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Weapon Skins Contest


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Finally got a name for it...

"Wrath of the Lotus"





Here are the separate renders:





Here is a view of the top:



And here is a 1980 x 1080 render of the back:



Here is an album with all of my renders (so you can see the process in which I made changes.)


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at first i thought this is going to be awsome if i win this but lets do the math:

weapon skins wich dont change the model are in the market for 20 or 25 platin

lets say this skin will be sold for 20 plat each

this would give the winner 5 platin every time someone buys it

right now we are a little over 13.000.000 tenno and xbox just started

lets say nowbody wants this skin and its the worst sold skin and only 500.000 ppl buy it

this makes 2.500.000 non tradable platin for a single player

to buy every single item in the shop u need 43.103 platin (and a lot of items will be doubled because of packets)

lets say the winner wants 5 forma in every single weapon that would be worth 16.800 platin

26 warframes need a slot: 520 plat

dont forget about the 168 slots for all the weapons: 1008 plat (even if the weapons and frames u bought earlier already have a slot and a potato)

speaking of potatos: 688 platin for all weapons and frames
taking all that into account we have 2.437.881 platin u cant spent

and even if u buy all that 10 times (wich is impossible) u still have 1.878.810 platin left


this contest does not reward the winner! its a punishment!

what DE is doing here is the same what Lichas did (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lichas)

and trying to spent this platin will make u feel like Sisyphus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisyphus)

this "reward" will kill all the fun for 3 unfortunate tennos


if everything is available with a blink everything gets boring it may be fun for a week or two but not for long

im not sure if i want responses about this or not

maybe just think about it


im not saying that you should not participate
im just saying: I dont want this "reward" I want that warframe stays fun for me
think about it or leave it
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Another question:

When uploading images, I upload the 3 from designated cameras. Am I then limited to 6 more uploads?


Also, video renders? Yes or no?


Can I advertise my work outside of this thread? Like my profile, putting extra assets (such as videos and pictures) of it there.



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[size=5]QUESTIONS FOR DEV:[/size]


  • Are the skins for the Akmagnus required to be identical per piece because they are copied from the single texture map or are we allowed to add a second file for the other gun?


  • If we are not allowed to do that, can we at use a secondary tint-channel redirection which applies the chosen colour on different parts of the different guns?



~ ~ ~ the usual banter ensues now ~ ~ ~


Does that tell me it is the time to claim new territory for my graphic portfolios and try getting back into model skinning?

I guess. Where do I take the time? Well, sounds like to buckle up and MAKE time by doing everything else faster.



Can I advertise my work outside of this thread? Like my profile, putting extra assets (such as videos and pictures) of it there.




If you would have just read the topic, or at least browsed for DE replies, you would have stumbled across the following which was merely on page 3;

Rebecca, can we post on forums (not this thread per se) our progress for a skin? Say I post up what I have so far to the community, so they can put on some feedback and whatnot (Without it getting stolen due to it being posted only here)? Thanks!

Yes sure, final submissions belong in this thread only!




awesome works... but where did you get that? have you doing it on your own ??then how?  im so amaze.

where did you get the stuff.. like vectis.. is that a simple image ? or you create that in some 3d tools stuff.??
Great Job guys.. keep it up.

Everything you ever need to know for this contest in terms of creating the screenshots has been described thoroughly in the very first post. If you read through the follow up posts, there is a lot of information coming from the players and further notes from Devs. If you are really interested in doing so, then you have no way around to actually read the stuff.


Is it alright if my little brother lets say draws a design, and I then photoshop/create the weapon skin, and we somehow win, would it be against the rules to lets say split the "earnings" between him and I? I've heard that interactions between accounts can lead to bans but how about in this case?

That would only work if the platinum that trickles in is tradeable, and there is a high probability it won't be. If by some chance it is;

It might just be me, but who cares if you gift someone platinum every once in a while, especially if it is a family member or a partner? ;) What you do with your winning money is your decision. If DE says anything against this, then you could politely ask them in return how they think that the majority of creative content is still handled nowadays. Just look at the music business. "All music and lyrics by [band name]" to make sure everyone gets the same split of royalties.

Sure would be nice to get an official statement though, but just from what logic dictates... you get the idea.




My fingers are crossed someone makes an Ebony and Ivory skin from DMC.

We can't make anything copyrighted, m8.


Honestly, that can't quite be copyrighted. Sure, if you duplite the exact images with the font and all, then it is a violation. But twin-guns with different base colours are so incredibly old, it isn't even funny any more. They've not just been around with Dante's Ebony&Ivory from Devil May Cry, and Alucard's Jackal and Casull from Hellsing. You can trace these kind of iconic things back decades ago to certain western movies, if we want to keep it in the line of hand-guns only. And the DMC ones are a clear stylistic copy of the Hellsing ones, if you just look at the date of release and the style pattern of the overall theme of the series.


Suffice to say, I was actually pondering to do a Tenno version of the "light and dark" pistols, but I'll need some verification and also need to let some other concepts brew in my mind first. And at the end of the day, I don't think the Akmagnus are the ideal choice for going that route :P I'd rather have Aklex reskinned for that.

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