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Please help me. I want to use my riven on my Dragon Nikana but idk with what mod to replace it with



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2 hours ago, NycuKing said:


Embed 😭 !!!

2 hours ago, NycuKing said:

Please help me. I want to use my riven on my Dragon Nikana but idk with what mod to replace it with

Based on that Mod Config... I would Say you have biggee Problems than just Modding a Single Weapon 👀....

General Tips on how to Mod Every Weapon:

1) Know Your Elements...

2) Know your Enemies Weaknesses

3) Don't Stack Similar Mutipliers if there are Still Different Types of Multipliers you can use


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First question is -what content are we talking about?

Second question is - what do you like about your current build?

Third question - do you like using stat appl /priming or not?

Only after it i can provide you with answers, can do both minmax and meme.

Currently your riven has 1 good stat.

Nikanas can work both heavy attack and light attack.

General takes:
You hyperinvest into status chance to dilute slash with cold atm, the only non-damaging single element status ingame.
CO is no longer a multiplicative damage, but additive and you have 2 sources of additive base damage.
It kinda can work, but not really since there are better overall candidates.
Do you like the stance or that's the only that you have?

Ah yes- you also have very conservative amount of attack speed while having no range.
But it will also heavily depend if you have an attack speed arcane, att speed buffing ability,
how often you use a gapcloser combo.

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definitely Melee Prowess as that's the weakest Mod there currently. however as mentioned, Ice on its own is a bit strange. you'd normally be adding Viral, or sometimes Toxin. maybe Fire.
Electricity would technically be viable too but that benefits much more from fast stacking than other Status Effects, and Melee isn't that well suited to that.

ofcourse, that means two Slots to be able to fit your Riven(assuming going with Viral). but also, your Riven isn't super exciting to begin with. but your next weakest link there is Pressure Point.
it's alright if you'd be doing a lot of Heavy attacks, but otherwise, it's not really adding much other than having decent Crit Chance before Blood Rush is spooled up.

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