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Kubrow Feedback [Megathread]


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Hey guys,
By now I am sure all of us are familiar with Kubrows and whilst they are certainly better than expected and (for me anyway) they live up to the hype. However, like the majority of the updates they came with some issues that need addressing.
Thank you to everybody who contributed, your efforts will hopefully not go in vain and I want to assure you that the developers really do read the feedback here (confirmed in devstream). May our pets be upgraded. Until then have a wonderful day!
Main Survey Results


Yeah, take what you want from that but the poll was a failure on my part not realizing that the service would like to charge me £29 if I want to see the results from more than 100 people. Making me feel really stupid right now but hey ho, this is life, probably stress or some other silly things ^^
The poll showed some useful information such as cosmetics and Kubrow appreciation when other things I believe will only really be touched upon through experiences and feedback.
Thanks for taking part and I deeply apologize for mucking it up so much >.<
Kubrow Egg Drop Rate Survey Results


Most people agreed on having the drop rate slightly increased but I think PRNG would help this issue more, taken from thread:
This megathread is designed to keep all Kubrow feedback contained so that the developers can see the issues and public opinions of the players. Most of the suggestions below are from the community and what I have read so far, sorry I did not keep track of all posts so if you made a thread about any of these tell me and I will give rightful credit.
Urgent information for players and developers(+bugs)

For developers:
-A safe lock mechanism is required so if people are gone for too long they do not lose their Kubrow but it simply goes into the stasis slot (if available) at 20% health (enough time to farm up credits for stabilizers).
-Egg drop rate is uneven with some players being showered and others having no luck finding the egg
-Defrosting your Kubrow is a big problem (I know Steve said already that they are looking at this)
-Kubrows get stuck in various areas in different maps (I have reported all that I could find, no fixes came for those though ->stairs are biggest culprit)
-Kubrow rate of attack and ability usage needs some tweaking for maximum effectiveness (i.e Huras' invisibility is not always helpful)
-Kubrows would sometimes bark whilst player is in the Arsenal screen using the exact same sound file, thus becoming annoying and repetitive.
For players:
-Your Kubrow can die if it runs out of health in the incubator menu, to increase its health simply give it a DNA stabilizer (increases by 40%)
-You can completely stop the health decay and loyalty decay by putting your Kubrow in a stasis slot
-Your Kubrow can and will likely be very effective past the level 12 mark due to available mods you can slap on them

^information of concerns, for developers those things should and can be addressed easily
Last content update: 24/09/2014 ( 17:39 GMT 0)
So let’s get started:

This is the first step into getting your own furry little puppy! Some issues are present at this step and they will get knuckled down however one thing I cannot comment on is the drop rate of eggs due to the fact that personally I only did about 30 runs to get 2 eggs (not at the same time).
Inventory Space
I think most people can agree with me when I say that it is quite silly that you cannot carry more than one egg at the same time. So how about we make it so that the amount of eggs you can have in your inventory is dependent on the amount of empty stasis chambers you have. 
Which theoretically would mean that each Kubrow is tied to a chamber and you will not be able to have 3 chambers full and one Kubrow in use (ties in with mechanics later explained).
The Quest
Howl of the Kubrow




Incubating the eggs and whatnot are made as simple as possible and the waiting time is not a problem because you can always rush with platinum if you really want to do so.
Custom Breeding
The bigger problem I sense that people have is that they use 2 genetic imprints and still get a completely different Kubrow which is quite silly. Now making it 100% is also not good for various reasons.
-Using two imprints that are fully the same should grant an 100% chance that at least 1 of the rare features are given to the cub as well as an additional 50% that another feature is given
-Using two imprints that are different will ensure that there is a 60% chance that at least 1 of the rare features from each imprint are transferred over.
-Using only one imprint will ensure that there is a 50% chance that only one of the rare features are transferred over
All of this ensures that there is still randomness in custom breeding without rendering genetic imprints completely useless.
The Genetic Forge

Extract taken from OP:
TL:DR; My idea is to basically "isolate"/"extract" traits you like on a seperate Imprint that only hold those specifically selected traits – then put them on another existing Kubrow to mutate it (thereby making it more the way you want it) or combine several of those "isolated" traits to a completely new DNA-Imprint to hatch a new egg or sell those extracts on the trade channel.
How it would work in detail:


by MeduSalem
A Gene Lab Idea
Basically give the player more information and more control over breeding with imprints with downsides and things to watch out for is the stability of the DNA in your Kubrow.


by Adamant_Pariah
Kubrow Workshop

TL:DR: put briefly, it is difficult, nay, highly improbable, to build one's perfect/ideal Kubrow(s) using the current system. But, rather than going on and on, I'll simply start to explain the one I came up with. I call it the Build A 'Brow Workshop System™. Essentially it is Genetic Engineering.


by MonsieurZero
Simplistic Breeding

When you choose your templates, the attributes of each should be displayed to cherry pick from. this is genetic cloning and we should be able to choose the genetic traits that appeal to us and not rely on RNG as if it was actual breeding.
1) This would fix the issue where when using two identical templates some attributes randomly change, it should be a straight up clone when using two identical templates.
2) There is no reason we should have to use two templates; the use of two should be done purely for diversification. 
3) The act of random incubation then to be used to generate new pups to get prints with traits you don't yet have access too. 
*You could even have a preview button to see what the final product would look like when not using random incubation. 

by Vanhline
DNA Sharing
Somebody suggested this:
“We should be able to make as many imprints as we like however with a cooldown between each imprint.”
My take on it
The cooldown could depend on the rare features of the Kubrow and I am sure you can do this by using the seeds from the RNG to determine what is rare and what isn’t.
In fact super rare stuff could take days to cooldown and what is more common (i.e a blank grey coat) could take several hours.
Personally I am fine on the current way so this is not much of a hassle also it stops people from making lots of money off one lucky pup.
Additional feedback on breeding:

