no Mirror Stacks

2. Consumes 25 energy and X # of Mirror Stacks

3. Consumes no energy and all remaining Mirror Stacks

4. Consumes 50 energy to initiate and 25 energy/second 

Obviously, streamline, fleeting expertise and any other efficiency mods will reduce the energy consumption rate, but these mods will not affect the consumption or production rate of the Mirror Stacks

However the power that each stacks grants to either Tendril Storm or Death's mirror does scale with ability strength mods 


The story behind the passive is that Broken  is the most self-conscious frame of them all. Broken hated the way he looked in the mirror, because of his jumbled appearance. Overtime, as Broken  learned to accept himself for who he was, his hatred dwindled, and the mirrors became a symbolic tool representative of his own growth, resulting in the Mirror Stack

The first and second abilities don't have any background stories, they are just really cool LOL

The third ability shows us that as he was constructed from the remnants of frames from the old war, he was able to see the memories of all the frames and how they all were struck down. These memories tortured Broken, and the suffering led him to develop a preventative barrier, so that the same fate would not befall him

The ultimate ability reminds us that Broken is made of parts from several warframes, and as of such he has the unique ability to learn and utilize all or several warframe abilities because of his affinity to the other warframes.

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“Reconstruction”: Collecting materials/loot will regenerate shields faster. If you are below 50% health then loot will heal you back to 50% health instead.


-Ability 1

“Glitch”: Shoots a small blast of energy dealing a low amount of initial damage. The enemy who was hit become “glitched”. When an enemy is glitched they’re stunned and health is sapped while you slowly take it from them, healing yourself in the process. Enemies who come close enough to a “glitched” enemy will also become “glitched”. “Enemies who die while “glitched” give you a small armor buff.


-Ability 2

“Phase Shift”: Become intangible for a short amount of time. Enemies can still see you and will attack you but their attacks will go through you and deal no damage. Enemies who attack you while you are “phase shifting” will become “glitched”. You cannot attack or move while “phase shifting”.


-Ability 3

“Lag Spike”: cause enemies in a large radius to “lag” heavily decreasing their movement and attack speed for a certain amount of time. “Glitched” enemies within the lag spike will take more damage over the duration of their time being glitched, causing you to get more health.


-Ability 4

“Deconstruction”: Shed off scraps of metal causing you to lose your shields and get a decrease in armor in exchange for a heavy increase in sprint/attack speed and damage output.

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Scrap Collection

Taking damage and killing enemies causes them to drop scraps.  Picking up scraps grants extra maximum health and armor to <Broken Warframe>


Ability 1:

Self Destruct (Ultimate)

<Broken Warframe> explodes, dealing Void Damage to nearby enemies and entering a “playing dead” state.  While “playing dead”, <Broken Warframe> drains energy and heals over time. When reactivated, or after a maximum duration, <Broken Warframe> reassembles and can once again act.


Ability 2:

Borrowed Power

<Broken Warframe> can take one ability from another Warframe that you own.  This ability is less potent when used by <Broken Warframe>, having reduced ability power and efficiency.


Ability 3:

Assemble Armaments

<Broken Warframe> pulls the weapon out of an enemy’s hand, disarming them.  That weapon attaches to <Broken Warframe> and fires at nearby enemies for a duration.


Ability 4:

Armor Storm

<Broken Warframe> turns their armor into a vortex of metal, dealing physical damage and statuses to nearby enemies, while lowering <Broken Warframe>’s armor.  The damage is based on <Broken Warframe>’s armor.  

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Ability 1 -  Mimic -  Ability to move certain body parts around to mimic the body type of another warframe to give it buffs such as extra armor if it copies rhino Maybe also one of those warframes abilities

 Ability 2- weeds-  Since a looks like  The plant roots is what's holding him together may be a cool ability would be that the roots come out into the ground and make the enemies get weeds like not the smoking thing but the plant that gets everywhere and hurts them

 Ability 3-  Assemble-  Ability to tighten the roots of the plant so that all the body parts combined and there is no gap giving him extra strength but lowering agility

 Ability 4 - lose - Detaches a body part to use as a weapon

 Passive-  While ability 3 is not active his feed is already increased without mobs  

Was gonna drew it but my art sucks

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1st Ability: Discharge: Shock enemies within a 1.5 radius and can spred if other enemies are too close. Radius can be expanded  using ranged mods.

