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Rerun scarlet spear during christmas


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I will keep this as simpe as possible.

Was scarlet spear very problematic? YES
Was scarlet spear very buggy on release? YES
Was the design of the event itself not very good? YES


The missions were actually pretty good.
The rewards of the event were very good.
It is something people can just play and put in couple dozen hours.

It would be a cool thing to do over christmas break.

DE, since we are not getting any big release before christmas (which is good), can you rerun it? It is already in game and would take very little effort to turn it on.

There is 0 reason to not rerun it.

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9 minutes ago, prodi1600 said:

I agree, since DE will be sitting on their ass until february, thats 2 months of unatended warframe + the amount of time they take to develop something new like 3+ months we will be getting real new content about april 2021 if we follow DE record.

I wouldn't be so blunt and pessimistic about it :D I am pretty sure the update is already in the works for quite some time. It's not like they will just start wokring on it after the holidays, so my projection is end of January/early February. That is still 2 months. They could run Scarlet spear from like 23rd of December until the end of January. That'd be pretty cool.

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Just now, Kalvorax said:

would be nice to have something other than a long running nightwave (CASUALLY Im at 36....and i really only started it like 5 weeks ago hahahaha)

Yep, also Scarlet spear has some unique rewards. Would be nice if people who didn't get the chance to grab those would gave another oportuinity.

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I think your'e asking too much. 

Not only balance of arcane price will be affected (price of arcane's still aren't as same/ similar as before the event) and event like that should be IMO once every 9 -12 months. 

Like old Acolytes.

If you played , why do you need it again?

There is so many ways to easy earn plats if its only reason.

And don't forget Warframe is ONLY game that allow trade/earning PREMIUM currency- which is very unique and one of reason of game's popularity. 

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The only thing i want from Scarlet Spear is for more mission variety (instead of Mobile Defense for ground missions), more tiles sets used (so not only Earth), and during space missions, please dont just let us park our RJ inside the Murex, and suddenly we're invincible and enemies cant get to us.

Feels like a cheap way to beat the game.

As for the rewards, I don't particularly care, i just want the experience it self to be good.

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