Extract from post:
Main Change- Make imprints a permanent addition, rather than consumable. Imprints will essentially be your color palletes. Over time you can develop a huge library of possible traits you'd want to pass on. To facilitate this, I believe (after some consultation with my clan) the two imprints per kubrow limit should be removed, and replaced with a cooldown. As it stands I have to completely give up my ability to breed my own kubrow if I want to give someone else a copy (because they need both imprints for a duplicate, otherwise there's no guarantee the offspring will look anything like the imprint you gave them). Even if it is several days long, the cooldown allows you to spread your imprints out among the community, rather than just one or two people.
Minor Change- Breeding is now guaranteed to pass down all of the "parent" imprints traits. This is hard to summarize so here are a few examples.
     Example #1: One imprint is used. Every possible trait that can be passed down (Breed, Build, Size, Face Pattern, Body Pattern, Leg Pattern, Face Color, etc.) has a 50% chance of being pulled from either the parent imprint, or being random (the empty imprint slot is always random). This allows you to add randomization to the traits you like. It might take a few tries, but it would be the easiest way to add variety while maintaining the things you like about one kubrow.
     Example #2: Two Imprints used. Every possible trait has a 50% chance of being pulled from either parent. So once you have two parents whose traits you want to mix together into a pup, you breed them together multiple times until you get the perfect combination you're looking for.
(sub-example: If you have a Sunika with a Lotus symbol, but you want a huras, breed any Huras with the Sunika as many times as it takes to get a Huras with a Lotus. [25% chance statistically speaking]. You could then take your lotus Huras, and breed it with another Huras you've made with the colors you'd like, until you pass on one parents colors along with the lotus symbol.)
     Example #3: No imprints used. Random Random Random.

by TickTockMan

Maintenance/Costs and Stasis

I feel like this is a slight annoyance right now. So changes that can be made:
Swapping Loyalty and Health:
A lot of people have suggested this and I also stand with them.
Loyalty should degrade if you do not log in to take care of your Kubrow.
Health should degrade if your Kubrow dies in a mission. -if you use a revive your Kubrow should come back too, which will degrade health by 50% it’s normal value or not at all.
Simple as that to keep it fair, this basically punishes the player for not taking care of their Kubrow properly and if their Health still reaches -100% they can still die permanently because now it is your own fault if that happens.
The limit of 3 interactions per day should be removed, logically. However the loyalty is regained by 30% the first time, 20% second time and 10% the third time (per day), with RNG dictating whether or not you get an additional 5% (you can potentially try your luck here)
Additionally we should have some sort of treats we can make using Earth plants that will give loyalty by 10% each time it is used with a cooldown between it uses of 20-40 minutes. These treats could give some sort of boost the the Kubrow as well, with different types of treats affecting different things.
"Rename "Interact" to "Nurture," and doing so now restores GS at a rate of 10%. A Kubrow that has died in a mission now results in -20% loyalty, but completing a mission with it alive will now grant +10% loyalty. This will still retain the viability of DNA stabilizers, which will drastically reduce the time required to get a Kubrow back to optimum efficiency."-xGBox
Loyalty should only degrade by 10% every day as 20% can get quite annoying.
Health is fine at 20% if the above is also changed.
DNA Stabilizers:
Right now the costs for these are 100,000 Credits for 6 of them. I feel that the pricing can be changed to 80,000 to balance it slightly for casual players (those with millions will always have millions because they play a lot).
Either way if the above is changed then the pricing will be fair because again it is your responsibility that the Kubrow does not die.
Re-usable blueprint ideas
Original thread:
Another suggestion is to make them a re-usable blueprint and the requirements for this are to go on Earth and scan the plants for their extracts which you can then use to make the blueprint. I think this can co-exist with the already built ones if they are in balance.
So if you have the time you can save yourself money and work a little harder.
Additionally the blueprint should be split between the 6 pack and have a smaller one that only builds one (same time) but requires less resources.

My suggestion is to make a blueprint for the DNA Stabilisers required to keep kubrow.
I think that the BP recipe should be built from scans of the plantlife on earth, combining day and night plants so as not to clash with the antitoxins. Future iterations of this could involve varying strengths of dna stabilisers, and could also introduce a sort of tutorial to the codex scanner.
Codex scanning has been all but forgotten about recently, and I think this would be a good way to tie it back into the game, or introduce a good reason to use helios again.
I see no reason why this would not be accepted, dogs/cats (mine at least) do eat grass and stuff when they're in the garden, and since the kubrows are native to earth, it seems logical that they might too eat plants in the wild to settle their stomach

by PlayKitten
Additional information

I propose they create a new blueprint that uses various Earth plants (since they currently have no real purpose anymore) to create packs of DNA stabilizers. If a Kubrow reaches -100% DNA Integrity, make them turn feral instead of dying, and make a more difficult-to-craft Stabilizer blueprint, that requires the rarer Earth plants. I've made a quick example of 3 Blueprints below.
20% Booster 5-pack --> 25,000 Credits, 10 Sunlight/Moonlight Threshcone extract
50% Booster 3-pack --> 30,000 Credits, 10 Sunglight/Moonlight Threscone extract, 5 Sunlight/Moonlight Dragonlily extract
100% Booster 1-pack* --> 50,000 Credits, 10 Sunlight/Moonlight Dragonlily extract, 5 Sunlight/Moonlight Jadeleaf extract
*(Only thing that can cure your Feral Kubrow from -100%)

by Xarteros
As pushed by everybody in the community, the obvious conclusion is to remove the time limit on Kubrows coming out of stasis, it is an annoyance rather than anything as each Kubrow would be specialized for something.
Loyalty should decay at 5% every day that the Kubrow is in stasis with the maximum it can go down to is 0%.
Health should regenerate at 5% if below 0% per day. Once it reaches 0% it stops, this makes sure that players with less credits are not forced to buy the stabilizers and they can wait at least 4 days for their Kubrow’s Health to go back up.
The cost of Stasis is really fine I mean you already get two chambers to begin with and they are fairly cheap as platinum is easy to acquire.
If the above is not changed then upon reaching 0% health the Kubrow is transfered to a Statis chamber automatically where you must wait 4 days for him to regen his health back to -40% and then you must issue more DNA stabilizers and you can take him out at 0%.
Additional suggestion:
"Being unable to do anything with our dog for 3h after unfreezing them is not acceptable.
I propose to replace it with reduced stats or losing loyalty/genetic bonus for 3h after unfreezing but still being able to use them."-Davoodoo
Additional suggestion:
TL;DR: Basically you can take your Kubrow instantly out of stasis without a 3 hour wait however his health is depleted by 10% as well as the stasis healing the Kubrow by 10% per day.