2nd Ability: Diamond Armor, Simular to rhino's iron skin. This time it's a buff and can take alot more damage and can bounce bullets off of him hitting the environment or enemies 

3rd Ability: Riot: Gives a temporary  Damage, Speed, Health boost to allies and yourself. Combing this with Diamonds Armor with give allies and yourself an armor boost.

4th Ability: Rebirth: Makes the warframe whole again by taking armor from enemies. The more armor you take the longer the ability will last. Combining this with Diamond armor and Riot. You almost become Unstopable.

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Passive: Energy Pump: The Broken is a shieldless warframe that regenerates X% max health per-second.  When a limb is attached to an ally frame taking damage will then generate energy, warframes get 10 energy for every 1 damage dealt. The frame will also get a movement speed buff. 

Ability 1: Attach/ Reattached: the broken can break off 1 (to 5 limbs depending on frame rank) and attach to an ally frame this also grants an armour buff, and The Brokens health regen to the given frame. This ability also lets you reattach the limbs you lost (The Armour scales off of strength). Limbs will stay on a Warframe until they die and revive. When the Broken gives a limb it leaves a phantom limb which stays until The broken grows the limb back or gets hit with shock. When hit with shock the limb goes dead slowing the Broken for X seconds till the limb comes back.

Ability 2: Recycling: killing Hostiles will drop building material that the broken can use to rebuild a limb that has been given or blasted. The limb that has been given will stay on the warframe that it is attached to. If all limbs are attached then the Broken can build Energy/Health/Ammo squad restores that get used instantly after being built.

Ability 3: limb blast: Lets the Broken throw one of his limbs that will explode in an X Meter Radius dealing X% of a target's max health. After the explosion goes off the limb will leave a cloud that leaches HP and heals the broken. After using Limb Blast the limb can only be put back by using Recycling or the Rebuilt.

Ability 4: The Rebuilt: The Broken becomes the Unbroken giving him an Armor buff, Stronger Health Regeneration, a Higher Strength percentage, and all limbs that are used instantly grow back. This drains X Energy per-second.

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Passive idea #1: Containment Failure: 

due to the void energy holding this frame together, and the instability of the void, enemies who get too close will be subject to a random amount of void energy (determined by distance from the Warframe and affected by ability strength) this passive also will reset sentient resistances if they attempt to melee the Warframe. 

Passive idea #2: Self Repair:

When Warframe is reduced to 20% health, for every additional damage taken below 20%, there is a 30% chance to regenerate back to 70% hp. (Essentially giving you a chance at a 50% hp restoration) 

alternatively, you could have 1 extra revive and an accelerated healing rate :) 


Ability 1: Void Overload

 release void energy in a wave, slamming enemies backwards and inflicting a stun/stagger effect for x seconds. The void energy can spread to other enemies in close proximity for the duration of the ability. Enemies that are afflicted by void energy take x times more damage, as they are weakened from the void. (This ability can reset sentient resistances) 

Ability 2: Malfunction

You can cycle 3 different Warframe abilities (albeit very toned down from the actual Warframe ability and not as strong/long lasting, though they can be improved with ability strength, duration, efficiency, range as with any ability)  

abilities in cycle:

Mass Vitrify: much smaller area coverage than Gara, but slightly taller and noticeably weaker shields of glass. Can not be broken with the glass whip like Gara’s though. Shield will remain until shield health is depleted, only one can be cast at a time. 

Fireball: calls down fire from the sky, like Ember, however these are much smaller than Ember’s fire, and it rains down fewer, dealing less damage. Fire can spread to other enemies in proximity. 

Blessing: much like Trinity’s bless, except it heals 40% of health per cast, with reduced base range compared to Trinity. Offers a 40% damage reduction that does not stack with multiple casts. 

Ability #3: Void Entrapment 

calls upon spears of pure void energy to pierce through reality, impaling enemies and holding them in place against walls, floors, ceilings, or holding them in midair. Enemies that are pierced are inflicted with a bleed proc, and shields are drained. Can be cast again to cause the void spears to explode violently, dealing slash, impact and puncture damage to all enemies in proximity. 

