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Coming Soon: Devstream #175!


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I can’t believe we’re saying this already, but the time has come for the last Devstream of 2023 (we’ll be back on the couch in 2024.) Don’t miss Devstream #175 on Friday, November 24th, at 2 pm ET!

Not only is this the last Devstream of 2023, but it’s also the full breakdown of our next major Update: Whispers in the Walls. Including new information on our next Clan Operation Gargoyle’s Cry, Cross-Save, System changes, Perfect Melee Heavy Attack changes, the Next Nightwave Vol., and much more. We’ve got lots to discuss, so get comfy! 

Watch to earn yourself a Twitch Drop of an Umbra Forma!

See you over at https://www.twitch.tv/warframe Friday, November 24th at 2 p.m. ET! 

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Summary of things still promised, incomplete, juggling in the air


-Lifting the whole (content islands are still very disconnected)

-A proper story mode containing the old events; we go forward with more and more complex stories but old stuff that is actual canon lore and important to the development of some characters like Alad V, Vay Hek or Tyl Regor is missing IN the game, and a Wikia page is not the place where a player has to search for it

-Wall running replacing wall hopping still not a thing (although mentioned in devstream, and hey...new games ripping Warframe off will do it), Geoff mentioned some problem...which hasn't been resolved yet?

-UI still unfinished...from December 2018...it's almost 5 (FIVE) years

-Command wheel for pets (maybe second part of companion rework?)

-Leverian not seeing any entry for a while (another thing that had been left in the limbo, you started it and then forgot it...it was May 2019)

-Many new frames still don't have noggles (minor thing...but why Warframe Noggles don't drop 1 month after the frame release? I don't say day and date, but at least not year after)

-Drop chances revision as a QoL; the game has soooo much to do and collect that 0,0001% drop rate chances are just obnoxious 

-Where's Rage melee mode (also known as Changelling 2.0), mentioned in 2019, as the final phase of melee rework

-Modulary archwing/Archwing melee revisit, another thing from 2019, then coupled with Scott idea to remove Archwing missions (NO, but they must be revisited)...where's Archwing gonna go in the game? What's his future?

-Railjack integration with open worlds, like it was shown and promised at Tennocon

-Squad link, did you really gave up on the idea? If there's the tech that makes Cross Platform, I don't think Squad Link will be impossible to achieve

-3rd Orb fight, sitting in a lake since November 2018 

-Sergeant/Phorid boss fights revisions...Sergent revision mentioned as Nef Anyo's fight BEFORE Fortuna was released

-Trials/Raids they were removed in March 2018 (5 YEARS)...a content many player loved, it was promised to bring back something in that vein but no news yet


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21 minutes ago, (PSN)OmegaSlayer said:

Leverian not seeing any entry for a while (another thing that had been left in the limbo, you started it and then forgot it...it was May 2019)

Last Leverian was Voruna, iirc. 

But yeah, I know Steve said there wouldn't be anymore Leverians but that was before Styanax and Steve ain't involved in Warframe anymore, so... bring on more Leverians!

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Any progress on getting regular player test clusters again?  Reb said last year it's something yall still wanted to do, even though the logistics were complicated by crossplay.

The thing is, crossplay has made it a bigger deal.  It's just...depressing having major bugs that can only be addressed through code changes active for 6-10 weeks, and sometimes longer.  I know a test cluster won't address all of these problems, but if you have time to prioritize and act on some of the feedback, I feel like it would cut the problems down significantly. 

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1 hour ago, cmccoy02 said:

Cross save / progression news/ drop hype train. Haven’t seen my pc account in years

Did you know you can play steam games thru edge browser on xbox? I was playing warframe PC thru my xbox but its a little bit slow but supposdly the payed version its more fastse but as long as i was able to access my account i wasnt bothered lol

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1 hour ago, (PSN)OmegaSlayer said:

-Railjack integration with open worlds, like it was shown and promised at Tennocon



Railjacks can move at 200m/s Unmodded and up to 700m/s so i have no idea why you would even want to use it in there because it will just be you hitting invisible walls every time you try to move because of how fast Railjacks are. Even in the biggest open world (Orb vallis at 8.2km square) you will be able to clear it in less then 10 seconds. all that would achieve is make open worlds feel claustrophobic because of how big Railjacks are and how fast they move. I get that DE showed a cut-scene of it and people thought they would be able to do it, but i don't remember ever it being promised. Also ground to space is one of the most expensive and difficult things to achieve in gaming, go ask Star Citizen Devs, it will take millions of dollars and years just to modify a game Engine like Unreal or Evolution to support 64bit world space coordinates to make it feasible.

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