by Adamant_Pariah
Stasis Cooldown:
Possible solutions for dealing with the stasis cooldown:
"1. Pay a set amount of plat for a dog defroster, making the time instant
2. Adding a void BP for said defroster
3. Once a kubrow is lvl 30 no cool-down applies"-Jeff_Bridges
Incubator Power Cores:
I think that the main dislike people take from this is the additional 100,000 credits required every time you build one as well as the initial 50,000 for buying the blueprint the first time.
So, what needs to change:
-Building cost changed to at least 75,000 (with 50,000 preferable)
-As well as removing Argon Crystals from its requirement and instead possibly add Morphics/Gallium/Neurodes (Neurodes get dropped frequently on Earth so will not be a problem for new players to acquire)
Maintenance Overhaul: Fitness+Obedience

Basically, I'd get rid of the kubrows current two "maintenance" bars (genetic stability and loyalty) and make it so that the Kubrows never die permanently. A cure has released for the genetic defects, and your ship can (begrudgingly) feed and poop the dog automatically until the end of time.
Fitness would work on the same -100% to 100% meter as health currently is, but instead would affect your kubrow's speed, attack strength, AND in-mission health, though when he reached the lowest level nothing bad would happen aside from having a weakened kubrow. New kubrows start out at the halfway mark. As you take him with you on missions, he slowly gains fitness. As he lounges around in the ship eating dog kibbles while you are offline or not using him, he loses "fitness" at a very slow rate.
Obedience would be quite a bit like loyalty, but would have different effects. It would be gained in much of the same ways through petting, maybe special items or even "obedience classes" or minigames, and could be gained or lost in a week or two (balancing required).
However, instead of affecting attack multipliers as loyalty does now, it would affect "action frequency". The higher the value, the more time your kubrow spends attacking master's enemies, fetching master's ammo.

by Arron_Rift


Acquisition (first quest)


DNA Stabilization


by Cyriann

Kubrow Commands

The Non-Waypoint Way
Original Thread:


Waypointing System

The way this system would work is based on what/where you waypoint.
A common logical suggestion is that if you waypoint on enemy, the Kubrow will focus on that enemy, if you do it on an ally the Kubrow will defend that ally, if you waypoint on the ground the Kubrow will take that position.
A much simpler system than the above and I fear that it may be a bad thing in the long run.

Kubrows and the World

Improving their immersion


Not super needed but it would actually be really cool to have a hatching animation so we can watch :D
Original thread:

When you are with you Kubrow, regardless of time and place you can type /sit or /dance or whatever and your Kubrow will perform those actions.
In fact that suggestion is very simple yet it will be a very cool thing to have as to show off your Kubrow.

by NickBoay

I genuinely feel like DE could’ve pushed the boundaries here but for efficiency’s sake this will not be a sims style thing, temperaments should be called "specialties" so we have a slot for this!
Each Kubrow should be randomly given a personality that is not affected by imprints and that personality will affect their idle animations as well as interactions with other Kubrows as I mentioned above.
eg. Your Kubrow has a stubborn personality, you tell him to sit to show him off instead what he does is nod his head :D
Little things like this will push immersion with the Kubrows as well as connect us more to them.
Various animations can be added like shaking paw or them chasing their tails and even Kubrow on Kubrow interaction.

Kubrow with Kubrows:
In Dojos the Kubrows should often interact with each other, play fight growl and what not.
This makes them less static and could also reflect on their personalities above.
Limited to dojo because that is currently the only non-combat zone we have where there are multiple players.
Dojo stuff:

We should be able to build some rooms where we can drop off the Kubrows we have (cannot take them back), so here it is their new home where we can come and visit them, interact with them and watch them play and mess around.
The room can have certain sleeping spots and it is just a genuine sanctuary where you might want to visit your Kubrow even if you did want to get rid of him.

Last Chapter: The Break Up

I put this in a different category because many players requested this change.
Personally I stick with my Kubrows, good and bad.
However we should have the option to let them go in the wild, have a “release” option.
Once your Kubrow matured this option should pop up with several “Are you sure?” prompts, shouldn’t work when he is a pup because that is just cruel.
Accidentally dead
"Well, the solution is simple! A Reconstitution mod for our Incubators! At the low low price of <DE decides> platinum/credits, the player could then install that sucker on their Incubator. They could then purchase the required containers/molds and scoop up as much of the slime off the floor of their Liset, shove it in the tube and the Incubator would pour it into the mold and reconstitute their Kubrow into some semblance of the beast it was before. End results may vary.
Think of all the fun to be had when Ordis and Lotus constantly chastises the player for being such a poor owner over and over and over afterwards."-CedarDpg
Kubrow Sanctuary


by Casardis


This is a very very sensitive topic at the moment and there are quite a few suggestions:
Free choice of colors
Several people have mentioned this and it is basically to allow players to freely color their Kubrows following the pattern.
Basically if it has a Lotus symbol change it to red and the overcoat to green.
People are against this because Kubrows are not metal sentinels that are sent to do your bidding.
Limited choice of colors
DE could create a specific color palette for Kubrows and from that Palette you can choose any combination from that specific palette
Same but customizable armor
The last end of the stick is to keep the current way of how Kubrows look and instead give us cosmetics for Kubrows that we can then freely customize.
Personally right now I want to be able to change the color of the Nai-Zhen collar.
Additional suggestions

This is a small extract

How to go about changing customization?
I'm proposing some changes that will, or at least should give players much more control over how their Kubrows should appear, and not just in color alone.
here are the following traits that should be able to be modified by the genetic foundry:
1. Sex
2. Body Build
3. Patterns (Similar category as Warframe skins)
4. Fur Colors (and with Tints functioning as Pattern colors)
Here are traits that cannot be modified by the genetic foundry (Both of these will be explained later):
1. Behavior
2. Special Attributes

by DarknightK

Extract from post:
What if Tyl Regor got the same idea like the Tenno who DNA-altered their feral Kubrow eggs and creating loyal and strong Kubrow companions, but unlike the methods that the Tenno use Tyl Regor may have a different idea about Kubrow DNA.
The Orokin were masters of machinery and genetic research which Tyl Regor may have use for in his research to repairing the genes of his brethren. What if Tyl Regor captured feral Kubrows and researched their DNA for uncovering ways to change the genes just like the Orokin dis, but now he may have use of this method into his own research.
The Lotus may find out soon that Tyl Regor has found a way of accelerating his research by using the DNA-altering methods of the Orokin within kubrow DNA, following that the Tenno will be ordered by the Lotus to start a deception mission in which a datamass will be used to capture Grineer research plans and halting the research to Grineer DNA repairs.
These datamasses will contain various kinds of information about Kubrow genetics such as Body type, patterns, behavior type or colors. These bits of information can then be used into making an imprint in which you can use make your desired Kubrow. 
To make this more challenging or time consuming (so breeding with imprints from already existing Kubrows will still be usefull) it can take place in the Void where Vor might help Tyl Regor in return of giving his own army a genetic advantage in comparison with other Grineer armies.