Ability #4: Self Destruct / Void Implosion

The void energy holding the Warframe together becomes volatile, draining x amount of health (or shields, or both) in return for causing massive damage in an AOE where it was cast. Continued casting can be endured until health reaches 10%. The void energy being released will linger in the area affected for x amount of time based on duration. 

Since the frame is a conglomeration of multiple warframes held together by void energy, I really feel like these suggestions are a good representation of what the abilities could/should look like 🙂 


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1st Ability, Reconstruct: The warframe buffs its stats using 1 of 3 modes. Defense, Offense, and Support. Defense would have extra armor and health with a small amount of health regen, Offense would have extra power strength and range, and Support would have extra power efficiency and duration. Having one of these modes active will cause energy drain.
(Purpose: Allows the player to decide what they want the warframes role to be on the fly, taking advantage of the fact that the warframe is broken and can be put together in different sorts of ways.)
Scales off of: Power Strength, Efficiency, Duration

2nd Ability, Short Circuit: Cuts a % of its hp for a % of its energy
(Purpose: Gives the warframe the ability to take advantage of its broken state in order to help its team. Works similar to Garuda's 3.)
Scales off of: Health, Power Strength, Efficiency

3rd Ability, Copycat: Steals the first ability of the friendly or foe thats targeted. The stolen ability will have half its normal effectiveness at base power strength.
(Purpose: The warframe does not know what to do with itself, so it attempts to steal other abilities to fit in with other warframes. Copycat on a Grineer will give Mesa's 1, Copycat on a Corpus will give Vauban's or Volt's 1, Copycat on Infested will give Nidus' 1, Copycat on Sentient will give Revenant's 1, Copycat on Unaffiliated will give Valkyr's 1.
Copycat scales off of: Power Strength, Duration
Copied ability will scale off of what stats it normaly does.

4th Ability, Void Overload: The warframe will become stationary and unleash the void energy within it causing the area around it to deal large amounts of void damage. After all energy has been drained from the warframe, the ability will start to take apart its health stat until the warframe stops the ability or else the warframe will be destroyed.
(Purpose: Gives a damge ability to the warframe and makes the ability unique as the first warframe to deal void damage with an ability. Large radius to defeat as many enemies as possible but will keep the warframe stationary during the cast to not make it overpowered. Using the ability too long will result in the need of a revive because the warframe does not know its own limits since it is broken.
Scales of off: Health, Power Strength, Efficiency, Duration, Range

Passive: After each ability use, an electrical wave is sent out from the warframe. The larger the energy cost, the larger the blast radius.
(Purpose: Mini CC to protect the warframe. Power strength could also increase the damage of the elctrical wave.)

Please let know if anything can be improved!

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Broken frame ability concepts: 
- Passive: If knocked down this warframe shatters into parts and cannot be damaged.

Void Grasp: This warframe releases its void tendrils to grapple a enemy adding a portion of their health, armor, or shields to itself while dragging the enemy behind it. If it is a eximus unit it will also gain the ability of the eximus unit.

- Realign: Realign has three modes (Shield/Health, Health/Energy, Shield/Energy) holding the ability will switch modes. When used Realign will swap the max and current amount of the two pools selected. While selected the two pools will be linked and both pool will share any damage or loss together.

- Break Out: Void tendril erupt from this warframe for a period of time stabbing each enemy that gets close and siphoning a small portion of their Health. If Void Grasp is active it will continually siphon health and shields from that enemy as well and increase the damage Break Out deals.

- Possession: This warframe breaks into its base components and uses them to puppeteer a enemy of their choice. The warframe's upper torso will hover above the enemy with their primary or secondary weapon using the enemy like a bullet shield and encase of damage. (While active the warframe is attached to the enemy and thus can only move as fast as the enemy could and cannot jump) If Break Out is active, the enemy will fire a copy of the primary or secondary weapon (Which ever is not in use).


I felt a warframe with sorta reassembled vibe needed a sorta hungry to survive theme thus a tank with some fun mechanics. I like realign but it needs play testing so as not to be confusing but it just fit him in my head.