by HelixNL

Why not Enable us to genetically sacrifice one of our owned stasised kubrow in order to get their gene code for their fur colour and pattern and then transfer it to one of the kubrows we own and use! 
Sacrificing a kubrow which we probably wont use will help reduce the clutter in our incubator and also partially improve the cosmetics looks of our main kubrow by transferring colour+pattern will favour many kubrow lovers out there.

by macvalentine22
Clan based customization


by Qloshae

Kubrow Type-Specific Feedback

Raksa the defender Kubrow:  
Howl: Allows the Raksa Kubrow to growl, frightening nearby opponents.
Protect: Allows the Raksa Kubrow to replenish its master's shields when they are depleted.
Howl's utility
There is a reason why almost nobody uses Nekros' "Terrify" power, and it's that making enemies run away instead of knocking them down or disabling them.
Possible fix: make Howl an ability used only when the master is in bleedout and instead give an additional ability that knocks down enemies, thus being useful to the team.
"The Kubrow i am using is Raksa so that may be the reason why it is staying alive? It howls and scares stuff away. Howl is mega useful cause it even stops mob from hitting the alarms. It's slightly annoying when it comes to Extermination mission if you enemies run away. But keep people away that spawn behind out does balance that stuff out."-Mak_Gohae
Whilst Howl is good, the Kubrow should have some more abilities available (such as AOE knockdown) so that there is versatility between playstyles, ties in with combat precepts.


Sahasa the scavenger Kubrow:
Dig: Allows the Sahasa Kubrow to sniff out and dig up buried items.
Ferocity: Allows the Sahasa Kubrow to perform finishing moves on downed opponents.
Polarity slot missing?
Sahasa seems to have one less polarity slot than the other Kubrows, this should be addressed preferably with a V or D polarity slot.
Limited usage
Needs additional more unique abilities, a possible often suggested one is something similar to Desecrate but possibly smaller range or single target.
Dig Range Issues
Dig seems to not be very effective due to the range required for enemies not to be around. This is easily noticed in high level, high spawn missions such as Survival.

"The mechanic doesn't make sense because you'll need more ammo in survival missions. My dog digs about 2 times a missions because there are enemies spawning constantly.
I don't see why there should be no enemies around the Kubrow before it starts digging, I find it very hard to get him to dig in survival and interception missions since the enemies keep coming in."

reported by Smooth00


Huras the stealth Kubrow:
Hunt: Allows the Huras Kubrow to perform lunging attacks.
Stalk: Allows the Huras Kubrow to cloak itself and its master.
"Huras I can say, its Hunt techniques are a bit random. I think it should have a more independent AI. There doesn't seem to be a real logic in what it is attacking and when."-Bruxlux
"In relating to my style of combat I found the Huras too dependent on my actions during combat, sure he makes you invisible, but if you have to aim him like a gun he takes my attention away from the battle too much. I want a partner that I can depend on not a baby I have to consistently pay attention to."-Pendragon1951
As you can see, most players feel that the Huras type's utility does not go beyond invisibility, maybe if you could control it more easily or at least change the combat precept so it fits your playstyle.


Sunika the war-bred Kubrow:
Savagery: Allows the Sunika Kubrow to perform deadly finisher attacks.
Unleashed: Allows Sunika Kubrows to knock down VIP targets.
Sunika's combat precept is perceived to be rather lackluster especially in comparison to possible Sentinel or other Kubrows.
"Sunika lacks the utility of other breeds, to focus on offense.
It's offense, however, involves attacking one mob every 20 seconds or so, and MAYBE killing it.
To make up for the lack of utility, I feel Sunika should have the finishing move precept (which is already a lame precept that it shares with Sahasa), changed to an aoe leap attack with a knock down. This gives them combat utility in the form of cc, and sticks with their theme."-TickTockMan
"Once I leveled my Sunika to 30 I also made a Sunikasicle of her. Being very disappointed with the Kubrow's  performance, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Sahasa Kubrow, which is basically your Carrier, is more aggressive and attacks more independently than the Sunika which is supposed to be the combat Kubrow."-Pendragon1951


XP Rate
Some players have reported that the XP rate for Kubrows is too low.
"About experience sharing. If I do the kills myself, with either a weapon or an ability, the Kubrow only gets very little xp. When I'm in a group where I do half the kills and the other half is done by other players, the Kubrow gets multiple times more xp even if the total kill count for the mission is the same."-Naftal
Confirmed by me that the problem lies with the fact that leveling the Kubrows is much more difficult in solo play as you cannot leech from teammates, which you shouldn't have to anyway. More XP from you less from the team for leveling the Kubrows :/
Drop Tables
"In my opinion Feral kubrow drops tables are a too saturated. Feral kurows can drop 9 rare mods in total. Also seeing as sentinel abilities and warframe abilities have been removed from transmutation so should the 8 rare Kubrow abilities be removed from the transmutation drop table as both of these issues have diluted their respective drop table unnecessarily."-ProtoFrame
Their survivability is questionable especially compared to Sentinels, who tend to die less because they are always directly next to you, so unless you fail they usually won't.
"Like mentioned above even when they have more HP than Sentinels they still die faster because they are melee units and also their target acquisition is pretty slow so Sentinels will still do better damage."-Davoodoo

While kubrows do have more survival-oriented abilities than sentinels and can boast some impressive numbers, there's a few issues that completely negate this;
* Kubrows are readily selected as a primary target by enemies. Sentinels are almost never directly engaged by enemies unless the player is disabled somehow and not doing damage to register as a threat. 
* Kubrows are independent actors and are victim to all the crowd control and disable powers that enemies are.  This is why arc traps completely murder kubrows (they get stunlocked by the shock, like an enemy NPC does) but are a non issue for sentinels. Sentinels are glued to your head and cannot be crowd controlled.

Combat and Utility
"Utility is more focused but even then its mostly on par with 1 aspect and worse in other than what Sentinels provide, meaning that overall Sentinels have better utility. Improving AI wont fix a problem of them being melee and lacking power to be meaningful in that field."-Davoodoo
So as many people have suggested, for Kubrows to excel at being predators they need to have 1 of two things, damage or utility.
Utility can be put into AOE or if they have regenerative powers that makes them immobile but regenerates the health of all allies nearby.
Damage needs to be scaled, in fact they can have passives. i.e a growl that will give a small damage boost or a small attack speed boost.
Additional issues arise that the Kubrows do not attack quickly enough, most of their attack precepts are too slow when Sentinels or we could kill the enemy much faster
"In closing I think the Kubrows were a interesting idea to make the game more immersive  and personal but on a practical level I think they fail because you have to devote too much attention to them on the battlefield which would be devastating on Dark Sector conflicts and even on defense missions."-Pendragon1951
Bleedout Time:
"I have to say a longer bleed out time is a must. It is so frustrating standing literally next to my dying Kubrow but because I am stuck in a melee combo animation I can not revive him in time."-Volkovyi
The base timer is too low, regardless of the Loyal Companion mod. Due to the nature of where and how Kubrows die the time given (3 seconds base, ~15 seconds modded) is not enough, this is how many players feel.
Hecadisth: AI and Abilities


Kubrow vs Sentinel
My perspective

Initially I was impressed with how tanky Kubrows are and despite their lack of damage (my sentinels do not do that either, all modded for utility) they could hold their own with some Link mods.
However, it then hit me that at higher levels Kubrows really did not manage to survive even 1/2 as much as my sentinel could and the bigger problem was that my Kubrow had a reactor on it with lots of mods highly ranked as well as me doing my best to keep it alive (Nekros+Meleeing=lots of health for the Kubrow).
This showed just how melee made Kubrows extremely vulnerable and my fix to it is that they all get a boost in armor, health and shield but primarily that they get passive bonuses and resistance mods. i.e +40% damage resistance from explosives


"Any sentinel can CC and shield restore, and they can revive themselves, also when they die, a rare mod drops, also they can put a shield to prevent damage while you revive fallen players, also they can do all of this and more without being tied down to a specific type."
As he mentions, Kubrows are more strict into RNG and their capabilities in combat making them much more limited whereas Sentinels are very versatile and even though they might specialize in one thing they are not limited by that specialization.


Their base damage seems okay, but there's three different factors that conspire against them here;
*  Melee range.  Obviously, a critter that has to run up to an enemy and BITE them has less reach than a sentinel using a gun. My Wyrm can hit and kill enemies at something like 5 times the kubrow's maximum "roam" distance.
*  Too much setup, not enough biting. The kubrow spends the vast majority of its time getting set up for an attack rather than actually attacking.  This is pretty much a problem with all melee-based enemies in the game, they are very slow and easy to dodge unless you get completely surrounded. Truly dangerous melee-ranged enemies are the ones that have knockdown ability. NPC versus NPC melee matches tend to work smoother since they stand at their ideal attack range and just slug away; Kubrow doesn't do this.
*  A single damage mod that increases damage by a maximum of 300%.  Guns have multiple "doublings" and reach much higher levels of improvement due to the synergistic effect of base damage, elemental damage, and multi-projectile mods.

Due to the unpredictable AI of the Kubrows and lack of control we have over it, Sentinels have an edge on this due to not being full on melee combat as well as receiving no punishment for their death, unlike Kubrows.

Kubrows don't offer any substantial advantage over Sentinels that justifies their current high level of maintenance. Kubrows make really nice tanks, as evidenced by their unique stat-sharing mods. However, they're still NPCs, and thus their behavior is somewhat unpredictable and uncontrollable. Also, if their deaths result in a penalty of some kind to players, then people are essentially signing up for escort missions in addition to whatever they're doing. So they're just different, but in no way are the differences enough that people should have to deal with the mechanics at its current state.

Ability for Kubrows to revive their master:
This is a fine line between balance however it can set a major difference between Kubrows and Sentinels.

Kubrows are combat companions. That said they should be able to fend for themselves and be able to be of actual use to the player. Right now they are basicly annoying companions who needs to be babysat in the battlefield. They should be an asset that is important for the player's playstyle and the idea of the 4 kubrow type is very interesting.
There is one thing I really want to see in the game and that the kubrows could potentially do and that is: Kubrows can revive the owner. (If it really happens make it so that the kubrow licks your face in order to revive you :3)
If the kubrows had the possibility to revive the owner then that will make a powerful distinction between sentinels and pet kubrows. The sentinels would be used for focused player protection (Sanctuary and Leak coolant are very good ways to protect the player) and the kubrow are obviously offensive assets.
To be able to balance the Kubrow revives player is not as hard as it seems. If you play solo then I can see the kubrow being able to revive you and if you play with other players then depending on the amount of players that are with you then the revive will only replendish a percentage of your hp.
1 player = 100% hp
2 players = 75% hp
3 players = 50% hp
4 players = 25% hp
Now the deal is, when will the kubrow make the decision to revive you if you have friendlies nearby? Well, if the Kubrow revives you by his own self then you get the hp debuff but if your teammate revives you while you're Kubrow revives you then you receive no penalty.
And if you don't want to be revived by your kubrow for whatever reason then make the revive thing a command you can give to your kubrow. That way the kubrow will know whether to ignore you or help you.

By Kiraii
Aura Mods for Kubrows
This is quite a simple idea that could make the Kubrows more useful

Huras - decreased enemy awareness.
Raksa - shield regeneration (minor, but does not deactivate in combat).
Sahasa - increased ammo efficiency.
Sunika - Increased attack speed and fire rate.
Upgrading them would allow for a stronger effect and greater range.
All of these would affect any teammate (or enemy in the case of Huras) or objective in the vicinity of the kubrow.
Preferably then all would be in %.
Can of course be anything, but would be nice with something that makes people 'want' to choose kubrow over sentinel, something that makes the cost worth it.
Not to forget something that creates a noticeable difference between the Kubrows and makes the choice of kubrow a strategic choice (for example 3 Raksas and a Sunika in defense missions so the Raksas can help keep the shields of the objective up if it gets attacked until the enemies attacking it can be killed).
My point was that they should make them even more distinct and not blur the lines even more.
For example, atm then the biggest difference between a sunika and a sahasa is that a sahasa can dig up stuff and a sunika can pin down VIPs, but that is a minor distinction.
If you have a sunika and meet someone with a sahasa you want there to be a difference between them beyond that very subtle difference.
Huras should for example reinforce stealth gameplay and make you want to play stealthy by giving you things that would make it easier for you if you played stealthy.
Raksa already has a shield recharge power so adding a passive wouldn't be too different, just reinforce what it is already doing.
Sahasa is the item digger so might as well also allow you to shoot more for less.
Lastly, Sunika is supposed to be the attack Kubrow so increased attack speed and fire rate makes sense for it.

by Qloshae
Further feedback on Auras:

The mods do not have to be tied to a certain type of Kubrow and can also be flat mods like Coolant Leak, so there is not a definition of powerful auras or weak auras but rather what fits your playstyle better as well as how you want to help your team.
Personally I also think that regardless of polarity of the mod, the aura slot should have no polarity so options are really open and if you want to set down a certain path you can use a Forma.