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Passive. When crouching he falls apart on the floor and become unnoticed by enemies.           1st Gear throw. He will throw 3-5 gears that bounce on the floor until it hits an enemy or something, spam able. 2nd Dismantle. He will send a wave 25m wise the will disable shields and stripe armor. 3rd Replace. Steals armor and parts from dead enemies 10m to restore his own health armor and shields. 4th Reconfigure. He will reconfigure himself into a spider like robots that increases walk speed, allows for wall crawling, and can fire corrosive beams from his back.

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Passive: Conglomerate Force
Each next ability will be empowered by either Toxin, Electricity, Heat or Cold. It cycles with each ability and starts with a random one of the four at the start of each mission. Gain slight damage reduction to current cycle. 

First Ability: Elemental Dissipation
Slams the ground in front of him, creating a fissure which erupts to spawn one, up to three orbs of the current element in cycle (each slam creates one orb, the oldest orb will despawn upon creating another. Maximum of three of each element.). The orb will cause enemies within proximity to gain vulnerability to that element for a period. Hold this ability to instead to slam your arms together and launch a projectile towards target area, exploding in a small AoE, shooting an orb will detonate it, applying the debuff radially over a larger area and combining the damage types of the orb and the shot. (Toxin shot into electricity orb = corrosive damage. Toxin shot into toxin is toxin.)

Second Ability: Tactical Re-position
Channel to grab up to 3 orbs or one ally Warframe and launch them in target direction, trajectory and range depending on channel time and ability strength. Thrown orbs will detonate upon impact and apply their vulnerability debuff to targets with increased effectiveness (same mechanic as first ability). Current elemental cycle will cause this ability to apply a damage reduction buff to the associated element to the thrown Warframe. If no targets are selected, throws himself. (Stretch armstrong arms used as slingshot)

Third Ability: Somatic Siphon
Activate to absorb remains of fallen enemies and bolster yours and allies' defences, depending on the enemy absorbed. Parts will attach to the Warframe and warp to match them. This ability can stack up to a point, at which you can hold the ability to expend all remains absorbed to create a radial burst of damage depending on current element cycle. Survivors will be struck with shrapnel and impaired.

Fourth Ability: Exalted Railgun
Concentrate void energy and combine both arms to form a huge gun with immense but slow firepower. Activate ability to combine into railgun form. The railgun in regular mode gains bonus damage based on current element cycle. Railgun can absorb orbs to bolster its damage for a short period. Once activated, hold the ability to root yourself into the ground and anchor the railgun down, charging up, expending all energy, shields, all remains absorbed from Somatic Siphon and all orbs in your immediate area to fire one gigantic railgun burst in target area, razing everything caught in its path. Once channel-fired, the Warframe will shed parts of it's body, becoming vulnerable. To rebuild itself, uses Somatic Siphon. (Railgun could be void damage or have void damage traits. May un-anchor at will before firing to re-position. May also stop channelling midway, you do not need to expend all your resources to fire it but the damage/AoE will be lower(minimum 25% resources expended). Damage composition could be all seven elements without any auxiliary elements in charged mode, regular mode can be IPS+current cycle.) 


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Hi guys! 

May I add some ideas to the pool? 

Passive: Focus Link 

The Warframe uses the Operator's Primary Class to add a buff/bane to itself. 

Maybe an extra buffer before health sap at the cost of longer self-status? Aggro nullify at a range with increased sensitivity to damage? 

Ability A - Voidly Entity

A tear in the void, an arm outstretched...

The Warframe uses its void energy to summon a void entity. The entity can teleport, but cannot move on its own*. It shoots a big orb of radiation before grabbing all nearby aggro. 

Ability B - Boomerarm!

The Warframe tears off its arm and uses it like a boomerang. Prevents use of two-handed weapons for the duration. Stuns those it hits. Can chain hit multiple enemies but only on max charge.

The hole where the arm was leaks energy, dealing DoT to enemies in melee range. This effect abruptly stops when the arm returns.

Ability C - Grinder 

The Warframe uses its other arm to latch itself onto and grind the enemy into the ground. Can only target one enemy at a time. Has an insta kill effect on those enemies whose health is below 45%. This effect is nullified on bosses and against other Warframes. 

Enemies in the vicinity around the Frame are subject to a shockwave effect but can still attack. The Warframe gets immunity during the beginning of this attack. 