AI Feedback

Many people have reported that this is a problem and I think it roots to the fact that DE did not develop much on the AI of Feral Kubrows which can be simple but the allied ones should not be for their own sake.
"They need to acquire target and move towards it faster, longer spot range but limited only to line of sight with enemy would be in order too." -Davoodoo
To elaborate on that, Kubrows need to be more active, more like predators and less like foolish preys thinking they are predators. This could reflect on Kubrow type, a Sunika might move into the VIP then retreat by the master whereas a Huras could knockdown a group of people and disable them.
Fealike's Suggestion On Possible AI Behaviours For Each Kubrow Type

Raksa: Does not go more then 15 meters away from you, if you are being hit will automaticly use the ability howl, if you get down to HP will heal your shields
Sahasa: This kubrow will run around freely, (never going more then 50 meters away) this kubrow will dig and attack last. If attacked the kubrow will automaticly run back if it reaches 95% hp, when around its tenno it will attack.
Sunika: First priority to attack, (30 meter run around range) this kubrow will attack no matter how far away the Tenno is, when Kubrow reaches 50% hp it will run back to its Tenno, he/she will still attack but as long as its at 50% hp it will stay no more then 10 meters from its Tenno. 
Edit: Sunikas Savagery ability: will activate on the most powerful enemy, (enemy with the most armor, damage, and HP)
Huras:  20 meter range, this is a Raksa/Sunika mix, Huras will attack freely until it hits 50% hp, or Tenno reaches 80%. Once either of those happen, Kubrow will activate invisibility, or after 5 seconds of Tenno not attacking the Kubrow will activate invisibility.
Huras's attack, it will attack until it reaches ^ those hp %, once invisibility is activated, the Kubrow will target the Enemy with the Highest HP to attack.
Also Savenger AI: if Tenno is in Master Thief range of a Locker, Kubrow will automatically try to unlock the Locker.

Mak_Gohae's experiences

I've noticed that before entering combat the "attack sphere" the Kubrow has is sort in the short/medium range so they don't actually enter combat until you are close to the enemy. 
If above doesn't work:
The first group of missions I've done, I didn't have any health mods equipped and he didn't die once. The one time I thought it was going to happen, didn't in the interception mission were I was with one other new player. Being a Raska and having Howl may have helped. I can see that if others don't have some sort of AOE attack they can end up in sticky situations. Specially in defense type missions because in that interception mission he did disappear from view several times. Specially since i was being mobbed i had to worry about staying alive.

"The one problem i have with Kubrow is that when performing stealth attacks the Kubrow also attempts to attack but since you are already engage it performs it's howl ability which is sucks cause he spend the ability on nothing. And if there are other units around he will then go on and attack them so you cant continue with stealth because it's all a big mess. I think Kubrows should be added to stealth attacks. If you have a Kubrow and you perform a stealth attack a unique animation should play includes the Warframe and the Kubrow so he won't waste abilities."-Mak_Gohae
Whilst whole new animations are not necessary the Kubrow should know when you are performing a Stealth attack, so it stands down unless given the order to stealth attack another enemy simultaneously.

User Interface

After Incubation we should be given information regarding the gender and type (temperament) of the Kubrow we are about to name.
"I would also like the temperament of a just-hatched Kubrow to be displayed when the option comes to give it a name so I can give it an appropriate one."-Tulzscha
Imprints should have details about them, upon hovering/clicking on an imprint information in regards to Kubrow type, gender, body type etc. is given. This makes trading more fair as well as let players sort their imprints easily.
Bleedout should highlight the Kubrow on the side (flashing) so you are instantly made aware that he is downed so you can plan your next move, regardless of how much time he has left.
Additionally there should be a marker similar to the waypoint visible on your HUD pointing you towards the direction of the Kubrow.
Stasis Chambers should display information about the Kubrow inside it. Right now I only know who's where and what by their name but it would be nice to see their gender, Kubrow type, their rank and possibly a preview of what the Kubrow looks like.
Profile Stats do not display Kubrows, only Sentinels. -thanks to tomes11


Personal Opinions:
DISCLAIMER: These are people's personal opinions and as such do not give them any hate or criticism for openly sharing their opinions.
^sorry, wanted to make it clear about what the follow information is :)

I never chose my kubrow over my sentinel because plainly put, they're bad and have near 0 utility Sentinels do, especially with their strength being tied in to the strength of your frame, plus the whole really bad AI thing and the fact they could really use commands such as "stay" "attack" and the like. They require too much maintenance as well. The maintenance is annoying and makes me want to do nothing more than stuff it into stasis for future selling once I max it for mastery, especially because they lose effectiveness with each death.
The only way I want to see more pets in the future is if they don't end up similar to the Kubrows.


1.Making the decay rate slower was a step in the right direction for Kubrow functionality all together - for newer/people that cannot play a lot-- and even for veterans-- to be viable "pets"
2.There does however need to be a simple quick way (even if it was implemented via a small re-doable quest or something) to dispose of an unwanted Kubrow, however.  You can sell sentinels straight up to free up slots.. you can even sell warframes straight up for credits to free up slots.
Given the nature of the way Kubrows work, I personally would like to see Something along the lines of a pretty non time consuming way of releasing your Kubrow to free a slot... instead of him just dying off-- (which should still be able to happen in my opinion) -- but if you do want to free up a slot for one and more crossbreeding etc.. you should be able to - whenever you want.  I think they should make it so the Kubrow at least has to hatch and then mature before you can sell it though.
--I would even be ok with being able to click inventory and being able to just outright "sell the kubrow for credits" as well-- although I would like to see a little more effort put into getting rid of them as a quest- with maybe an increased reward of getting something in return.  Anything.  There are a million ways they could spin this!


I'm at the point where there really is no other point than affinity to get kubrows. It feels like a gigantic scam every time i get past the point where I want to use and collect one of each class. I go to look at the cost and go like there is no practical way to do what I want to do with them. One of each class. I don't really care too much on the fur pattern most Kubrows look bad @$$ as is. It'd be nice to have purchasable fur pattern geno codes you could add to the egg. I just keep them in stasis and I'm probably done with them untill further improvements are made. End of the day, current state of Kubrows is really unplayable unless you have a lot of plat and a lot of patience to get into them. No options to set up as a breeder. way too damned inconvenient to use them. Impractical because some of my sentinels already out perform them. and way too expensive.

In the basics of all AI seems to be a bigger problem. Maintenance costs and all of those things would simply not be an issue even when compared to sentinels if the Kubrows acted and were more livelier and had better combat mechanics as a whole.







*Keep in mind that a lot of this work is sort of necessary if the base mechanics are to support further additions of pets in the future.
**I do edit other people's posts in order to make them clearer/easier to read and to remove any spelling mistakes, no essential information is removed.
***Please drop below all your feedback (constructive) on the acquisition of eggs, I have noticed very different results and not sure what to make of it.
Do post your opinions and threads below and I will edit my thread accordingly!
Please be constructive as possible, thanks! :D
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My biggest complaint with Sunika is that it lacks the utility of other breeds, to focus on offense.


It's offense, however, involves attacking one mob every 20 seconds or so, and MAYBE killing it.


To make up for the lack of utility, I feel Sunika should have the finishing move precept (which is already a lame precept that it shares with sahasa), changed to an aoe leap attack with a knock down. This gives them combat utility in the form of cc, and sticks with their theme. They should also have aoe basic attacks. It's the only way for a combat based companion to compete with a Tenno who mows down hundreds of enemies a minute.


I also have a suggested Kubrow customization system others may want to check out:



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Forgive the language, but the health/loyalty degridation suggestion has to be by far one of the dumbest ideas I've seen suggested for a game, no offense. It makes the already tedious maintenance and crappiness compared to sentinels a hundred times worse, mainly the "-50% on death and always revives with you so if you revive twice whoops goodbye dog".

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Forgive the language, but the health/loyalty degridation suggestion has to be by far one of the dumbest ideas I've seen suggested for a game, no offense. It makes the already tedious maintenance and crappiness compared to sentinels a hundred times worse, mainly the "-50% on death and always revives with you so if you revive twice whoops goodbye dog".

No, you mis-read or I miswrote, if you revive the Kubrow will come back but his health in the incubation will decrease by 50% the normal value it decreases normally, with suggested changes that should be 5% per death if you revive and 10% if you don't

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Where to start.


AI is just bad.

They need to acquire target and move towards it faster, longer spot range but limited only to line of sight with enemy would be in order too.

As melee units they will charge blindly and get killed quite easily, we should get some way to order them to stick close or attack enemy.


Lackluster dmg/survi/utility

Like mentioned above even when they have more hp than sentinels they still die faster because they are melee units and also their target acquisition is pretty slow so sentinels will still do better dmg utility is more focus but even then its mostly on par in 1 aspect and worse in other than what sentinels provide meaning that overall sentinels have better utility. Improving ai wont fix a problem of them being melee and lacking power to be meaningful in that field.


Stabilizer kits.

All problems about these are already mentioned in countless topics.

I propose to replace stabilizer kits with nonconsumable item which you need to use to keep kubrow alive, switching upkeep into 2nd type of loyalty.



Being unable to do anything with our dog for 3h after unfreezing them is not acceptable imo.

I propose to replace it with reduced stats or losing loyalty/genetic bonus for 3h after unfreezing but still being able to use them.

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No, you mis-read or I miswrote, if you revive the Kubrow will come back but his health in the incubation will decrease by 50% the normal value it decreases normally, with suggested changes that should be 5% per death if you revive and 10% if you don't

Ah, that's much better. Still not a my favorite of the ideas... the rest though are spot on.

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Welp, kubrow is on ice and breeding program is shut down.


Want to try out new kubrows with different features and appearance.  I have a really awesome imprint, but imprinting is a  completely unexplained feature that gives you no indication  what the result would be. So it's a gamble. So I can't use (i.e. almost certainly waste) the imprint. And hatching random kubrows to see what I get is gambling with platinum because if I don't like what I get I can't chuck the thing out the airlock. I would be forced to buy some indeterminate number of additional freezers until I got something nice. Same mechanics as the color scrambler but with multiple days of wait time between pulls of the lever.


It's been two weeks since the introduction of a major new feature, with no documentation about how it works and little two-way discussion about improving its core shortcomings. Frustrating. Disappointing. Sad-facing. Nowhere to go from here.

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As person that got many imprints and is breeding a lot of kubrows i would like a little note on imprint that says what type of kubrow is it , i know if you have 2 of them its easy but right now i got 7 without a way to know what type it is when i forget it sometime after trading for the imprint

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Ah, that's much better. Still not a my favorite of the ideas... the rest though are spot on.

Why? I feel like you should still be punished for your Kubrow's death except less severely, I will take a further look though :D




Thanks guys, keep the feedback coming! 

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Do you guys feel that (the way combat mechanics work as well as their AI) if we could control Kubrows as mentioned in the post, it would fix many issues about how each Kubrow engages combat as well as their general behaviour?

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My Biggest gripe with kubrows right now is stasis... the 3 hour wait is ridiculous, and even your suggested 10 min wait is long ( but if you can still have one equipped while you wait for that 10 min is a bit better). If I have a kubrow out of stasis and the other types in stasis, right now I'd have to wait 3 hours before I can switch to another type. they are like sentinels becuase each performs a different role,ill take my carrier if im farming to pick up drops, ill go with shade if I want to go stealth. If Im hopping through the star chart from mission to mission one kubrow may not fit with the style of mission im playing.


I would like to switch from one to another instantly to suit what ever mission I am doing at the time. My idea would be to have them come out at the 80% health bonus (if you choose to swap instantly) because they need time to warm up (like us waking up and just getting ready for our day). Now over the course of 4 hours of being out they will get back to being 100%. (no its not a free heal, Ill explain in a min). Also you dont lose 20% each time you swap, just once in a 24 hr period. If i swap between four different kubrows in a day Ill have to play with each for four hours(16hrs) to get them all back to perfect. But If I play with just one the others will keep that 20% hit the next day.