Ability D - Voidly Overdrive

The Warframe unhinges itself and throws all it has at the enemy. This ability drains all energy upon use and creates a whirlwind of weaponated parts of itself. Each limb has a varied effect and can be controlled individually by the player. Each limb is sustained inside a void vortex and cannot be targeted. 

Before using this ability, the player can choose between limbs to control, with the remaining limbs sustained nearer to the Warframe upon activation. 

The Warframe during this ability is very vunerable but really hard to hit due to void energy spikes. After this ability ends, the Warframe cannot move for a few moments due to... putting itself back together. Transference is blocked during the entirety of this ability.


* The Void Entity can be manually moved by using Transference, sacrificing the safety of the Warframe. 


That's it...I guess. 




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  1. Name: Quassus

  2. Passive: Shattered | Being already broken, when Quassus is killed, rather than being put into a downed state, he is shattered and has ~10 seconds to recollect his scattered pieces.

  3. First Ability: Splinter | Quassus detaches part of his body and attaches it to the target enemy for ~4/6/10/15 seconds. Once the time limit is reached, Quassus’ detached body part will violently tear off the target dealing ~100/150/250/300 slash damage to the target. Recasting the ability will instantly transfer Quassus onto the target, taking control of the enemy for the remainder of the duration. If the timer runs out while Quassus is in control of the target, the target is consumed and heals Quassus by ~10%/15%/25%/50% of the target's remaining health.

  4. Second Ability: Salvage | Tap the ability key to detach part of Quassus’ body and attach it to a target ally, giving them an additive ~100/250/500/1000 armour or hold the ability key to grant the buff to yourself.

  5. Third Ability: Scatter | Quassus splits into ~2/3/4/5 identical copies of itself, each with ~50%/33%/25%/20% of Quassus’ original health and ~200%/300%/400%/500% more armour. The copies act independently and use Quassus’ original arsenal dealing ~50%/33%/25%/20% less damage.

  6. Fourth Ability: Gather | Quassus explodes, scattering all of his body parts across all enemies within a ~5/10/15/25 meter radius, instantly depleting 50% of their health. The enemies are stunned for ~5/10/15/20 seconds before being violently drawn back to Quassus’ original location dealing ~1000/1500/2000/3000 damage split evenly between slash, corrosive, and puncture with a ~10%/25%/50%/90% chance for a status proc.

The name is a placeholder. Latin for Shattered or Broken.

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Ideas for a broken Frame:

1st ability: broken wings -> player and allies lose bullet jump ability but run 50% faster

reason: famous song as naming inspiration and players like to move quick especially to arrive at a target or to extract


2nd ability: broken heart -> player and allies lose 50% health while getting 200% armor and 30% status resistance.

reason: a great inspiration and a metaphor of a broken relationship and building strength for your future😉


3rd ability: broken sword -> player and allies using a sword as melee receive 2x multiplier of their melee range while losing 33% of melee damage. Animation of a broken melee weapon would be great.

reason: players like to be Space Ninjas and it just amplifies it


4th ability: broken friendship -> steals all POSITIVE effects from allies that refer to broken heart and broken sword and buffs the sum of it to the player. Meanwhile, NEGATIVE effects remain on allies as long as broken friendship is active.

additional idea: like Nova, a turnaround through mod selection should be available, that nerfs player abilities and buffs allies.

reason: creating a tension between player and allies. The balancing should be pre-testet, but could add some spice to ingroup behavior.



passive ability: broken frame is constantly slightly losing health. Heals from allies reinforce all 4 abilities. An augment mod can stop losing health, but it results in lower effects of abilities 1 to 4.

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Passive - Adaptation, [becomes more resistant to damage types inflicted on them], taken from @fellow1, its a good idea.

1. - Purification - Creates an expanding pulse of void energy.

2. - Curse - Enemies take more damage from damage types they are resistant to.

3. - Incorporeal - Just like the operator void mode, this Warframe is able to become invisible to enemies and sensors as well as resistant to all damage for a period.

4.  - Combine - Become unbroken as one. Void tendrils lash out as this Warframe gains armour and shields in its final form while any weapons it holds become wreathed in void energy.

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