But this is where the stasis heal comes into play, I would go with a 10% heal per day in stasis, so if I let that 24 hour period roll by without letting my kubrows regen by having them out, It would take 2 days to get them back to normal. But if i pull one the next day they will end up with a 70% health bonus. (Then it begins to feel like your actually caring for your kubrows) so it would take 2 days naturally to heal with stasis to get your kubrow back to normal.


This way the Dna stabilizers would be used for when your kubrow dies, but it doesnt take away their purpose either, because it would take 4 days to heal 40% while in stasis, while its only 2 days to lose 40% out of stasis. I know your going to ask then why keep a kubrow out of stasis? Because in order to benefit by swapping out instantly you need to have one kubrow already out of stasis to swap, if you dont, you have to wait 3 to 4 hour for it to thaw out ( my opinion is if all your kubrows are in stasis its because your not going to be able to play for quite some time, long term storage).


How would this effect breeding, Im not sure, I havent tried breeding yet. It could be bad because you can swap instaly and get the kubrows you want with out a wait. 


My suggestions for breeding, Now I know breeding right now is a but underwhelming, from what I have read you can really tell whats on the imprint. If the imprints gave a break down of the dominant and recessive traits your kubrow has so you know more about what can happen when you breed. But I think brreding needs to be fleshed out more, like being to or given a chart with whats recessive and whats dominant. DE may have to add another tab in the incubator for this, and maybe youll have to go find another segment to add to get this feautre. But have a genetic labs portion of the incubator. You can take and look at the imprints you made and or have traded and see all the dominant and recessive genes, and in the lab screen you can also see the chances of what two imprints can make and see if you want to try your luck on a 60% chance on what ever your trying to create or find another imprint that makes your chances higher.


With the gene lab you could take two imprints, say one has the type of pattern you want but not the color, or one has the build you want nut its not on the type your looking for. Say you can take two traits from an imprint and splice(replace) that same type of gene(pattern, build, etc.) one the imprint you want more. but but taking those genes out that imprint that you took apart becomes usless and gets tossed. this way you can slowly pick traits that you desire, and eventually end up with your perfect kubrow. You only get two imprint per kubrow so your going to lose out on half if you choose to go this route. This also rids the dominant and recessive out of the equation. because after a while it would become nearly impossible to get a recessive genes to surface due to so much breeding.


This ties into the health bonus of your kubrow, because the health bonus is from the genes being stable in your kubrow, Which is why we use DNA stabilizers. Say at 100% if you take an imprint of your kubrow the percent chance of the genes will be 80%( 80% bonus will be 60%, etc.). So if I took two imprint with the same kubrow type and both were at a 80% chance of passing the chance now would be 90%. (same goes for if I had two 90%=100%). now If I had two imprints and they had differnt types one was at 80% and the other at 40% the 80% trait would be twice as likely to surface. this all ties into how stable the DNA is. This could be used as an alternative to a genetics lab, but if both were implemented the lab would be used more for specific genes. The second method would be use to get a variety in your imprints and kubrows.


with the DNA stability effecting the trait chances, there is still a block on being able to instant swap kubrows for breeding. 


I know this is a long read but read it all, every pert of this ties into the other. Let me know your thoughts on what I have suggested and give me so consrtuctive feedback on what you think might help or balance this out.

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Do you guys feel that (the way combat mechanics work as well as their AI) if we could control Kubrows as mentioned in the post, it would fix many issues about how each Kubrow engages combat as well as their general behaviour?

I like the Non waypoint, but are some of the commands specific to only that kubrow that has that ability? If thats what is meant then that system would work great. I guess there would be generic commands like hunt, rush, takedown, protect, stay. I feel like the other commands would be only for certain types of kubrow. 

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I quite like the stasis idea!

I personally don't want to touch breeding at the moment. I don't feel comfortable with it so I want to avoid it however all feedback on it will be constantly relayed into the main post


I like the Non waypoint, but are some of the commands specific to only that kubrow that has that ability? If thats what is meant then that system would work great. I guess there would be generic commands like hunt, rush, takedown, protect, stay. I feel like the other commands would be only for certain types of kubrow. 

Please elaborate?


At first I was thinking that some actions to be locked behind the ranking system, so it actually feels like your Kubrow is learning and adjusting to the battlefield and you but that would need to be a little more expanded upon so it becomes meaningful, not sure how

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This is one of those "little things", but in addition to gender, I would also like the temperament of a just-hatched Kubrow to be displayed when the option comes to give it a name so I can give it an appropriate one.

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This is one of those "little things", but in addition to gender, I would also like the temperament of a just-hatched Kubrow to be displayed when the option comes to give it a name so I can give it an appropriate one.

Actually I overlooked this, this morning I was given to name my Kubrow but with no knowledge of his actual use :S

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Do you guys feel that (the way combat mechanics work as well as their AI) if we could control Kubrows as mentioned in the post, it would fix many issues about how each Kubrow engages combat as well as their general behaviour?

Only direct control would give kubrows real fighting capabilities but its impossible to control both your charcter and kubrow at the same time

So yea that would help but wouldnt fix problem entirely.

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-Still can't "Interact" with Kubrow, thus Loyalty is a useless drain mechanic.  I feel like this should have been fixed foremost.

-I play daily but won't be able to afford 100k stabilizers, or even 80k stabilizers on the basis they are required (and frankly it just makes me never want to use a Kubrow, which sucks cause they're nifty lil' pals).

-As Loki, my Kubrow usually goes into a bleedout while he's invisible.  Since there's no alert or locator on the main screen, just on the minimap, I have NEVER seen him go down, and rarely notice when he's bleeding out.  Some sort of audio indicator (howl?), or on screen alert that he has gone down would be extremely helpful and make it far easier to be attached to my companion, rather than how I feel about him now which is that he may as well start out dead every round... 

Feedback delivered.  Thank you SO much for your constant efforts to keep this wonderful game updated, communal, and bug free.

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-I play daily but won't be able to afford 100k stabilizers, or even 80k stabilizers on the basis they are required (and frankly it just makes me never want to use a Kubrow, which sucks cause they're nifty lil' pals).

Noted, will add..


However for that problem above, do you think a re-usable blueprint that requires plant extracts from Earth would help you out?

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Oh well thanks for adding my thread as one of the possible ideas, noveltyhero!


Guess mine and MonsieurZero are pretty similar in basic thoughts... Wonder if DE will consider any of the collected thoughts^^


Also I'll read through the various other collected stuff for sure :D

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